Painting The Royal Away: We Will Never Forget This

painting monarchy away...removing the word royal

As overwhelming majority of Nepali people are ready to get rid of monarchy from Nepal, people have started to remove signs and symbols of monarchy from public places. Take the photo above as an example. Artists today deleted the word ‘royal’ from a sign board at Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA) this afternoon. NAFA functions under, well, we too delete the word here, _ _ _ _ _ Nepal Academy. In a place where symbols do matter, such development will have significant impact. Man on the right in the photo above is prominent painter Kiran Manandher. The parliament is expected pass a historic proposal on Monday that will drastically cut the rights and privileges of the royals in Nepal. Pic by Bikash Karki





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  1. Kirat Avatar

    Mr. Lefevre, don’t give me your vague ‘really have no idea of Nepali politics’ crap. Ofcourse there is a lot of hostility towards the king, the Maoists and the SPA. These three parties have ruined the country. Why should we not be hostile towards these parties? Our hostility towards them will hopefully make them behave in a better manner in future. We don’t need people who have very little idea of Nepali politics telling us what we should do-it’s like Bush trying to spread his American brand of democracy.

    Try and understand what we are saying before labelling us as Deuba supporters etc. Well if you have brains that is.

  2. Sweet Weed Avatar
    Sweet Weed

    If everyone is hostile towards everyone, what is the solution?

  3. Layman Avatar

    This Daniel is nobody but a Nepali in the diguise of a foreigner.Kirat, don’t be offended. He is a Royalist. These people posting here some messages is to confuse us and involving you so much that you can not write any thing creative. Don’t care a damn about such craps.

  4. Kirat Avatar

    Sweet Weed, we don’t need to be hostile towards everyone only the corrupt and self-serving leaders. Right now and until they change their ways it means all three -SPA, Maoists and the king. Look at Deuba for instance!
    We will praise and give them encouragement when they do good things but we will always observe them closely and critically so that they do not repeat the mistakes of the past. The Nepali public must learn to be critical and not be led blindly as we have always been. Ofcourse we must not over do it.

  5. Layman Avatar

    If it is right in the eyes of the people, why not ? do it, over do it, 100 times, 1000 times.If you your views are reasonable.

  6. Bideshi Avatar

    “People rule people..” People can’t rule without leadership and guns.

  7. Kirat Avatar

    While everyone is talking about leaders one must be reminded that the followers i.e. the people, probably play a bigger part in ensuring good leadership. Remember George Bernard Shaw with his ‘The people always deserve the leaders they get’?

  8. Bideshi Avatar

    Amen. But at the moment the only group with guns and leadership are the Maoists.

  9. Sweet Weed Avatar
    Sweet Weed

    As far as I remember, the King, the SPA and the Maoists have been self-serving. The Maoists leadership cannot be blamed for corruption charges because they have not been in power. The King and the SPA do stink of corruption. The King is already out. And we have people like Govind Raj Joshi, Sujata Koirala, Jhal Nath Khannal, Khum Bahadur Khadka, Bijaya Gachedhar, Bhim Rawal as leaders promising to be better and prosperous Nepal. What are we doing about these people? We have put them in the pedestal. Have we tried to alert leadership of these parties to take any action? No, we haven’t because we are busy condemning the King and his cohorts. Was there any dharna or protest in the past regarding corruption within the SPA? No…

    In this scenario, what is the justification that Nepalese are vigilant and alert?

  10. Gauhle Avatar

    Let the people decide what they want and by whom they want to be ruled.
    Lets go to the free and fair election to CA and Let people decide !!
    If they SPA to rule them,its fine.
    If they want Maoists to rule them,its fine.
    Whatever they want is the solution.Because its the People & Nation whose welfare we are talking.
    So whatever they want they must get.

  11. Sansar Avatar

    Actually, Nepal deserves the situation it is in. Their is no logical comments beside the name calling, insults and down right bad behavior. The real picture of Nepal is in this blog. So stop blaming Politicians, king and even the Maoist.

    I do not think your comments will make anything sway or make a dent- just a hot air that drifts itself into oblivion. Why the ruckus about Deuba?, why there is no issue when the killers of former IGP Krishna Mohan Shrestha and his wife were set free?, why cars were lit up and tires burnt- so you think this is democracy- a mob rule that defies any sensibility and rule of law. Why can’t we look beyond- sorry to say but we have mindset of “a frog in a well”.

    In regards to Bhutanization- you talk about globalization and all- do you know why WTO was created and it benefits who? Why would India Invade and stationed an army here, when they can run the country through a cell phone- a puppet regime. It is not question of Indian movies and songs- Maoist does prohibit Indian movies but themselves are run from Delhi- see the irony!

    I do not blame Indians or the Americans- a vilified two. They have done their thing in their best interest, so why blame them. It is us ” bhai phute Gamar lute.” Unless we demonstrate capability to handle our own affairs, others will play their part and take advantage. Not a new thing, really.

    We are all too divided- congress, Maoist, Communist, Janjatis, Brahmins, Chetris, Rais, Gurungs, Dalits – to find a common platform from where we can work in the best interest of a nation. You take out Monarchy from Nepal, to put it mildly “hell will break loose” in all fronts. You can call it necessary evil or divine right but the way I see it, a country sandwiched between two big neighbors does need to maintain its separate identity.

