Terror Strikes Kathmandu: Bombs Explode in Five Places

“Two died: Police”

Two innocent people are confirmed dead in a series of bomb explosions in three busy public areas of Kathmandu city. More than 25 people have been injured, 10 of them serious. Bombs exploded simultaneously in three separate places- Tripureshwor, Kalimati and Balaju- at around 4:30 PM this afternoon. According to Avenues TV, a previously little heard terror outfit Terai Tiger has taken responsibility of the blasts. A reporter of the TV station said from Rhautahat that the organization called him to take responsibility of the blasts. Sagarmatha TV is also reporting that two other bombs have blasted in Sundhara and Kirtipur. Bombs exploded in a public vehicle in Balaju. All passengers, except the driver and his assistant, were injured in the powerful blast that destroyed the vehicle. Another bomb went off in Tripureshwor’s World Trade Center where most of the injured were students from nearby school. These strikes come at a time when the nation is gearing up for the Constituent Assembly elections that is scheduled to be held in less than 80 days.

Recent: Nepali Congress leader Arjun Narsingh KC, after visiting the hospital where injured are being treated, said: This is a terrorist activity and a conspiracy to derail the election of Constituent Assembly and against the democratic achievements that the country has seen so far.

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164 thoughts on “Terror Strikes Kathmandu: Bombs Explode in Five Places

  1. everyone beats his own “damfoo” here, be mature…and genuine….logical…
    …dont act like a stupid toad who stretches his chest until it bursts…….

  2. Well the police have puportedly rounded up some suspects. Hopefully they can get a lucky break and nab the real culprits.

  3. Ah, I see the problem is the Maoists “decided to be terrorists.” What a thorough and engaging analysis. Call S.D. Muni, I’m sure he must have been barking up the wrong tree all this time.

    There is a Maoist or revolutionary leftist party in nearly every country in the world advocating the violent overthrow of the government. The difference is that in other countries nobody listens to them. In fact, most of the time they are a joke. But, they are all waiting for a time when their is a crisis in government, where very few trust the elites’ ability to lead, and there are enough people angry enough at this state off affairs that they can raise an army.

    Any government that allows the proper conditions to arise is going to be faced with a violent revolution. There is nearly always someone in a country who is looking for a chance to lead one. The failure of everybody in power including the Maoists up until now is that they have not resolved the conditions that brought about the insurgency. The “transfer culture” of the new elite has to resynchronize the value system and the division of labor. In the case of Nepal, this can not happen until legitimate elections are held to draft the constitution. If this does not happen, violent groups will continue to gain traction until the synchronization is resolved.

  4. Neil, you do make a lot of sense a lot of times. However it is when you try to defend the mistakes that the Maoists make that you fall flat on your face. Everyone makes mistakes, the right thing is not to defend them with whatever you can but to admit them for what they are -mistakes. Otherwise no one will ever learn from them.

  5. Now I wonder if they are going to do something about the innocent victims.
    The problem with a culture of violence is getting used to negativity.
    We need fotos of the deceased in all international newspapers, I am still irritated that at the time they destroyed Kathmandu and there was the killing in Besnan Russia this is memorized and the destruction of Kathmandu is still nowhere in the news.
    Because we need to show a good foto to news?
    Now invite amnesty international and make the biggest fuss ever it is THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE CULTURE OF INTIMIDATION AND KILLING

  6. Neil,

    “There is a Maoist or revolutionary leftist party in nearly every country in the world advocating the violent overthrow of the government”

    Then what do you say about madhesi uprising ? How do you catagorised the JTMM of Goit and Jwala singh and their acts ?

  7. Kirat, if you can show me an example of my defending a mistake of the Maoists I’ll apologize for it.

    Lakure, The Madhesi groups are a mixture of identity based advocacy groups and ethnic separatists. They also exist in many different countries of the world, and gain traction due to similar factors.

    As I said before, After a revolutionary insurrection (April uprising) it’s success is dependent on the new elites ability to resynchronize the social system. The inability of the parties to include proportional representation in the CA elections gave traction to these heretofore irrelevant groups.

  8. Neil’s argument for Maoists and the class struggle they initially puported to lead is valid upto the point they represented those classes. But as Baje points out, most of those classes have defected.

    Too bad Maoists were hoodwinked by NC, perhaps with more vision, they could’ve avoided it, more so they could’ve handled the aftermath better, but badly screwed in both cases, so I dont think the people have really forfeited any promising/visionary party. Maoists promised to champion marginalized interests and took them through a bloody 10 year war. They couldnt deliver and those marginalized took up their fight on their own.

