After the Dinner, They Ate Him Alive

Eye on Maoist: The Koteshwor area of Kathmandu is tense today, just like yesterday, with traffic to and from Bhaktapur completely disrupted by the agitating locals who are protesting the brutal murder of a local resident by the Maoist PLA recently. Tires are being burnt. As I am typing these lines, people in Tinkune are shouting slogans against the Maoist atrocities.

Maoist chairman Prachanda, third from right, leader Baburam Bhattarai, fifth from right, and leader Badal, sixth, eat dinner in Ram Hari Shrestha’s (encircled) home a year ago. Pic courtesy Shrestha family

Maoist People’s Liberation Army(PLA) men have brutally murdered their landlord Ram Hari Shrestha after subjecting him to extreme physical torture while under captivity at Shaktikhor cantonment, Chitwan.

The circumstances surrounding Shrestha’s abduction and murder are mysterious. Shrestha was a Maoist supporter and seemed to have good rapport with the top Maoist leadership. The family showed a picture of Maoist chairman Prachanda, Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Ram Bahadur Thapa enjoying a meal at Shrestha’s house.

Shrestha, a resident of Koteshwor in the capital, was abducted under the direction of PLA Third Division Commander Kali Bahadur Magar alias Bibidh on April 27, from his home to ‘investigate’ his possible involvement in the mysterious disappearance of Rs 1.7 million in cash and a firearm from Bibidh’s apartment at Shrestha’s house. The apartment was also used as the contact office for the PLA Third Division.

PLA commander Bibidh, who had been a tenant in the house for over two years, said on March 27 that Rs 1.7 million and a firearm, which were given to Maoist accountant Keshav Adhikari alias Raghu, had gone missing.

But the stolen money was found on March 30 under the bathroom ventilation wrapped in a piece of cloth belonging to another PLA commander, Ganga Ram Thapa alias Atom.

The PLA suspected Shrestha’s involvement, along with that of other PLA commanders, in the incident and took him under control for four days starting April 14.

According to Shrestha’s wife Ramila, PLA men led by brigade commander Govinda Bahadur Batala aka Jibit, came to the house on April 27 and forcibly took Shrestha away. Ramila said the family was warned not to speak about the incident.

After the abduction, Ramila was allowed to contract her husband once on May 5 by phone. “He spoke in a nervous tone and told me that he had been framed by the Maoists,” Ramila said.

The same day Bibidh assured Ramila that her husband would be released in a few days as he had been found innocent, but he would remain in their captivity pending investigation of the involvement of PLA men in the affair.

A distressed Ramila and other members of the family even met Prachanda and Jhakku Prasad Subedi, CA member from her area, on May 13, and urged them to ensure Shrestha’s safe release.

According to Ramila, Prachanda assured her that Bibidh would bring her husband back the very next day.

PLA men on May 15 took family members Shyam Kaji, Dhunj Raj, Jit Bahadur and Lila Bahadur by a Maoist vehicle to Chitwan, assuring the Shrestha family of a meeting with the abducted man.

But the family was stunned when Bibidh told them that Shrestha had died due to beatings at the hands of the PLA and his body had been thrown into the Narayani river. Bibidh also told them that his party was ready to provide them compensation.

Meanwhile, Bibidh issued a statement in Chitwan today saying that Shrestha died on the way while being taken to Kathmandu for treatment. The statement said Shrestha died due to severe beatings by PLA men Keshav Adhikari alias Raghu and Ganga Ram Thapa alias Atom while in PLA captivity.

Maoists today handed over brigade commander Jibit to Chitwan District Police but said the two PLA men who actually killed Shrestha were at large. The statement also said Jibit was not involved in the cold-blooded murder but had actually been given the responsibility of investigating the case.

The incident begs several questions: 1. Why did the PLA submit Jibit to the police if he was not involved in the murder? 2. How did the two PLA men, who killed Shrestha in the cantonment, absconded afterwards? 3. If Shrestha’s condition was so serious why was he not rushed to hospital in Narayanghad instead of being taken to Kathmandu by road? 4. Why did Prachanda on May 13 assure the Shrestha’s family that he would return home safe if he had already been killed on May 10 as the PLA said to police in Chitwan?

