Live From The War Zone. Thokarpa Aerial Attack

Royal Nepalese Army attacked from air to the Moaists mass meeting at the Bagh Bhairav Secondary School, Thokarpa, Sindhupalchowk District killing at least four rebels and a civilains. UWB! blogger Bhojraj Bhat was covering the outlawed party’s mass meeting and saw everything with his own eyes. “Thank god,” he says after returning Kathmandu. “I am alive to tell the story.”

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Maoists carry the corpse of their fallen comrade

By Bhojraj Bhat

One hour before the scheduled time, Maoists movement increased at Thokarpa. At around 11:30am, Varsha Man Pun (aka Ananta) walked towards the venue with his face covered by a handkerchief. Agni Prasad Sapkota (aka Kanchan) was accompanying him. A few number of them walked down from the school for the lunch.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Fearful civilians tried to keep themselves safe from the firing

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Guerillas walk towards jungle after surviving the aerial attack.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
A guerilla carries his female comrade who was injured in the attack.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Guerillas pose for the cameras

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
A woman (right) cries while watching the goats, all died at their places by the firing, as a Maoist watches in disbelief. Some thought that the goat on the right was alive. No, they were wrong. Near the goats lies the corpse of a fallen Maoist.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Maoists arrive at Thokarpa in this bus. Blogger/journalist Bhoj Raj Bhat is seen in the photo. He is holding a child (far left).

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Died on the spot.

The dais wasn’t ready at the time and Ganga Karki (aka Biswo) was readying the forum for the program. Some militias were busy on decoration while others were bringing chairs.

At half-past 12, a bus arrived by Chehere of Sindhupalchowk. Number of the people increased. Half of the militia was eating when suddenly the sound of airplane was heard. Some said it was the regular flight while other suspected of army’s spying place. But when it started hovering at the school, Biswo and Govinda Batala (aka Jiwit) ordered to form the formation. They were carrying wireless sets which they used to instruct the militia.

Within five minutes, Army’s cheetah helicopter arrived and civilians started running away. ‘Journalists should be protected,’ a Maoist commander was saying. They kept a Nepali and a foreigner journalist with them and moved them towards the house near the school. Before Dinesh Shrestha of Maoists’ Janadesh weekly, a Japanese journalist and I were in the house, army opened fire towards us. Thankfully, the bullets didn’t find any journalists. A militia who was nearby was hit and instantly fell dead. Then we entered the house with a group of militia.

The Maoists were listening to the army’s communication in a radio at ’10 Band’. Four helicopters fired for around 90 minutes and then after there was silence. Militia started coming out of the houses they took as shelters and moved upwards with their bags. At that point, everyone was confused about other’s location. A militant told us that Ananta and Kanchan were safe and then only they started looking for injured. A militant was dead near the school while other was lying dead a little away. The Maoists took the corpses in stretchers and buried them in the nearby river bank.

There was around 1500 Maoists who searched for safe shelters. A woman in Lisung was brave enough to utter: “Khatri was killed as you sheltered in civil homes, please don’t do same to us.” But the Maoists militia denied her request and entered her house. At 5:00pm, when the Moaists believed of no more attacks and started carrying injured to the bus, a helicopter started firing again. Since everybody was inside the bus, nothing happened.

Sound of crying people was heard in the village above where Maila Khatri, 63, was shot at along with three goats. Khatri was alive but died within a few minutes. Then there was rush again as the helicopters reappeared after refueling.

At 5:30pm, the helicopter was grounded at the place of incident and army men stepped down. Maoists started firing from the other hill and there was exchange of fire throughout the night. All transportation from Chehere to Lauri Bhyanjang of Kavre was disrupted and on Tuesday morning too army helicopters were hovering around.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
As the aerial attack began, Maoists and civilians started fleeing the program venue.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
A plane (left) and a helicopter were seen hovering over the sky with soldiers firing from inside the chopper.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Guerillas before the program started (also the pic below)

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Preparing the dais

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Ladies do the flowery job

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
The area commander of the Maoists (middle) and Agni Prasad Sapkota, central leader of the party. The woman on the left is his relative.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Maoist leader Agni Sapkota gives a smile from inside the bus.


