Again A Freaking Nepal Banda By Janajatis

A freaking Nepal Banda (general strike) yet again today. Last one (Kathmandu Valley Banda) was four days ago. This one is called by (again) Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NFIN). [Their previous Banda was in February.] The group (of Janajati) is currently engaged in freaking talks with the government on various issues including the voting method in the Constituent Assembly elections but at the same time continuing street protests. Today’s protest, they say, is to mark the black day (18 Jestha or 1 June). Nine years ago the Supreme Court has ruled to ban the use of local mother tongues as formal language in local development bodies like Kathmandu metropolitan city and Rajbiraj municipality. Pasang Sherpa, president of NFIN, said they had announced bandh to observe the Black Day and to press for ethnicity-based proportional representation system in Constituent Assembly and to demand annulment of provisions in interim constitution that violate rights and interests of ethnic communities.

nepal banda 1 june

A mob didn’t let go a van with green license plate (tourist carrier) in Koteshwor this morning. There was no tourist in the vehicle and it was apparently heading for its office- a travel agency- to ferry foreigners to and from airport in the afternoon.

nepal banda 1 june

This man’s reason for not letting the vehcile go towards its destination: “Yo dollar kamaune gadi ho, jana nadeu.” [This is a vehicle that earns dollars. Don’t let it go.]

nepal banda 1 june

Though the crowd didn’t let go the vehicle, this kid was quick enough to let go the air from the tire. “Don’t do that,” someone screamed. And the kid stopped. But the damage was already done.

Angry mobs are disrupting traffic throughout the city. Because this is a transitional phase (from autocracy to full fledged participatory democracy) every-freaking-one in Nepal these days is agitating for his/her rights or for no specific reason. And the most used form of protest has become the Banda. Just go on the street, stop the vehicles and your agitation has taken the height. We have written so many times about this freaking tradition of ours in this web site but who the freaking really cares about?

Every-freaking-one agrees that calling a Nepal Banda is too bad for everything but when he or she is agitating, the same will be the inevitable form of protest. Do you think these freaking Nepal Bandas will have any sort of impact on this freaking government of ours? Can’t say that immediately but it’s definitely the case that the ultimate sufferers of Bandas are the general public. They can’t run their business, they can’t open up their factories, they can’t go to office easily, and they can’t send their kids to school. Freaking CAN’T. We can’t hold the election of Constituent Assembly on time. We can’t the revise the price of petroleum products, and because of that, we can’t pay the due on time to Indians and, because of that, we suffer from the freaking fuel shortage. We can’t remove the freaking king from the Narayanhitti palace and put our prime minister over there and, because of that, we are on constant fear of another strike from monarchy. We can’t tame the Maoist monster called Young Communist League that’s creating havoc in Nepali society. We freaking can’t. When will the time come when we can say we CAN?


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  1. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    According to news report there are Nine Armed Groups in Operation in Nepal:

    1. Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-G) – Goit: Pro Tarai
    2. Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-J) – Jwala: Pro Tarai
    3. Terai Cobra – Nagraj: Pro Tarai
    4. Janabadi Ganatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JGTMM) – Sanjaya Chouhan: Pro Tarai
    5. Madhesi Mukti Tigers (MMT) – Sher Singh Rajput: Pro Tarai
    6. Nepal Defense Army (NDA) – Parshuram: Pro Palace
    7. Nepal Janatantrik Party (NJP) – Rana Bahadur Chanda ‘Samrat’): Pro Palace
    8. Supkranti Dal – H P Joshi: Pro Farwestern Development Region People
    9. Rastriya Army Nepal – Sangram Singh: Anti Establishment

  2. scope Avatar

    Please add to the list above:
    10. (Royal) Nepali Army: Big in smuggling of contraband forest produce and organised collection racket.
    11. Nepal Armed Police: Offers protection to Mafia gangs for a fee.
    12. Nepal Police: Patronizes small pick-pockets, motorcycle thieves and local goondas.
    Unlike those listed from 1 to 9, forces from 10 to 12 draw their salary from public money but serve private interests of powerful families of Nepal. Shahas and Ranas have turned Nepal into a state of organised crime. This can be checked only by strengthening political groups like YCL that will fight criminal gangs that dominate forces like so-called Nepali Army.

  3. Kirat Avatar

    sorry pal, YCL is as full of goondas as the others. who are you kidding with your holier than thou talk? only idiots like yourself-so no need. it’s just making you look like a clown. use intelligent arguments to forward your communist ideals instead of obvious lies and obviously false propoganda-not everyone in Nepal is as stupid as your cadres.

  4. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Shree and scope.. when did the terrorist Maoists and their terrorists sister organization YCL get off the list of “armed” and terrorising groups?

