Maoist Victory Rallies in Kathmandu

Maoist organize victory rally and mass meeting in Kathmandu

By Shailendra Kharel
UWB Photo blog

It was supposed to be the BIG day for the CPN Maoist today as their Chairman Prachanda was scheduled to appear publicly for the first time in 25 years and deliver a speech. That was cancelled a few days ago and the event was turned into victory celebration rally. Today’s rallies in Kathmandu were part of nationwide celebrations lauding the historic pact between the ruling Seven Party Alliance and the CPN Maoist. The mass meeting was medium sized and many school students were used in the rallies. Here are a few images of the day:

Maoist organize victory rally and mass meeting in Kathmandu

Maoist organize victory rally and mass meeting in Kathmandu

School kids

Maoist organize victory rally and mass meeting in Kathmandu

Maoist organize victory rally and mass meeting in Kathmandu


Maoist organize victory rally and mass meeting in Kathmandu





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  1. gorkhaligurung Avatar

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  2. Helicopter Avatar






  3. twaaks Avatar

    Spoils go to the victors!!!

  4. Democratic Poll Result Avatar
    Democratic Poll Result


    Poll Question
    What is your level of trust towards the CPN (Maoist)?

    28.1% Trust a little
    50% Do not trust at all
    17.5% Trust very much
    4.2% Don’t know/can’t say

    If actual poll is done in Nepalese people I think the result would be 95% Nepalese people do no trust CPN (M) at all. M stands for Maoists or Murderers (they are Synonyms).

  5. maobadi Avatar

    those who have access to internet are necessarily riches. and riches are wary of their sampatis. so they dont trust maoists. simple.

    internet polls never reflect the voices of the populace. actually 95 pc nepalis believe in us. and 5pc belong to your category.

  6. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    I tell you there is not only 96 percent support but 110 percent support for you.Don’t worry by the time of constiuent assembly, people may be so much frustrated first with maoists and second with SPA, people may think of voting to retain the Monarchy. i am not the supporter of moanrchy but it looks like that from the turn of events.
    In maobadis, there are uneducated, illiterate young people from 10 years to 25 years. After 25 one can not remain communist.They were intoxicted to fight by providing them with JAAND, Raksi and other drugs. That will diminish within 2 months when they have to remain in camps like chickens in poultry farms. So it will be less than 20 percent voters all over Nepal.

  7. Democratic Poll Result Avatar
    Democratic Poll Result

    Maobadi you should continue your statement man….you should say that 95% Nepalese beleive in Maoists…..otherwise we will force them to believe in us like we have done till now by using our violence.

    At list you made a point, most of literate Nepalese people dont like Maoists.

  8. Democratic Poll Result Avatar
    Democratic Poll Result

    I meant “At least”……error from my side.

  9. yacc Avatar

    I can’t understand what the school children are doing in political ralley? I believe this is because of the obsession of the leaders with headcount in any ralley, whether it is protest or victory!

  10. Captain Crash Avatar

    What you told is 100% right maobadi

    “those who have access to internet are necessarily riches. and riches are wary of their sampatis. so they dont trust maoists. simple.

    internet polls never reflect the voices of the populace. actually 95 pc Nepalis believe in us. and 5pc belong to your category.”

    Your Mao’s red book says all those, is it? If you have internet you are rich? Jesus wake up mate…. That is not how richness is defined. I believe internet poll is the best way to find what people really think coz when using net no one is showing gun to them and they are not intimidated. People who use internet are “Kaag le kaan lagyo bhanda kaan chhamne haru hun” not the one who start running behind kaag without checking their ear first and these people don’t only limit themself to mao’s “small red book”. So yes they are rich, they are rich with information & knowledge.

  11. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Let’s not get too carried away. How do you know with statistical certainity that 95% of the people are with you? Don’t forget that you guys have caused alot of suffering and descruction in the villages. If people are given a free and fair opportunity to vote you might be suprised.

    A group like Hizbhollah or Hamas can claim they have popular support because they do alot of social work and help the people. The Maoist haven’t really ‘helped’ people per se.

    Anyway I am not saying you guys don’t have any support at all. I am sure you have a good base but don’t be too confident that it’s so high.

  12. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    Maoists are in this for themselves.. not for people, get that in your head! They ALWAYS TAKE from people NOT give them. Get real.. they are like parasite who live off others.

