Inspecting A Maoist Cantonment Site

UWB Photo Blog: The tripartite team (consisting representatives of the Nepal government, the UN and the CPN Maoist) inspects a Maoist proposed rebel cantonment site in Surkhet. Here are images from the scene by Moti Poudel:

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

Maoist soldiers welcomed the inspection team that arrived in a chopper.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

The inspection team talked to the People’s Liberation Army Sixth Division (out of seven) commander Tej Bahadur Oli (Prateek) and vice commander Deepak and gathers information about the site.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

Maoist soldiers welcome the UN representatives

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

State Minister for Labor and Transportation Ramesh Lekhak represented the government of Nepal in the inspection team.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

Maoist division commander Prateek and vice commander Deepak talk to the DSP of Armed Police Force, Surkhet who had been to the cantonment site just before the inspection team arrived.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

A Maoist soldier welcome policemen with cups of tea.

Maoist cantonment site inspection images

Locals curiously watch the meeting hoping for the lasting peace.

Related Info: The government of Nepal is likely to seek more than Rs. 5 billion from donors for the management of the Maoist combatants after they are kept in cantonments and expenditure for the planned constituent assembly elections, reports eKantipur. The Ministry made the appeal in a meeting of bilateral and multilateral donors in the capital on Tuesday. Minister for Finance Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat told the donors that the nation is seeking financial assistance to look after the rebel’s People’s Liberation Army personnel and for the construction their cantonment areas.

In response to the appeal, some of the donors including the EU and the Swiss Development Cooperation expressed their commitment to immediately provide assistance for the management of the Maoist cantonment areas by deducting the amount from their budgets invested in various projects at the local level. The donors also expressed their willingness to provide assistance in a package for the management of rebel cantonments and constituent assembly elections due to be held by mid-June next year.

Meanwhile, the US will continue terming Maoist a terrorist outfit even after they join the government, reports Ameet Dhakal in the Kathmandu Post.

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67 thoughts on “Inspecting A Maoist Cantonment Site

  1. Cool pictures. Yet another sign that Nepal is heading toward bright era. I think foreigners must help us. This is the time we need them. Don’t cut money from development but allocate more for helping us in arms management.

    Actually I am pleasantly surprised by the seriousness of the Maoists in the arms management process. Every next day, I get the sense that they are really serious and want to end violence and bring peace in Nepal. This is encouraging. I see no point in casting doubts on Maoists at the moment. Let’s see how they go ahead.

  2. Kailali has a good point, but can you imagine the royalist roaches will ever see anything that doesn’t involve their divine savior as being good for the country? Ha.

    The rest of us however, can look towards a brighter day. Neverthless, we still should not trust the Maoists too much until such time as they really deserve our trust. Now we must wait and watch.

  3. You guys abandon ur bad thoughts. Try to analysis everything u see in a positive way not like just you say whatever comes in ur brain. which sometimes heads u to a big trouble. Appreciate what is happening either from maoists side or government sides. Rebels they are by their name rebel we should praise their discipline. Our government army personnel are not in that discipline. They go out side the barrack get drunk (not all) and start looking for women make the dream true and come back barrack nothing happens to them. Isn’t this autrocity of army personal. There are many examples like that. If maoists were not born all these SPA specially NC would have eaten our country already. Look at Chiranji wagle, govinda raj joshi, they should dump in the cannnel if we are true sons of our mother land.

    I apprecite the maoists sincerity and their commitment for peace accord. Hope you Nepalese one day hate to go abroad.

    Jai corruption free Nepal.

  4. Great pictures. I espcially like the one where the Maoist is handing out tea to the policemen. Few years ago, they would have been killing each other… This should be a reminder to all of us that we are all NEPALIS (even the Maoists). Let’s pray and hope that days when Nepalis had to each their fellow country men and women are over.