  5. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    List will expand sooner than you think. Amazing how Maoist and YCL are not included, are we that fast in forgiving and forgeting mother of all Terrorist. Come to think of it, just a other day Prasai was abducted from his office. Its known he is a crook but justice does not start with abduction.

  6. NA Avatar

    Im off the topic but folks lets poll if Vahsek should quit. He’s been thinking to quit lately.

    Go to

    and vote on the polling on top of the page.

  7. sagarmatha Avatar

    State Restructuring on Ethnic Base Dangerous: Poudel

    For whom ????

    What other ethnic groups expect from this democracy if particular caste dominate to rule the nation. That is why 9 illegal armed groups moving freely without fear. And local ethinic peoples are supporting them indirectly in search of their existence in the government and their rights. 50 years back, Dor Bahadur Bista had mentioned that if ethnic and backward groups are not involved substantially in the deciding authority of the government and brahman continue keep themselves on the top that will bring difficult situation in Nepal. And that is the result of today’s terai burning and freaking Nepal band by Janjatis.

  8. ravan Avatar

    What is the use of Sitaula and his forces, if YCL brings all the crooks to justice ?

  9. scope Avatar

    Unlike brutal and corrupt (Royal) Nepali Army, YCL is necessary to bring crooks to book:

    Maoists arrest ace fraud protected by Nepal govt

    Kathmandu, June 4: In a move that left Nepal’s government red-faced, Maoist cadres have “arrested” a businessman wanted for one of the biggest frauds in the country who had been assiduously protected by top ministers and security officials.

    The Young Communist League (YCL), the young wing of the Maoists that has been at the centre of controversies since they signed a peace pact with the government, Monday made a move that is likely to gain them some public support they lost due to tales of their highhandedness.

    On Sunday, the YCL frogmarched businessman Sitaram Prasain from his office in one of the upmarket areas of the capital and kept him in “custody” for 24 hours.

    Prasain, who had been chief of Nepal’s Cottage and Small Industries Development Bank, had allegedly defrauded his own organisation of nearly Nepali Rs.280 million by approving loans made on false documents.

    When the crime came to light last year, Nepal’s apex bank – Nepal Rastra Bank – ordered the government to arrest him.

    However, Nepal’s multi-party government, that came to power pledging to fight corruption, ignored the order and instead, befriended the wanted man.

    Police said they were unable to find Prasain when all the while he was moving around freely in the capital.

    Last month, a tabloid published a photograph of Prasain, one of the biggest white-collar criminals in Nepal, throwing a lavish party at a five-star hotel to celebrate his son’s wedding.

    Nepal’s Armed Police Force provided security at the banquet attended by Nepal’s top political leaders.

    The guests included prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s deputy and peace and reconstruction minister Ram Chandra Poudel, commerce and supplies minister Rajendra Mahato and chief of the Communist party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist Madhav Kumar Nepal, who is currently in India to attend a conference of parliamentarians from South Asia.

    “We knew Prasain was very much in the city while police said they could not find him,” said the valley chief of the YCL, known as Sagar.

    “We caught him in the same bank that he had defrauded on Sunday.

    “We are going to present him before people at Kathmandu’s Khulla Manch (where most public rallies are held) and then hand him over to police.”

    Last month, the YCL played an important role in apprehending a smuggling network spanning India and China that was sending sandalwood logs covertly to China via Nepal.

    The Prasain incident will partially redeem the image of the cadres who recently created a diplomatic storm by stoning the UN vehicle carrying the American ambassador to Nepal, James Francis Moriarty.

    The attack was condemned by 15 foreign embassies based in Kathmandu, including Britain, Japan and India, who reminded the Nepal government of its responsibility to ensure the safety and free movement of diplomats.

    The diplomatic lapse compelled the home and foreign ministries to issue a statement that the government was committed to providing full security to foreign envoys.

  10. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    YCL is made up with Maoist gundas, who were otherwise did not qualify for UN mandated list of combatants. Maoist leaderships have influence on them. Pretty soon YCL will control Maoist leaderships. And yes, YCL should be included in the Armed Groups list.

  11. kp Avatar


    Ease up buddy. YCL is some newly formed group who have done enough nonsense in the short period they have been around. The NA just like the PLA have not been doing much for the past year and a half. Bringing up the NA’s [ast is like bringing up the past of the maoists – who can forget among numerous other atrocities the nyagdi bombing of innicenrts and babies. Do we need to freshen you up?
    Not to mention catching known crooks, and cleaning up roads hardly compensates for killing labourers, and thrashing and intimidating people. Or does it in your books – kill someone then do social service by cleaning the toilet or catch a hopeless crook – what a way to redeem oneself. What a flippin laugh!

