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Maoists at the Gates of Singhadurbar

Many people in Kathmandu who were affected by the traffic jam caused by the Maoists today expressed their anger in personal conversation and twitter even as ex-rebels sang, danced and recited poems while picketing at the front gate of the central administrative complex of Nepal.

Thousands of Maoist cadres reached in front of Singha Durbar (the central secretariat complex). Their leader, the chairman of the Unified CPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda) went later to encourage them. The Maoists are running the second phase of their protests aimed at establishing ‘civilian supremacy’ in the country. Others feel they are just trying to establish their own supermacy. The bad thing is they plan to do the same tomorrow (Friday) as well. Maoists intended to stop ministers and government employees from entering the office complex. But the ministers and secretaries entered Singhadurbar prior to the commencement of protest. Continue reading Maoists at the Gates of Singhadurbar

Maobadi, Hamro Vote Firta Le (Return Back Our Votes)

That’s one of the many slogans that angry people are chanting on the streets of Kathmandu today. I can hear them as I am typing these lines. They are protesting the abduction, torture and killing of Ram Hari Shrestha, a local resident of Koteshwor.

Some other slogans are:

>Hang Prachanda to death
>Down with killer Prachanda
>Down with Maoist
>Jhakku Subedi, hamro vote firta le [Return back our votes, Jhakku Subedi] JS is a Maoist candidate who won from Kathmandu-2 in CA polls. Koteshwor falls in Ktm-2.]

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Feud and Power Struggle Within the Maoist Party

Who should become the Prime Minister of a Maoist led government? The answer which depends on whom you ask in the Maoist party, it appears, has kicked off another round of power struggle within the former rebel organization.

Oh… the power! It changes people, makes people and breaks people. Most people that is, and Maoists are included. It appears that there is a serious power struggle going on within the Maoist party. Baburam Bhattarai versus supporters of Prachanda, the chairman. Today’s op-ed article in Kantipur daily by Bishwodeep Pandey, personal secretary of Baburam Bhattarai, brings the feud to the public. The article, in Nepali, titled “Baburam a New Pushpalal?” refers to the latest verbal attacks against Baburam by some “opportunist elements inside and outside the party.”Click here to read the article in Nepali. Click here to read as it appeared in the newspaper’s page.] Continue reading Feud and Power Struggle Within the Maoist Party

Young Criminal League? Here is Why.

Expressing serious concern over what it said were criminal activities of YCL (that is, Young Communist League of the Maoist party), the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to independently and impartially probe crimes committed by the Maoist youth wing and punish them on charges of criminal offence. “NHRC has received complaints and information that YCL has committed inhuman activities like abduction, murder, beating and issuing threats. NHRC expresses serious concern over these activities,” NHRC said in a statement issued yesterday.

In the statement, NHRC, the constitutional human rights watchdog, has listed 10 complaints it has received in recent days against the Maoist youth wing. They are:

* Murder of Ram Hari Shrestha after abduction.
* Seriously beating and injuring UML cadres Ram Singh Rai, Khagendra Kumar Rai, Dedraj Basnet and Kul Bahadur Rai at Kulung Bhojpur. All are being treated at TU Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.
* Destroying the house of Chandra Bahadur Shrestha of Okharpauwa, Nuwakot, accusing him of not casting vote for the Maoists and being active against Maoists. The house was under construction.
* Beating up and injuring Rameshwor Pokharel, a teacher of Nepane Secondary School in Gorkha for not casting vote for CPN (Maoist).
* Disrupting drinking water supply by cutting the pipes in Nawalpur-8, Sindhupalchowk, accusing villagers of not voting for Maoists and for not donating money for a road construction project.
* Death threats from YCL has forced the five-member family of one Nara Bahadur Gurung to flee their home in Changthapu VDC of Panchthar district.
* Mercilessly beating up five brothers of a family at Kaskikot of Kaski district.
* Manhandling Ram Banjare, the owner of Gulmeli Hotel in Arghakhanchi.
* Threatening Pratap Singh Tamang of Hokse VDC, Kavre district for voting Nepali Congress.
* Beating up teachers Krishna Prasad Pathak and Ram Nath Tiwari of Rameshwor Higher Secondary School in Chitwan.