    In such a case, whats the relevance of Maoists as a stakeholder and the argument that they been denied their fair share? Tough luck. Is that big deal?

    They had their chance, now they need to move aside so whatever little left can be salvaged.

  9. We can easily point out these groups.They don’t wants election in time and want to divided Nepal into 3 part. we have to fight with them to save Nepal from international terrorist attack.This is tailor there may happen anything if this government don’t maintain strong security at this time.

  10. Neil,
    I agree with Kirat that you do make some good points, but when you say electioins must be held otherwise violent groups will continue to gain traction (and I totally agree), I don’t know if you also understand like most of us that the maoists are also part of these violent groups. The fact they are in government and continue as such makes it worse.

  11. I’d like to add that America has it’s own ethnic separatists: The black panthers and the Muslim brotherhood (of Malcom-X fame). Both started to gain traction back in the 60’s when the U.S. was suffering from it’s own crisis in government. Both lost traction as soon as effective civil rights legislation was passed.

    We also had a few homegrown terrorist organizations that gained traction in the 60’s. Notably the “Weather Underground.” Members of this organization continued their actions long after they had lost relevance, though they didn’t end up killing anybody but their own in the end. If you want to know more about these organizations I suggest Wikipedia.

    The lesson here is that these organizations are always present, they just don’t amount to much as long as the government gain keep the societies values and structure synchronized. In the 60’s Black people in the U.S. woke up and started to demand Civil rights, I can assure you that if they never got them the Black Panthers or a similar organization would have a tremendous following today.

  12. Kirat, not just Neil, “falling flat on their faces” is symptomatic of most academics who find it challenging to divorce reality from theory and often, struggle to rationalize everything they observe through a particular paradigm to which they are predisposed. It’s a classic case of statistical bias – one picks and chooses data points to tell a particular story, at the detriment of the true story of the entier population.

    As I had said before, Neil is elblematic of a disgruntled leftist theoretician (scholar) who is unable to practice his radical brand of politics in his own country so he’s here in Nepal, lending a “helping hand” to the Maoists by making ridiculous “as much if not more does not mean more” arguments.

    Aba yesto manche sanga kati kuro garne? haha.


    “Forget the RPP factions that have borne the brunt of Maoist
    aggression and consider the reports of even UML and NC cadre who are
    being systematically targeted by Maoists all over the country.
    Consider the Maoist suggestion that the YCL and the Maoist PLA
    (actually one in the same) be mobilized to provide “security” for the
    CA elections. This is a suggestion that the Maoists’ know, cannot be
    fulfilled. Put all these moving parts together and a picture of which
    group does not want CA elections comes into focus….”

    “Before the Maoists go running their mouths again, the seven parties
    in the interim government should demand an unequivocal apology from
    the Maoists for a decade of violence and terror. This should be
    followed by a public declaration from the Maoists that affirms their
    commitment to non-violent politics. At a minimum, the Maoists’ owe
    this commitment to the Nepali people who continue to suffer the brunt
    of Maoist orchestrated terror, stemming from the Maoist-waged, civil




  13. As for the culture of violence and non-violence in philisophical terms we can go on about it till the cows come home. All the common people know is that before the maoists and their war, people did not get casually blown up in bus stands.
    Also people must have realised that Neil never really sinks his foot in, but stays well in the closet when it comes to admitting tha he is glorifying the maoist cause. This way he does not have to defend, apologise, refute anything. I wonder why he bothers getting into debates, because when the striking points are made he can casually withdraw saying but I am not a maoists supporter I am saying it like it is.
    Typical of people who see such events with theoritical eyes in the line of it would make a good book someday and something to tell my grandkids or been there and done that brought back the t-shirt.
    Unfortunately, this is the luxury we here cannot afford. We take a stand and sometimes it does get us on a wrong foot, but have no doubt that Nepalis must put an end to the maoist and their violence and we will do it through the polls.

  14. Patriot: Also some good points. I think you do a good job of explaining the real reason for the Maoist demands. They’re own political reality is that now that the elections have been delayed past June-22, if they fail to secure any demands of the marginalized BEFORE the elections, the marginalized will feel no reason to support them.

    That’s part of the reason why the Maoists were so insistent on June elections, and thats why they are so angry now.

  15. neil-your take on the Maoists fear of the CA elections to be held in Nov 2007 and NCs possible manipulation of the new Constitution was unbelievable.