  12. upul Bist Avatar
    upul Bist

    I’ve been following this blog lately because I’m very much interrested in inside information of the nepalese peace and governement building process. Just let me tell you, that the frequent use of “bandas” will empty it’s meaning and strenght as an instrument of protest and leed to nowhere. It’s quite clear that a frustrated nation and it’s citizens want to voice their needs and ideas about a future society – so take care to organize yourself in serious groups or NGO’s to give your voice credibility and influence in a future civil society – otherwise you will find your country at the edge of anarchy. This too will take time and patience and is part of the process of democratization. I hope the best for the nepali people – they really diserve a better future after all these years of oppression and maoist terror and I believe in their power , least they get well organized and clearly focused on common goals.
    UPUL a swiss political activist

  13. ravan Avatar

    Any good news in Nepal which mismatch the peoples’ mandate of democracy and peace ?

    -Goit men kill Maoist cadre in Bara
    -State Restructuring on Ethnic Base Dangerous: Poudel
    -YCL abducts Prasai
    -Maoists to launch month-long Terai agitation
    -MPs object Maoist atrocities
    -NC condemns activities by JTMM and YCL
    -Former Maoist cadre murders Khandbari local
    -Unruly activities of Maoists continues unabated
    -Every day is another day of fear
    -Our beloved leaders again gone to the Indian government for support to get power

  14. scope Avatar

    Thank you Swiss Upul for your good wishes. How can you help us get back the loot that Gyanendra and his goons have amassed in Swiss banks? That will be a big help buddy.

  15. Patriot Avatar

    Thanks Bhudai – I want to be reasonable at all times, but there are some things I cannot tolerate. I guess this anti-establishment feeling is critical to upkeep the flame of change. Else we all end up complaining and resigning to our fates. Of course as I mature, I know I will mellow. Having said that let me clarify again I am not anti Bahun and not all Bahuns are Bahunists. I hate the extreme bahunists just as much as I hate extreme royalists or maoists.

    I think I know a thing or two abt propaganda and my outbursts has a reason. You see its important to let these extremists know how much hated they are in the society today, least they misread and try to hijack our aspirations again. Its important to let them know their days are numbered if they dont change. Our leaders are so shameless and blatant that if you indulge in silent and graceful agitation, they deliberately like to think the people are meek. It really takes a hardcore reaction to make a point with these buggers.

    Thats why everytime an extremist or a supremacist comes here, I feel its my duty to rip them apart and make them grovel like a pig. If you dont accept my style, I understand, but too much damage has been done because of our people’s meekness and good nature.

  16. Nepali Janta Avatar
    Nepali Janta

    wa.. loktantra.. gajab chha …

    Maoist Cadre Stabs One to Death
    Sangkhuwasabha/ 3 June

    Bal Krishna Niraula, 50, of Khadbari Municipality- 6 has been stabbed to death by a Maoist cadre on 2 June. Maoist cadre Jhalak Gurung hit Niraula with a khukuri in the head at around 8 pm for going against the Maoist decision. Gurung and company had threatened Niraula and other three locals 31 May in witting for ‘going against the Maoists principle while erecting electricity poles’.

    Though, Maoists’ district committee member claimed Gurung had already left the party, the locals say they have enough evidence to proof that Gurung was still with Maoists. Gurung is absconding soon after the incident. Saying that police was searching him, acting SP Buddha Kumar Rai said Niraula’s post mortem had already been conducted at the district hospital.

    PLA in School Building, Class Run in the School Ground
    Sindhuli/ 4 June

    Students of a school in Dhudhauli VDC- 1 are forced to study in the school ground after the people’s liberation army (PLA) was settled in the school building. Newly added building of Jana Jagriti Lower Secondary School in Kogati in Dhudhauli VDC was provided to the second division of the PLA from 21 November 2006. According to school Principal Kumar Poudel, the old building has four rooms forcing school administration to run three classes in one room while holding one class out in the open.

    The school has a total of 349 students including 190 girls. “We collected fund with great difficulty for the new building but the Maoists settled there”, Poudel complained adding the studies in the school is disrupted as soon as there is bad weather. “The Maoists came without any prior information. Now they are saying they will contribute labour for the construction of new building when we complain about their presence”, member of school’s management committee Kumar Sharma said.

    However, Maoists’ second division commander Milan passes the responsibility to settle the issues to the government. He says, “We stayed here because government told us to”. They are using the school building as godown and the guest house. Milan further said that they would work for the construction and would provide 20 sacks of cement if the new building is built.

    Beaten for Paying Electricity Bill
    Sindhupalchok/ 4 June

    Maoist cadre has beaten one villager on 2 June for paying the electricity bill. Buddhi Prasad Koirala, 25, of Nawalpur VDC- 4 was sustained injuries in body in the Maoist beating. Koirala identified his assaulter as secretary of Nawalpur village party committee.

