Again A Freaking Nepal Banda By Janajatis

A freaking Nepal Banda (general strike) yet again today. Last one (Kathmandu Valley Banda) was four days ago. This one is called by (again) Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NFIN). [Their previous Banda was in February.] The group (of Janajati) is currently engaged in freaking talks with the government on various issues including the voting method in the Constituent Assembly elections but at the same time continuing street protests. Today’s protest, they say, is to mark the black day (18 Jestha or 1 June). Nine years ago the Supreme Court has ruled to ban the use of local mother tongues as formal language in local development bodies like Kathmandu metropolitan city and Rajbiraj municipality. Pasang Sherpa, president of NFIN, said they had announced bandh to observe the Black Day and to press for ethnicity-based proportional representation system in Constituent Assembly and to demand annulment of provisions in interim constitution that violate rights and interests of ethnic communities.

nepal banda 1 june

A mob didn’t let go a van with green license plate (tourist carrier) in Koteshwor this morning. There was no tourist in the vehicle and it was apparently heading for its office- a travel agency- to ferry foreigners to and from airport in the afternoon.

nepal banda 1 june

This man’s reason for not letting the vehcile go towards its destination: “Yo dollar kamaune gadi ho, jana nadeu.” [This is a vehicle that earns dollars. Don’t let it go.]

nepal banda 1 june

Though the crowd didn’t let go the vehicle, this kid was quick enough to let go the air from the tire. “Don’t do that,” someone screamed. And the kid stopped. But the damage was already done.

Angry mobs are disrupting traffic throughout the city. Because this is a transitional phase (from autocracy to full fledged participatory democracy) every-freaking-one in Nepal these days is agitating for his/her rights or for no specific reason. And the most used form of protest has become the Banda. Just go on the street, stop the vehicles and your agitation has taken the height. We have written so many times about this freaking tradition of ours in this web site but who the freaking really cares about?

Every-freaking-one agrees that calling a Nepal Banda is too bad for everything but when he or she is agitating, the same will be the inevitable form of protest. Do you think these freaking Nepal Bandas will have any sort of impact on this freaking government of ours? Can’t say that immediately but it’s definitely the case that the ultimate sufferers of Bandas are the general public. They can’t run their business, they can’t open up their factories, they can’t go to office easily, and they can’t send their kids to school. Freaking CAN’T. We can’t hold the election of Constituent Assembly on time. We can’t the revise the price of petroleum products, and because of that, we can’t pay the due on time to Indians and, because of that, we suffer from the freaking fuel shortage. We can’t remove the freaking king from the Narayanhitti palace and put our prime minister over there and, because of that, we are on constant fear of another strike from monarchy. We can’t tame the Maoist monster called Young Communist League that’s creating havoc in Nepali society. We freaking can’t. When will the time come when we can say we CAN?

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82 thoughts on “Again A Freaking Nepal Banda By Janajatis

  1. Why are you so ‘freak’-ed out dude! Chill-the-‘freak’-out.

    On a more serious note. Everyone’s doing it. So why not the NFIN? At least it seems peaceful. If it were our comrades in arms or the like thereof that van would probably have been upturned. And torched for good measure. Moreover, even with such measures, the janajatis are not able to make their plight taken seriously. If they don’t maintain their visibility, how are they to pressurize the govt in the talks? They learn from their predecessors – the pol parties.

  2. And why is Nepal banda haunting you now. 19 days of madness and nonsense led by the maoists last April was something that you and your blog was completely behind of. And now when it is just but a banda, you feel that it is a “freaky show”

    Bahun ko lagi matra ho this so called “loktantra” or whatever tantra??????????? Bahun ko voice matra suninu parney bhanney kei cha, if OPRESSION was the reason behind loktantra?

  3. you don’t understand nepal we need Bandh we don’t have school, it is nice.

  4. Seriously I agree with the above bloggers, if the parties in government and even sitting Ministers like Deb Gurung can call bandhs why the hell not everyone else? People have to lead by example and all the major parties have led by their examples of bandhs. This SPAM have no idea of what democracy means so people protesting peacefully will just be coolly ignored by them, hell people in the madhes with violent bandhs are coolly ignored by them. Look at Home Minister Shitaula’s record, it’s far far worse then Kamal Thapa’s and the SPAm reward him with reappointing him the ministry. What a joke, What a farce, so why would other groups not do bandhs? WHY? WHY freaking not?