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66 thoughts on “After the Dinner, They Ate Him Alive

  1. This is all due to lack of control within the party…..indeed it’s a brutal crime and all those who are involved should be punished. Maoist leadership should apologise and should handover those who are involved to police immediately….

    this is serious thing and maoist should ensure the safety of nepali and their right to remain alive ….

  2. This is the beginning of the FALL of the maoists. All these maoist leaders , including Prachande, Baburam, and Badal should be beheaded. Their days are numbered. These maoist leaders are merciless, faceless, and brainless animals.

  3. this type of incident will be the cause for downfall of maiosts… human rights……….too sad that, people belive maiosts for the change and people voted them as political party…………but all goes to hell…

  4. Both Girija and Prachande, the GREATEST CRIMINALS OF THE 21st CENTURY, are responsible for all these murders, kidnapings, and abductions in the country. Girija has been a failure to maintain law and order, while pol pot prachande is inciting violence.

    Currently, both are feeling as if some red hot iron rod is inserted into their rectum because Girija is worried about how to retain the PM position, whereas Pol pot Prachande is worried about how to snatch the PM position from Greedy Girija. Both of them will do anything to get that PM position.

  5. What a matter a shame for Maoist who are all set in to form government! what more are we going to see when they take the rein their own hand?

  6. I have sympathy for Ramila, but this is what happens when you join a wrong party led by terroist who do not have any respect for human life. That is why they are called merciless, brainless, and faceless animals as correctly pointed out by Sunil shrestha.

  7. Now, mass murderer Prachande needs to answer to the public how these begger YCL got 17 lakhs. I do not have even one lakh though i work hard to earn my living. This is a solid proof that these YCL thugs are involved in all sorts of Bank robbery, kidnapings, and abduction in order to earn money through illegal and immoral means. Prachande, Baburam, and Badal should be fed human wastes before they are hanged at tundikhel.

  8. Puspa kamal Dahal says there is a possibility of counter-revolution. Yes, you are 100% correct, and in that revolution, you, your deputy Baburam, Badal, including others will be beheaded and those days are not that far.

  9. This is a very serious issue and has to be investigated in similar manner. And the person responsible has to be put behind bars. Why are similar incidents being repeated by them? Now that they are the main political party souldn’t they be more responsible to the people? Else the same situation will be repeated what has been decided by the electoral system recently.

  10. Prachande, Baburam, Badal, and all these maoist leaders are real mother f’ckers because they are protecting these killers of Ram hari shrestha instead of punishing them.

  11. Comrades Prachanda, Baburam, and Badal are the type of people who dine and shit on the same plate. We can’t find anyone as shameless as these three.

  12. Friend whenever MAOISTS do such inhumane things, we demand
    investigation and punishment. But, that never happened. We haven’t heard about a SINGLE incident when the culprit is punished.
    They give assurance and that’s all. This is because all of them
    are inhumane. Winning election is one thing and winning people is
    different thing. People have voted for PEACE, but Maoists think they
    have really won people.
    They should understand if people can overthrow all MIGHTY like
    Gyanendra then it is also possible to kick Maoists. People have just
    provided them a CHANCE. If they fail ( lets hope they won’t) then
    the fall is waiting. Most important thing is they have to change which is not happening. This is the matter of worry. For common
    people it doesn’t matter which party rules, but they simply want
    to live in peace. Lets hope they change their behavior sooner than later.

  13. it is due to the nepalese……………why nepalese do say a thing when criminals, gangs, or terrorist bit some one…………..they do not say or do anything at that time and this day came.
    today is someone else, tomorrow could be you.
    prachande did not go to jungle because he had a different view, he went because he had always a jhagadalu personality since he was born. may be a gene thing…….samething regarding other maoist …………..when i hear them in tv……………most of the involved in maoist are gangsters, drunken, killers, criminals etc they are not politicians……………….

