Maobadi, Hamro Vote Firta Le (Return Back Our Votes)

That’s one of the many slogans that angry people are chanting on the streets of Kathmandu today. I can hear them as I am typing these lines. They are protesting the abduction, torture and killing of Ram Hari Shrestha, a local resident of Koteshwor.

Some other slogans are:

>Hang Prachanda to death
>Down with killer Prachanda
>Down with Maoist
>Jhakku Subedi, hamro vote firta le [Return back our votes, Jhakku Subedi] JS is a Maoist candidate who won from Kathmandu-2 in CA polls. Koteshwor falls in Ktm-2.]

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44 thoughts on “Maobadi, Hamro Vote Firta Le (Return Back Our Votes)

  1. From the day one I knew that jhakku was a chor.The way he spoke in the Sarvajanik Sunuwai program it showed his attitude.He was speaking as if he had won the world after beating Makune.He is certailny the one with chakku.Now I am hearing that he knew about the kidnapping and did nothing.
    This is shame.

  2. Mera pyara deshbasi haru….oops not the regular stuff

    hami yeti matra bhanna chahanchhau ki yesma thulo shadyantra huna sakdachha..

    shri pashupatinath le hami sabai ko rakshya garun !!

  3. Yes, I absolutely agree “criminals are not allowed to lead the country.”…another greatest criminal of is currently heading the government.

  4. Prachanda categorically declared that “We will not renounce violence”. This is what Prachanda believes this is what he will do in coming days. This is his strategy to solidify his totalitarian regime. If we allow him to lead the government there will be thousands of Nepali citizens in the Shakti Khor Killing field. Among those citizens the Maoist uncontrolled supporters will be the first. During the jungle raj, they taught not to follow rules and morals. Also they know all about their leaders and fear of discloser that leaders do not want to be public. . Leaders know these cedars have to be eliminated first then start with others who come on their way. Mr. Shrestha’s death is precursors of that Maoist strategy. Watch on this person who wears Stalin like mustaches, plucks his hair to show Mao looking image, throw his fist like Hitler when he gives speeches, claims communist and preaches Buddha’s messages.

  5. It’s sad to know tht yet again another son of Nepal has been deprived of his right to live, even after 2 years of the formal ending of the so called ‘People’s War’.
    Maoist Leaders please let us know wht sort of socio-political-economic revolution are you xpecting in Nepal when there is no guarantee of even ‘THE RIGHT TO LIVE FREELY WITHOUT FAIR’.

  6. girija, maoist, nagrik samaz, patrakaar ko khol pahirekaa deshdrohi haru EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE TO NEPAL’S BAD DAYS!! Long live King Gyanendra !! Nepali le sachchaa nepali kahile chinne ho…….. thaha chhaina….

  7. I do not think makune is a perfect man, but he is relatively 100 times better than terroist Jhakku prasad. It was a total mistake to vote for terroist Jhakku to defeat Makune. Also, Makune is not as tainted as pol pot Prachande and pataki girija.

  8. Terroist Jhakku prasad’s political career is now badly struck by sharp chakku. I can guarantee that he will never ever win a election from now on.

  9. The tears of Ram Hari shrestha’s mother, Ramila and her two kids seem to be more powerful than the current of mighty Karnali river that will definitely sooner or later sweep away all these criminal maoist leaders.

  10. These terrorists are set to rule the graveyards of Nepalese. We can now begin counting their days in the political forefront……..

  11. jun jogi aaye pani kanai chireko,
    yo maobaadi jati lai ta line lagayera goli thoknu parne ho.

  12. This is really sad.

    Financial compensation will only strengthen the criminals motivations – they should be hanged in the public.

    Prachanda himself should see the justice being done – by hanging those punks in the middle of the street.

    Enough with impunity, enough with Maofukers atrocities.

  13. Recently I have noticed that MAobadis (I like to call them bhatobadis) have been defending their horrendous crimes by saying that other have ”only” been beaten.. and tortured civilians, but a number of themselves have been killed. (Just look at the proportion…thousands of Nepalis get assaulted and sometimes in rare occasions a bunch of these gangsters have been killed in retalliation by public or police). Also they claim to be the only ‘gang’ that apologises to the public everytime after thrashing an innocent commoner. C’mon when will you barbarians learn to make better excuses?? When will you arseholes wake up realize that you are in cities and society now, and that you are no more in jungle.. and definitely not reigning only over your PLA and YCL beasts only?? Its a shame that Nepales pay taxes to feed these bastards in cantonments where they kill their very feeder.. the people.