  5. Please clear my comment from moderation. I believe it must be in moderation for using the word FREAKING, what a farce, when your article says the word a gazzillion times.

  6. Banda is not the solution. Banda is not going to bring anything. Banda is not going to fulfill the demands. Banda is not going to bring change. So why call Banda? Why support banda? Neither Bahun’s Banda, nor Janjati’s Banda. Banda is just Banda and Banda is just rotting people’s brain. So Banda must be stopped. If there is no solution to stopping people from calling Banda, shoot them. Just shoot the people who are calling Banda and the Banda will be gone forever. If a few people loose their life but discourage everyone from calling banda, Nepal will definitely improve.

  7. Special,

    The last time a curfew was called by Home Minister Kamal Thapa, and people broke curfew and a few people were killed, these jokers formed a commission to invetigate called the Rayamajhi, and wanted the King’s head. Don’t you get it these SPAM buggers thrive on bandhs, distruptions etc. etc. The only way is to shoot them all.

  8. Young communist league?? (chote-maobadis)

    NO My Friend it is Young, Confused & Lost (for the service of their master (u all know it))

  9. I also belive that I read somewhere that the maoists are supporting this bandh called by janjatis. What a farce. Deb Gurung must have supported it. What a joke. Next we will have the Prime Minister calling for and supporting bandhs while in office. What a pathetic state of affairs.

  10. Yo darbariya haru ko bund ho. Kukurharu le kam payenan, ani band gardai hideka.

  11. no badi.. the Maoist party (one of the ruling parties) have issued a statement to claim that they lend their mroal support to this bandh… Dev Gurung was the chairperson of the body that is calling this bandh.. K B Gurung is heading the task force to make this bandh successful.. so, if you hypothesis that this bandh is called by darbariya then that makes the terrorist maoists an ally of the palace.

    What we need now is for the people to declare a tax bahiskar… until this useless government gets its act together, we can’t let the thugs continue to burn up our hard earned money. They can’t continue to siphon off our money to the maoists terrorists in the cantonment and also spend it on the useless foreign trips (eight of them are going to India this week) that brings in NO return to the country. Even this bandh was announced a month ago, but due to the lack of commitment and ashakamta of this government, there was no attempt from the side of the terrorists and the corrupt thugs to bring this group to the table so that the bandh can at least be put on hold. This government is definitely taking our nation down the drain– pretty soon there will be NO Nepal to talk about.

  12. Hey “replytoall”
    Why you have that much hattred for Bahun?
    Which Bahun did what to you???
    Can you write down one by one.
    What you have done for this country that Bahun haven’t done or cannot do???
    Are you Janjati or seduled caste?
    Have you ever been to any janjati’s company or office, how many Brahmin or Chhetris are employed? ofcourse 99% janjatis.
    And you go to Bahun Chhetri’s office, who are employed? ofcourse 80% Janjatis.
    Have you got any idea how racist you janjtis are?
    When you two janjatis meets in a mass of Bahunchettri, you start talking in your language?
    Is this fair?

    Keep this in your brain always before mocking to Bahun that you will be kicked out from this country one day if you behave like this. You know Bhutan. How they kicked out Hindu’s from Bhutan? Because they don’t like any Hindu’s and wanna run coutry as Buddhist Bhote country only. No any Buddhist or Bhote was Refugee here, if you find one that would be from Nepal to take just a Refugee card for third country repatriation i.e. fake Refugee.

  13. Hi Guyfromktm,

    Great idea. I agree with you. We must disobey the tax department untill country completely not gone through democracy.

    2nd thing, why you need some ethinic group language in particular municipality or VDC?
    For Example, if Kathmandu Metro-Politan city, if you apply it’s general language and working language Newari, how can I work there? How can I write Newari or fill Newari form there, because I only speak Nepali.? is this Kathmandu is pertaining to Newar only? is it not mine?
    Likewise, I was born in Solu as Bahun but 80% are Sherpa, if they make official language Sherpa how can I get workdone in offices which I don’t understand but everybody undestand and read and write Nepali, thus what’s worng making Nepali as official language.
    I am not against the ethnic languages but you cannot make them official as it gives hard time to others

  14. hi everyone,
    I am completely against this bandh because there is no meaning of doing it. The organiser – Dr. Gurung – shame on you. You being such a big man just replicate Mr Babu Ram Bhattarai. Why Dr. of Nepal are so dull. We general people understand but so called Dr. Never understands.