  14. we can not accept them as a replacement to other parties because first of all they are a terrorist and second they do not have ability, brain,,,,,as far as i have seen is that the maoist have memorised 15/20 words and they keep on repeating same from top maoist to bottom. that is all their brain capacity.

    i see no difference between maoist and gyan.
    *both believes in guns and pets.
    *both tries to redefine terms words as they wish.
    *both dont have guts to punish their pets or do not want to.
    *both are criminal, killers
    *both donot know about how the world functions.
    *both say they are doing for nepalese.
    **on and on.

  15. They are planning to merge Nepal into India, just like Sikkim.

    Maoists’ Nepal merger with India proposal criticized

    Comrade Narayan Man Bijukche alias Rohit- the Chief of the Nepal Workers Peasants Party (NWPP), has blamed the Maoists Party in Nepal for working under the “instructions” of the Indian establishment.

    This he said while wrapping at the Maoists’ deputy-in-Command, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai for what Dr. Bhattarai had recently said “Nepal if remains unsuccessful in controlling the open border with India, it would be appropriate to merge the country into the Indian Union”.

  16. The Nepalese People have voted to give the Maoists the reigns of government even if it is not a majority. We can blame no one but ourselves for this decision and will have to endure the pain till the wheel of fate takes one revolution. Till then my friends enjoy yourselves!


  17. Cannibals… the maoists will be finished off by none other than their own…

  18. Lute Baburam is the Lendup dorje of Nepal who is trying to sell Nepal to India. Beware of this Indian Dalal!!!

  19. how on hell did this maoist win the elections?who supported them n why?may god knows?

  20. Pol pot Prachande is trying to cover up the murder incident instead of punishing the culprits. He is such a heartless, merciless, and faceless coward.

  21. This arm wing will uproot the Maoist party very soon. there won’t be any ethical ground of them to the people. There is a saying in Nepali ” for the BHUT ‘Evil Spril’ either keep busy by feeding or giving work. Otherwise it will finish up to its master”

  22. girija, maoist, nagrik samaz, patrakaar ko khol pahirekaa deshdrohi haru EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE TO NEPAL’S BAD DAYS!! Long live King Gyanendra !! Nepali le sachchaa nepali kahile chinne ho…….. thaha chhaina….

  23. Prachande, the mass murderer, denies maoist involvement in shrestha’s murder. What more evidence does he need when his PLA men have already agreed their men’s involvement in the murder. This shameless dog should be tried in the international court of justice.

  24. actually media is also explainin the surface news in this case it means they didnt find the source till date but the doctor source said me whom i had known very well before that ramhari is being killed already and for the formality only they had been admiting him in the hospital only after the being said by bibidh that he is dead on the way to medical treatment to kathm,anmdu is completely wrong.i again focus that after he is killed they admit in the hospital and prachanda phone the doctor and give the continious pressure to him not to lay out the case but it is in vain. and next thing there is great internal matter.

  25. this is what happened in latin america a process of gangsterization.
    associate with criminals and get killed…

  26. Waht is the difference one nice man we know and 15 000 beautiful people killed tortured dissapeared where are their pictures i repeatingly ask?
    fear is not a good advisor

  27. Better late than never this is a case that can go to the Hague international court I wonder if sarkozy was having fried alu with russian criminals and they got shot what would happen to his future anyway they do not like sarkozy
    segolene royal would not be caught caught like this

  28. Maybe nobody knows where it all goes yet all feel a line has been crossed.
    Next thing nepalese girls can sell their ass in thailand like the russians after a century of marxism

  29. The newars of kathmandu should unite to kick out all these criminal Bahuns and criminal Bhotes from Kathmandu.

  30. they all have to be killed one by one… that day will be happy moment when we will hear Baburam was killed by prachanda or Prachanda is killed by Badal… and remaining will be killed by all nepali… not only Prachanda’s paltu kutta but also other politician need to be hanged till death…

