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Images from the Maoist Mass Meeting in Kathmandu-I

Photo blog by Dinesh Wagle
First of Two Parts. Here is the second part.

Images from Maoist Mass Meeting in Kathmandu
Who cares about those boring speeches in this heat: Instead take a nap or pick your ear!

It was an impressive show but the number of participants in today’s Maoist Mass Meeting wasn’t as much as it was publicized to be. No way that there were five hundred thousands people in the mass meeting but it was probably the biggest mass meeting Khula Manch has ever seen. One can easily sense that many of the participants in the mass meeting were there under pressure from the Maoist party. Many people whom I talked to said that they received special invitation (that is to say order to be present in the mass meeting.) Who specifically mentioned about such pressure didn’t want to be photographed or quoted but some said on record that they were not Maoist supporters and were in Kathmandu to see the Mass Meeting. Some of them were quick enough to distance themselves form the Maoist party as if being identified as Maoist was a kind of sin! Here is a photo blog. Continue reading Images from the Maoist Mass Meeting in Kathmandu-I

Painting The Royal Away: We Will Never Forget This

painting monarchy away...removing the word royal

As overwhelming majority of Nepali people are ready to get rid of monarchy from Nepal, people have started to remove signs and symbols of monarchy from public places. Take the photo above as an example. Artists today deleted the word ‘royal’ from a sign board at Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA) this afternoon. NAFA functions under, well, we too delete the word here, _ _ _ _ _ Nepal Academy. In a place where symbols do matter, such development will have significant impact. Man on the right in the photo above is prominent painter Kiran Manandher. The parliament is expected pass a historic proposal on Monday that will drastically cut the rights and privileges of the royals in Nepal. Pic by Bikash Karki

The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come V

Monitoring Maoist activities in Nepal. A photo blog

Comrades, look at his eyes, if you can

Sanjeev Suwal...socket bomb victim
His Story: His name is Sanjeev Kumar. He is eight years old. What happened to him? Ask the Maoist comrades. Okay, even if they don’t tell us, the boy will definitely reveal the truth. Here is the story: He got injured this Saturday after a socket bomb left by the rebels went off. This photo was taken when he was undergoing treatment in Damauli hospital. Small pieces of bombs have entered inside his right eye according to doctors. 16-year-old boy Som Bahadur Thapa was also injured. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka Continue reading The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come V

Live From The War Zone. Thokarpa Aerial Attack

Royal Nepalese Army attacked from air to the Moaists mass meeting at the Bagh Bhairav Secondary School, Thokarpa, Sindhupalchowk District killing at least four rebels and a civilains. UWB! blogger Bhojraj Bhat was covering the outlawed party’s mass meeting and saw everything with his own eyes. “Thank god,” he says after returning Kathmandu. “I am alive to tell the story.”

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Maoists carry the corpse of their fallen comrade

By Bhojraj Bhat

One hour before the scheduled time, Maoists movement increased at Thokarpa. At around 11:30am, Varsha Man Pun (aka Ananta) walked towards the venue with his face covered by a handkerchief. Agni Prasad Sapkota (aka Kanchan) was accompanying him. A few number of them walked down from the school for the lunch. Continue reading Live From The War Zone. Thokarpa Aerial Attack

Indigenous Nepalis Rally Against Autocracy

Nepal Indigenous Protest Rally Against Monarchy

Whispering Against Autocracy?

Two ladies talk to each other this afternoon while participating in a mass meeting organized to protest the autocracy of king Gyanendra in Basantapur, Kathmandu. Before this, several hundred people indigenous Nepalis affiliated with various organizations took out a rally chanting anti-king slogans. They were supporting the April 6-9 general strike and demonstrations planned against the autocracy by the Seven Party Alliance. The government has vowed to make the general strike a flop show. Pics by Bikash Karki Continue reading Indigenous Nepalis Rally Against Autocracy

Nepalis in Europe Deliver Message To Their Prince

See the equation, do the math:

