Feud and Power Struggle Within the Maoist Party

Who should become the Prime Minister of a Maoist led government? The answer which depends on whom you ask in the Maoist party, it appears, has kicked off another round of power struggle within the former rebel organization.

Oh… the power! It changes people, makes people and breaks people. Most people that is, and Maoists are included. It appears that there is a serious power struggle going on within the Maoist party. Baburam Bhattarai versus supporters of Prachanda, the chairman. Today’s op-ed article in Kantipur daily by Bishwodeep Pandey, personal secretary of Baburam Bhattarai, brings the feud to the public. The article, in Nepali, titled “Baburam a New Pushpalal?” refers to the latest verbal attacks against Baburam by some “opportunist elements inside and outside the party.”Click here to read the article in Nepali. Click here to read as it appeared in the newspaper’s page.]

“The public support for leader Bhattarai against whom the party once took action for vocally raising the slogan of ‘democratic republic’ has been increasing widely both in and outside the party,” writes Pandey. “History has proved right today Bhattarai’s stand of ‘democratic republic’. The slogan he raised has become the common slogan of all Nepali people, not just the Maoist. He played important role by standing on the forefront to implement democratic republic. Unfortunately today the opportunist and regressive elements inside and outside the party are trying to prove him an opponent of republic [through their] ill intended and unsuccessful politics in Goebbels’ style from inside the curtain. How seriously has Bhattarai taken this issue has become the issue of public interest. His well-wishers are complaining why he is quiet instead of countering it.”

The article talks about “rumors” that are being spread claiming that Bhattarai wants cultural monarchy, an idea that Bhattarai floated sometime back when he as asked by reporters about the fate of monarchy after the Maoist victory.

“Likewise some, knowingly or unknowingly, are trying to launch ill-publicity saying that Bahuram is in the race for the second [position] in the party,” says the article.

This appears to be the hint for the challenge posed by Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ who occasionally tries to portray himself as the second man after Chairman Prachanda in the party undermining Baburam.

The real friction, it is believed, started a couple of weeks back when the party central committee met to decide about the party’s participation as the leader of the government to be formed. Since Baburam lead the parallel government of the Maoist during insurgency (Revolutionary People’s Council), it was expected that Baburam would be chosen by the party to lead the government as the Prime Minister. “It is our declared stand that the first President of a republic Nepal should be Chairman Prachanda,” he had said at that time. “We haven’t decided who will be chosen for the Prime Minster.”

In the central meeting, it is learned, a proposal was made on behalf of Badal saying that be should be the Prime Minister if not Prachanda. Then to quell the possible feud, Prachanda decided to be the Prime Minister himself.

Mohan Bikram, a communist leader, had branded Pushpalal, the founder of the Communist Party of Nepal, “pro-Indian” and “pro-Congress” while writing a book titled “Traitor Pushpalal”, says the article. “History has proved that that allegation was wrong. Those who can’t compete politically try to brand [others] pro-this and pro-that and a broker.”

“The ‘new Mohan Bikrams’ are widely preparing to make leader Bhattarai a ‘new traitor Pushpalal’. A person should be judged by what he does or doesn’t rather than by what he says or doesn’t say.”

Talking to BBC’s Nepali Service this evening, senior Maoist leader Mohan Baidya has angrily reacted to the article saying that the issue will be raised in the Headquarters.

Since the article is written by a personal assistant to Bhattarai many might think that it is a planned defensive strategy by Bhattarai. [Bishwodeep Panday wrote the article at the office of Kantipur, said a reporter who saw him in Kantipur complex yesterday.]


22 responses to “Feud and Power Struggle Within the Maoist Party”

  1. XYZ Avatar

    There is no doubt that either Baburam will kill Badal or Badal will kill Baburam due to their conflict of interest. It is just the matter of time. They are just power greedy vultures like Girija.

  2. Amit Adhakari Avatar
    Amit Adhakari

    New Puspalal or New Rayamajhi?

  3. sunil regmi Avatar
    sunil regmi

    biswodeep article at kantipur has after shock the maoist headquarter.thanks to mr.pandey.and i had given my pereonal thanx by sending the email to him also. baburam is not the oppurunist.he himself is a rare leader found in the world fusioned by combination of intellectual and revoltionary asthetics.he must be a prime minister,he has a public support.denying lessly to say if maoist take action against biswodeep regarding that article the new movement will be launched by the supporter of dr.bhattarai fellow who were studied in kathmandu will be drastically clean sweep comrade kiran and badal gangue inside and outside the party.but mr.prachanda the tower figure of nepali politics would respect the views of mr.biswodeep.it is not his personal statement also there is a people speech and statement.red salute to the comrade biswodeep

  4. Hopelessly Optimistic! Avatar
    Hopelessly Optimistic!

    It’s not a new drama in Nepali politics, in fact, whenever, a party reaches near to Power, it has been normal for such controversies to surface.

  5. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    power struggle in maoist org. is different from uml or congress.
    in maoist org. it will be more like in rana and shah’s power struggle. narayan hiti massacre, kot parba etc.

    ……………………………..it will be a great drama, let’s see if baburam chattu muso bahun still remembers what prachanda cold blooded chaatu bahun did to him- that kidnapping, jailing of him and his wife in the past.
    ……………………………..people just open your diary and start writing history.