  17. scope Avatar

    “but too much damage has been done because of our people’s meekness and good nature.”
    Very true. Had Nepalese been really brave, they would have thrown Shah-Rana oppressors down from nearest cliff long long ago. We are really meek. Otherwise why Gyane is still there in Narayanhiti even after six years of Hatyakanda?

  18. nationalist Avatar

    just wait for 3-4 months , the max. limit. You all will get the oppertunity to see the plight of those maoist goons and the eight-party thugs when they’ll be ‘na ghar ko na ghat ko’. Just wait and see and if u just can’t wait, start contributing something from your side. The tiem has come for us, the nationalists to come together to save our kingdom.

  19. kp Avatar

    Shah/Ranas are already a thing of the past and have been discarded. Time to throw the maoist thugs off the cliff as well.

  20. kp Avatar

    Gyane should leave narayanhiti, but why is he there – because all these crooks from the SPAM want him there. If he is booted out, these buggers will have nothing to point fingers to except themselves.

  21. kp Avatar

    Yes we are really meek for allowing the new SPAM dictators to make a fool of us. However, same cannot be said for the people of the Terai they showed us what they are made of, we should follow them.

  22. kp Avatar

    I think the problems are opportunistic bahuns like Prachanda – they should be sent packing. Firget about past rulers who are finished, we better start thinking of the new bahunist feudals like GPK, MKN and Pushpa Dahal (aka Prachanda).

  23. ashok Avatar

    Another band. The Govt must create a special force to counter bands.
    Shoot at sight anyone that calls a band, irrespective of their political or non-political affiliations. Don’t talk to these people who call bands, just kill them and maybe parties and others will stop calling bands.

  24. NepalBlood Avatar

    “remove the king, and place out prime minister in Naraynhiti”
    Who is the ‘we’ here? not every nepali is a bahun.
    This is the most biased article i’ve ever read. Bahuns have no problem using Janjatis when it suits them. Send Janjatis to the frontlines, to fight and die. didn’t the SPAM use the same (and more) tactics to gain power? now why are Bahuns crying over YCL, Janjatis etc.? what do they think? they can fool all other castes and have it all? not a chance.
    Anyone who opposes proportional representation should be dealt with violence. if bahun population is 12%, then only 12% of representative in the House should be bahuns.

  25. Kirat Avatar

    Ahh… Nepal Bandh withdrawn..good on you the janjatis and the govt.

  26. ashok Avatar

    People who call bands must take responsibility for the violence that results in the bands. The Supreme Court of India did a good job by asking the govt to take actions against bands callers for the burning of public property. When will Nepal wake up?

  27. Kirat Avatar

    Ashok…Hey politicians should not lie or take bribes and work honestly for the good of the country..civil servants should serve the people, be efficient in their work and not take bribes..ditto the police…in a country like ours why do think all these people will suddenly become sensible and stop calling bandhs? Just be thankful that the two bandh has been called off.

  28. ashok Avatar

    when the politicians lie or take bribe, etc., why call bands and make the common people suffer. The common people did not take brike or lie. The people who took bribe or lie will move around in the band with police escort but the people will have their vehicle damaged or the people will receive a thrashing.
    Instead of calling bands, the band callers should go and ghearo balwatar, singh darbar and all the political parties office. This will be a better option than subjecting the common people to bands.

  29. Kirat Avatar

    agree with you there ashok!

  30. obserber Avatar

    agree with Kirat:
    “…Nepal’s problem will be solved when King Gyanendra will abdicate …”

  31. sasanka Avatar

    The Dalits- , Nifin and other oppressed groups, orgs of oppressed groups are voicing their demands and concerns, it is a very great thing, and also very necessary today at this juncture. the unity of the Dalits- janjatis and so-called lower castes and other oppressed groups are exemplary and I wish the ties and bonds increase and we move forward together and achieve our rights.
    Jai Bhim!

  32. Rani Joker Avatar
    Rani Joker

    We need a little Banda in the Uniter States. Granted in Nepal it has gotten a little out of hand but I think the overall idea is great. Protests don’t work anymore. The government loves it when we protest. They don’t care that we stand out in front of government buildings. What damage are we doing. Ohhh yea they have to clean up all the trash left behind. Governments now a days don’t listen to what people say or want. There just a tool of big business. If we protest they make money. The fuel to get to the protest, food and drinks while we are there and other items to make a protest happen. A Banda stops all or most commerce. That sends a loud message to a government and big business. I do how ever feel sorry for the people who have to suffer but it could be worse a lot worse.

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