  16. Hewa, if I agreed wholeheartedly with any of the factions here, I would write in support of them. But I don’t. I do agree with some of the actions of the Maoists. However, most their actions, while understandable in a theoretical context and not precisely condemnable in that context are also not strictly “Good.”

    For instance, on my blog here they, and a bunch of local people, beat up a two Indian nationals for what essentially was the crime of being jackasses.


    Was that good? No, it flouts every concept of due process and the rule of law. Is it what happens when people know the police won’t do anything but take a bribe from the Indians? Yes.

    What faction, prey tell, do you support?

  17. Most of the marginalized people have stopped follwoing them already. Now Prachanda is directing his students to start protesting the CA polls. Neil, from a purely theoritical point of view I agree with you assessment. But you are so hell bent of justifying why the Maoist movement arose you are blind to all their subsequent actions.

  18. Yes Neil – frankly I think it is unfortunate.

    I have always believed in a balanced leftist-rightist govt for Nepal (with neither in an indomitable position). And Maoist were best positioned to lead leftist front. If they are finished, a potentially important check and balance lever will be lost and country can slid back at the mercy of elites.

    But whats made me change my mind is their incompetence and violent immature methods, esp Prachanda is a disaster. They had it in their grasp and lost it. All the blood that flowed went waste. Today I view them obselete and better off finished. Sure, they’re angry but its too late. Any move to secure marginalized demand to revitalise the party will only hamper bigger things like the CA. And things have come to such that the people cant afford anymore chances for the sake of some party who went boom to bust.

    I have moved on with a pinch of salt. We cant wait the bus for anyone when the issue at hand is much more critical than any one party – which is separatism.

  19. Neil,

    Do you think the main goal of the maoist i.e. communism will be achieved in Nepal ? What is the differences between UML and maoist reagarding political approach at present scenario ? Although we know that one has armed group and other don’t ?

  20. Neil, you have some very interesting observations in this post.
    1. Maoists “decided to be terrorists.”
    They may have been prompted by royalists to become terrorists.
    2. S.D. Muni, I’m sure he must have been barking up the wrong tree all this time.
    –Muni is notorious at JNU for barking up the wrong tree most of the time.

    3. There is a Maoist or revolutionary leftist party in nearly every country in the world advocating the violent overthrow of the government. The difference is that in other countries nobody listens to them.
    –Do these “other countries” with leftist revolutionary parties also have royal families and their die-hard loyalists?

    4. In fact, most of the time they are a joke. But, they are all waiting for a time when their is a crisis in government, where very few trust the elites’ ability to lead, and there are enough people angry enough at this state off affairs that they can raise an army.
    –I don’t know if such parties will remain as jokes if they had neighbours like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh!

    5. Any government that allows the proper conditions to arise is going to be faced with a violent revolution. There is nearly always someone in a country who is looking for a chance to lead one. The failure of everybody in power including the Maoists up until now is that they have not resolved the conditions that brought about the insurgency.
    –Will you please name a government that hasn’t allowed “proper condition” for armed opposition? The difference in Nepal is that it doesn’t have state force, only family retainers in its army.
    6. The “transfer culture” of the new elite has to resynchronize the value system and the division of labor. In the case of Nepal, this can not happen until legitimate elections are held to draft the constitution. If this does not happen, violent groups will continue to gain traction until the synchronization is resolved.
    –Political predictions!

  21. And Neil – thats what you need to understand – that theres no time for indulgence for people of this land. Today, real issues at hand are monarchy, madhesis, janjatis, CA … Maoists have lost support and thereby relevance, no point for their existence. No point to coming out in their support.

    We could sure do with other more important stuff. Why dont you write/expose NC? They been getting away with a lot thru their well oiled PR machinery.

  22. What’s up with this mofo of a character named Horning. He needs to be honed into shape. Here’s a wanna be commie. Probably smoking some ganja and drinking home made brew wearing a tattered Che Guevara tee and some cammo fatigue.

    Welcome to the jungle…we have fun n games!!!

    Probably wants to come out as a Maoist expert and later take up a cushy job with an international outfit like the International Crisis Group; he’ll still be smoking some ganja with this time around in a Hash Bar in Amsterdam wearing a Zegna suit and Gucci loafers. Laughing his scranny arse all the way to the Bank…….a numbered Swiss account at that.!!!