  5. great pictures, timely report, looks like things are coming together for a more stable Nepal. However, one disturbing aspect that has recently been reported is about who the Maoists will fill these cantonements with. They are allegedly on a recruitment drive, luring school going kids to join their PLA with promise of dishing out Rs 7,000/month. With the prospect of no war breaking out in the new future, for these school going innocent children and their families, this is turning into a mouth watering option and they are grabbing the offer with both hands. If this drive continues, then many students who are in school now will be filling up the cantonements and all the battle hardened terrorist guerrillas will be walking around the streets of Nepal like they have done no wrong at all. Let us hope there is a mechanism to guard against this ploy by the Maoists.

  6. I always regreted giving up my nepalese citizenship, but not anymore.
    Even though i feel sad leaving nepal , i am happy i wont have the blood of the innocent people who those junglee barbarians killed brutally and the tears of the girls they raped.
    Seems that terrorist finally got want they wanted; power without the support of nepali people.They didnt even need a single vote to come to power. Soviet Dictator Stallin once said “End justifies the means”. I guess our leaders are all following Stalins steps, ignoring the brutuality the terrorist did in the name of peace. Peace built on the the blood of nepalese people cannot last long.

  7. RSS-very negative comment at a time of hope. It baffles me on what makes people like you tick. If your blog name is an indicator of your mentality I am sure you gave up your Nepali citizenship for an Indian one! Ha!

  8. KIRAT the know all guy again. how in the hell is that a sadistic comment.

    RAJA ko khedo khaneko khanekai… naya pratibedan ma uu chai doshi arey..arko hat ma maobadi chai sarkar ma janey arey…. uni haru bata bhayeka tetro bighna aparadh haru ko chai kunai nap taul chaina!!!

    yesley sidhai ke dekhauncha bhaney mao tse tung ley bhaney chai rajnitil sakti banduk ko naal ma nal huncha…euta prajatantrik muluk ma atibadi ugra bampanthi haru sarkar ma jadai chan ra bidhwan barga chai dekhcha… sunaulo bhabisya….

    nepal ta tala jadai cha…. DV lottery katney bela bhayo aba..

  9. Let me tell you something kirat.

    Why is the government labeling “murder” against king for killing 19 people and licking “barbarian” prachanda’s ass for killing and raping 13,000 nepalese???????? why???

    If king should be labeled murderer then prachanda behaded and his wives raped and killed in the same way they did to nepalese people.
    End never justifies the means!!!

  10. RSS and replytoall-so glad that you have given up Nepali citizenship! We can do without losers like you. Like I have stated many times I detest the Maoists but because of your king they are here to stay in a big way. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t defeat them. Remember Holleri when the Maoist leaders were cornered? Who stopped the security forces from nabbing them? Wishing them dead ain’t going to work. So let’s try to do something constructive instead of spouting all that alarmist negative drivel.

  11. Kirat, since you have made the suggestion- can you help us think of something constructive please? Questioning what is happening is not always being negative. These things need to be discussed and debated– we need to put forward out point of view– we are not all here to agree with each other but to put across out points. So, please don’t belittle anyone’s comment thinking yours is the only correct one.

    I agree that the accord itself does give some ray of hope of stability, but some of the newer developments like recruitment of school children by the Maoists, calls for republic even before the Consituent assembly elections are held, not conferring with the Nepal army if they will abide by the accord, Nepal government going out like bhikharis to ask the donors to fund virtually everything, etc…. all of these need to be talked about and debated. Merely raising this issues cannot be called negative.

  12. manan,

    I seriously suggest that you stop using the term roaches meaning “cockraoches” to descripe anyone. I am with you on your sentiments, but it reminds me of an era when in Rawanda the Hutus used the same word to define the Tutsis so that the Hutu population would see the Tutsis as insects, something to be crushed and killed without sentiment – hence the genocide!

    I am confident of the process to peace. Peace to all.

  13. kirat lai sabai thaha cha… kirat bheneko walking ra talking encyclopedia ho… thaha nabhako subject nai chaina…nepali ma ukan cha ni… badar baadi batho bhayo bhene hardware ko dokan kolcha ra (aartha geda chepera marcha)… kirat bheneko nepali ko ra yo blog ko, ho

  14. RSS said real truth and there is NOT any other thrut:
    “… I am happy I wont have the blood of the innocent people who those junglee barbarians killed brutally and the tears of the girls they raped.
    Seems that terrorist finally got want they wanted; power without the support of nepali people.They didnt even need a single vote to come to power. Soviet Dictator Stallin once said “End justifies the means”. I guess our leaders are all following Stalins steps, ignoring the brutuality the terrorist did in the name of peace. Peace built on the the blood of nepalese people cannot last long.”