  6. Narasimbha Avatar

    This was coming. All populace need to know the following:
    * What is the relation between S.D. Muni of Inida and Baburam!
    * Why did Baburam meet SD Muni at Hotel Everest behind closed doors!
    * SD Muni is related to RAW.
    * Why was Krishna Mohan Shrestha of Armed Police killed and under whose directon!
    * Baburam is the RoboCop created by RAW.
    * More to come …

  7. Mukti Avatar

    Dr. Baburam has made an image that he is only intellectual leader of the maoist party.And we may believe he is number two in the party.This is simply not true.He was againt the “prachandapath” and has not contributed significantly as others like Kiran and Badal have done.But he is cleaver enough to show to the press and outsiders that he is a big leader in the party and use his foregin relation specially indian support to influence the party decisions.Prachanda has told that he made the decision to withdraw party action against Baburam because of the pressure from indian authority(The tape was published by Royal Nepal Army ) as a pre-condition to release Kiran and others in the indian jail.At the recent event when maosit party decided not to make Baburam the priminister, a new political situation is beeing created in order to make maoist difficult to form the government.And we all know who is behind this situation.If Prachanda does not make compermise with Baburam at this point he may not be allowed to lead the government.If Mr. Pandey wants the debate about contribution of Baburam and Kiran and Badal in the People’s movement,there are many people in the rand and file of the party ready to discuss.


  8. sunil regmi Avatar
    sunil regmi

    if kiran faction give continious pressure to Dr.Baburam regarding that article i think student throghout the nation must protest against that low class politics.if we see dr.bhattarai only a maoist leader it could be unjustice for him,he is our intellectual leader and grand master minded hero.

  9. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    is there anyone with brain in maoist org.
    let’s debate,

    prachanda is talking about using national rawmaterial to promote like making carpet industry competative by using wool from nepalese veda…how is it possible when those vedas have to go to china to graze……………..next 2 yrs, nepal will go no where. we have already lost 250yrs. ….o crap

  10. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    How comes people still treat BABURAM an INTELLECTUAL.
    It is true Maoists initial revolt got momentum exploiting this
    INTELLECTUAL label. But, this man has not shown any
    such character so far. He was and still is an influential in the
    organization. Had he wanted he could have lead the revolution in
    INTELLECTUAL manner. Many innocent lives could have been saved. He used his oratory skill only to brainwash poor and
    illiterate people.
    I am not a supporter of MAOISTS, but with no choice I would like to
    see Prachande as PM rather the so called INTELLECTUAL
    who tries to be smart fooling the poor people.

  11. kkk Avatar

    If we think cpn(maoist) is just like another political party ,we are in great illusion.

  12. Sus J Avatar
    Sus J

    I repeat…. Dont be fooled people.. this issue was delibertae move by these bhatobadis to create a diversion from peole being conscious and invólved in ram Hari case. well this is my personal speculation.

  13. raju adhikari Avatar
    raju adhikari

    biswodip controversial article in the kantipur give immense plaesure to read all the lovers of dr.baburam. thanks to him. diplomat haru vetne bela ma baburam chaine ani kiran ra badal lai k ko tauko dukhai. eauta manche ko bichar lai respect garni bani basalau. biswodip ko article ley tharkaman huni kiran samuha ,jhan kasto hola jaba bauram ko support ma raheka thousands of people sadak ma utre vane. khabardar badal, biswodip mathi kunai action liies vane. j lekheko cha tyo ramro cha. HIP HIP HURRAY…… Dr.Baburam Jindabad

  14. Harke Avatar

    Baburam is a certified RAW agent. He should killed.

  15. mandeep Avatar

    there is no doubt that maoist cannot rule the nation for more than a week coz we have two gigantic international rulers i.e america n india who belive in capitalism… and in the case of leadership the second leaders of maoist will be non other than kamal thapa or rameshnath pandey

  16. scoop Avatar

    i believe choor ramesh nath is a member of ca through maoist pr. can anyone verify? or atleast he was on the list.

  17. scoop Avatar

    as for baburam being a raw agent welllllll – what was puspa dahal doing in noida for ten years with indian security????? if not for india both dahal and bhattarai would be hanging from a tree and not where they are now. not to mention the dillusional badal.

  18. freedomofpress Avatar

    Maybe indian maoists can take power in India and give nice price of electricity and water.
    I think a sikh government is better they believe in God.
    do good.
    then this quarreling and names calling. Democracy means respect. people are ok the way they are there should be a prohibition now of all religions, manipulations and regulations.
    This is a good occasion to prohibit hinduism and caste system. Alsio very from India. Old times. Now new nepal no caste system no ethnic groups at all all are nepali.

  19. history Avatar

    Historically speaking if the caste system is abolished fast the people may think in the future of these elections and who contributed to it as reasonable. This includes mainly congress party who stepped aside not who took power. Power is always bad. But should be taken with non attachment. In this we still trust baburam and prachandra. We need long term STABILITY, LIMITS AND REASON

  20. healthy democracy Avatar

    It is a good sign of freedom of press that the widow and children of the brutally murdered Shrestha can protest.
    It is a synptom of missing the point if any mao cadres tried to convince them to swallow their grief and protests.
    Pitfalls of democracy.
    Rembember so many other silenced killings. This is as good a time as any to start building beautiful prisons for half of the nation.

  21. featured news Avatar

    from himalayan tara narayan got slapped by the killed mans mother
    therer are ways and ways to bring the news
    when you read like this you feel tara narayan deserves prison time
    yet she was just trying to help the country
    well deserved slap ok but headlines for international how many people beat each other and the grief of that mother must be immense and is more important than a nation that despises women who have not learned to stand up for themselves but slap and will probably vote for a populist stupid government next.
    do some press education not in english
    or I am going to tell you whom my dog has bitten last year. my god.

  22. bisesh katiwada Avatar
    bisesh katiwada

    i think mr. mohan vaidya a formulist.he want to bring comunist autocratic system in nepal. whereas dr.baburam is one of the greatest intellectual person who want to implement the communism in nepal understanding the actual needs and desire of the nation. let me inform mr.kiran that this is 21st century and we are not ready to go back to 20th nor you can make us ready.

    class 10
    roll no 10

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