  12. sl Avatar


    I am afraid that you are absolutely correct.

    Unless we don’t give a crap about the state of affairs here, we have to really prove to the world that we are capable of handling ourselves like adults.

    We the people have failed. Many nations have built up from scratch. India and China are still in the struggle of getting out of their poverty and are doing pretty well.

    I believe that these two nations have a real chance at becoming atleast the next economic superpowers, and it would be a shame if we do not benefit from it. We have to strive as much as posssible to be a Canada to Amaerica as opposed to the Banana republics that are close to America’s coasts. In fact, we have the advantage of two economic powerhouses bordering us. It will be a shame to make excuses and not capitalise on our location.

    We have heard too many times of the potential of hydropower to power our economy and also our neighbours, but we do very little. There is talk that India is now opting for a nuclear power plant so the argument is that they may not need our hydro – this is all rubbish, the nuclear plant which has to be approved by the U.S. first only provides for 3% of India’s needs, that means the other 97% is still open for business.

    Opportunity is knocking at our doorstep, and all we can talk about is marriage ceremonies, what some dislectic politician said or did’nt say and whether to change the royal from the billboards or not. Don’t we have any self esteem left?

  13. Sansar Avatar


    I’m with you hundred percent. I do believe we as a nation need to show that we have the fortitude and the strength to have an even keel to chart our own future and destiny. There is no point in playing a blame game and just making a disparaging remarks. Yes, we need to implement democratic norms and exercise it so that benefits all rung of our society, although it is easier said then done but we need to make a start. But what I see now in politics and even in public discourse is quite the opposite, just pure and pure vengeance against an institution that gave birth to Nepal and has stood test of time. To be fair to HKG, he had repeatedly pledged Multi party system and democracy. I have to give that due no matter what people label me with. But Truth must be told.

    But the main point is- now we are in new situation and it is our duty to forge ahead, not acrimoniously but in solidarity to make something of Nepal. So there must be a meeting point where we all Nepali can join hands to make a commitment to this mother to serve, protect, and develop. This requires political consensus- we should develop skill to look beyond our differences and to unite to make Nepal a proud nation with its distinct culture, tradition and religion and which is governed by rule of law, protection of individual rights and personal freedom.

    Let there be light, I say

  14. Laters Avatar

    SL I dig your open ended optimism about our nation benfiting from the upsurge of economic boom in the two nations. There is so much Nepal has to go through, I wish I will be alive to reap the fruit when the time comes. The politicians do not see that oppurtunity for the nation, with the King gone, it’s like hell broke loose for them, they want it now, whatever they are looking for. It’s as if their personal habits and national habits took over, seemed like they could not help it, all of them seem possesed, looking at the in-fightings and name callings ( No wonder king was looking for some tantric woman to sort things out for himself :)). I did not see this day would come last month when Andolan was a success.
    We need to start either with a blank slate or something close to it and I hope that will come soon in the form of new leaders who are optimists for the country and not for themselves and their parties.

  15. Nepali Blogger Avatar

    Overwhelming majority of Nepalis want to get rid of the Monarchy? Was there any survey done to prove this, or was it based on the recent uproar of people on the streets?

    Do we know why Girija, Madhav or Prachanda is or will be any better than Gyanendra? Have they done anything to prove their worth?

    Sansar is right. All countries who are “advising” or “supporting” nepal are doing so for their own interests, whatever they be. The only ones that should be working for our own interest–the Nepalis–are not doing it. All this hauwa is blindly benefiting the maoist way of things. We will spend the rest of our lives protesting and we will still be nowhere. Has anyone really thought about a roadplan for the next five, ten or 50 years?

    All we need is an issue to protest and we will protest. We will become poorest throught protest. If this doesn’t happen, we protest. If that happens, we protest. Bhupi Sherchan was wrong. Yo hallai halla ko desh hoina, yo ta birodhai birodh ko desh ho

    We are much better at protesting than at ruling or developing. Why change the government name to nepal sarkar? Why not change it to Birodh Sarkar?

    At the end of the day all we will be known for is how good our birodh abilities are. We can even make money outsourcing birodh rallies from other countries.

    Love Nepal sathi haru. Desh ko maya garum.

  16. Sansar Avatar

    Has Maoist inflitrated all ranks and file of political party? The way I saw it yesterday, all are shit scared to speak of, about and against them. Now, this is getting dangerous.

    I know they all spoke their language but not even thank you or lay down your arms was heard from any member of the assembly. It gives me chill or am I just the only one. Speak up people.

  17. Rocky Avatar

    Hi All,


    What king did on 9th of May is exactly parties doing.

    They are cheating nepalese people & nation.

    Where are Giri, Big boss of RNA, Panche & corruption money???

    Where is the corrupted leaders from SPA???


  18. blogdai Avatar

    Pity. Such lament. Are you all the same people who refused to see the warning signs of this disaster?

    Were you all so caught up in you revolutionary fervor that you actually believed that the Parties would get it right this time and that the Maoists might just come to the table?

    But alas, ignorance never listens to either logic or the patterns of history. Bend over and take your deserve it.

    Maybe then you will all catch on.


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