Live From The War Zone. Thokarpa Aerial Attack

Royal Nepalese Army attacked from air to the Moaists mass meeting at the Bagh Bhairav Secondary School, Thokarpa, Sindhupalchowk District killing at least four rebels and a civilains. UWB! blogger Bhojraj Bhat was covering the outlawed party’s mass meeting and saw everything with his own eyes. “Thank god,” he says after returning Kathmandu. “I am alive to tell the story.”

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Maoists carry the corpse of their fallen comrade

By Bhojraj Bhat

One hour before the scheduled time, Maoists movement increased at Thokarpa. At around 11:30am, Varsha Man Pun (aka Ananta) walked towards the venue with his face covered by a handkerchief. Agni Prasad Sapkota (aka Kanchan) was accompanying him. A few number of them walked down from the school for the lunch.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Fearful civilians tried to keep themselves safe from the firing

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Guerillas walk towards jungle after surviving the aerial attack.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
A guerilla carries his female comrade who was injured in the attack.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Guerillas pose for the cameras

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
A woman (right) cries while watching the goats, all died at their places by the firing, as a Maoist watches in disbelief. Some thought that the goat on the right was alive. No, they were wrong. Near the goats lies the corpse of a fallen Maoist.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Maoists arrive at Thokarpa in this bus. Blogger/journalist Bhoj Raj Bhat is seen in the photo. He is holding a child (far left).

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Died on the spot.

The dais wasn’t ready at the time and Ganga Karki (aka Biswo) was readying the forum for the program. Some militias were busy on decoration while others were bringing chairs.

At half-past 12, a bus arrived by Chehere of Sindhupalchowk. Number of the people increased. Half of the militia was eating when suddenly the sound of airplane was heard. Some said it was the regular flight while other suspected of army’s spying place. But when it started hovering at the school, Biswo and Govinda Batala (aka Jiwit) ordered to form the formation. They were carrying wireless sets which they used to instruct the militia.

Within five minutes, Army’s cheetah helicopter arrived and civilians started running away. ‘Journalists should be protected,’ a Maoist commander was saying. They kept a Nepali and a foreigner journalist with them and moved them towards the house near the school. Before Dinesh Shrestha of Maoists’ Janadesh weekly, a Japanese journalist and I were in the house, army opened fire towards us. Thankfully, the bullets didn’t find any journalists. A militia who was nearby was hit and instantly fell dead. Then we entered the house with a group of militia.

The Maoists were listening to the army’s communication in a radio at ’10 Band’. Four helicopters fired for around 90 minutes and then after there was silence. Militia started coming out of the houses they took as shelters and moved upwards with their bags. At that point, everyone was confused about other’s location. A militant told us that Ananta and Kanchan were safe and then only they started looking for injured. A militant was dead near the school while other was lying dead a little away. The Maoists took the corpses in stretchers and buried them in the nearby river bank.

There was around 1500 Maoists who searched for safe shelters. A woman in Lisung was brave enough to utter: “Khatri was killed as you sheltered in civil homes, please don’t do same to us.” But the Maoists militia denied her request and entered her house. At 5:00pm, when the Moaists believed of no more attacks and started carrying injured to the bus, a helicopter started firing again. Since everybody was inside the bus, nothing happened.

Sound of crying people was heard in the village above where Maila Khatri, 63, was shot at along with three goats. Khatri was alive but died within a few minutes. Then there was rush again as the helicopters reappeared after refueling.

At 5:30pm, the helicopter was grounded at the place of incident and army men stepped down. Maoists started firing from the other hill and there was exchange of fire throughout the night. All transportation from Chehere to Lauri Bhyanjang of Kavre was disrupted and on Tuesday morning too army helicopters were hovering around.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
As the aerial attack began, Maoists and civilians started fleeing the program venue.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
A plane (left) and a helicopter were seen hovering over the sky with soldiers firing from inside the chopper.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Guerillas before the program started (also the pic below)

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Preparing the dais

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Ladies do the flowery job

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
The area commander of the Maoists (middle) and Agni Prasad Sapkota, central leader of the party. The woman on the left is his relative.

Thokarpa Army Aerial Attack Over Maoist Meeting
Maoist leader Agni Sapkota gives a smile from inside the bus.

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90 thoughts on “Live From The War Zone. Thokarpa Aerial Attack

  1. great coverage…this incident confirms that KG does not care about the citizens…at least the army should have thought about the local people what might have happened to them.

  2. why is this area commandar smiling even after such attacks and losses. Its poor villegers who lost their life.
    Mr. Author being over there can’t help them get out of this MAOIST stuff.
    What is use of education that you have earned, when u can’t convince your own people to get out from such dreadful and riskful job.

    Ironically, you seemed much more like one of them in this article.

    UWB stop supporting the MOISTS, I am NOT saying “DONT HELP Moaist People”, but their ideology and their actions.

  3. When will all the factions in Nepal realize that this conflict cannot be resolved militarily? At the end of the day it is innocent villagers who are loosing their lives and suffering from death and destruction.