  13. Bhunte Avatar

    Helo Democratic Poll,
    How many Nepalese have socalled internet facility in their own ? So that the poll conducted by nepalnews doesnot represent true voice of people. Please see other poll result publish in Nepal, Himal. Which might be more authentic. Maoist had started their war from 2 guns and finger counted caders, Now cannot you see that whole kathmandu is red ? They should have right to rule. NEPAL CONGRESS KO MATRAI BAPAUTI HO RA ?

  14. Kumar Avatar

    What Prachanda is running is not a political party, but a mafia-organization. He claims to have the support of the majority but unwilling to give up arms, funny. People of Nepal overpowered the army and overthrew the king, there was no weapons involved so what makes it necessary for the Maoist to keep their weapons. What is he/they afraid of? The PEOPLE? There is no stronger force than that.
    Prachanda is worse than Pablo Escobar; he claims to be leader of the people but kills and loots the very people. There is no point in arguing how popular the Maoist is until they lay down their arms.

  15. maobadi Avatar

    i’ve said 95 pc nepalis trust maobadi. which doesn’t mean all of them vote for maobadi. they trust other parties as well.

    so when it comes to vote, they will vote to the party which they think will govern best. and there are party cadres, well wishers, etc. so they vote according to their own affiliations, etc…

    now to the guy who says, internet poll is the best, come on boy, where are you living? leave nepal, internet poll doesn’t work even in america where most users are. your name should be dimag crash, got it? baat karta hai.

  16. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Ha Ha Ha….. 95 percent nepalese trust Maoists. What a joke ? It is the most interesting joke of the 21st century in the whole world. I can not stop my laughter; Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………….

  17. maobadi Avatar

    pyare the sick. laugh. your runche laugh makes other laugh at you. if you’re nepali, then you’re in 5pc. but your name suggest you perhaps is not a nepali, you maybe a raw agent.

  18. sirensongs Avatar

    Celebratory? sure, the schoolkids are all coerced into participating…I guess they are celebrating having a day off. I was there and it felt desultory, dusty and distinctly anticlimactic. Good headbands and flags, though.

  19. raj Avatar


    Don’t brag,pyare, if you can not debate logically. Your monarch is a lost case.

    Maobadi is a young chap from the jungle and he has a right to overestimate his power of gun till it is not locked. He felt just one jolt of armless people’s power in Lalitpur just few days ago and he has to handle many more yet in time of peaceful agitation when he will be disarmed. Maobadi has to answer for countless atrocities done upon unarmed people for 12 years before constituent assembly poll.

  20. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    For a long time, there was no comment. I thought that you guys might be shivering out of fear of Maobadi that he might kill you. For me, I am still laughing by the impact of maobadi’s comment of 95 pc…….Huu Huu Huuu, he, he he , haha haha.

  21. maobadi Avatar

    raj: we’ve stopped using guns, temporarily. we’ll stop for good. even you sick don’t have to worry.

    we’re ready to face anything.

  22. maobadi Avatar

    sorry sick was meant to pyare and not you, raj.

  23. hamroblog Avatar

    They need to stop sueing school kids

  24. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Did you conduct your own polls? If so I would love to read about it in more details – its methodology etc. If you didn’t then you might want keep quiet and let the referendum decide what to do with the Monarchy.
    It will be the people’s verdict…

  25. nepaligurung Avatar

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  26. ME Avatar

    Beleive me, i went to check the Bijaya rally of maobadi. Most of the participant was school kids and people from age between 13 to 18. I think those school kid were force to take part and they were not showing any interest in speech. They were having good time with thei friends having nepali Icecream (baraf).

    If there is no any intimidation from maoist, there would be hardly any supporter.

  27. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Following are the causes of Maobadis development for the last 11 years:
    a.Gyane and gang supplied initial budget and arms.
    b.12 years of rule by NC, UML, RPPNC Caolition and other coalitions were disaitrous for the average people in general and rural people in particular.
    c.No industrial growth for the last one and half decade.
    d.Increase of unemployed, uneducated and hungry youths during these years.

    I am happy that when they go to cantonments, thay can eat well.And hope that there will be no more extortions.

    If we can solve our economic problems by accelerating the development and investing in the production of exportable products and tourism, we can solve our all problems and join the civilized world again. Because of Maoists, we have lost our image now.