Continue reading Young Criminal League? Here is Why.

A Small Revolt Within The Biggest Party of Nepal

Maoists burn down Chairman Pranchanda’s effigy in Rautahat: CPN-Maoist activists of Rautahat district today burnt down the effigy of party Chairman Prachanda and demanded for his resignation in protests of the inclusion of no nominees from the district by the party leadership in the closed list for proportional representation system. This is the first incident of open protests against Maoist Chairman Prachanda by activist from his own party. Continue reading A Small Revolt Within The Biggest Party of Nepal

Maoists and Main Stream Politics of Nepal (Two Years After)

Two years ago Neil wrote: Instead of joining the mainstream the Maoists intend to define the mainstream.
Now he writes: The Maoists have not joined the mainstream. Now they are the mainstream.

By Neil Horning

Nearly two years ago I wrote an opinion piece for UWB where I warned, “While it is imperative that both sides agree on how to manage arms during the election, attempts to extend the sovereignty of the Parliament… and other political games designed to influence the outcome of the constituent assembly will do nothing but delay the inevitable at best, and restart the bloodshed at worst.” The main point was that the Maoists had used their armed struggle to gain genuine public support, and that instead of joining the main stream they would define it. Continue reading Maoists and Main Stream Politics of Nepal (Two Years After)

After the Maoist Victory, Power Sharing a Tricky Issue

By Ameet Dhakal

As the largest party in the Constituent Assembly but without a majority, the CPN (Maoist) is certain to lead a coalition government. What is uncertain, however, is what sort of coalition it would be and how power will be shared among the major parties.

One thing is sure — negotiations on the formation of the coalition government are not going to be plain sailing. Continue reading After the Maoist Victory, Power Sharing a Tricky Issue

Maoist Madness After Victory

As the vote counting was going on Maoit’s YCL cadres were stopping people at different places and searching their bodies, bags and wallets. Some Nepali Congress cadres were complaining that their money and mobile phones were confiscated. Maoists were searching for NC cadres and beating whoever they found.

By Damodar Neupane in Gorkha
Diary of a reporter

Nepali Congress activist beaten up

Many people might be curious to know how the election was conducted in the district where Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai won by the margin of more than 40 thousand votes. As soon as the voting ended in April 10 Nepali Congress and CPN UML complained to the Election Commission about voting irregularities. They refused to take part in the vote counting and because of that the counting was delayed by a day. Since representatives from other parties didn’t come, the counting began in the presence of the representatives from the Maoist and Janamorcha (Peoples’ Front). I reported about that live on Kantipur TV at 10 AM in April 11. Within hours Maoist cadre Amrit Upadhayay came to me and started debating over the report. As I was thinking there was no use in debating with them, my cell phone rang. I excused myself. Continue reading Maoist Madness After Victory

Now It's Congress That Is Bargaining

It seems that the tables have been turned. The customers have become managers and managers have become customers who are willing to bargain. We are talking about relationship of Nepali Congress and the CPN Maoist which has seen changes because of the April 10 election results. Before, when Congress was the largest party in the parliament and Maoists were considered the opposition force, Maoists would put forward countless news clauses and proposals demanding that they be fulfilled by the State. Now, as Maoist is set to lead the next government and trying to continue with the alliance with Congress and other parties, its Congresses turn to put forward the clauses and proposals. Continue reading Now It's Congress That Is Bargaining

Nepal Update: Today's Political Developments

For the record:
Maoists ask UML to reconsider pull-out from govt: A day after the CPN-UML, humiliated in the April 10 polls, pulled out of the government citing that the mandate was against them staying in the government, CPN Maoist chairman Prachanda met the UML’s Madhav Kumar Nepal, who resigned from the General Secretary after the defeat, at the latter’s residence in Koteshwor today. During the half-an-hour long meeting Prachanda is learnt to have requested Nepal to join the new Maoist-led government to be formed soon. Following Prachanda’s request, Nepal said that the decision comes from the meeting of UML Standing Committee (politburo) adding the UML is committed to the seven-party unity. Continue reading Nepal Update: Today's Political Developments