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  1. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    no name:
    Your arguments unfortntley is just unacceptable! People like you have to come to the realiation that there is no military solution to this Maoist crisis. The RNA has been let loose for the last 10 years and they have not managed to do JACK about controling this insurgency. They have not managed to arrest leaders or make substantial arrests or killings. In fact most reports indicate that there are equal number of Maoist/RNA soilder killed. Quiet frankly I think that’s pathetic given that these Maoist are kids in their early 20s with little military training.
    But the point is that the RNA has been unsuccessful for the last 10 years and they are not likely to be any more successful in the future. Basically there is no military solution and the sonner people such as yourself and the Royal Palace understands that the better.

    Secondly, the RNA is an agent of the state. Being an agent of the state they are suppose to act with a higher degree of morals and standards. The comparison you make to the Maoist is not valid. I know the RNA does abduct school kids etc. but what is the point of that argument?
    The human cost as been tremendous from this conflict. You my friend have no right to say mothers, fathers and goats will be killed and that is okay because its war. Your relatives are not being killed so of course its okay for you. You are I am guessing living somewhere outside Nepal or in Kathmandu. Of course you couldn’t careless about the civilian casualties – to you they are just meaningless pictures. What you forget is that with every goat or person killed there is resentment towards the RNA and the state – this inturns breeds more insurgents. Where in the world have to ever seen a goverment successful with an insurgency purely by military means?

    I would suggest that you be more thoughtful before making rude and insensitive remarks.

  2. guest_001 Avatar

    bhudai pundit,
    yes, life has a higher value and price added to it by now. Today people love life to not make big sacrifices, such as war.(i guess that is your perspective). But there are people who are willing to do it because it’s not their option but a necessity. They can’t have life without a change and violence becomes an excuse.

    Also, if someone is shooting at you, how do you really stop them? and KG doesn’t want to talk through this conflict either, so maoists have no other options than keep shooting, unfortunately. I am not accepting it but i don’t think there is any other optinos for a change after repeated failures in round tables.

  3. pawan Avatar

    well basic rule of war is to kill as much of your enemies as you can–a cruel fact. maoists know it and they initiated this war. i find it funny when someone argue that you can not kill maoists because they are nepali citizens, as if only maoists are allowed to kill fellow nepali citizens.

    i believe that maoists can put this senseless killings to an end by laying down their weapons.

  4. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    why would the Maoist just lay down their arms?
    unless there is an effort from all sides of this conflict we cannot find a solution.
    you know in fact the maoists have been proactive in this conflict. even during the second negotiations the parties screwed up. several months ago the maoists called for a ceasefire but his highness gyanendra’s cabinate led by our beloved tulsi giri did absolutely nothing to reach out to the maoists. instead a week before the ceasefire ended the army attacked rolpa (i think it was rolpa). this action seemed like to was inteded to provoke the maoists to end their ceasefire.
    this was even after the maoists have changed their stance on the monarchy issue.

    i think there is a solution if we had the leadership.

  5. pawan Avatar

    why would…? well just to show the world that they have all the good intension to bring the peace to the country, and willing to work for bourgeois democratic system–this is the only democratic system the world had seen, other democratic system you can see is that of DPRK–democratic peoples republic of korea.

    secondly, you cannot expect state to lay down its weapon–you dont want to see maoists regime in Sinhadarbar, do you?

    thirdly, its them who initiated war for nothing so it is them who need to lose the most and it will happen one way or another.

  6. pawan Avatar

    and for ceasefires–those short breaks is not going to help any purpose.