    Mr Dr Gurung – you might have your own judgement own logic to do Bandh but think about all Janajati who have to work in day to eat in the evening

    may god give them knowledge


  15. This is a symptom of democracy without responsibility. It’s all very self-centered and yet, very democratic. It’s all very lawless and yet, it’s meant to drive inclusion. It’s people exercising their rights and yet, it’s the rights of others that are violated.

    We will never see elections in this country unless the Maoists are brought to justice, not just to power.

    Once their model of dreaming is brought to reality, only then can the nation being its process of healing.

  16. This is how we are brought up. “Bandha” is the most efficient way…… You will only be heard if you have gun and you can do bloody “Bandha”. This is what our politician or so called Leader have teach us to do. Live a free jungali world where there is no rules and regulation. We are the example to the world that we have “THE DEMOCRACY” no one can enjoy in this world..

    “Politics is a dirty game, played by third class people” and we should be proud we all Nepali are politician coz other world have ranked us as third world country.

    SO Wake Up!!!!!!!

  17. Freaking Bandhs, Freaking spaM, Freaking Bedhas, the people who are unwitting supporters of these garib-marne Bandhs. What about all the day-wage laborers that don’t make a paisa on these so called freaking-bandhs.

  18. Its a sad development that band has become the only way to push for all demands.

    There is a state but no governance. Lets hope this time nation building goes smoothly and the state becomes more inclusive.

  19. The only way to get your concern and greviances heard in Nepal is through Bhands. If everyone else has been doing it I don’t see why the author’s (Wagle?)
    as*s is itching so bad with this news.
    Wagle seems to be bhun supremist. Please note that as a Bhun I and many other Bhuns don’t endorse the views of Wagle!

  20. Kudos to the Freaks. Freaking is good. Why the freaking you blogger worry about the Bandh? When did you start to care about the country while your blog and sister-news paper is financed and control by foriegners? You are simply a mouth-piece of the foriegn mafia. Why should we freaking care about what you say???

  21. Not to mention, everytime someone calls a Banda, its yet another day that Nepal spends not dealing directly with its own economy: building an economic future means working. There is no work? Work must be made? How to make it? Entrepreneurship is one way. If Nepali society has continual interuptions with banda every few days, usually services essential to entrepreneurship are disrupted: Internet connection to the outside world, stores, shops, etc.

    There can be no economic oportunity with continual disruptions like this.

  22. Mahara has said it publically that we are controlled by Delhi and Washington. This was not the case during Gyane’s rule. What a pity we fell for the SPAM programme to be ruled by foreign capitals. Maybe we are all guilty for not trying to help out the patriots, and just staying in the sidelines and allowing SPAM to unleash their foreign conquest. We still do not have a national anthem, we are talking more of division and pretending to talk of inclusion. Making all these languages official in their respective areas will mean more division. If we have to go for inclusion, then better to have English as an official language and like the Minister of Education said we should teach all schools in English as well if we are to keep up with the world. Then people can opt to take whatever their language of choice is as their other language. Do we want rapid progress or does sentimentality take precedence and we go for complicated systems in education, with schools teaching subjects in their respective tongues, and govt. offices issuing forms in their respective toungues. Imagine teaching physics and chemistry in one of our ethnic languages, how far do you think the student will progress in this globalised world? Do we fill out passports in our respective toungues as well to confuse immigration officers worldwide? Do we ask foreigners to get several translators to fill out forms in our respective toungues everytime he or she crosses ethnic boundaries? I’m afraid if we are to decide on a language so that Nepal can be ahead of all our neighbours in the generation to come it is plain and simple – English.

  23. You reap what you sow and what goes around comes around. SPAM baits for talks, SPAM abets Bandhs & strike, and SPAM surrenders to their foreign masters. So in the end- rather than making Nepal totally independent, self sufficient, and a proud nation that can write its own destiny- just the opposite is happening from loss of sovereignty, enslavement by foreigners, disarry and discontent within communities, caste, and class of people. Blame where it is due. Talk is cheap and dreams are plenty- the false dream merchant (SPAM) should be squarely blamed not divert it to any other.

    Bandh is not freaking but freak of SPAM.

  24. We need more bandhas until and unless SPAM warlords are completely destroyed. And yes, as I have always said (and as the view is echoed by 2 commentators above), No one should pay any sort of taxes or money to the gangster warlords.