  23. what this govt. needs to do is seperate the genuine ethnic movements in the terai and elsewhere from the merely violent ones who only seem to be interested in creating havoc. the genuine ones need to be talked to and their concerns addressed the violent ones need to pursued and subdued by force. is the govt. sincere and competent enough to do this?

  24. This is the biggest act of terrorism that has taken place in Nepal ever!!!

    I see people in this forum have started to take sides and are trying to absolve their affiliation of the crime by being the loudest. While I believe in innocent until proven guilty, I see every side that has to gain something our of this heinous act with suspicion and I do think that everyone has something to gain – be it Maoists, Gyane, Terai mukti, and SPA. So, please don’t say that any particular group has nothing to gain.. But again, what do I know..

  25. defending anything that the Maoists say and do is an uphill task– losers from the West like Neil think they can articulate a defense well enough– but the Maoists are a gone case.. they have lost the little credibility that they had earned and have also lost the high level of fear factor that they possessed– they are a spent force and they know it better than anyone else. That is why they sound sooooooooooooooo frustrated every day that passes by. Declare this country a republic or not, the Moists are in a for a very big surprise– their current size in the parliament will be easily cut in half if not worse. They know it very well and that is why they are hell bent of not holding this CA elections. Thier 22 points etc are all a farce and they have prodiced it to thwart the elections. The recent bombing was also their doing– Teacher turned terrorist (TTT) Puspa Kamal is behind all this, He needs to be dragged to Tundikhel along with the CEREMONIAL Baburam and the “janata” that the terrorist generally oversell will take care of the rest. Let’s have the CA elections and defeat the terrorists once and for all.

  26. Maoism is finished in Nepal. As a political experiment, Nepal is just not the right place. Maoism needs cultural uniformity, with social divisions only class-based. The concept of ‘class’ is not one that most Nepalis would be very comfortable with.

    Newars, Brahmins, Chhetris, etc have their own class-based divisions. No one is going to give up those affiliations just to belong to one common Nepali peasant or worker ‘class’. The idea is ridiculous.

    The Terai uprising thus underscores just how redundant an ideology Nepali Maoism is. People in the Terai find it much easier to relate to their Madhesi identity than a quixotic Maoist-defined one. So they ditched the latter in favor of the former. And that’s happening everywhere else.

  27. Where were you when maoists blew off passenger bus at Madi, Chitwan?

    Where were your words when 38 innocent people lost their lives?

    Any more justifications for TTT (teacher turned terrorist)?

  28. ????????? :

    I agree that the maoist blowing up the bus was on a bigger scale, but at least there was an excuse (as the maoists claimed that they were targeting the Army convey and not the innocent victims). Whatever the case, I highly condemn them for all their violent acts and agree that have set a precedence to the violence in Nepal without any accountability.

    However, these recent bombings targeted the innocents, period.

  29. then I suggest we stop using the word politics and write about what is still nice, for nepalese.
    We have time to clean our homes, because we do not have to go to work lovely bandh, we can sleep because school was closed 30% of the year, I will be something.
    Let the politicians take care of us and we will let them know they did well. So far from Kuleswor, Kirtipur, Tripureswor we know. That nice policeman who stops us at Kalimati corner I do not vote, but it is not him. The other policeman who captured killer that one our friend. I suggest vote good.

  30. First of all i want to express my heartfelt condolence for the two innocent victims Anisha K.C and Kamaladevi Shahi and my deep sympathy for the injured ones and a mouthful of curse for the bomb raiders.
    And these jerkies here god….
    noone here is concerned bout the sympathy for the victims ,rather they have got one more diamond opportunity to rancour over the maoists,and utilising it up to their best.
    I oftentimes visit this site with a view to gain some unbaised and fair political and other socioeconomic knowledge,but whatever i read, i don’t read the good things ,i read the pathetic hatred for maoists by some pseudo-intellectuals. \i know these guys are full paid royalists who themselves show their hatred to royalists as well so that no one could get any inkling of them.
    Guess who can be the closest follies of maoists am ranking here…
    Royalists-Madhesis-Plutocrats-SPA s-Terrorist_(goit,jwala,bhala,cobra,gobra)
    And maoists the scapegoats.
    Ur hatred for maoists has so impressed me and i have made some slogan for u so that u will find it more easy to protest.
    Today the bowel didn’t come-maoists murdabad
    My gal did’nt call me-maoists murdabad
    I caught cough-Maoists murdabad
    I forgot to change my lacy today-maoists murdabad
    A dog barked at me.- maoists murdabad
    And whatelse…….Hope to see u in maitighar mandala soon with these slogans.

