Mark These Numbers: 205 + 35 + 240 + 17= 497 in Constituent Assembly

497=Total number of seats in Constituent Assembly

Here is how it works:
205= Existing constituencies (for the Parliament)
35= To be added (recommended by the Election Constituency Delimitation Commission.) Of the 35, the commission has added 28 constituencies in the terai and 7 in the hill regions. But it hasn’t changed the number of constituencies in the 16 himalayan districts.
240 = seats for the proportional system of election
17 = seats to be nominated by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Cabinet

Region wise split of the CA seats: 116 in terai and 124 in hilly and himalayan districts. [In the last parliamentary polls, 88 in terai, 95 in the hilly region and 22 in himalayan regions.]

96,000 Nepali= 1 constituency.

ECDC submitted its report to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala yesterday.

>>According to the last census, 48.43 percent of the population reside in the 20 terai districts and 51.57 percent live in the 55 hilly and himalayan districts.

>>With 28 constituencies added to the terai region, each district in the region will get at least one more constituency in the CA polls.

>>But 8 terai districts- Morang, Dhanusha, Rautahat, Bara, Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Kailali and Mahottari- will have two more constituencies in the CA polls compared to the last polls.

>>Among the hilly districts, Kathmandu will get 2 more constituencies, taking the total number to 9, whereas Udayapur, Makwanpur, Kavre and Kaski will get one more constituency each for the CA polls.

ECDC was coordinated by Arjun Prasad Singh. He said: “The report has included the suggestions given by political parties and civil society and other groups.” He would implemented it. The PM also said he would implement the recommendations of the commission.


8 responses to “Mark These Numbers: 205 + 35 + 240 + 17= 497 in Constituent Assembly”

  1. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    This is from Nepali Times

    The government has failed. Their main objective—free and fair elections in 20 June— is held to be impossible by the election commission, the general public, the UN, and others. There are no rules about how to run such an election. The JTMM says it won’t allow elections in the tarai. Most importantly, people don’t know about the constituent assembly. Given all this, why would anyone want elections now?

    Name withheld,

  2. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Ever heard about dream Merchant? That is what SPAM is all about. They sale which is not there, speak which not the truth, and act without basis or reason. Stop believing in lies, deceit, and number game of these merchant of death, murder and mayhem.

  3. noname Avatar

    RNA should take over! NOW! Or SPAM will continue to kill and make all things ‘illegal’ – legal.

  4. sonam Avatar

    More non-performing people are going to enjoy the tax payers money

  5. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Yes, noname, RNA should take over!
    Have you ever tried to put back the toothpaste in the tube?

  6. sonam Avatar

    RNA does not exist, there is only NA. What can the NA do. They were in power for 14 months and what did they achieve. They are good only for building roads, working in mission abroads-to earn dollars, and if possible to do business by opening bank.

  7. hundari kanchha Avatar
    hundari kanchha

    GPK should resign and any mai ka laal should take over from this old impotent person. He is dilly dallying so that there is no elections to CA and King will remain as it is.
    India is palying a game to destroy a country called Nepal. Shiv Shanker is giving a cheat everyday to GPK. On that basis, Koirala is administering the country, not governing it.

  8. NepalBlood Avatar

    Doesn’t Matter How Many Constituencies We Add.
    If One Caste (you know which one) holds majority of those seats, then what difference will the changes make?
    The only formation that even has a chance is ” Proportional Representation based on Caste or Ethnic Population “.

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