    I humbly request (as a citizen I shouldn’t be rquesting you but demanding you… nevertheless) you to stop this terror.. stop considering yourself the Alpha male.. and Nepal is not your harem. It not too late yet… Please !! just take just one step towards being responsible towards the mandate janta has bestowed you with (although i doubt if they did that as per their wills). You have just one chance. Its now or NEVER. Beware.

  14. wow great i like heading of this page. oops People of Nepal they are thinking vote is like call girls wow … go and do the best…..

    Jay new Federal Democratic

    Abu firta ramhari ko lash ta pauunadaina k ko vote firta ni…. ha ha ha nepali daju bhai didi bhaini haju lai

  15. But about the say MB they was struggle from last 13 yrs but it was for their own not to the us. about the case of ramahari i don’t want to say but about the other cases MB has not gud improvement from the their battle. still till day they are thinking
    We are the Law of Nepal. Jungle Mancheharu. Go Back to Hell

    Jay new Federal Democratic

  16. There is not a single leader in Nepal that has done anything good for this country. They have only done good to themselves, this includes everyone from Gyanendra, Puspa K Dahal, Girija, Makune, and all those included in politician category.

    And I would be happy to see a Ceremonial Monarch instead of a dictator like Puspa K Dahal ruling this country. These Maoists , like UML, Congress, Forum and others are also a part of the Grand Indian Design for Nepal. The only patriotic institution in the country is our Monarchy.

    It is just because Gyanendra did not want Nepali to be like Bhutan, that they are trying to remove him.

  17. Who had pampered them even after signing the peace agreement ???

    noone but… power lust…

    1.Girija Prashad Koirala
    2. Krishna Prashad Sitaula
    3. Madhav Kumar Nepal

    They even used them to suppress madhes andolan and other whom they found their barriers…

  18. This country is heading toward more unstability due to brainless, useless and power lust Girija Prashad Koirala (the obeyer of Indian Ambassodor).

  19. Really, hami Nepali haruko din bigrera yo maobadi chor haru lai vote haliyo bt now c they r behaving as if they can do anything 2 us. yo Ramhari muder case ko matra kura hoina, yini haru le ta hamilai dherai pahile dekhi nai dukha diyeko thiye ra aba jhan sarkar ma gaye pachhi ta tyo ycl vanne jantu le kati sojhasajha janta lai marne ho tyo hernai baki chha. I think maobadi r JUNGALI by heart n Its so sad that we r going 2 b ruled by such party (?) in near future.
    So cmmn everybody say……..

  20. people get what they deserve – many had given fare warning and yet people voted moa. this will eventually be water under the bridge as were all the other murders, abductions, torture, mass bombing of the bus with babies in Magdi and the maoists will continue to gain the upper hand – noone can stop them now. Stupid SPA , stupid journos, stupid give them the benefit of doubt people- what a grave mistake – too late, people have to learn that there will be a price to pay for bad decisions. IT HAS JUST BEGUN.

  21. Also I’m afraid regarding this Ram Hari chap, I have no sympathy – he chose to support a gang resposible for the deaths of thousands including babies, journalists and innocents – so what the hell was he and his family doing enjoying the maoist company? I’m sure he would be saying khucching if someone else was killed by maoists so why the fuss when he is killed? Being a silent bystander in the presence of a crime is itself criminal leave alone supporting criminals and being part of their inner circle.

  22. It’s too late to ask them return ur votes and it’s too early to make decisions either. Just wait, see and decide otherwise i have to say u BHEDA NEPALI.

    HA HA

  24. Looking at the current political situation and act of high profil politician, a big plot is getting paved. Meeting of Mr. Prachanda with Kumar Bahadur Singh. Does it sound good!!
    I am afraid that NC and UML will be left far behind if Prachanda and King aggry to co-operate each other to rule the country for ever. Like Rana’s who kept the King inside the palace with name and fame…. If this happened so called 7 parties who brought Maoist to main stream may suffer so badly that they even can open their eyes to see so called democracy in so called Nepal, which soon gonna be like….. I have no words….
    Please act soon so called democracy lover…. like Mr. Wagla and his Kantipur who are the agent of India…

    M. F****ker

  25. And by the way… if this is a blog for all kind of voice, why you people delate the matter whcih you don’t feel like you want…. Fuking stupid blog holder… In democracy all are free to put their view in their own way…
    So, if you can’t listen the hard language for the act you did… better close this blog for ever….

  26. These are just a conspiracy of Nepali congress UML,and INDiA they have a big hand in protest ,against maoist and asking peoples to get their votes back, they know whats maoist weakness right now, is because maosit is set to lead next gov. poor maoist right now they could do nothing before forming a new gov.

    Once the maoist came to the power these Nepalis will be beheaded one by one, this is what they deserve to be against maoist.