    There is NO any hope with criminals! How could be somebody so naive and think that killers and looters who “earn” money by plundering homes of innocent people and by collecting “donations” will chenged in the future?

  15. Guyfromktm-all I am saying is that we should look at what is happening in Nepal today from a realistic viewpoint. Slamming the Maoists in every post and calling for Prachanda to be beheaded is senseless. Do you think that is possible? No, so what shout about it ad infinitum. Sure we should criticise Maoists, SPA, King whoever it is when we perceive their wrongs, let it be a constructive and positive criticism based on what can be done but senseless screaming for their heads is a waste of everyones time.

  16. ok, Kirat, I see your point.. it true that baseless slamming of particular side at this juncture cannot be productive.. what we need to discuss is how this accord can be made workable… and it is time for the “intellectuals” of Nepal to contribute positively to this nation building effort.

  17. Guys this is important!! read!!

    Maoist have targetting people who have relatives in foreign countries for money donation.
    My cousion just called me. He said that yesterday evening maoist came to his 62 years old grandmother’s home in shindupalchok district and asked for money and told her “If you dont give us money your grandson can never can come back to nepal.If you want to see you grand son before you die give us 50000 rupees”

    is this peace??????????
    threatning old and respectable senior citizen???
    f***k you junglee barbaric animals!!!!

  18. i mean
    Maoist have now started targeting people who have relatives in foreign countries for donation

  19. RSS if you are really concerned why don’t you tell your cousin to take this matter with them at their party office in Kathmandu. Could result to nothing but then they might help, who knows? Better then running around like a headless chicken.

  20. I think these maoists are going to turn into Emale (i mean CPN, UML) as soon as they join the government.

  21. The Rayamajhi Commission has found the King and others guilty of supressing the janandolan in April. Now they are asking the government to devise a new law that punishes all who have violated human rights so that they can punish atleast the other players if not the King for human rights abuses.

    Let us assess this piece by piece.

    The first point that comes in to my mind is that the King may be guilty, but I feel he is guilty of a whole lot of other things and not for supressing the janandolan. I think the janandolan was a raving success. If he really supressed it, then why was the janandolan such a succes with very few casualties considering the masses involved? By normal standards there was not much casulaty, and if you go by maoist standards they would probably call it insignificant or none at all.

    Now let me get to the main point, for which I applaud the Rayamajhi commission – the call to the lawmakers to make a law that will allow us to punish human rights abusers and the people behind them.
    This is a very good suggestion and one that should be taken seriously. However, the Rayamajhi commission may (unlike me) be thinking of this law to punish people from the Royal government for these abuses. I don’t know if they have (like me) considered that if a new law is made which can be used to try and punish past abuses, then I am sure the commission and everyone else have to agree that this would not be restricted to the Royal hounds only. It would apply to all who may have abused these rights prior to the law being made.
    It does not take much thought to realise then that under such a law, people like Girija Prasad Koirala who authorised the Kilo Sera operation where much more than a dozen or two people were killed and many more tortured and injured; AND Chairman Prachanda who has openly admitted and taken the responsibility for (amongst other crimes against humanity),the Chitwan bombings last year where about 40 were killed and twice that injured, are both very much guilty of such crimes and should also be thoroughly punished.
    I hope the Rayamajhi Commission is thinking in the same lines as I am. I applaud the commisssion if it is so.

    A few days back, people were ranting on about a Nobel prize for peace for Girija and some even added maybe Prachanda as well. Well, I think if the Rayamajhi Commisssion gets it right then the trio of Gyanendra, Girija and Prachanda should be put away in a prison cell and the Commission should get the peace award and rightly so.

  22. Kirat,

    I don’t see the logic of this older lady going and complaining to the same group of people who are trying to extort from her?

