After the Dinner, They Ate Him Alive

Eye on Maoist: The Koteshwor area of Kathmandu is tense today, just like yesterday, with traffic to and from Bhaktapur completely disrupted by the agitating locals who are protesting the brutal murder of a local resident by the Maoist PLA recently. Tires are being burnt. As I am typing these lines, people in Tinkune are shouting slogans against the Maoist atrocities.

Maoist chairman Prachanda, third from right, leader Baburam Bhattarai, fifth from right, and leader Badal, sixth, eat dinner in Ram Hari Shrestha’s (encircled) home a year ago. Pic courtesy Shrestha family

Maoist People’s Liberation Army(PLA) men have brutally murdered their landlord Ram Hari Shrestha after subjecting him to extreme physical torture while under captivity at Shaktikhor cantonment, Chitwan.

The circumstances surrounding Shrestha’s abduction and murder are mysterious. Shrestha was a Maoist supporter and seemed to have good rapport with the top Maoist leadership. The family showed a picture of Maoist chairman Prachanda, Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Ram Bahadur Thapa enjoying a meal at Shrestha’s house.

Shrestha, a resident of Koteshwor in the capital, was abducted under the direction of PLA Third Division Commander Kali Bahadur Magar alias Bibidh on April 27, from his home to ‘investigate’ his possible involvement in the mysterious disappearance of Rs 1.7 million in cash and a firearm from Bibidh’s apartment at Shrestha’s house. The apartment was also used as the contact office for the PLA Third Division.

PLA commander Bibidh, who had been a tenant in the house for over two years, said on March 27 that Rs 1.7 million and a firearm, which were given to Maoist accountant Keshav Adhikari alias Raghu, had gone missing.

But the stolen money was found on March 30 under the bathroom ventilation wrapped in a piece of cloth belonging to another PLA commander, Ganga Ram Thapa alias Atom.

The PLA suspected Shrestha’s involvement, along with that of other PLA commanders, in the incident and took him under control for four days starting April 14.

According to Shrestha’s wife Ramila, PLA men led by brigade commander Govinda Bahadur Batala aka Jibit, came to the house on April 27 and forcibly took Shrestha away. Ramila said the family was warned not to speak about the incident.

After the abduction, Ramila was allowed to contract her husband once on May 5 by phone. “He spoke in a nervous tone and told me that he had been framed by the Maoists,” Ramila said.

The same day Bibidh assured Ramila that her husband would be released in a few days as he had been found innocent, but he would remain in their captivity pending investigation of the involvement of PLA men in the affair.

A distressed Ramila and other members of the family even met Prachanda and Jhakku Prasad Subedi, CA member from her area, on May 13, and urged them to ensure Shrestha’s safe release.

According to Ramila, Prachanda assured her that Bibidh would bring her husband back the very next day.

PLA men on May 15 took family members Shyam Kaji, Dhunj Raj, Jit Bahadur and Lila Bahadur by a Maoist vehicle to Chitwan, assuring the Shrestha family of a meeting with the abducted man.

But the family was stunned when Bibidh told them that Shrestha had died due to beatings at the hands of the PLA and his body had been thrown into the Narayani river. Bibidh also told them that his party was ready to provide them compensation.

Meanwhile, Bibidh issued a statement in Chitwan today saying that Shrestha died on the way while being taken to Kathmandu for treatment. The statement said Shrestha died due to severe beatings by PLA men Keshav Adhikari alias Raghu and Ganga Ram Thapa alias Atom while in PLA captivity.

Maoists today handed over brigade commander Jibit to Chitwan District Police but said the two PLA men who actually killed Shrestha were at large. The statement also said Jibit was not involved in the cold-blooded murder but had actually been given the responsibility of investigating the case.

The incident begs several questions: 1. Why did the PLA submit Jibit to the police if he was not involved in the murder? 2. How did the two PLA men, who killed Shrestha in the cantonment, absconded afterwards? 3. If Shrestha’s condition was so serious why was he not rushed to hospital in Narayanghad instead of being taken to Kathmandu by road? 4. Why did Prachanda on May 13 assure the Shrestha’s family that he would return home safe if he had already been killed on May 10 as the PLA said to police in Chitwan?





