Inspecting A Maoist Cantonment Site

UWB Photo Blog: The tripartite team (consisting representatives of the Nepal government, the UN and the CPN Maoist) inspects a Maoist proposed rebel cantonment site in Surkhet. Here are images from the scene by Moti Poudel:

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

Maoist soldiers welcomed the inspection team that arrived in a chopper.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

The inspection team talked to the People’s Liberation Army Sixth Division (out of seven) commander Tej Bahadur Oli (Prateek) and vice commander Deepak and gathers information about the site.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

Maoist soldiers welcome the UN representatives

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

State Minister for Labor and Transportation Ramesh Lekhak represented the government of Nepal in the inspection team.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

Maoist division commander Prateek and vice commander Deepak talk to the DSP of Armed Police Force, Surkhet who had been to the cantonment site just before the inspection team arrived.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

A Maoist soldier welcome policemen with cups of tea.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

Locals curiously watch the meeting hoping for the lasting peace.

Related Info: The government of Nepal is likely to seek more than Rs. 5 billion from donors for the management of the Maoist combatants after they are kept in cantonments and expenditure for the planned constituent assembly elections, reports eKantipur. The Ministry made the appeal in a meeting of bilateral and multilateral donors in the capital on Tuesday. Minister for Finance Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat told the donors that the nation is seeking financial assistance to look after the rebel’s People’s Liberation Army personnel and for the construction their cantonment areas.

In response to the appeal, some of the donors including the EU and the Swiss Development Cooperation expressed their commitment to immediately provide assistance for the management of the Maoist cantonment areas by deducting the amount from their budgets invested in various projects at the local level. The donors also expressed their willingness to provide assistance in a package for the management of rebel cantonments and constituent assembly elections due to be held by mid-June next year.

Meanwhile, the US will continue terming Maoist a terrorist outfit even after they join the government, reports Ameet Dhakal in the Kathmandu Post.





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  1. noname Avatar

    Mr Pundit,

    I saw that you are getting slapped in some other blogs.

    Coming back to this one. Raja G’s move was and is still very popular – never mind the pseudo intellectuals and supporters of terrorism say whatever over here. As I told you, I know many learned and popular people from Nepal and All (I repeat – All) of them support his move till date.

    Raja G did what was best for his country – with his move to wipe out terrorism from Nepal. And the corrupted politicians and terrorists and the Indian government did what was possibly the worst case scenario for Nepal. Even if according to you (you being pseudo-path), Raja G’s move was wrong, that in no way justifies that India and SPA will support the terrorists.

    Go back to learning some ethics or keep getting slapped, here, there and everywhere. No way in this world can you justify the actions of your crooked politicians and terrorists (and of course India’s support of them). Just no way. You have run out of your chances and I see the way that you are heading from here – Hell’s day. Be a cry baby on the way there.

  2. Bideshi Avatar

    Is there some way we can get the Israeli Army angry with the Maoists since the Nepal Army is not going to do anything?

  3. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Where are you living ? Are you in Mars or what ?
    your comment 51 is just a stupid. i think that raja G or whatever you call him, he is the most stupid person in the whole world. He is paying the parice of his stupidity. Pay he must.

  4. soothsayer Avatar


    You crack me up. I tell you that you should go become a stand-up comedian. You will make it big!

  5. noname Avatar

    Right. I live in Mars. And from up here the view of Nepal is clear to me. I see only a few dumb heads like you crowing around crying foul of Raja G. Rest of the other Nepalese seems are okay with him and all that he did. Wait till somedays/weeks/months and you will be among the person trying to beg to him to save your ass from terrorists. Every dog will have his day of nemesis and yours will come soon too. The fact of the matter remains that you can’t put a negative and negative together and bring out the positive and so expect nothing out of your SPAM. The only person who can do something for Nepal remains your Raja G and a legitimate democracy that you can form under him by getting rid of corruption and terrorism. Till then keep shouting here, there and everywhere and keep getting a slap on the wrist.

    Don’t you feel ashamed that 15,000 Nepalis are dead and you are talking against the King of your Nation who tried to bring you justic? What nonsensical, self-centered, narrow minded cynicals are some of you all? Raja G remains very popular and powerful. Take out India’s funding and support for terrorism in Nepal and you will have a different ball game altogether. You are playing and supporting the wrong side of the game and the wrong side hardly has the end say.

    Again, I repeat, from here in Mars the future of Nepal can be seen. More doom, more doom in the foreseeable future. Keep on your naked dancing.

  6. Caule Avatar

    Dear noname,

    Regarding comment no 55 I truly agree. But I also agree that there were many loops in G’s regime. But throwing him away is not a good idea at this time.

    How about other members?

  7. scoop Avatar

    Here’s another one:

    “Special Court gives clean chit to ex-minister Joshi”

    I hope you guys are slowly getting the picture now. One of the reasons the SPA alligned with the maoists was so that they could sideline their massive corruption by masking it with politics. First Girija got a clean chit, then Khume now Joshi, next will be Wagle etc. Then what next that Prachanda gets a clean chit by saying that he is not responsoble for the people his party killed, politics is?