    So if a party cadre comes to your office and asks for money, you are telling us that you would go and compalin to their party office?!?!?!!? Okay, if you want to verify if the person is a genuine cadre, fine. But, what if the party office tells you that they sent the chap to ask for a “donation”?

    That’s why we all are runnung about like headless chickens. Maybe your party office idea will result in headless humans. Ha Ha!

  23. ha-not the older lady but RSS’s cousin. Like I said it might amount to nothing but hey since the police and army aren’t going to do anything about it, it’s worth a try. Maybe the ones harassing the old lady aren’t Maoists or maybe they are Maoists who aren’t toeing the party line. It’s worth a try.

    Hey I ain’t no Maoist and if you prefer running around like headless chickens so be it.

  24. Check this one out guys:

    “The Special Court today acquitted former minister Khum Bahadur Khadka of corruption charges lodged by the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA).”

    I mean this is a guy who had nothing, zilch. And now he is cleared of corruption charges. A grade 2 student can add 2+2 = 4 and realise that Khum Bahadur’s 2+2 = infinity.
    Is this what justice is?

    Please can someone explain how a guy from Dang who had nothing and was in fact owing people money is now a multi millionaire? Do you need to catch people red handed on camera to catch someone on corruption, or is the fact that a guy who had nothing has a house in Sanepa enough for a logical conclusion that he is corrupt?

  25. Kirat

    The wearer knows where the shoe pinches. The victim knows what it is to be victimized. You can not plead for Maoists, if you are not a Maoists and the Maoists never appologized for their misdeeds. Misdeeds are misdeed whoever did it and whomever it was done. They are kidnapping or extorting innocent people and it can not be called constructive behavior. Just let the people know, will the Maoists be booked for what atrocities they have done to the innocent people?

  26. Today Kantipur wrote an editorial regarding two Dons in Nepal. One is Prasai and another is Maskey.In one of my posts earlier I wrote about the nexus of top officials and “businessmen” in Nepal who are enjoying the life without caring the rule of law. This is the evidence of what I have said. Read carefully, guys:

    ????? ????????

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  27. Khum bahadur ko kes ma Khume le Nyadhish ko gharma gayera paisa diyo hola. Nepal ma sabai nyadhishharu bikau ma chhan. tyo kuro malai anfailai parepachhi thaha payen.tyesai yo desh yetro khaldo ma jakiyeko chha. desh bhaneko World Trade Centre jasto tin minute ma mathi dekhi tala samma dhalchha ra.Raja Chor, yubaraj chor, top politician sabai chor,top Army chor,top Police chor, top karmachari chor,top nyayedhish chor,wokil chor, patrakar chor- tyesto desh pani kahin unbho lagchha.90 percent chor, 10 percent muluk banauchhu bhanera hunchha ? hey ram !!!

  28. Good comments, great comments by RSS. If Nepal has to get any justice and Nepalese people have to get any self-respect, people like RSS must stand up and demand and get answers.

    Just to add here: The King of Nepal was not responsible for 19 or any other deaths. Anti-socias, hooligans, terrorists and foreigners (mainly poor Indian Muslims) who were vandalizing and shouting slogans needed to be dealt with severely. This is a rule of law and it happens everywhere. If you want anything you should protest peacefully and not side up with the terrorists.

    Way to go RSS. Viva to your voice.

  29. Khum Bahadur Khadka given clean chit

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Nov 15 – Former Home Minister and Nepali Congress leader Khum Bahadur Khadka has been given a clean chit by the Special Court on embezzlement charges.
    The three-member bench of the special court comprising justices Bhupdhwaj Adhikari Komal Nath Sharma and Cholendra Sumsher Rana issued the clean chit to Khadka who was charged of committing corruption by the Commission for Investigation of the Abuse of Authority (CIAA) nearly three-and-a-half years ago.

    The anti-corruption body had filed a corruption case against the former home minister in April 2003 accusing Khadka of amassing property worth over Rs 27.5 million through illegal means.

    The justices in the ruling acquitted Khadka saying there was lack of evidence to prove the CIAA charges.

    Talking to ekantipur over the phone, Khadka said that he was happy with the verdict.