    And lastly kudos to avenue T.V for displaying the live stuffs .
    And national security commission may soon find the culprits and hang them .
    guys if u are really
    here to give some good things then just don’t blog the hatred ,its over now and vomiting .
    Plz jot some good things for good cause.
    May peace come soon
    May peace come soon
    May peace come soon
    may god bless the insight for the bloggers here
    Then Peace may come soon

  31. Hearty condolence to them who lost their lives.

    There should not be any excuse for such act. No one should defend such act
    by saying this and that. I have found people YYAC defending Madi.
    Have you any answer for Chitwan Bus fire. First petrol was sprayed
    and then fire. 6-7 people were burnt to ashes like rats. Can there be any
    more heinous crime.

    We should always condemn and discourage such acts and not a single
    comment in support or defence of it.

  32. When somebody commits a crime there is no political pay off for it. If it was coocked up we like to know. I feel the elections are a trick to have more police and army in the streets, and this incident justifies exactly this. We will call the army dai and brother again. Sponsor the arms industry where the money was in the first place which I always disagreed with.
    There are two armys.

  33. I doubt about the CA election even after republic set-up. There won’t be any CA election in Nepal, that is for sure…..

  34. with all the divided opinions among ppl here and everywhere i have come to a conclusion that no matter what is happening a war or an election there will never be one clear winner. it easy to understand why royalist are royalist. they have been royalist all their life and they are proud of their king. its the title of the king they like not a particular individual who is residing as the king right now. and the ppl who follow girija is also understandable. they are all the opportunists who are our nations cancer. but what i fail to understand is the support of the educated ppl to maoist. when you study socialism you study that the communism is the most wonderfull theory evey to exist but in practice its imposible that there will be no seperation by class. what i mean is in practice the communist leaders will take over girijas and royals position. and since maosit came to power with voilence they will have no problem to chop off your head and stick it in a stake in new road if you say something they dont like. and most of the commusit state turn to dictatorship sooner or later. look at north korea. maybe you will say cuba is doing nice ya right look who is in power now brother of fidel.
    anyway to all the neapli there is only one thing that is sure that our lives are gonna get more miserable before it will get any better. and maybe we should start practicing speak hindi.

  35. All said and done- How come Potato cost Rs. 90 per Dharni- I guess the plight of poor was launching pad for all political parties nothing more and death of a innocent school girl was just a expected Collateral damage as per gang of 8 we are in transistion and is acceptable and price we all must pay.

    Shitowla goes on blaming others for his incompetence and Girja accepts maoist ultimatum to allow Maoisto insurgent to supervise the proposed CA and then integrate them into a national army. Now all this is beyond me for I am common man with common sensibilities.

  36. Jay Nepal:

    Can you read? Or is it that you read the first line and deduce your conclusion? Where did you see me defending the Maoist??

  37. And regarding the Chitwan Bus fire, that was a heinous and barbaric act. The culprits who did that went unpunished. And thats the reason why new groups have sprung up who think that they can get away with anything.

    Let me be clear that I am not defending any violence. So many innocent lives have been lost over the years and it is simply frustrating that worse things start happening once you think see a chance for peace.

    The killers should not go unpunished

    May all the departed souls rest in peace.

  38. a gal from bba, welcomeback!!!!!!!

    ‘i know these guys are full paid royalists who themselves show their hatred to royalists as well so that no one could get any inkling of them.’

    i have been writting in this blog again and again as u expressed above if u check my previous comments. some of the guys here writting over and over with nonesence, pathatic comments. they are getting paid for it. they are working for someone for money through this blog.

    try to check out neil horning’s blog , some good stuffs………..

    and thanks to neil for good effort again.

  39. If writing to this blog would impact policy, there would be volumes to author. But it doesn’t, so all this is, is a social networking forum wherere people come together and compete based on their thoughts/ideas.

    Just because the Maoists are getting a dose of their own tactics here doesn’t mean people who don’t agree with the Maoists are wrong. And vice-versa.

    And just because one is unable to find a reason to logically refute arguemtns doesn’t make “oh these people are on the Royal payroll” argument seem any bit brighter.

    Let the monarchy be abolished quickly and the CA elections happen on time and we’ll see how loud the voice of Maoist apologists will be. Better still, let the Maoists give up their arms and we’ll see how well the Nepali people treat the Maoists.

