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  • The Kapilbastu Incident

    By the Maoist or those who want to defame the former rebels and/or create communal tension in the area? It all seems like a purely criminal incident: Two unidentified persons came on a motorcycle in Birpur village at around 8:30 am and shot dead Mohit Khan, former chairman of the district vigilante group set up […]

  • Political Polarization in Nepal: Final War against Monarchy

    Election Is The Battleground. Pro-republic forces are making their stands clear while pro-monarchy forces are also in the process of consolidating their strength. By Dinesh Wagle As Nepal is heading towards key nationwide polls to elect an assembly that will, on its first meeting, decide the fate of monarchy, formulate new constitution, and decide on […]

  • Supreme Court Chief Justice and Parliamentary Hearing

    This is the first time Parliament is hearing for Chief Justice’s post and this hearing must set example for future hearings. Facts and the Latest: The justices and employees of the Supreme Court bid farewell to Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Poudel the day before yesterday (Friday 7, September) while members of a panel formed by […]

  • Terror Strikes Kathmandu: Bombs Explode in Five Places

    “Two died: Police” Two innocent people are confirmed dead in a series of bomb explosions in three busy public areas of Kathmandu city. More than 25 people have been injured, 10 of them serious. Bombs exploded simultaneously in three separate places- Tripureshwor, Kalimati and Balaju- at around 4:30 PM this afternoon. According to Avenues TV, […]

  • Again A Freaking Nepal Banda By Janajatis

    A freaking Nepal Banda (general strike) yet again today. Last one (Kathmandu Valley Banda) was four days ago. This one is called by (again) Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NFIN). [Their previous Banda was in February.] The group (of Janajati) is currently engaged in freaking talks with the government on various issues including the voting […]

  • First Day of the Year 2064. But Jumla Shines!

    The uncertainty over the CA elections and reactions to that decision of the Election Commission dominated the first day of the year in Nepal. Reaction from political parties are coming one after another regarding the Election Commissions expression of inability to hold election on stipulated time (June 20). Sher Bahadur ‘Royalist’ Deuba is one of […]

  • Mark These Numbers: 205 + 35 + 240 + 17= 497 in Constituent Assembly

    497=Total number of seats in Constituent Assembly Here is how it works: 205= Existing constituencies (for the Parliament) 35= To be added (recommended by the Election Constituency Delimitation Commission.) Of the 35, the commission has added 28 constituencies in the terai and 7 in the hill regions. But it hasn’t changed the number of constituencies […]