    “I am happy with the verdict. It proves that the charges were politically motivated,” said Khadka.

    So this is how it works in New Nepal.Scum bags walk free.

  30. Hye [icd] kirat,

    I really find you funny and ignorant. May be that is how things work in your jungle party. But people want to live in freedom. We dont want to go to kathmandu and ask those terrorist if they really want to extort us.

    Our grandnother who is 62 years old is a very respectable person in her community. No body has ever threatned with her life ever. What kind of animal would do gross thing as extorting money from 62 year old lady?

    So dont ever try to insult us by suggesting that we go to terrorists for clarification you [icd].

    Why dont you just go back to jungle!!!

    [icd], [icd]!!!

  31. Scoop

    Your logic convinces no body. King is responcible for the deaths and atricities in the time of his direct rule. You can not exempt him of his misadventure giving examples of Maoist atricities. Both of them are equally criminal trying to rule autocratically.

  32. raj, sure I get what you are saying. Many times I have said I detest the Maoists-I am not an apologist for them. I felt concerned for RSS’s cousins grandmother and made that suggestion. If you are really concerned about your near and dear one it’s worth trying-any avenue of help is welcome. Anyone who’s been in that situation will understand. Don’t worry I’ve worn shoes that pinch now and then (meaning I’ve been in a spot of trouble too).

    RSS-if you want to scream, squawk like a headless chicken fine-it’s your life afterall.

  33. Giving that corrupt a-ho Khum Bdr a clean chit is a big joke on the Nepali people. It’s decisions like this that encourage insurgencies like the Maoists and dictators like Gyandra. It’s real sad. When will these guys learn?

  34. Why should there be moderation? Because people like you can’t argue? I thought there is democracy in Nepal. The problem with you people is you know only 2 ways: My Way or Mob Way there is also a third way called Civilized Discussion Way. You people haven’t been brought up in the civilized environment. It shows well because you support the terrorists and people who are supporting them. People who believe in Mobocracy can’t progress, same holds true for you and the Nepal under your SPAM government.

  35. noname I find is rather strange that you advocate ‘civilized discussions’ yet you are a stunch supporter of Raja G – has no regard for those words. He believes in locking up journalists and allowing the army/police to take over media houses. Be so kind, good sir, as to explain this strange paradox.

  36. On another note, where is Maobadhi? I hope we didn’t bore him with all our questions.

  37. Attacking Kirat with hopes that if you can defeat him then you can get your loot ko paradise back! That seems funny. You couldn’t defeat us, neither your masters could. We are against stone age systems and we will reach our destiny – “Democratic republic of Nepal”.

    You can say anything coz we believe in freedom of speech. We won’t nail you just for vomiting any venom you have. I encourage you to say off whatever you have in mind because with time you might be wrong. You might not have anything remaining in your head then. So say now when you still have them.

  38. Kishor-look I wish what you said in your second para was true. But you know it isn’t. Like Neil Horning said one of the worst things about the Maoists is their intolerence and unacceptance of personal freedom.

  39. Khum Bahadur walking away without a scratch is a bad sign. In fact, its a terrible sign.

    The only way out of this mess is for us, the younger generation to take some responsibility. Or else we shall be addled with scumbags forever.

    On the Maoist recruitment question, that’s another alarming bit of news, but I don’t think its too alarming. I get the feeling that the Maoists have already split up into factions, and this is the work of a desperate faction. Still, we ought to monitor them. We’ve got to hope for peace, and in all liklihood its going to come this time around, but still, we’ve got to be careful.

  40. Raj,
    You write “Both of them are equally criminal trying to rule autocratically”.
    It seemes to have convinced you.
    I have written at the end that the trio of Gyanenedra, Girija and Pracghanda should be locked up, so what are you going on about? Do you mean that they should’nt be? Or do you want Girija walking around freely due to your loyalties since you seem to avoid mentioning him?