  7. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    Now be careful Mr. Pawan.
    I am constantly disgusted by the methods the Maoist have used in this “revolution”. I absolutely deplore the murders, the destruction of infrstuture etc. However, I don’t think that it is fair to say that they “initiated war for nothing.” Why the Maoist movement started is clear to everyone – I don’t think this issue is very debatable.

    I don’t want to see the Maoists in Singa Durbar in these circumstances. However, if the Maoist lay down their arms and decied to join mainstream politics than I suppose they could be in Singa Durbar if a democratic process gave them the mandate. Much like what Sinn Fain in Ireland.

    And I have disagree with you that they would just lay down the arms to show they are intersted in a peaceful solution. These Maoist have nothing to loose – as they see it they have been living a life of such opression and hardship it can’t get any worse.

    Even before we get to the Maoist issue the number one concern in Nepal is to restore a democratic system. With this first step further progress it unlikely.

  8. siddhartha thapa Avatar

    well i am glad images like this are coming out in the open. people should know what life in rural nepal is like, after all rural nepal is the battle zone. however, i do not trust the maoists at all. i think the rna has been fighting this war to protect us all Neplais not just the king. in fact the maoist launched thier armed struggle not against the king but the parliamentary system. secondly, at least the government has not killed people for not accepting its views. thirdly, abductions continue, people are being forcefully inducted into the militia, slc centres are being bombed. so my question, why should we trust the maoist.

    do you think in india, where the government is fighting the hizbullahs and the ulfa in assam, generally peopple condem the army. in fact they rally behind the army.

    what ever it is, the morale of the rna should not be affected. it has been working for our safety. had the rna not been able to contain these physcotic maos, they would have killed more and more people for disagree with them.

    i like to see more and more maoist getting killed to the point they have to come and compromise. wake up nepali people. wake up parties, wake up king, let us all unite to fight these outdated bolshevicks.

  9. G-Hangman Avatar

    royalist hydromaniac blood suckers,
    I would rather see Maoists occupy Raj Durbar
    than the KG,
    as long as it is not Prachand and BB or the like,
    as long as the new occupants of Raj Durbar are new recruits and ordinary field workers,
    I have no problem with them
    Maoists of the bottom rung are more people-like than Shah family members and their supporters, including those hydromaniacs who will say peace, peace in your face, but stab you on the back

  10. Deva_putra Avatar

    You maoist supporters are traitors to your own kind.

    In a world were all people are in competition it is up to us to stand up and protect our identity. Hindus face threats everywere. Muslims, Maoists are set to destroy what is left of our 9000 year history. Nepal is the only country run competely by a hindu gvmt, we have to perserve this.

    Hinduism honors our great ancestors, forgetting about them is a slap in the face of our families.

    For all you who think i’m joking around, you are dumb shits, this is the truth. While chinese, muslims and everyone else sets to destroy us, you are aiding them.

    The maoists are nothing but rebels, with their leaders looking for power, there is no chance of a democracy in nepal, it will either be rules by the maoists or the royalists. The royalists have more legitimacy. The maoists would do much worse if they had the chance.

    Stop being blind and see the truth.

  11. pawan Avatar

    no wonder why some bloggers always post comments against king and political leaders. lots of maoists sympathizers post their comments here. somebody need to educate these bloggers about totalitarian nature of maoism and manace they posed to society and peoples of the country. you better learn from peoples of formal soviet union, veitman, eastern europe, and democratic peoples republic of korea(they call themselve democratic, what a jerk).

  12. G-Hangman Avatar

    What a jerk the KG is who calls himself democracy while he is demon-cracy!

  13. Desh Premi Avatar
    Desh Premi

    We Nepalis seek piece and restore democracy as early as possible. But I strongly feel that Nepal must have some sort of rigid measures to stop malpractices. I would like to suggest that subject matter should be debated on open forum and pass some kind of very strong law to stop malpractices. As long as the measures stay loose anyone on who reaches the chair practices exactly same old malpractices and everything will repeat again. I strongly feel it is time for all countrymen to think about Nation Building. Just imagine if it continues Nepal may not be there at the time of our future generations.