  28. maobadi Avatar

    pyare: i wonder if gyane provided support to us initially as you said, then why are you supporting gyane? go assasinate him. because he is the who helped us grow. we’ll be more than happy to see this. kucho launu parne phohor hawale udaunecha.

    which image are you talking about? the image of mercinaries? aren’t we known for bhada ka sipahi? we always fought for others. and these days lots of nepali are forced to bideshi ko bhada majhna. oh yes we are also famous for carrying kuhires to highest peaks as well. we’re bhada ka carrier.

    earlier rented warrier, now carrier and spuller… very nice image we have.

    now since we’re now fighting for ourselves, for nepalis, you should be proud that we’re fighting for the betterment of ourselves.

  29. Bikki Avatar


    Let the poll take place of the CA and if we get a free and fair one, you will see your size!

  30. Neil Horning Avatar

    “a.Gyane and gang supplied initial budget and arms.”

    This is one of the least informed opinions I have heard in this county so far, and that is saying a lot.

    So I suppose all those flint lock rifles they were using in the early years were what the palace had left over from the Gorka army…..

    Tell me prof. What evidence do you have that a republican anti-fuedal movement (one whose military docterine is based on capturing weapons) was “financed” and supplied by the kings brother.

  31. sl Avatar

    It is clear that the maoists have no intention to go for CA polls as they will get trounced, especially without their arms. They already have 121 seats in the house so why not keep it going without elections?!?!

    Let me quote Mahara:

    ” The maoists are ready to maintain the alliance for 10 years”, urging other political parties not to play competitive politics during these 10 years.

    adding, “It is necessary to run a government of consensus for 10-12 years”.

    All this was said in Kaski at a victory rally.

  32. scoop Avatar

    Below are the types of opinions that don’t play in the mainstream media, out of fear, intimidation or the perception that raising concerns may “jeapordize” the peace agreement.

    If the agreement is historic, nothing can jeapordize it. If it is doomed to be “history,” then it’s better to hear not just the arguments “for” but also those that raise valid concerns on the direction Nepal is heading.

    To start with.. here’s a simple question: “If this is a victory for no one and a victory for everyone, then how come the only Party celebrating all over Nepal is the Maoist party? Has anyone seen the NC celebrating on the streets or the UML cheering on the number of Maoist seats in the interim parliament?”


    “Nepal Suputra”

    I am not surprised with the outcome but will be if everything will go on as planned. It seems everything was already put into place by hard working RAW agents and Indian Foreign Service officials some time back and the SPA and M leaders only had to nod their heads. A new constitution in less than two weeks? Entire Arms management in such a short time? Does the UN or anyone know how much arms do the Maoists have so that they can be satisfied when Maoists lock x number of arms?

    And for the wonderful people of Kathmandu and Lalitpur who have been suddenly alarmed by the call by the Maoist “to support them by giving food and shelter to their cadres” I’d like to say “Khuchhing” . Did these people all along think that the Maoists would spare them just because they lived in the Valley? What were they thinking when people in the “mofasal” were crying hoarse talking about the atrocities of the Maoists? I am sure Dr Sundar Mani Dixit and the likes are happy to accomodate these Maoists cadres in their home and split their huge house and compound in Patan Dhoka with some landless Maoists cadres from Bajura and Bajhang once the new Constituent Assembly puts a ceiling on property and land one can hold.

    For those who want a republic congratulations, now only the formalities remain. With no formidable institution or better organized force than the Maoists exists in the country I hope all of you are happy with Prachanda’s version of “ganatantra”.

    Madhav Nepal and his gang Congratulations the most. You let opportunities to rule the country single handedly slip by more than a dozen of times. You never did have a spine and never were stable on any single policy. Now fight it out with the Maoists in the streets and in every location…as they say opportunity does not knock twice for you it did several times and still you lost it.

    For those who were stoned and chased by the Maoists Wednesday morning in Kopundole. Ha ha ha ha so you thought Communists meant democratic….”khuching”.



    When historians finally get a chance to write about events as history, the result of one individuals successes and the result of his failures are equally scrutinized so the society and the people-at-large get a factual picture and hopefully learn a proactive lesson.