  41. Clean cheat (I called it) to Khum bahadur…it is really joke to the peoples voice and his illegal earnings…everyone knows Girija’s treatment was funded by Khum Bahadur…and his strength is his money earned by corruption…it gives the great message that future leaders are allowed to earn money how much they can with clean cheat in coming years…

  42. Your Raja G locked up people from Kantipur et al. organisation. And from all my knowledge of Nepal (which comes from people like you and also from people who have more brains and power than you) Kantipur et al. were supporting the Madness movement in April. Kantipur was directly India funded to lead a movement against the King…why in the world will any media support the terrorists? But in Nepal it did and spread falsifying and provocative news. With all the analysis of the photos published by Kantipur, it has been proved beyond doubt that the published pictures from one demonstration with different names. There were many reasons of Kantipur and many other behaving anti-nationally. Kantipur was not given Satellite channel rights by the then government and it had it’s grudge. Your dumb headed civil society (comprising of the down right criminals and corrupted people) were taken to task by the NGO act which was aimed at curbing corruption.

    An ignorant and blatant lie telling media needs to be locked up.

    You people are complete ignorant fools. I am getting to that point where I would be sure that I know more of Nepal than any of you do. You people are narrow minded cynicals who can’t decide the Right from Wrong. All you dead head think of is ‘Mob-tantra’ which brings free money to your SPAM government and in return to you.

  43. You don’t know guys , today another Bhrastachari is getting clean chit from our so called “impartial adalat”. This great man’s name is Govind Raj Joshi whose son has bought a gas station in the US from the poor Nepali’s money. Ha ha ha . This is the consequences of Girija’s rule of nine years as PM.

  44. Free fall of a nation instigated by India with executioner (SPA & Maoist) have changed the paradigm. Not for the better, surely. All that is happening is politics of “end justifies the means” along with dabble of convenience marred with vested interest that is driven only to protect its self serving interest and turf -not the nation.

    Look to see the unthinkable, unimaginable,unpardonable and downright disgusting acts,policies, and law enacted with vigor in the name of the people without their consent, participation or interest protected. Its quiet obvious now- democracy was lady of the night. The used, worked, and abused it only for themselves and their master in the north. Do we feel democracy is at play when without election maoist get 73 seats, Girja acts immune to checks and balances and Prachande gets undue credibility and prominence by invitation to speak in India (now tell me, is this insult or reward for job well done?). Beside, all that is happening is remote controlled- players in the midst are just acting out their part, be it hardcore Maoist or SPA. The state of a nation is on free fall by design, lets no think otherwise.

    Khum Bahadur going scot free is just a things to come. When time demands illogic to be logic, nothing can be done. Therefore, Nepal is Nepal no more but a pawn in the hands of forces that reside over yonder and we are happy with that, aren’t we all?

  45. I told you before also that Girija is the Father of corruption in Nepal. I am also angry with the Maoists because they could not or did not deliberately “touch” the corrupts rather they were Maoists’ sources of income. They raised a lot of money from the corrputs providing security to them. So I tell you :all top people in Nepal are anti-nationalists and anti-Nepal. Whether they are at the top in Maoists echelon or in any business like Govt.,civil service, Army, Police, businessmen,judges etc. 90 percent are corrupt so there is no place for ten percent of people who may be honest and serious about the development of Nepal.

    If the Maoists atrocities continues like abductions and killings, it is a high time that one should leave the country. This country is not economically and socially a viable country to live in.

  46. noname:
    Is your comment directed at me? Well if it is please kindly refer to Raja G as just Raja G NOT YOUR Raja G. Thank you.
    Look I am not a hardcore republican. I think the King still has a place in a strictly ceremonial role. But if you try to beyond that you are only making a fool of yourelf okay? You are begining to sound like Tulsi Giri with your comments. Take a step back and re-read what it is that you are writing.
    The Feb 1st move was undoubtedly THE worst move made by any Monarchy in the history of Nepal.
    1. G was a incompetant ruler. Many people gave him the benefit of the doubt but he just appointed more crooks (worse than SPA) and didn’t do anything.
    2. He polorized the country. Basically it was only after the Feb 1st move that the Maoist got this much prominance and influence. Before that they were hiding in the jungles. The SPA who were already weak went and joined hands with them to gain support against Raja G. Now look where the Maoists are… Yea if you see Raja G tell ‘good job’.

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