Paris Protests Prince Paras Europe Visit

It wasn’t exactly the kind of welcome that the Crown Prince Paras wanted to see in Europe. There were no prajas clapping hands and bowing heads to receive him in Paris. Informed and empowered people were saying something that he didn’t probably wanted to hear. Prince is in Europe to present the Austrian government with a rhino as part of the courtesy extended by the poor Himalayan country marred by the conflict and political mismanagement of his father. Nepalis around the continent quickly gathered in front of the Eiffel Tower, Paris with different kinds of, some of them very creative, banners and placards a single aim: tell the prince that they don’t like what his father is doing back in home. And they did that Monday. Pics source: Pro-democratic Forum Paris via the Kathmandu Post Continue reading Nepalis in Europe Deliver Message To Their Prince

Kathmandu Activities

1. Protesting for the release of Madhav Nepal 2. Two prominent leaders released. 3. Students take out rally protesting price hike and autocratic monarchy.

Students took out a rally protesting recent price hike in petrochemical products and the autocratic monarchy.

Students took out a rally protesting recent price hike in petrochemical products and autocratic monarchy. The rally that started from Amrit Science College (ASCOLL) turned into a corner meeting in Ason and was addressed by a few student leaders who condemned the monarchy and the price hike at the same time. Plus, they also demanded democracy. Pics by Shruti Shrestha via Kantipur Continue reading Kathmandu Activities

Activities of Maoist Comrades Around Nepal

Images from around Nepal that tell the stories of sufferings and depict the activities of CPN Maoist rebels who are launching a ‘people’s war’ to overthrow the monarchy.A Photo Blog

Ram Bahadur Rana undergoes treatment in Midwest Regional Hospital, Pokhara.

Comrades’ Crime: Ram Bahadur Rana undergoes treatment in Midwest Regional Hospital, Pokhara. The 60-year-old of Tanahun district’s Vanu VDC-8 sustained injuries when Maoists Tuesday night fired upon the ambulance that was ferrying his grandson to hospital. Pic by Prem Nepali

Ram Bahadur Rana undergoes treatment in Midwest Regional Hospital, Pokhara. Continue reading Activities of Maoist Comrades Around Nepal

Rallying for the Release of Madhav Nepal

Leaders including UML General Secretary Nepal are inside jail or under house arrest

Rallying for the release of Madhav Kumar Nepal

It is very much surprising that the government still continues keeping CPN UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal under house arrest. At a time when almost all political leaders are freely walking outside, Nepal is inside his home (and occasionally like today waiving hands from over the top of the building to his supporters) in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. Today the sister organization of UML, Democratic National Youth Federation (DNYF) organized a ‘ghar gherao’ rally and a protest program (pic, above) in front of the Nepal residence to force the government to order for the release of their leader. Nepal appeared on the top of the building with a smiley face (pic, below) and waived his right hand to supporters. He hasn’t been out of the house for the last 45 days. Pics by Prakash Mathema via Kantipur Continue reading Rallying for the Release of Madhav Nepal

Images of Ilam Attack

Maoists attacked police and army in Ilam of East Nepal Sunday night. Here are images from the spot.

By Benup Raj Bhattarai

Ilam Attack...March 5

She is Manaratna Rai, 80, the wife of Harka Bahadur Rai who was killed by the bullet fired by the security force in the fight with Maoists. In this photo, she is seen heading for her husband’s funeral. He husband was sleeping in his house in Red Cross Marga in the district headquarter when the fight erupted.

Ilam Attack...March 5

Maoists destroyed houses like one seen in the photo (which belongs to Dhan Bahadur Thapa, the newly elected Mayor of Ilam) by blasting bombs and setting fire.

Ilam Attack...March 5

People trying to fix drinking water supply pipe that were damaged by bullets and bombs. The drinking water supply has been interrupted in many places.

Ilam Attack...March 5

Door of a house damaged in the attack. The house belonged to a civilian.

Ilam Attack...March 5

It’s probably better to stay in the government’s jail than in the rebel’s captivity. At least these five women must be thinking like that. They were taken away by the Maoists after the Ilam clash from the district jail. In this photo, they are seen returning to the jail after Maoists left them at Shanti Dada, a hill west of Ilam’s headquarter. Maoists had freed 103 inmates and according to the administration “40 have come to the contact.”