  8. scoop Avatar

    And to top it we are such fools, we even talk of Girija getting a Nobel prize? Is there one for corruption?

  9. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    HAHAHA noname has to be Tulsi Giri in disguise. WHAT A MORON!!!
    The only other blog I go to is Blogdai and NO I don’t think I am getting slapped around there. Blogdai is a pro-Royalist blog and people might have disagreed with me. Go back and read the posts.

    When I read comments like yours I really start to support people who want Nepal to be a republic. Where is Raj? He calls me a royalist. I wish he would read noname’s comments.

    noname you are simply unworthy of debate. But I will say this Raja G and his cabinate was just as, if not worse, in terms of curruption and incompetance. Don’t even bring that argument here.

    Oh and because a few popular people you know say that Raja G is good he MUST be good uh? Oh great argument noname. Yeah let’s just listen to these popular people you know.

  10. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    I have pity on you and your thoughts. I told you: you must be in Mars. You see everywhere India. India is in Kantipur, Prachanda is sent by India and Girija is an Indian agent; All the problems is created by India. And King G is your God and he can solve all the problems and he tried and it was a desaster.

    Now we must be eithet T Giri, Bharat Keshar, Sachit or Prajwalla or Sharad Chandra.You must be one of them. Otherwise, now in Nepal nobody sees anybody supporting the King. KG is a Kulangar who even insulted the name of Prithvi Narayan Shah. I don’t think even he is the real descedent of Prithvi Narayan Shah. Gyane may be the Dware ko Santan, as his own great grand father Juddha Shumsher reported to have said to Tribhuvan.This is a subject of research for the history student.At that time there was no DNA otherwise it was easy to know.

    Gyane is the worst King, Nepal has had.So do not waste your words on him. We all Nepalese clearly know. Also do not try to make him the leader once again when we may have another bigger desaster than the last one.

  11. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Prof. Don’t waste your time explaining to this moron. Just like his master he talks to and spends his time with a few narrow minded pro-palace lunatics and he thinks the majority of the people support the King.
    He should be grateful that the Nepali people are willing to let the Monarch continue in a ceremonial role. In fact even that’s not given. I personally think there should be a ceremonial monarchy but I cannot speak for the majority.

  12. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    And pisses me off about this King is that it is hit fault that the Maoists got legetimized! Before Feb 1st the Maoists were hiding in the jungles. After Feb 1st, it put the King and the parties on the opposite sides and the Maoists took advantage of this and joined hands with the SPA. The SPA were weak and the Maoist provided the support and in return the SPA gave them legitimacy. What a WORTHLESS King. If I see him I will slap him in the face and scold him for his idiotic blunder!

  13. noname Avatar

    These people have axe in their hands and cutting off their feet slowly. They argue and then cut off their argument with their own points.

  14. noname Avatar

    Just by saying King G’s Feb.1 move was wrong you don’t win an argument. For the umpteenth time: The people of Nepal welcomed the move. King G had to give up power just because of India’s support for terrorism otherwise you people wouldn’t be here supporting terrorism because that would have been wiped out by now and you would be having a democratic government. Sheesh no point arguing with block heads like you all. This is your objective: Single minded determination to prove yourself stupid.

  15. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Ok here is the deal read it S L O W L Y:

    1. King’s move was Wrong.

    2. He was an incompetant ruler.

    3. People initially gave him the bebefit of the doubt. But he appointed cronies and cooks to his cabinate and started taking outrageous vacations in Africa while the country was in turmoil. He increased palance expenditure and the defense budget. Uhhhhhh Let me repeat it again …. INCOMPETANT RURLER.

    4. You are ignorant. India has always support constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy. Why the hell would they want to go against the King? They didn’t even impose economic blockade. India was critisized because they kept insisting that constitutial monarchy was a necessary pillar of stability in Nepal.
    Hey get out of your CAVE and read the news. Don’t just listen to Tulsi Giri and that wacko Sachit Shamsher Rana and form all your opinions!

    Man you have already shown us just how much of a moron you are! Anyway even if the Maoists misbehave and we resume fighting the army will be under civilian control. The King’s relevence, respect in Nepal is diminshing very fast. If you don’t believe me go out in KTM and start telling people what you say here as an anonymous blogger. See what response you get!

  16. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    And don’t just talk to the 3/4 other friends you have who are Royal lackeys. Talk to everyday folk.

  17. noname Avatar

    You are note understanding the fact of the matter again. I have all my people, all over nepal. And no, the people you call them as Royalists are not Royalists but Nepalese. The only thing you single fickle narrow minded creeps know is to brand people. For you there are two kinds of people: Maoists or Royalists. Let me bring it to you that there is a third front like yours which is the most dangerous for Nepal. You people are opportunists and will side up with anyone as long as your hunger and desire for power is there. It’s at time good that you get beaten by the Maoists as well as the people who come to power with perfect Democratic means (a la under the King’s Democracy). Slow mind. You are incompetent for an argument. To be on power and to hack power you would do anything but never go for an election.

    And Slow mind, you are the only Nepalese who hasn’t woken to India’s vested interests. Shows how much of analytical skills you have. I am done with you. Next one (with brains) please…

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