  27. But… Anybody have any good suggestion for these hunam beast ( our politician ) who just want to finished Nepal and Nepalism just for their interest.
    Me personally I don’t trust anyone of them….
    How can they compete with international prosperity, if they don’t have sound knowledge….
    Does all these CA member are well educated and expert? I hope they will not write what India, Chian or USA already prepaired for Nepal.
    What about the Power shearing, it is possible if these politicain will bypass monarch, if so will Nepal be peaceful… I am afraid my country will not have any more civil war again because of the personal interest of Maoist!
    Why don’t these CA member be generious and give some space to the King, after which he will not have anymore right accept to be so-called king. This would pave the way for peaceful Nepal.
    I am worried very much looking at my country where lot of blood have been wasted without a proper meaning. I mean freedom to live in own country without any fear!!!!
    I am crying and my motherland is crying because of our politician personal interest!!!!
    I can just pray God for the betterment of my Land…. What alse we have right as being Nepali…?

  28. maobadi jindabad
    Only u can lead the nepal to the new nepal.
    We all will be with u.

    dont be afraid of these Advertiesement , published regularly in KANTIPUR & other

  29. Mr. Wagla and his Kantipur are the agent of India…

    Don’t believe???
    WE will make it prove.
    WE have so many proooffffffffff


    I don’t blame anything on Prachanda. I blame myself , I blame us Nepalis because all we can do is sit around and cast blame on others. We are incapable and worthless people and due to that our country is heading for a downfall. We deserve this because we need to be taught a lesson. When was there anything
    right going on in our country. There were always shortages everywhere, poverty, pollution, criminal activity, violence,corruption. Its not going to last long.

    In fact I would like to thank Prachanda for speeding up the process. He is going 2 make the final crushing blow for complete faliure. What is New Nepal? Are there any realistic plans. Its just a concept , and we are the people. Are we going 2 change? If the answer is NO, there is no hope of New Nepal. Yes, blame the leaders !!! thats what we can always do.

  31. Have you seen in BBC that India shoots untouchables?
    Nepal is a great nation to have someone like Prachandra defending the poor.

  32. vote halne belama ankha nadekhne ani ahile gali garne, …………. adurdarsi nepali haru,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ani yuwa khali bedesh ko chakkar ma lagne ani desh chain aru lai diyera gali garera basne/…………..

  33. Victory to King Gyanendra!!

    Before the constituent assembly meeting, I pray to the almighty God for the King and our country Nepal. Help the monarchy, save the nation!!

    Listen foreign powers, your day-dream to end our religion, our unity, our monarchy, our territory, our identity and our heritage WILL NEVER get success. Our King and our glorious history of patriotism have always inspired and taught us war for the nation. How you created the illusion to defame the monarch and how you made slave to our political parties will exist no more from now.

    Long live King Gyanendra ! We love our King more than our lives. Shree Pashupatinath le haami sabaiko kalyaan garunn! Jaya Nepal.

  34. all nepali,
    what the hell are u talking about?? what is the relevance between losing someone’s life and kantipur and all being agent?
    how can u praise someone for taking life?? they are not even regretting it. infact they sound proud of it.
    how can u convice that orphan that widow…
    what if your sister or mother was the victim???
    what if they are tortured infront of you???
    they are maoist so its ok is that what u mean ???
    then if i am maoist i can kill u and that will be ok???

    real nepal ko chora
    u fool . no wondr they say maobadi are bheda badi
    how can u say it is the consipiracy ?? be practical.use ur brain if u have any!!!
    someone has lost their life.
    give one good reason for killing him.
    and u are saying all who are protesting for this are to beheaded????
    they are doing enough creating enough chaos what do u want??/more
    all that supports crime is equally responsible and subject to same punishment.
    pranchanda new it and that leader from ktm knew it they subsided and cover this fact so they are equally culprits and they should be responsible
    how can such a person who can be indifferent to innocents death be leader of nepal??

    i like maoism, fond of communism i believed in it .
    but in nepal we dont have communism in nepal.
    no communist. they all are bhedas . they dont have guts to be one. they dont even come to close what communism actually is.

    over the years if u have any brain check all the records and tell me how many rich people and howmany poor people have been tortured by maoists???

    u will find less than 5 % that also in early stage for rich people and >90% are poor .
    i think u are immature or nothing can be done u are genetically dumb.

    to all of u
    i love maoism.(MAo)He was a great leader.i know u can some casualties and some what cruel to come with revolution . it is not same as the books or ethics
    it is the great idealism run by who dont know the meaning of it . prachandra and bhattrai dont even come close to be what leaders should be. it does not mean i am defending nc ; they are assholes and cpnuml they educated fools. i hate them.

    mao jindabad maoism jindabad
    nepalese maoist murdabad
    prachandra murdabad

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