  14. pawan Avatar

    “Why the Maoist movement started is clear to everyone”

    well i dont know why they started it in first place, all i know was they produced a 42 point
    garbage and issued a dateline and went for war just like that. pundit if you know anything other than that you can post it here.

    if they dont give up the arms then they are not interested on peace–the fact is as simple as like that. i see only two way to the peace, either they lay down their arms and accept bourgeois political system or get killed or captured. if they think they have nothing to loose then they are waiting the faith that of Guzman, Che Guevara, chauchescu.

  15. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    How about hundreds of years of opression, exploitation and marginlization? The Royals exploited them without giving anything in turn and then the poltical parties did pretty much the same thing. Maybe someone from Kathmandu cannot understand why the Maoist movement started but for the rural Nepalis it doesn’t seem that illogical.

    “i see only two way to the peace, either they lay down their arms and accept bourgeois political system or get killed or captured”

    What about another option? Keep fighting like they have been doing for the last 10 years. The RNA hasn’t been able to do anything substantial up to now … so why will they get captured or killed? Why do you think the RNA will be any more successul in the future? Besides with all the human rights abuses and dissappearances etc. resemtment keeps growing with breeds more insurgency. With no development and jobs in the rural parts the youth get desperate and frustrated which makes them join the movement with all the promises more likely. Therefore this will turn out to be a vicious cycle. Who are you going to just kill/capture? There is absolutely no military solution to the Maoist insurgency. In fact generally speaking there is never a military solution to an insurgency.
    Really the only viable solution is to get them to lay down their arms and join the mainstream political areana.

    I sympathize with what Dev-Putra is saying to a certain extent. There is so many churches and Mosques all over Nepal and rate of conversions is alarming. I also do not want to loose our culture and heretaige. By the way Dev-Putra Hinduism is older then just 9000 years.
    But until there is peace and security we cannot even begin to look at issues like this. The absolute first step has to be for KG to restart the democratic process. Dev-Putra – why is democracy not possible? Of course it is.

  16. pawan Avatar

    hundreds of year ago, people all around the world suffered, so did nepali. we all suffered, and we all know what the suffering is. kathmanduiets suffered when prithvi narayan came to this city. for us it took long time to heal. so we dont want to see another attack.

    there is no development and young guys are jobless and it is same story in cities. but you dont just arm them for that reason alone. but communist pundits baburam and prachanda saw it as an oppertunity to exploit young rural guys. they brainwashed them and made them monsters.

    there is a problem, the porous border between ours and india. but once we convince indians that maoists are threat to the region, that it posses great threat to its growing economy and once communists partner in present govrnment of india stop helping maoists, RNA will kill or capture these maoists pundits.

  17. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    I don’t think pawan. You don’t think India realizes that Maoists could be a threat to them also?

    Maybe that is too much of an overstatement – we all know what suffering is. No I don’t think so. The Kathmandu elites don’t know what suffering is like in the villages. Nor did they ever care. The fact of the matter is that development was centralized to Kathmandu for hundreds of years. Rural Nepal was ignored and exploited. Have you read about how things worked under the Rana regime? Forget that and look at Nepal after 1990… still the rural Nepalis had little political representation and were marginalized both economically and socially. Basically the Bhun-Chettri-thakuri trio dominated everything from politics to economics. Unfortunetly Nepal’s demographic is made out of more then just these 3 ethnic groups.
    This of course doesn’t justify the Maoists recent actions. But remember that we are discussing if there was initial justification for the Maoist movement to start. The answer is that the Maoist revolution was brewing for a long time and people like Baburam and Prachanda gave the movement leadership and sparked the revolution.
    By the way there are jobless people in the Kathmandu but you cannot even begin to compare that to the extream hardships in rural Nepal.

  18. Manan Avatar

    There are certain things about the Hindu religion that are nice and others that are not.

    We don’t have to blindly follow any culture or religion. We have our own minds.