    If same condition remain for longer period we will loose our identity soon
    We will find NEpal and Nepali only in the history book

    See you all in the history if we don’t act soon

    Iron cut Iron… so we need to carry gun to destroy and kill these Mother F … Moaist and other politicain…

    Jaya Nepal

  31. Look at that photo, you will see two criminal bahuns and one criminal Bhote.

  32. Dear friends after looking at this photo my hatred against these thaal chaating criminals have gone to the irreversible limit. MAOISTS ARE CRMINALS NOTHING ELSE. they have proved nothing else anywhere in the world.But mr saroj or anybody ! this is serious concern of nation as a whole.Maoist can commit the crime against any body Let us not point the fingers against any caste.I am deadly against ditsurbing the racial harmony of the country.That will be more dangerous than the maoist crime.Let us strongly raise the voice that Maoist should not be allowed to enter the convention hall unless the criminals are handed over to the government

  33. Lotsa people in this thread have taken the issue racially. No need to dat unless u decide to create another miserable situation.

    Well, the situation is clear now. Maoists lack humanity and their ways of acting are non-different from their past savage ways. They lack intra – party democracy. Even journalists can’t bring out their misdeeds in public because they have to fear of their own lives. Now dat they are the biggest political force in Nepal, they are going to have the government, police, army and everything and will succeed in their motive of running their criminal organization.

    What else?

  34. These arseholes are very fond of bhat. Dining at peoples’ homes and then in turn killing them seems to be their chief identity. For ten years i believe they have forcefully eaten rice at sojha janta’s homes ( in a huge number by the way, upto 30 persons at a time)and have tortured them economically, socially and psychologically. The new election results also is majorly the outcome of their same bhat politics. It was reported that they had been intimidating voters in rural nepal by claiming that if they didn’t win, they would continue eating bhat at people’s homes for another epoch to follow. Shame on these bhatobadis

  35. Just received one news from RSS, Ramhari Shrestha actually died in a hospital while being treated.

  36. this new propoganda of ‘baburam -puspalal’ stuff is just a diversion created deliberately to turn away people’s attention from Ram Hari murder issue !!! Beware nepalese! Beware from these bhatobadis.

  37. Jun goru aayeni kaan nai chireka…

    Terror can never win heart.. i think this is the lesson Prachanda could never learn and will never learn..

    For him life of others is nothing… he is selfish bastard…

  38. Saroj Dangol – Please remove the racial slur against nepalese… not everyone is like Prachanda.. we should unite and make these bastard go away from the world..

  39. So sad. I had seen Prachanda’s interview in CNN IBN on Sunday 18th May, thousands of MIle away from home.

    Liked him little. But after seeing this photo and the things done to a Nepali Man, I feel very very sad. All of them are same.

    I am a chhetri. But, some stupid arsehole, (Saroj Dangol) has posted a racial slur up. Remove it. You seem to be Dalal of maoist or king, trying to create more disturbance and divert attention of Nepalese public. If you continue doing this and divide the Nepalese people, you will be burnt before the Maoists are beheaded.

  40. I am an Indian. I have great regard for the Nepal people. They are brave and ancient people. We are all human beings and there are certain weaknesses in all human beings. I am talking in the context of modern times wherein your country is put in a difficult situation and of Prachanda and his party (it is not a party but an armed organization of people with a common interests, which is primarily to rule the country). In your country a crime was committed against the former king, who was murdered along with his family with extreme brutality. The throne was usurped in illegitimate way. This was a simple wanton act of greed of political power, which ruined the country’s public ethical/moral atmosphere, what ever little was there before.