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  1. sunil regmi Avatar
    sunil regmi

    why urban youth continiously bnlaming maoist in this case? the source said that- there is a underworld dealing between ramhari and division comrade.teha thulo giroha ko haat cha. bahira samachar ma vane jasto hudai hoina. ramhari ley teha thulo ghotala gareka thiye rey.paila sano kurama jhagda huda hudai tyo bisay dherai thulo ma gayera aljjheko cha.akhir aago ma hamfaleka ramhari ko commander ko aadesh ma nai mrityu vayeko yeddapi kura k sunin cha vane teha baburam pakchey lai sidhauni kosis hudai thiyo rey , tyo kura ramhari lai tahah thiyo. samachar source ley vane anusar badal pakshye jasari pani baburam lai minus garni pakchye ma thiyo.yo huna sakla nasakla but ramhari pani paisa kanda ma muchiyeko manche ho. akhir underrworld ma jhagda parepachi marinu vaneko samanye kura ho. hijo 7 jana YCL ko manche haru marda yeha ko media ko kalam kaha gayeko thiyo. jaba maobadi satta ma auna lageko cha congress ko haruwa tarun daal ka gunda haru jo hijo ko bela election ma khukuri lagera janthye tini haru ko birodh ley maobadi lai kei huni wala chaina.

  2. Nispriha Avatar

    Who has given them the rights to kill the thief. Thief is less criminal than the one who is ‘killer’

  3. Nispriha Avatar

    No word for the supporter of ‘killer’

  4. Naren Avatar

    Well, Maoist killed Maoist. It’s a war between criminal.

    As long as they kill themselves it’s a family matter. But, they are not just family criminals they often tend to kill innocents.

  5. anti virus Avatar
    anti virus

    chorko hat ma sanco

  6. anesh Avatar

    Jo sukaile mare pani , Hinsa ko birodh sabaile garnu parchha.
    Kunai pani party ko BEHAVIOUR 1 2 wata EVENT le chhuttidaina.
    Samagra ma hernu parchha.
    :::::==> >> tyasaile nepal ma raheka sampurna PARTIES haru ko history Khotalau. GIRIJA, MAKUNE, GYANE….. sabai ek hun, prachanda ta Ladai garera aaeko vaihale.

    Asti varkhar NCko KHUNEle Maoist ko 8 jana CADRE ko MASS murder garda kohi bolena. Tyastai, NC Le Surkhet ma UML ko Candidate ko MURDER garda kohi bolena, news lai tod mod garera prachar gariyo. Kantipur le 8 janako Murder lai kehi dekhena tara Kina ho kunni, 1 jana ko Murder garda 2 WEEK dekhi Advertisement gareko garai chha.

    In my opinion, all the cases of murder are same, i cannot support the muderer behaviour of any people or organisation.

    Lets treat the people (who are killed) equally.

  7. nepali Avatar

    Victory to King Gyanendra!!

    Before the constituent assembly meeting, I pray to the almighty God for the King and our country Nepal. Help the monarchy, save the nation!!

    Listen foreign powers, your day-dream to end our religion, our unity, our monarchy, our territory, our identity and our heritage WILL NEVER get success. Our King and our glorious history of patriotism have always inspired and taught us war for the nation. How you created the illusion to defame the monarch and how you made slave to our political parties will exist no more from now.

    Long live King Gyanendra ! We love our King more than our lives. Shree Pashupatinath le haami sabaiko kalyaan garunn! Jaya Nepal.

  8. mozzas Avatar

    what the hell …ppl you are fighting for now Nepalese wanted Prachanda you got it….give him a go….!bare in mind though if u r a true nepali you sud neva let him over throw the KING….King is not gonna interfere anyways..Why wud he????he is king and not the man with power….Prachanda got power to change he country for btter wat nepalese are looking but not the power toabloish MONARCHY..who the fuk is he………

  9. mozzas Avatar

    can anyone tell who is he…………………..?????is our society that ignorant they are willing to have President ,and dat also ignorant Prachanda ..who follows the path of BABU RAM BHATTA………god knows wat he licks for Babu ram…..I dnt think any goods gonna happen to nepal like this..Hey NEPALI……..pashupati nath le aja hamro kalyan chahi garnai parcha……110 foolko mala le aba nepali lai sick banaucha natra……………PASHUPATI NATH LE HAMI SABAI KO KALYAN GARUN…HAMI SABAI LE SHREE 5 MAHARAJ DHIRAJ SADHAI BHANNA PAU…….

  10. mozzas Avatar

    haha..time for allof us to save our own arse………god help the innocent voters….

  11. Nepali Avatar

    Still support Maoist and later on die this is a first proof still how many people should die after you will believe

  12. mozzas Avatar

    no mATTAar wat ppl say we respect our king…………………..anyone got any problem…

  13. Raju Avatar

    And the people in the streets regard Gyane as the biggest threat to Nepal. The Maoists are the biggest babykillers, murders, and rapists in Nepal. We should kills all of these bastards.

  14. yp Avatar

    The only guy who has behaved is Gyane. We have squarely been hoodwinked with propoganda.

  15. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    prachanda and bam dev protecting killer of ram hari shrestha

  16. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    nepal news is saying so

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