  25. Haha. Wagle ass writes that a mob (around 50 people in the picture) didn’t let a van go…haha what does he think about the 19 days of Mob and Goon movement?

  26. Well, these bandas will continue until people see sense. But its really democracy in action. Its messy, and it interferes with everything, but SPA+M wanted democracy, didn’t it? Well, that’s what they’re getting.

    At least people’s grievances are being heard. However, I’d ask the protesters to keep the demonstrations peaceful.

  27. Freakin sucking idiots are doing bandha for freakin reasons! Dudes are getting lots oh leisure day!

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  29. ????? ?????:
    India will never be great state. Indians always speak English not Hindi. India has more problems than Nepal has. India need to solve Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and others. India will be better of in pieces than one. Yes, Nepal has its own problem. But it’s small compare to India’s problems. Nepal’s problem will be solved when King Gyanendra will abdicate and when YCL will assassinate Maoist Leaderships. This will happen sooner than anybody can dream of it.

  30. Shree Shrestha got it a little wrong. Nepal’s problems will be solved when SPAM warlords are butchered.

  31. “Nepal’s problems will be solved when SPAM warlords are butchered.”
    .. and when you become tall, dark and handsome and get married to the horsefaced Spanish waitress at the restaurant where you wash dishes. Till then, keep masturbating.

  32. noname, your Amrikane maalik just said that they “support” Nepal’s peace process. Meaning: Amerika is forced to accept government of seven political parties that includes Maoists.

  33. Haha. So do you want them to say they don’t support “peace process”? LOL. What an idiot!

    If governments born out of demonstration and hooliganism were to be legitimate then G8 wouldn’t be meeting in Germany and police would be handing over powers to the mobs and goons violently protesting (in Rostock) instead of beating them up.

    Anyway, this tom, dick and harry game of arguing with brainless SPAM cadres will take us nowhere. We better get downright and dirty with SPAM warlords.

  34. Wagle u [icd] janai wala stop calling this bandh “freaking”. You act like in a state of ecstacy like ur [icd] is getting [icd] and u just had [icd] when ur [icd] masters the SPA-M annouce strike even when a fly dies. You [icd] racist [icd].

  35. Diplomats are demanding security in the spaMs rule…what a funny joke

  36. Press Trust Of India
    Kathmandu, June 02, 2007

    The diplomatic corps in Nepal have urged the government to ensure the security and safe movement of diplomats in the Himalayan nation, terming the attack last week by Maoists on US ambassador James Moriarty as “unacceptable”.

    “The Diplomatic Corps of Nepal is deeply concerned by an upsurge in recent weeks of security incidents that have threatened foreign diplomats or otherwise impeded their work in the country,” a statement issued by Diplomatic Corps of Nepal said.

    Terming it “unacceptable” the “targeting or threatening of diplomats in Nepal on their countries’ official business,” the diplomatic corps in Nepal have reminded the government “of its role to ensure security and safety for diplomats.”

    “We condemn any and all attempts to harm, threaten, or interfere with foreign diplomats working in Nepal,” it said.

    “The diplomatic corps urges all political groups and activists to respect customary norms and reject violence or intimidation,” the statement says.

    The cadres of Maoist-affiliated Young Communist League (YCL) had pelted stones at the vehicle carrying the US ambassador while he was returning after visiting a refugee camp in Jhapa last week.

    The statement was issued on behalf of embassies of the US, France, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Denmark, Israel, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, the UK, Bangladesh and Finland.

  37. A comment was made by me about 12 hours ago. Still awaiting moderation.

  38. Well, citizens are not safe who the hell cares about Diplomats in their escorted motorcade. How come no one stones Indian Ambassador’s car- didn’t one Nepali was killed in this side of the border. Take about false sense of importance and misplaced priorities. SPAM- the loot you though you had might be slipping through your fingers.

  39. Patriot:
    I was a little suprised by your eariler comment. You are one of the most sensible and rational people on this blog. That comment was very unbefitting.
    We (Bhun or not) all know Wagle is an idiot/Bhun supremist. Let him be. Who takes him or his reporting seriously? Look at all the comments on the the blog. You will find that hardly any of them are even related to the actual article…
    Let him continue to make a fool of himself, you should not debase yourself to his level.

  40. Mr. Shree shrestha, The problem is not the existance of the monarchy or the ycl but instead the cause that brought about the existance of organization like ycl. Take away the ycl from the present nepali context, you will have another one in about three years time.

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