The Kapilbastu Incident

By the Maoist or those who want to defame the former rebels and/or create communal tension in the area?

It all seems like a purely criminal incident: Two unidentified persons came on a motorcycle in Birpur village at around 8:30 am and shot dead Mohit Khan, former chairman of the district vigilante group set up against the Maoists during the armed conflict. The situation became tense as supporters of Khan started protesting and that turned violent prompting authorities to clamp curfew in Kapilvastu from 1:30 pm. But here is the political angle:

The Maoists had organized a weeklong strike (bandh) in the district three months back demanding relocation of a security base camp set up at Khan’s brother’s house. And some pro-Khan demonstrators reportedly claimed that the two involved in Khan’s killing were Maoist cadres.

Whatever the claim, there are many questions unanswered as security forces are trying to bring situation under control with the help of the ongoing curfew and surge in backup. Were Maoists the killers? Or was this the incident orchestrated by those who want to defame the Maoists and create problem? Was this an ill effort by those who want to create religious tension in the area? Some reports suggest that vandals have targeted religious sites.

An Armed Police Force man has died when armed demonstrators hurled a bomb over a convoy carrying policemen. Yet another person reportedly died in the protest. The District Administration Office of neighboring Rupandehi district has also imposed indefinite curfew in Butwal from 2 pm to contain the spreading violence. As reports suggest there was exchange of fire between the police and the angry locals, it shows that people with arms were involved. Reports also hint involvement of professional criminals from southern side of the international border which signals that the incident could have been pre-planned. A credible investigation and strong action against the perpetrators is a must.

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24 thoughts on “The Kapilbastu Incident

  1. This is a very serious matter, no doubt about this. Incidents such has this and other are growing in number outside the capital city. The government should understand this critical situation and react accordingly.

    Nepal is made up of 15 zones and 75 districts, it is not just Kathmandu which is a whole country Nepal, this has to be understood.

    May peace be restored in our country.

  2. Yes, it’s LAHAN revisited and Maoists are waiting for another Gaur!! This will mark the total elimination of maoists from entire Terai belt!!

  3. Maoists are already eliminated from the tarai, i doubt if they can even win a single seat, they know this fact and are looking for a hole to escape the elections, incident like this will definitely give them one, so no one should doubt that this was done by Maoist. ya ganendra might take advantage of the situation, and i feel thats good for the country, we need the king, its not that they (palace) have done wonders for the country, but ya its definitely not the rite time for a republic, that will turn the country to more chaos and india might even dare to take some bold steps????

  4. NEW NEPAL……………..



    ethnic, religious, regional, race, caste, colour, political .. thari thari ko hingsa..

    Now the Maoists say that they might go back to “andolan” again.

    NICE…… Agragami Nepal….

    Wagle why dont you blame the King as this is also a “historic” event!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gyanendra? You want Gyanendra? You think Gyanendra or even bringing back some form of Monarchy will undo what has been done? It’s really no laughing matter, I know, but Hahaha nonetheless.

    You must be joking.

  6. I agree with you Baje,

    God help us Nepalis. We have so many armed groups now, we do not even know who to blame or suspect.

  7. Time is right to eliminate criminals and separatists like Baje and Wagleee and bring in peace. King and RNA must take over!

  8. What will be the reaction of Mr. Shit-Aula regarding his bull brother ? Did he again support the incident like in Lahan and blame it to the king…It is high time to eradicate these filthy shit for turning peace Nepal into killing fields.

  9. I agree with replytoall– Wagle might as well call this event a “historic” one as well since he uses that term sooooooooo loosely.

    This is the terrorists Maoists led by Terrorist Turned Teacher (TTT) Pushpa Kamal and CEREMONIAL Baburam’s job for sure. They were after Khan for quite sometime now. And they did this now so that it looks like the work of (in the terrorists’ words) “those who was to distrupt the CA elections” (read pro-monarchy). They timed it so that they can come around and blame the palace and whoever it is from across the border that they keep blaming. They also want to use the incident to garner public support as they organize their frustrated meeting tomorrow in Kathmandu. They know that it is all downhill from here for them– they are doomed if the elections take place. So, they are using these means of bombing kathmandu and instigating religious and ehtnic clashes to keep people away from CA elections. We need to stamp out Maoism and its communist ideology from Nepal– MKP and his gang included because they are also for an autocratic Communist People’s Republic of Nepal. We need to fight and get these time warped stone aged corrupt and terrrorists out of the country. That is the only way to save Nepal as one country. Else, the terrorists have instilled enough hatred within the country to divide it into small bits and pieces.

  10. It is clear that Maoist killed Mohit khan. The reason is clear. He stood against Maoist and they have done Kapilvastu strike against one person ! So government has to arrest all of Maoist assassilanats from Kapilvastu. Its simple solution for authority. Maoist are making these types trouble point to avoid CA election.

  11. “or those who want to defame the former rebels and/or create communal tension in the area?”
    Exactly. These riots serve nobody’s interests other than monarchists. Monarchists were most definitely behind these riots.

  12. It is very clear from all the previous incidents that this is done by MAIOST.
    No doubt about it……..
    It is also clear that sooner or later, PRACHANDA (the real killer) will start speaking to the people that they have the CD or recording or proof…blah blah…that this has been done my the royalist……….

    The only way to get rid of all these cramp stuffs is RNA to take over at one shot………. No look back… bcoz non of the politicians are responsible and serious abt the future of NEPAL ama.

    GOOD LUCK for all of US

  13. Scope:

    Tero Bau (father) killer Prachande was behind this Kapilbastu incident in order to disrupt CA election.

  14. Now maoist and terai people are fighting face to face…this will definately bring sever ethnic war….be prepared for it…it is good for pahadia to come to hill to save their life…all these happenings because of the misrule of spaM…

  15. The ground reality is that the YCL/Maoists conducted the gruesome killings. Maoists central committe took this decision to kill Mohit Khan. Nobody, no reporter, has guts to report it because they will be killed too. People are afraid to say anything. APF prevented a human rights team to go to the site. Sitaula has instructed APF not to intervene. Although there is curfew but the APF is letting YCL from Dang to go there. People in the area are terrified of both Maoists and APF and are leaving the villages. This is what maoists want to do to Nepalese.

  16. King relinquished power after killing of 19 Nepali people but now more 30 people dead, 300 out of contact- there is no cry from civil society slezeballs nor from pedestal sitting diplomats who rancoured of human rights and liberty then. Are we to judge atrocities as per their dictum or do we still have some common sense left.

    Shit-owla is snake of a man- slithering and sliding- He nevers owns up responsibility but nevers stops giving us a sly smile- are we to fear him or detest him, I ask you all

  17. Nepalblood, don’t start communal fire by saying “bahun haru” If you want to trace your roots go back to Mongolia thats where you belong…freaking “chapte.”

  18. Nepalblood:

    I think you are mongolian blood, not Nepal blood. More than 80% of the maoist thugs are made up of people like you “nak thepche”. Actually, people like you belong to Mongolia because this is where your GREAT grandfather came from.

  19. more than 99% corrupted, power hungry, pathetic opprtunist, imcompetent, chor, dhag, self interested, ignorant are made up of bahuns, who even doesnt know the history of nepal n whereabout of ‘naak thepche’ as they call indegeneous nationalities of nepal and ‘dhoti’ to madhesis. has no idea wat real nepal is, get over ur superiority naak chuce, janai tangling, bhutle attitude bro. careful dude who r the most targetted among all, realize the fact…..

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