    The day of reckoning for the Maoists is coming. Wheter it is before or after the Royalists are destroyed it irreleveant. The fact that the Maoists too will face their own music is all that counts.

  40. baje,,,,
    are u the same baje, who writes in propanga american site about nepal,,,,,,,,, called newsblaze?

  41. Stoke the sleeping tiger and all hell will break loose. Bunch of paid and murderious villians feel that by using threats and intimidations they can have their way then lo behold there are people who have been quite who are equally resourceful and can assert their rights any way possible. It seems to me like in high school- few bully believe that they have the school by the collar and mistakely assume that they are be all (as always they are minority as with gang of 8) but sudden whip of wind will disseminate them in an instant. The same fate awaits gang of 8. All things they have illegally inacted, performed or have intentions of shall vaporize as the wrath of common man with common need and senses shall prevail.

    We shall over come defranching of this country, sovereignty, social and even religious denigration commited by gang of 8.

  42. its so sickening people died and here we r foul mouthing each other to defend the very impotent people who brought this day upon us….did u see some the of the victims…their feet torn apart and body part all over the place…do people deserve to die this way…and most of all it wasnt an incident big enought to make international news was shocking coz the news that made big on bbc and cnn was the bombing of buses in pakistan which was also very tragic…but does that mean there sud have been a bigger incident here than in pakistan,,,how many lives must have gone that day in ktm to let world know something tragic happened in ktm….we dont want sympathy from any one, we want people to access where each of us are and what shud be done or how things need to be done…thot u went to hell for sinning only after u died but this is living hell and most of us arnt even sinners, innocence is lost from that 2yr old who had to go through the trauma of the blast ringing in her ears and the burning pain on her leg…did u see her face when she was being treated…did she deserve it had she ever sinned in her whole 2yrs of life…dont think so….only difference is the sinisters of the highest degree are having pure ecstatic life…what does that mean?does it make any sense to any one of us here alive and typing away our assesment of the whole deal anyone of us cud have been there and suffered it or even died…but we are not…why do u think so? think about it…

  43. Hmmm.. sort of influenced writings.well i guess i shall not suffer any more with all the pathetic writings.
    well the tragic is still haunting my mind.it pushed me to contemplate over and over….as if the life of those innocent was to blast in a mo!born to be blasted!
    lets say”herds of eight” the manimals,what the heck are they doing .
    where is the kumbhakarna ,investigation authority .really fed up,fed up with the system,wrecked system of our country.is it possible for the coming 10th genration of ours to be free from the plight we nepalese are suffering today?

  44. This is ninth blast in Kathmandu…directly or indirectly these 8 thugs are responsible….

  45. It is extreme affairs being occurred and fortuneately me appeared as eyewitness among those innocent neapalese, pillars of nation. however, i got able to escape but its quite immemorial to me to whole of my life remaining.
    cause it was also the site, say, country-heart-core. peepal boat where the feets are torn out and unpitiable dying is really made me tearing and lacerating now as well …

    one thing more forcing or compeling me to write for the students who did study in viswa niketan and me myself belonging to the same school for schooling has shocked to every nepali whoever even having small volumed heart…………

  46. introvert and other wizardry writers here:
    i am just a sprout and i want to grow in politics and other matters regarding my country and my ppl
    so ppl i need support.
    its true that i support communism and maoism ,but its on the ground that i know that communism is in the favour of havenots and others are in the favor of capitalists.if i am wrongly informed then i expect for the corrections but this summon is not for the biased one(the anti-maoists).
    rather than just murmuring(i guess the word is apt here) about the principles and theories,lets blog for the people the real nepali ppl who reside on the remote village with the never ending sufferings, who altarnatively have their meals.who even don’t know who our wrecked PM is,who don’t know what”ka” is ,who are completely unaware of their inalienable rights being a human and who think they deserve to be like that
    because its their fate (like our 1 million dalits).
    i also believe that our most of the maoists heros (not all cause bad ppl are pervasive every where and noone can cheaply argue maoism in the shade of these bad ppl)
    have been able to abolish the fatalism from our country but still the unreached places need to be instiled the hope and insight to the ppl who are in the plight of being untouchable,poor,weak…. and the selfcentred plutocrats are to be done what? any ideas………coz i only have the idea to fed them eat cowdung.

    and what about managing the waste in our city?

  47. ….instead of wasting precious time here ..bloggin like a toad’s chest…..it is good to find some quality time for the construction of the country…….being positive..

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