    If the Hindu religion or culture keeps us backward, to hell with it.

  19. Dailekhe Avatar

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  20. pawan Avatar

    statistics does not show all development activities were kanthmandu centered as you claimed. matter of fact thing is just opposite. for the past 50 years–both panchayat and democratic era–country has been spending some 75% of national budget in village each year while cities generates 75% of internal revenue that means kathmandu has been spending large amount of its resource for development of village–i dont know what amount of money they spend on kathmandu city and i dont see any substantial development in this city except for growing population(mostly bahun-chhetri-thakuri trio as you put it) and pollution.

    50 years of that investiment in villages is quite an amount, and if you still claim that there is no development activities, then there must be something wrong out there.

    there is frustration among the poor villagers. but question is how they get frustrated is matter of analysis. recently a wiseman said ‘extremism is born out of jelousy of city lifestyles’. and i think he is true. that is where the fox cleaver communist bahuns like baburam and prachanda come into picture. there is no ground for any communist revolution in this country.

  21. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    I understand that different people have different opinions and way of analysis. However, even from an objective standpoint it would be safe to say that rural Nepal is heavily underdeveloped and the people marginalized. I am not sure where you got those budget figures but I doubt that it reflects reality. Nepal has been dominated by the trio ethnic groups for hundreds of years – power and wealth has been dispropotionetly divided amonst these 3 classes. The caste system, the Kathmandu-centric rurlers have marginalized the “other” Nepalis. Who are we kidding – if you look at the imrovishement in the rural parts of Nepal there is certainly grounds for a revolution.

  22. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO

    Go and kill on the name of Hindu king.

    To errrr is human,to fogive is divine- stupid Hindu Nepali

  23. Desh Premi Avatar
    Desh Premi

    Pawan ji,

    I believe you are right 75% is spent in the name of development of rural areas. But I don’t think anything in terms of finance is reached to the end point. That is the main desease of the soceity! Any leader from a village comes to Kathmandu to get some sort of development funds for a project. The person collaborates with the leaders or concern gangs and sucks that funds. In papers there is no doubt 75% of revenue is spent in development of ruarla areas. But in reality the money is either leaked on the way or they are used for official/unofficial visits of Royal Palace.

    This is what our society has to stop today. I believe all those loss of life is because of long standing procedures of our system. All expenditures of the country has to be controlled in properway including expenditure of Royal palace. May be the main problem of all those political instability is the result of our own system.

    I strongly feel this problems of leakage will reduce if appropriate legislation is put in place. Prior to implement new legislation salary scale of civil servants, Army and Police force must be revised. I feel any workers specially in the government should be paid enough to maintain family of four to Nepalese standard. At the same time new bill of corruption must be in place. After that if anyone finds involved in malpractices then the person be liable for prosecution. Moreover, Royal spending must be revised. I strongly feel for poor nation like Nepal the Royal expenditure is far too high. If collected revenues are spent for Royal palace then what Nepal will have to spent for development?

  24. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    Desh Premi:
    I completly agree that civil servants must be paid higher wages. This help reduce curruption and makes the government more efficient.
    I also agree that the Royal spending should be curtailed but that is not the major expenditure that has been responsible for our impending fiscal crisis. Defence spending is far too high for a poor country like ours, there is no emphasis on rural/agricultural development when the majority of the people in in rural areas. Most importantly our education system needs serious reform.
    Actually more importantly we need peace and security and we need to get rid of lunatics like tulsi giri.