    But this was not all. The moneyed men or capitalist not only from Nepal but even from outside, including from India, rushed in to take the undue advantage of the hardworking but otherwise poor Nepal people. The people were sand witched between economic injustice and denial of democratic freedom, which people naturally aspired. There came the Maoists, a group of determined people to take the advantage of the situation. They took up the slogans of democracy and economic justice, which were dear to people’s heart. It was natural that people supported them. It is the lesson of history that ideology, whatever it be, is a mere tool for cunning but determined persons to mobilize public support and get power. The moment they get power or are somewhere near power, they change their color and become their true self – brute out to devour every body who comes in their way. This has happened in many countries and this is happening in Nepal today.

    What is the way out? It is a social process. The root cause of this social upheaval is the economic exploitation of the common people by industrialists. The monarchy is only incidental; even the so called democracy does not cure this social remedy of economic exploitation, which we have seen in India, U.S. and other so called free world. Today in Nepal, three forces are working over time: Maoists bent upon to somehow usurp political power; the discredited leaders of the so called democratic parties trying to somehow cling to this political power; and, the big industrialists and capitalists of Nepal origin and foreign origin preparing the grounds for the opportunities for economic exploitation of people in future (it is proved by the credible talks of the so called counter revolution). Is it possible for the Nepal people to command these capitalists to get lost out of the country? If they can do so, Maoists will have no slogan to garner public support and ride the power ladder through that support.

    A true democracy, which may be run by people without the money power, is the answer to the Nepal problem. But, the world has not invented such people’s democracy yet; can Nepal show the way to world? Are there intellectuals intelligent enough in Nepal to offer this way out? It requires the original political thinking, which is the need of the hour, not only in Nepal but all other countries of the world. It could be achieved, because it is the need of the hour, because capitalists the world over are exploiting common people, because the people are ready to give them a damn, because the people are not wedded with heart to Maoists, and because once Prachanda’s original Guru – Karl Marx – himself invented a political thought. It requires coolness of mind to invent and not the enthusiasm of an agitator; alas, Nepal is turmoil and the time is short ! Let Nepal show the way to the world; let this country show the way how true democracy can be run by people and not money, how a new political thought can be invented, how Prachanda and capitalists both are shooed away.

  41. girija, maoist, nagrik samaz, patrakaar ko khol pahirekaa deshdrohi haru EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE TO NEPAL’S BAD DAYS!! Long live King Gyanendra !! Nepali le sachchaa nepali kahile chinne ho…….. thaha chhaina….

  42. Although there may be rason behind this, the torture in captivity and brutal killing is not acceptable of any mankind. The government and the leader of the Maoist must act as soon as possible and bring the culprits to justice if there is a government and humanright in Nepal.

  43. we should not be too pesimistic about the maosit.what we mustnot forget is the 13000 people dead in nepal and their sacrifice for the nepal entering into the republican phase. give them to practise democracy.may be there were some TRAITOR and ghuspaith.this is the time for challenge to maosit how they tackle with the incident.landslide victory of maosit brings some change,the killings of ramhari must be condemened but it shouldnot be politicized giving the dark colour,the main politiocal agenda will be in the curtain. this time is the celebration of GANATANTRIK NEPAL.

  44. Let us save our monarchy. It is very needed for our identity, our unity, our religion and our nepalipan!! Jaya Jaya Nepal.

  45. This has to be my first read of a blogger giving true insides into Kathmandu. I was there in January08 and that was during the protests over fuel increase.

    I’ve got to say that these incidents really do not help in promoting Kathmandu as a tourist heaven. I pray that the government will get their act right… It’s sad to have such a beautiful place tainted by political induced violence.

    I wish to go back for a second visit, but am holding back due to the ‘tensed’ situation there. I wish Kathmandu all the best. 🙂

    p/s: I am really glad to come across your blog. Keep up the good work…

  46. The killing and the post killing versions of Maoist is something Shameful for the ‘Hero’ who always twinkles his hair with jel and wears the suit like tyrrant.

  47. i found a lot of comments on maoist on this case but most of the people dont kno who ramhari is………he was a person who once used to take money in name of maoist from people ……..

  48. Never mind Mr. Ramesh, who the Ram Hari is, but nobody should be killed. He has to be broutht into legal action.

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