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  • Ian Martin asks: Is Peace Process in Nepal Failing?

    FIVE Fundamentals of Nepali Peace Process, according to Ian Martin: The first fundamental is the commitment to power-sharing and consensus. The second fundamental is the commitment of the Maoists to the transformation of their movement, to conform to democratic multi-party norms and to respect the rule of law. The third, the commitment to transformation in […]

  • UN Says Nepali Peace Process Has More Challenges Ahead

    The Constituent Assembly has faced repeated delays in drafting the new constitution. The delays have led to growing public speculation and concern that the May 2010 promulgation deadline will not be met. Report of the UN Secretary-General on the request of Nepal for United Nations assistance in support of its peace process I. Introduction 1. […]

  • Army in Nepali Politics, Politics in Nepal Army [Everything You Wanted to Know]

    UWB note: The issue resulted in the resignation of the first democratically elected (and Maoist) Prime Minister of the Republic of Nepal after his split cabinet fired the Army chief only to be rejected by the first democratically elected President of the Republic of Nepal. The country is now into a constitutional crisis with the […]

  • Why Nepal is Divided Over the Sacking of Army Chief?

    It’s not so important to ask why the Maoists are sacking the Army Chief as it is to ask why the other parties are apposing this so strongly. Three reasons: By Neil Horning In a democracy, the Army should not be a center of power in the slightest. It is supposed to carry out the […]

  • And the Last Press Briefing by Ian Martin

    Ian Martin, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal, addressed reporters at Reporters’ Club in Kathmandu today. Here is the Q and A, as provided by United Nations Mission in Nepal. Here is Ian’s last briefing to UNSC. Rishi [Dhamala, the Chair of the Club], Thank you very much indeed for inviting me to come […]

  • The Last Briefing by Ian Martin

    Ian Martin, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Nepal speaks at the Meeting of the Security Council on 16 January 2009 The request of Nepal for United Nations assistance in support of its peace process Mr President, This is the tenth and last time I am briefing the Council on the assistance of […]

  • Ian Martin of UNMIN Speaks to the Press

    The UN Secretary-General will visit Nepal latter this month, is spokesperson said Thursday. While in Nepal, the Secretary-General will meet with the President, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and members of the Constituent Assembly. The Secretary-General will also visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the spokesperson said. Ian Martin, Special Representative of the […]