  25. pawan Avatar

    and pandit dont want to give up that there is no ground for any communist revolution. fanatic huh.

    i can tell you this, we kathmanduiets has been marginalized i have seen many local young guys without jobs, there are many youngs that i know who can continue their education due to economic misery. government has so many funds for poor villagers who can not continue their edcucation on their own, but that is not case for kathmanduiets. there are so many other thing that we the kathmanduiets are deprived of.

    deshi premi ji it is wrong that king and palace alone has misused the development funds and political leaders are clean. who do you think you kidding with.

    what make you believe that if king give up his power there will not be any leakage of development funds. what i believe is that it is not the system or low wage–salary–its attitude that make poeple corrupt and as i have quoted in my previous post that ‘extremism born out of jelousy of city life style’ they must stop comparing their life with that of others. they must find a way to make their live better based on their interest and utilize available resources. only that alone will stop corruption.
    they need to stop looking at city as a short cut to the better life living less capable villagers ever more misery.

  26. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    if you think people from kathmandu are worse off then the rural areas I have no other choice but to act like an arrogant jerk and call you just plain stupid with the understanding of a 3 year old.
    What the hell are you talking about man? Do you know just how improvished rural Nepal is? Rural Nepalis have been exploited and marginalized for hundreds of years. Any development, any wealth etc. is all centralized to Kathmandu and even more centralized to people with certain surnames. Why do you think those youths are there in the first place? because many of them come from villages and they have nothing better to do there.
    I would excpet this kind of statment from someone who has no clue about the history of Nepal.

  27. pawan Avatar

    yes it is worse compare to bangkok or singapore. but that is not going to resolve anything. that is why you need to stop comparing your lives with others. that is what am trying to tell you.

  28. hawkeye Avatar

    pawan:”we kathmanduiets has been marginalized” have heard this from a lot.

  29. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    who is comparing anything to bangkok and singapore. where did you get that from?
    you should try go on a visit to rural nepal and see the conditions yourself.

  30. pawan Avatar

    visit rural nepal then what? justify maoists voilence?

  31. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    No Pawan not justify Maoist violence -who is asking you to do that? But to understand why the Maoist movement started and to understand that there is a major issue of inequality … to see that we as Nepalese need to redefine our identity to include all people of Nepal and not just people who live in Kathmandu.

  32. Fidel Avatar

    “prachandapath” that’s what they call maoism in Nepal isn’t it? I just wonder how many moists cadres know the meaning of Prachandapath(Apart from what a 15 year maoist girl reiterates proudly about “naulo janabad”) and the meaning of Socialism(and currently consituent assembly). The only reason I see behind the escalation of the war is that
    Maoist leadership is incompetant to send its socialist message across all Nepalese who have been under religious, political, social-economic descrimination from the “elites” of Nepal shahs, Ranas, maligned political groups and their leaders, Military top brass of thapas ranas Shahis
    Maoist in Nepal can be treated as the most patriotic Nepalese interms of their socialistic Agendas but they need far more credibility and knowledge than guerella warfare to turn the tables against what they call imperialists who ever comes against their way. they have tough road ahead but can learn alot from what Castro did and how things have turned out nicely right now in Cuba.

  33. pawan Avatar

    here you go again, just clinging out there believing that maoists has ground to wage war that killed thousands of innocent people. like true fanatic, dont want to give up.

    to be honest inequality is everywhere, nature itself is unequal, you cannot do anything, face it.

  34. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    well i could say the same thing now couldn’t I.
    I don’t think anything justifies Maoist violence. But why they started is justified!
    The point is that the only way of of the current crisis in Nepal is a negotiated settlelemtnt with the Maoists. Things are not going to be the same. So stop being a stubborn elitiest and deal with it!

  35. Lalupate Avatar


  36. Kirat Avatar

    Idiots! Do you think the woman is crying for her dead goats? Mr. Agni Prasad looks evil.

  37. Karsand Avatar

    My god! you are such a brave journaist Bhoj ji. Your pictures speak themsleves. I am deeply concerned the way our brothers and sisters are getting killed every day, and the rullers are enjoying on the bloods and suffering of ordinary people.I am convinced the days will come when both guns will hold no power and criminal will be trailed in the international criminal court.I will pry for peace.
    K Lama

  38. Someone Ortheother Avatar
    Someone Ortheother

    Congratulations on a wonderful website. May I use one of your photographs?

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