    What is so paradoxical and ironical of the current agreement is that King Gyanedra’s political failure resulted in Nepalis getting a chance for peace with Maoists finally coming to the talks, BUT – the PM Girija’s colossus failure in leading the peace talks has sacrificed and De-facto ended the Multi-Party democracy. PM Girija has lead the democratic Nepal to a Red-Communist Nepal and inhumanely led 30 million innocent lives to the stable of communist slaughterhouse !!!

    Why would the west allow it to happen in 21st century?

    Perhaps the Benevolent Able Minds of the WEST are long dead and perhaps the Lord Pashupati Nath of the EAST has died as well !!!


    Dr. S. B. Shrestha

    ‘From Frying-pan to the Fire’ is what comes to many sensible Nepalese minds these days. In Nepal its been a historic victory for a group of Terrorist who actually belongs in Hague for terrorizing the nation for more than a decade, are responsible for murder of tens of thousands displacement of millions innocent citizens, who are no better than Talebans or Alquidas in any sense.

    It was possible here because (a) There was a king who grabbed power some twenty months back very timely for a noble cause but screwed-up every thing due to his arrogance & incompetence. (b) There are political parties to whom democracy has been nothing more than a begging bowl ;
    have yet to realize the Polpot type trap they are falling into in the hands of “Prachandaji” (as they address the person now, who they always called a “Terrorists” till their so called 12 point agreement). Current hero (Prachandaji) likes to be staged alongside Marks, Lenin & Mao (read the writing on the walls & posters all over with a big self portrait “Marksbad, Leninbad, Maobad, Prachandapath Jindabad).

    Surprisingly in Nepal there still are a majority including reps of so called civil society, intellectuals, business community, artists community, disabled community etc., dreaming of a new Nepal, a more democratic Nepal safer Nepal, prosperous Nepal under Prachandapath. But lets not forget that Khmer Rouge in Cambodia or Taleban in Afghanistan had never failed to assure the people of their respective countries through their propaganda machineries that someday they would be the most prosperous nation in Asia as Prachanda is claiming to turn Nepal to be the richest nation in South Asia just within three years under his economic doctrine. We are used to in this, remember we had a senior democratic leader who had promised to make Nepal into Singapore in just five years? if an educated leader who had spent most of his life in the Scholarly city of Baranashi can sell us dreams like that for a gain of few Birgunj votes what’s wrong when the same thing is done by some other who have spent their life in Jungle? God save Nepal !!!


    Raj. KC

    Regarding present development of Nepal, personally, I am not very optimistic. Now at this stage only I can say that ” we have to wait and see till the time decommissioning process is complete.” This much to say now.


    Deepak Shrestha

    Note, there has been no spontaneous jubilant demonstrations by the people, upon the achievement of the Peace Accord of 7 Nov. 06.

    Such demonstrations have to be organized artificially by the 8 parties. Which we may witness in a few days time.

    Arms deal does not include, those arms, “… needed for security”. Each and every Maoist need to keep arms for “security” to protect themselves for reprisals from the victims of Maoist atrocities in the past eleven years.

    Justice and Human Rights have bypassed the victims of Maoist atrocities.

    The amount of Maoist arms to be kept in safe custody has to be what the Maoists say it is. !!

    The separate Maoists, namely, the Terai Mukti Morcha has not been included in the peace accord.

    Citizenship issues, making of voters’ list, determining the areas of constituencies to make it inclusive, budgetary allocations and manpower planning to conduct elections to the Constituent Assembly would require more time than naively declared.

    Caution is called for.



    Now the fight will be for the votes in the CA elections. The Maoists will have to gain a respectable amount of votes. Otherwise, the question. – “what was all this for” – will surface and potentially undermine their attempts to rationalize the war they waged.

    So, one can expect a lot of intimidation and strong arm tactics during the run up to elections in the regions the Maoists control – which for now, is pretty much all of Nepal’s hinterland.

    The UML and the Maoists will not work together. The UML’s student wing has already clashed with the Maoists student wing. Jhala nath Khanal and Pradeep Nepal have already said there will be no joint front. Pradeep Nepal even taunted the Maoists by saying, “la lekhera rakhnoos maobadi le 9 wota seat bhanda badi jitdaina.(I’ll give it to you in writing, the Maoists won’t get more than 9 seats during elections).”

    Even Amik Sherchan the DPM from Janamorcha said there was no need for a united left front.
    One can expect the leftists to fight amongst themselves for control. They have always been a fractious lot (check out the history of the communist party in Nepal, the rule of thumb has been…two leaders three parties) …and they will continue to be this way.

