Terror Strikes Kathmandu: Bombs Explode in Five Places

“Two died: Police”

Two innocent people are confirmed dead in a series of bomb explosions in three busy public areas of Kathmandu city. More than 25 people have been injured, 10 of them serious. Bombs exploded simultaneously in three separate places- Tripureshwor, Kalimati and Balaju- at around 4:30 PM this afternoon. According to Avenues TV, a previously little heard terror outfit Terai Tiger has taken responsibility of the blasts. A reporter of the TV station said from Rhautahat that the organization called him to take responsibility of the blasts. Sagarmatha TV is also reporting that two other bombs have blasted in Sundhara and Kirtipur. Bombs exploded in a public vehicle in Balaju. All passengers, except the driver and his assistant, were injured in the powerful blast that destroyed the vehicle. Another bomb went off in Tripureshwor’s World Trade Center where most of the injured were students from nearby school. These strikes come at a time when the nation is gearing up for the Constituent Assembly elections that is scheduled to be held in less than 80 days.

Recent: Nepali Congress leader Arjun Narsingh KC, after visiting the hospital where injured are being treated, said: This is a terrorist activity and a conspiracy to derail the election of Constituent Assembly and against the democratic achievements that the country has seen so far.





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  1. introvert Avatar

    a gal from bba

    “lets blog for the people the real nepali ppl who reside on the remote village with the never ending sufferings, who altarnatively have their meals.who even don’t know who our wrecked PM is,who don’t know what”ka” is ,who are completely unaware of their inalienable rights being a human and who think they deserve to be like that”

    this is wot i have been thinking. i travel hills and mountain in my dream almost everynight even i m out of the country.

    i worked in rular part of nepal for 1 years and 3 months, that was the best part of my life, i felt i could do some new things for the comunity…..

    hope to get back soon.

    i appriciate ur writtings.

  2. lakure Avatar

    This “astamukha sarkar” is cheating the petrol consumers. Yesterday’s news clarified the truth of selling petrol almost 25% less than the actual. Even Nepal Oil Corporation and petrol pump accepted the truth. It means we are paying 25% extra price in the petrol.

  3. scope Avatar

    After reading Mr. CK Lal in today’s Nepali Times, I have come to the conclusion:
    (1) King doesn’t want constituent assembly elections.
    (2) Maoists don’t want constituent assembly elections either.
    (3) King and Maoists have same interest.
    (4) King gives millions of dollars to Maoists.
    (5) Maoists blast bombs in Kathmandu
    (6) Peace disturbed, Paras feigns a heart attack to gain some sympathy.
    (7) Maoists will not let ecostituent assembly happen.
    (8) Nepal can’t become republican.
    (9) King and Maoists will come together, put Girija and Madhav in jail and rule Nepal for many years.

  4. Deadonarrival Avatar

    By the way CK Lal is a paid RAW agent of Nepal- if you did not knew it yet.

    Unless we Nepali learn to come down from bellowing hot winds and read the ground reality as is- we are doomed. Congress may make as per Wagle “historic decision” but at the end of line its total rout by, hold it not the Maoist but powers that be which resides in South Block, DANIDA and all major foreign embassies and NGOs- quite apparent to all but people like Wagle and his kin who for obvious reason are willing to forgo nationhood for their own vested and self serving interest.

    Does anyone believe CA will create New Nepal? not just in namesake and being republic mean anything worthwhile to us- true blue Nepali in real terms other than to India. I have failed understand all this cry for Republicanism – a road not even smarty pants like Kirat wholly understand it – forget us. Other than getting back at Monarchy, being republic is a misnomer and a spin doctored by foreign powers in order to shift and make Nepal according their values and dictation and we are buying into it without much thinking as if in whims,

    I would rather be a slave under my own rather than be henchmen for others or of others unlike people who called themselves civil society but are paid in full in Dollars. Just ask DANIDA how much they have thrown around.

  5. scope Avatar

    “By the way CK Lal is a paid RAW agent of Nepal- if you did not knew it yet.”
    Oh, I see. So you are the RAW accountant who pays Mr. CK Lal! By the way, how much do you draw from RAW? Or, it’s a voluntary service for ideological reasons–Greater Sikkim?

  6. DOA Avatar

    Scope you just cannot handle a truth as lies and deceit is your forte, it has consumed you to a point where wrong is right and right is wrong. So it is pointless debating in similar pattern as Maoist defending their JanaYudha.

  7. scope Avatar

    Coming from a rightwinger, your reply reads like a compliment. Thanks.

  8. Deadonarrival Avatar

    I always percieved myself to be Clinton styled centrist- I guess even being rational centrist is too much for you as you are way far to the left with deadweight to see the reson and be rational.

  9. Yatri Avatar


    C K Lal is a bona fide agent of South Block. Do you still believe in the purported palace-maoist nexus that has or should I say been floated around by Girija & Co.?

    RAW has been pretty active in Nepal in the last decade or so. They have quite a few so called intellectuals, academicians, members of the security apparatus and a whole slew of politicians of different hue in their pay-roll.

    RAW, like the CIA, believes a lot can be achieved through clandestine, covert operations than by conventional means of intimidation and force. Nepal’s geographical location vis-a-vis India and its strategic value of being a buffer between India and the behemoth, superpower-to-be China, Nepal indeed is a high priority subject for the occupant of 7 Race Course Road.

  10. scope Avatar

    Sigh. One more Greater Sikkim conspirator giving respectability to RAW and South Block with their idiocy.

  11. lakure Avatar

    Sekhar koirala, Sitaula are also paid agent of RAW….Paudel is not yet confirmed…

  12. Yatri Avatar

    Scope, you’ve got your head so far down someone’s culo that you cannot see the truth even if it bit you.

    India cannot make another “Sikkim” as easily in today’s world of Internet, media scrutiny and the world watching like it did in the early 70s. That’s why they forge ahead to weaken nations through their clandestine operations like RAW and hope for another “Bhutan” instead of “Sikkim”.

  13. scope Avatar

    Yatriji, why would RAW need lay informers when Gyancha, Girije, Prachande, Makune, Rukmangad, and Himalaya are fighting with each other for their favours and blessings? You are such a learned man. Please enlighten less informed people who visit this blog.

  14. Rohit Avatar

    These people who fear that India will take over Nepal don’t know a clue about contemporary international politics. If India takes over Nepal, India will face countless suicide bombings, insurgencies and civil war across the whole country. The country will be ripped apart. Do the Indians want to see South Asia turned into Middle East? Do they want to confront Hamas and Hezbullah? As a proud Nepali who loves the sovereignty of my country, I will readily blow up any Indian installment if India tries to wipe my country off the map. There is justification of suicide attacks against India if it dare tries swallowing my country. Let Indian diplomats in Kathmandu and Delhi hear this.

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