A Small Revolt Within The Biggest Party of Nepal

Maoists burn down Chairman Pranchanda’s effigy in Rautahat: CPN-Maoist activists of Rautahat district today burnt down the effigy of party Chairman Prachanda and demanded for his resignation in protests of the inclusion of no nominees from the district by the party leadership in the closed list for proportional representation system. This is the first incident of open protests against Maoist Chairman Prachanda by activist from his own party.

The activists have also alleged that non-Madhesis have been nominated in the Madhesi quotas in the party’s closed list. They claimed that the PR list submitted by the party has emphasized on the hilly region and demanded the party’s central committee to amend the list. The activists have also burnt down the effigy of lawmaker Prabhu Sah. The Maoist became the largest political party in the recent CA elections.


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  1. deebya Avatar

    i can imagine a lot of self-satisfied grins,and a few “oh,i told u it was about to happen”,but rather than reading too much into it,the focus should be on the response by the central leadership to the incident as only that can gauge the existence of internal democracy in the largest party as well as its ability to handle criticsm of its SUPREME LEADERSHIP from its own rank and file.

  2. ..hammer.. Avatar

    General people feel very strange at this incident.. majority of people think there is no alternative leadership in Maoist besides Prachanda, what next?..
    what happens when a person oher than Prachanda leads the government at a time they r the biggest party??. how will cadres behave… do other general mass beleive in change without direct involvement of Prachanda in government?? change expected from Election result is still under dark clouds.

  3. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    maoist is trying to be a fully bahun headed party (today mostly are bahuns from maoist party to sister parties)………backward cast will soon find it out, my advice to them is just dont do another mistake to correct this mistake……………………..about to be exposed……………

  4. sankalpa Avatar

    how can you accuse a communist party of being a racist? you should be punished for saying something like that.

  5. ShutUp Avatar


    Alas, those protesters would be hung, skinned and left dangling on the gallows!

  6. SagarGhimire Avatar

    Ya I dont think its unusual. Because they have rights to protest against their dissatisfaction and they practiced there rights.

  7. Govinda Avatar

    New Nepal
    New Protest

  8. aAkaR Avatar

    Now, how they (leader) deal with people.They have almostly cheated people.Now people relizes that all are same and it’s better that donot expect from any parties.

  9. suman Avatar

    This is what democracy means…people can protest when they don’t like. If people are inteligent enough, they should see how many intelligent people were sent in pr not how many people they knew were sent…. Stop being selfis!!!

  10. Sangesh Avatar

    This is kind of a strange situation being created here in Nepal. But actually this kind of situations can also be ruled out completely. You cannot make each and every person happy. there are going to be some not so happy ppl around.

  11. Masayo Avatar

    Tormented idealist Prachanda’s hardest fight is…..
    likely to be against HIMSELF.

    Are you amused??

    Stay tune.

  12. Manas Avatar

    Prachanda now know democracy is little different then he believe. There will be opposition and protest in decision you make. Only in totalatarian and autocratic system oposition is uwarranted. You are politician your every step is watched and scrtuinized. You know soon, you are not what you think. But you are what the people think. You are out of jungle, World outside the jungle in twenthfirst century is differnt. Also, kathmandu is different then Rolpa. You can deceive poor and uneducated but you can not fool other.

  13. koteswar Avatar

    there is no unity in one party that is a sign of life.
    but if there is no party that is a sign of no democracy
    burning tyres or people
    think of natural disasters like china and myanmar before getting so crazy. But the same angry people are just uneducated and would not read english.
    Forget even tourist business if it does not shape up and does it??????

  14. SAD CHETTRI Avatar


  15. nirakar Avatar

    I totally disagree wid the racial comment made by so called sad chhetri. I have few questions to ask you

    1. Why are u a Chhetri?, because ur parents were chhetri. Trace ur ancestors to find out that u mightn’t have been chhetri a long time back. The long time refers to a point after which some fool classified people into castes to fulfill his evil requirements.

    2. Does caste imply an identity? Yes, physically or through appearance only. Big No, when it comes to personality. Personality is something else and it guides ur way of acting .There’s no truth in the saying that if u r a bahun u need to be evil, it’s persona specific my dear.

    Widen ur horizon dude, don’t just mimic the language of racist politicians who try to split venoms upon different castes for some political gains.. Be practical.

  16. abc Avatar

    Instead of effigy they should have burnt PKD & made sekuwa of his flesh.

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