    The Nepali Congress, if they can come together – Shere and Girija – they would garner most of the votes. Add the votes of the RPP and Sadbhawana to that and one arrives at more non-commi votes than commie votes. The Nepali Congress most likely will be in control again. If they get a
    Majority, they will likely retain the King as a ceremonial monarch.

    The major story, however, is how the Maoists will behave in the days leading to the elections and their reactions if they were to perform badly in the elections.

    In the very first general elections in 1990 the Maoist front won about 12 seats . Over the years they have grown stronger. Plus they now have the luxury of already being in government without ever having contested elections as the organization they currently are. So, one can expect them to win between 20-30 seats in the CA elections. But the real question is, what is the value (in seats) that would be considered “sufficient” for the Maoists to save face and rationalize the need to waged war on the state?

    It will be the same story all over again (i.e. a repeat of 1990). Such was the euphoria on the streets and the rhetoric then that you would almost think Nepal was ready to launch into space. It just took 45 days after Girija took over as PM for the UML to come out on the streets asking for his resignation by destroying public property (specifically sideway railings and telephone exchange boxes).

    Over the years everyone has become accustomed to the game and “Money” has become the single pursuit of all party members. Corruption has become a virtue and these institutionalized trends will continue once more. Once Maoist leaders get a whiff of legitimate power, they will be constrained by the same compulsions that affect the other parties. The same old Nepali culture and societal theory will kick in. Placating their cadres, sold on this huge dream of a better Nepal,
    will be a huge challenge for the Maoists.

    I expect lasting change. The political cards may get re-distributed but ultimately, it will be business as usual. “Make hey while the sun shines!”

    The King is the biggest loser in this shake-up. He can expect all the failures of the parties to be heaped on him. He will continue to be the parties’ punching bag. In the best of worlds his future role will be relegated to cutting ribbons and taking his anger out on former advisors who nodded their heads saying “yes” to launching into February 1.

    Otherwise, he may loose it all.

    Civil war? – The Maoists will really have to do something stupid for conflict to erupt again. Until the elections to the CA, relative peace will prevail. Sure, there will be low level conflicts. Intimidation, extortion, breaking legs etc. will continue but these incidents will not result in the resumption of armed hostilities.

    The danger really is after the election results.

    1. If they win massively, the Maoists will control the CA and will want to oust the King and the parties…..and the King and the democratic parties will be forced to align to block the Maoist moves. And then, the army gets dragged in once more.

    2. If the Maoists lose (say little or no seats), then they will have no choice but to renege on their promises and go back to battle. To even wonder how the leaders might handle such a situation is unfathomable.

    So, for a LASTING peaceful outcome, the democratic parties will have to be in control, they will have to give some space to the king and the Maoists will have to win a respectable number of seats to placate their cadres and play the Parliamentary game. In other words, there has to be accommodation and for all forces or we are just postponing the resumption of violence till a few months down the road.


    Lal Kunwar

    Today very large crowd is marching and shouting slogans around KV (Kathmandu Valley). In the road coming from Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, to KTM, the crowd, with Newari Baza and all, marched by.

    It took them at least two hours to cross the bridge leading to KTM. More crowds are still being brought in by impounded buses. Very little vehicles on the road. Maoist call this rally their “victory celebration”.

    Today Prakash Chandra Lohani has a very nice article in the Kantipur Daily (11 Nov 06). In a nice way ( not direct ) he has said it all.

    Anyone who thinks actual democracy is possible in Nepal with an assortment of 13 or so Communist parties (with just one or two communist parties each, more capable than all the non-communist parties put together ), plus the radicalized peasantry, proletariats, and ethnic groups must be an exceptional wonder in the entire creation of God!

    Note, while Maoists have sway over all the territories of Nepal (including urban areas that used to be safe before this April), the other parties have not as yet been allowed to enter the rural areas to conduct their respective programs ( SPAM commitment to competitive political system notwithstanding!!!). Implications for the so called CA elections?

    Maoist had boasted of having about 80,000 fighters before. Now they say they have only about 35,000 fighters.

    And of course, all have to accept the amount of Maoist arms to be what they say it is.

    The Maoist militia with their arms are not included in the “Historic Understanding.” Etc.

