First Day of the Year 2064. But Jumla Shines!

The uncertainty over the CA elections and reactions to that decision of the Election Commission dominated the first day of the year in Nepal. Reaction from political parties are coming one after another regarding the Election Commissions expression of inability to hold election on stipulated time (June 20). Sher Bahadur ‘Royalist’ Deuba is one of the first to welcome it publicly though many others must have done so privately. Maoists are suspicious about the whole affair and but it has been understood that they knew it was coming. They see that the Eight Party Alliance is now useless. They want it to be formed again with republicanism as central theme. Anyway, Maoists are not shocked at the statement of EC. It seems CPN Maoist and CPN UML are competing with each other to blame Nepali Congress for pushing the election towards uncertainty. In terms of being harsh to NC, UML has won the game. Meanwhile Prime Minister and NC boss GP Koirala is like, well folks I am responsible yes but you folks also can’t escape. He is right; all of these folks can’t escape.

By the way, Gyanendra Shah, who issued a New Year statement today fulfilling his desire to issue such statement every now and then, has shown his phony appreciation of the peace process. I think its better not to give attention to his man.

Jumla Linked: But the best news comes from Jumla, one of the remotest districts in Nepal, where vehicle has reached. With the vehicle, hope of bright future has also touched in Jumla. People welcomed the car by garlanding the owner and worshipping the machine. They also sacrificed an animal on the occasion. People are happy that with the arrival of road, they don’t have to suffer from the scarcity of food in the region. Their Apple will get access to market and they will also be free from taking the expensive flights.





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  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Wagle: I haven’t said this enough times but you are an idiot. I don’t know if you wrote this article but whoever did (I assume it’s Wagle) is a clueless moron.

  2. Binod Avatar

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  3. Blog gossip corner Avatar

    Nice to hear about Jumla shining. I have been to Jumla three times. I always worry about Jumli “Mantha” (people) and their goiter. They still use uniodised salt.

  4. comrade Bhayankar Avatar
    comrade Bhayankar

    wagleyy bhai, I appreciate your message that we should not pay attention to Gyanendra’s message , but by mentioning it in your post you did end up bringing our attention to it. I appreciate your revolutionary spirit. When we take over this country we will reward you but please don’t be so stupid again.

  5. bridohi Avatar

    A New Game Begins in Nepal

    As to the CA election postponement, there will a big hoopla in the Interim Parliament. Maoists want to delcare a republic without the CA elections. UML wants to put the blame on the PM absolving them of all the sins.

    Now we may witness the fracturing of the SPAM along the republican vs constitutional monarchy lines.

    On one hand, Maoists, UML & the Leftists will unite under the republican umbrella. They will want to ram this agenda through the kangaroo parliament. They want to portray NC as being pro-king. On the other hand, NC-D has welcomed the postponement. Dueba’s softness for the monarchy is common knowledge. Girija is in quagmire.

    There is a good chance that Girija could face a vote of no confidence in the Parliament. In order to keep his chair, Girija will require NC-D & other constitutional monarchists’ parties to aid him.

    Further, in order for NC to make an impact on the CA elections, both NC & NC-D will need to reunite which may see NC tilting towards a more constitutional monarchy platform due to the fact Girija may need Dueba more than ever.

    If Girija is smart, he will advocate for the people, not constitutional monarchy. NC should rally on the fact the people decide the outcome of the CA elections & question of monarchy in a free & fair manner, not a kangaroo parliament. NC should commence a PR campaign stating that this parliament is just a mere Interim Parliament, not a real elected Parliament to decide on grave national issues.

    Now there is more drama to unfold…

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Maoists reactivate parallel local governments, issue life threat to IDP”

    “DEO says his abduction a warning against CA polls”

    “Only declaration of republic can save 8-party unity now, says Prachanda”

    Where are all the so called peace loving, John Lehnon singing bloggers who keep insisting that it takes ‘time’ for the Maoaists to change. Now why will they change. Declaring a republic will save the 8-party unity? WTF.
    Say we even declare republic tomorrow then what? We are going to back to square ONE because the Maoists aren’t going to act any different. What incentive is there of giving Prachanda any concessions?

  7. comrade Bhayankar Avatar
    comrade Bhayankar

    Nepal is spiralling into a new crisis. Only Prachanda can lead in such situation. I feel that he should become the prime minister of Nepal and decide whatever is best for the country.

  8. Afno Kura Avatar

    May this New Year Brings Peace, Prosperity and Democratic Republican in the Country and we may have success in our every steps.

    May this New Year takes to the Nepali Blogsphere to the new hieght and fills a great enthusiasm inside the bloggers.

    Hope the dream of every ordinary people comes true in this year and we will have a political stability, economic development, employment generation and the fulfillment of the every basic needs in the country.

    Wish U all A Very Happy New Year, 2064.

    With Lots of Hopes,

  9. Afno Kura Avatar

    It’s really very nice to hear about the Jumla and feel very happy for the people living there.

    Although i think that the CA election should be done as soon as possible, it is not good if it is done in hurry without better preparation. If it is not succeed, then our country will be failed and may be as like 22 and 24 states. So, taking time is not wrong but it should be done in peaceful environment and the people should have known clearly about it.

    It might be possible within Asar, if the 8 parties have strong unity, better cooperation and strong commitment towards making the CA election succeed. All the preparation courses should be started as like a terrible wind blowing all around the country. Otherwise, it won’t be possible within Kartik or next Asar.

  10. waiba Avatar

    Does anyone know how long it will take to bike up to Jumla from Pokhara?

  11. Captain Crash Avatar

    “Badhar le afno ghar pani banaudaina ra arkalai pani ghar banauna didaina” Maoist are the same. Just blaming on Girija or NC won’t solve the delay on CA. All should accept their own responsibility for the delay. And what is prachande barking on Republic… If they think they are people’s party and they have guts to face the people verdict they must let the people to decide. People who are in Parliament are not people’s representative they only represent their party.

    It is a good news that we can eat Nepal’s apple grown in our country.. we don’t have to depend on dhoti imported apple… 😉

  12. sarki ko choro Avatar

    Weiba, My guess is about 3 weeks given the hilly terrain.

  13. scoop Avatar

    I think UWB needs a lesson in good journalism, ommission can be as misleading as falsehood. Let it go on record that the jumla road was a project which the army had put their heart and soul into. Congratulations should go to the people in green (NA) for their work.

  14. PraytAtma Avatar

    Hey Lauherabhai Binod, USA
    Calcutta ma bhyapani ba USA ma bhyapani teemi ta lahurmai rahachau. Yesaile Naya Barsako uplakchyama ma ke aasik dinchuki timee ramrori USA ma jyan pale ra basnu. Nepal lai hela kadapi nagarnu. Dherai jaso Nepal ma sanotino kam gardainan, ta ra USA gayapachi je pani garchan, teemle pani testai garaikai chauhola dollar ko khatir. Yo naya barsama khub dollar kamaunu je kam garara bhayapani ra Nepal ma pani paisa pathaunu. Teemiharukai paise le Nepal ko standard of living baadhe ko cha jun hal ko finance minister le acknowledge garainan unko last interview ma. What a shame. Don’t worry, keep working hard and send money to Nepal.
    Lauta Nava Barsako Suvakamana.
    Prayat Atma

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