    What the Maoists say and what they are doing at the grassroots is different. This difference between saying and doing has to be highlighted. In particular, the naive westerners need to be informed, for the sake of enlightening the self-proclaimed, “International Community.”

    Two people from Lalitpur have been taken by the Maoists, for action for opposing their fiat to have forced gusts in the homes of the people. Do not yet know what has happened to them.

    Though the Maoist could not take actions against all in Lalitpur, they have made examples out of the two that have been abducted. Probably to discourage such opposition to their totalitarian
    acts in the future.

    This abduction of the two residents after the mass demonstration against the Maoist has not been highlighted to call attention of the world at large. One or two papers gave a one line news about it. In this sense, the two abducted persons do not even have vocal support. It will certainly encourage the Maoists to continue doing such acts in the future.

    Need is to be informed of the “progressive” news of Loktantric Nepal, as they are practiced not as they are preached.

  33. sl Avatar


    What evidence do you have that they were’nt?

    Besides the facts that Prachanda has said that they did have meetings with Dhirendra the youngest brother of Birendra. Besides the facts that people who were close to Dipendra have vouched that there was a link. Besides the fact that even my ex-maoists friends left the party with threat to their lives because of their discovery of the collusion and financing at that time by the palace for the maoists, evidence on such matters will be asked for only by fools, because you will never get it as the palace massacre has doomed the process.
    Perhaps my good Horning also is unaware that another communist party by the name of UML was founded and funded by this King’s father Mahendra. Of course the King’s also should have known that there will come a time when these parties would cut off the hand that feeds you, that is when the left hand is strong enough and does not require the right.

  34. rock_dude Avatar

    gyane providing arms n ammo to maoist to start the war, hahahaha. this prof guy must be high in something, starting to imagine stuffs because he thinks he is the most democrat n hates communist like his american gurus, but don’t realize thier extremist behaviour.

  35. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Horning , you are foreigner. You will be able to know the inside stories when you are son of the soil and involve in the politics yourself. When Ram Chandra Poudel and Narahari said that Maoists started from Niramal Niwas, during the King’s direct rule, King had the vendetta and anger against them and put into jails for the longer times.

    According to my info, King and prachanda had met clandestinely not only one time for several times during the King’s direct rule. (Not now)

    If you could find out why this IGP Krishna Mohan was killed all of a sudden and an Army Colonel was assinated, then you are truly a researcher on Nepal. Both the assassinations point to the our bigger murderers gyane[ndra] and his son. Period.

  36. Backdraft Avatar

    See the actual game is this. SPA has been tutored by the Foreigners that – c’mon let the maoist join the government and all will fall in place. The idea is- as maoist are just a ragtag solders, the minute the gun is gone they will get the wrath of the people and right to stay in the goverment will be forever gone. So idea is to be inclusive for the sake of peace but with the hidden intent to make maoist irrelevant in due course. But Maoist are also doubly sure what is at stake so they are not claiming for the top post right now. They are fully aware that what has happened is due to pressure from outside and I feel they also know an outright claim would be counterproductive. They are also taking their time in order to shore up their base whereas when the day come- they can easily take the control. Taking full control is the key for Maoist otherwise they are a goner.

  37. cut the crap Avatar
    cut the crap

    Professor you are a headbanger.

    Just lying to create mischief which is your normal modus operandi for well paid CIA scum like you.

    What’s the weather like in Norfolk Viginia ?

  38. raj Avatar

    Bhudai Pandit

    Either you should from aristrocratic royal circle where common people sense is not understood or you are out of the country or out of tune of this country. If you go from a Sankhuwasabha or dolpa village to city centre of Kathmandu and ask common people the future need of the monarchy in Nepal, you will get surprized to find their answers. Why don’t you try once if you are really in Nepal? To feel the anti-monarchy nerve of the people need not to be a Maoists.

  39. Kirat Avatar

    raj-I’m not sure how overwhelmingly anti-monarch the whole country is (most young people are though) but one thing is for sure, the god king myth is dead-which itself is quite a change (in terms of reverence to the monarch).

  40. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    There you go again Raj. Calling me a Royalist so that you can get out forming any concrete debating points. Look, I said let the CA elections decide the future of the Monarchy – so why do you keep bringing this subject up?
    Have YOU been from Dolpa village to the city center and asked people?
    I am not going to bother saying I am not a Royalist because I would have a better chance on convincing a wall. I agree with Kirat, the God-Myth is gone, the unhealthy relationship with the army has been curtailed for the most part, now the King has to pay taxes and he doesn’t have any power left. However, my guess is that people will still opt to keep the monarhcy in a strictly ceremonial role. This republican sentiment is definetly not as pervasive and widespread as you claim.

  41. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    I am so much angry with King that I thought at that time during Jana Andolan II, the leaders had to let the people enter the Narayanhity Palace. They should not have stopped the people even after the TV declaration at 11.30 pm on the 11th of Baisakh.In 2046, also leaders stopped the people. I think at that time in 46, it was alright but this time it was not.Because Gyane was a corrupt and his son was a serial killer.Nepalese are really a peace-loving people. Some of them are still talking about ceremonial King. We don’t know how many of them support it but CA elections will show.

    But Makune said recently a very interting thing about the members of the future CA. He was putting his views in favour of his party’s stand for a referrendum on monarchy.

    He said that many of them can be bought by the King. Every member or a majority of them of the future CA will be like Makune or UML or to whom he is indicating ? Isn’t it an interesting question in itself ? Are our politicians for sale ? In the past, were they all bought and sold ? I know, when Girija brought down the Government of Deuba , I think he bought two MPs from Karnali.That can happen but buying a majority of CA members by the King ? It it possible ? What you bloggers think ? Otherwise, king has a lot of money in nepal and in Swiss and Luxemburg banks.

  42. Backdraft Avatar

    Scoop, drop me the sites where I can read articles you have posted.

    All in all- Nepal is at the cross road, any false step can be its doom and spiral to situation as in Iraq. The question of why there was not wide speard rally is an indicator that all is not well, try we might to believe the peace accord was an achievment but the spirit of democracy was lost in bargining of seat allocation on the basis of threats, accomodation and dirty politics all in the name of people’s movement. Now, the genisis of power by might has set a precedent and there is already fronts such as janjati and people favoring autonomous region cry against the accord.

    The affair of the state will be from henceforth be guided on the basis of populist and coercion of vested interest. Democracy has been maligned without shame to pursue policies of certain and few who have the MIGHT, does not necessarily mean guns or arms but nonetheless MIGHT of varied kinds.

  43. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    There is another news which might be interesting to us. That is there will be only 11 members of parliament who would be left out becuase they were Mandales. I am not interested in their names. What i was surprised that corrupts like Chirinjibi Wagle, Gachhedar, Chataut, and unwanted elements like pashupati, surya bahadur etc are going to interim parliament. So we are carrying forward the corruption to next generation, they will teach them the lessons of how to do better types of corruption.

  44. Sagarmatha Avatar


    Girija himself with his gang were one of the corrupted leader, who is leading the parlieament. We already seen his rule of 9 years and corruption in his government. He will be more than enought to teach others how to do better types of corruption and challange the court and mismanage the country and bring civil war…isn’t it…?

  45. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    you brought the name of Girija, that is good because I have regarded him as the father of corruption in democratic era in Nepal.Now who can take his name in corruption ? CIAA also recently purified him. Some congressis are talking about awarding Nobel Peace Prize to him. I hope he will be nominated at least but not selected before he dies for his utmost satisfaction.But I think that also is not possible.At the international level, all people know about his notority, only India’s praise does not work in this regard. Actually, all mess was created by him and his gang. I hundred percent agree with you.

  46. shantikumar Avatar

    Prof Pyarey loving dear Lal…
    If Makune thinks King can buy the leaders then what leaders are these??..Pyareyy you are also insinuating that King or those around him had once contacted Maobadi leaders..You mean the Prachandas are also up for sale??
    Still you say only King is bad..all else are great as per you, just that they have always been bought and may be bought again which is not their fault..hahaha!!!!! Or you want to set up a new class of political buyers, explore new market??

  47. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Read my recent posts. Everybody has got a price- Osho. So why not ? Prachanda is bought by India. He is going to Delhi for Chakari to Sonia and Man Mohan . Let us wait to hear him what he will say about Indian expansionism and American imperialism ? Uff !!

  48. toriganthe Avatar

    sucks to be one of us right!!

  49. Kirat Avatar

    The weird Prof. is right about Girija being the father of corruption post 1990. Redeemed himself a bit with this peace deal. But a corrupt man when it comes to money still.

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