    These boys all seem to be in their early 20s. This also shows just how incompetant the RNA is.

  4. Stunning pics…well done Bhoj Raj Bhatt…Indian Cheeta is being used in warfare but without any consideration to civilian casualty. So it is still appropriate to supply arms to the RNA if it do not abide by the human rights and civilian casualty? Moreover, it shows how hastily the assault was launched. It seems that the RNA had received credible information about the program, with a convergence of 1500 rebels. Why could not it wait for the program to start to launch an assault that would have shown a “great victory” to them by gunning down “several rebels”? The hard fact is: the RNA is worried, becoming incompetent due to the incompetent leadership and is acting in its own whim without any regard to civilian casualty?

  5. Is it still appropriate to supply arms to the RNA if it do not abide by the human rights and civilian casualty?

  6. What stuns me is that the woman in the picture was crying for the goats and not for a precious human life lying justasif another goat.
    Truly the value of humanbeing is far less than the animals!

  7. “” Right ! STOP Bull Shit MAOIST stuff. Get life .. Ever mooring
    I read bad about Nepal. India is bad because us help Nepalese army. Maoist kill .. so many people .. Nepalese army kills so many Maoists. Sound like ever party wants to be prime minister.

    Stop killing each other … get together , work it out ! Before other country take over Nepal. God Bless Nepal.

  8. What a sad way for the KG and Maoists to enjoy power, taking innocent people’s lives !

    Both RNA and teenage rebel fighters are under illusion that they are fighting for people’s cause, not knowing their bosses are making fool of them and living a feudal life and enjoying power.

  9. Villagers have not welcomed MBs to become their human shields. It is simple the woman will cry for her goats not for the fallen MBs.

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  11. Indiscreminate firing should be deplored irrespective of the source, be it MB or RNA. If the MBs think they are on war, they should prepare their war on their own, should not cowardice to innocent people’s home to save their arse.

  12. Good pictures. Wonder how the RNA justified this aerial attack on a peaceful mass meeting and the murder of cadre and civilians.

  13. You are traitors to your people if you are a moaist. Hail the great aryan king, he is a proud hindu like me. When thoses chinese wannabe maoists get crushed we will finally have a hindu country. Human rights??? I bet you the maoists would do ten times worse if they were in power.

    The king was right to take over, the country was about to go into anarchy. Nepal needs a strong central authority to develop. Support the king and be loyal to your people.

  14. here comes another DHOKE
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  16. I’d rather Have a Hindu MahaRaja than a Maoist dictator. Even india gives so much to muslims, India is not even a Hindu country. I’m sick of this secular bullshit talk. We hindus are natives of this land and we should be treated better. We must have a leader who represents our culture.

  17. hi bhoj what a coverage ! u r becoming war reporter from conflict reporter. keep it up man.

  18. haha…another unaccounted sperm…yea, he might be sth like that.

    seriously, what are you talking about, deva_putra? trying to get some attention here?

    we have already seen one ‘great’ aryan fall down in germany with his love for aryan race. what do you want to make out this aryan superiority? it’s time to live out of these little boundaries of race because we sure can’t live in it! wake up.

    i can’t tell if maoists are right but at least they are transparent(more so than the entire royal palace that stinks with tons of stories left uncovered).

    anyways, nice article and pictures. what’s the possibility of having audio files around here (as newsreport for events like this)? this could be stupid question, but just my thought.


  19. Oh man Bhoj jee .
    Tapai ta bado sahasi manchhe rahechha ni. la badhai chha secod Phanindra Nepal bhaeko ma. Rolpa bata purano sathi.

  20. If the news about USA resuming the military is true its a good news.It should be welcomed.May be some people may not like the idea,but its understandable.Its time there is a final battle.Nepal has been in the present state too long.If the maoist can get weapons its ok.Let KG and Maoist fight to death.There is no way out, we cant be like Liberia or Kenya with decades of war.

  21. Bhojaraj jee,

    It is a job well done. The story is filled with horror, and it vividly demonstrates the horrific situation into which the poor and innocent people in many Nepalese villages are dragged, almost daily. I appreciate your courage and professionalism.

  22. If you plan to say in power and treat half of your country’s population worse than dogs, then I would say your are going to need a lot more than a few of our weapons.

    The maoists didn’t take control of 80% of the country because being shot at by helicopters is fun. The poor in nepal are fucking pissed off at you. Share your wealth with them, before they start sharing their poverty with you.

  23. My brave men !

    You must know that Nepal is my country, my land and my property. Who has rights to raise question over my regime and my security guard.Royal Army is my security group and they are doing for me not for Nepali people, whatever they did. Gud ! You should have killed more civilian because the papulation of Nepal is being higher.This is good idia to prevent growth rate of population.Sya bas keta ho. You are my guard.You did well. The villagers, they would be Maoist one day later so it is good to kill them all now. It is my order! finish all. Nearly 2 lakh people are enough for me to keep my regime up in Nepal.

    Your Leader

  24. The great coverage of the fighting in the country-side is praiseworthy. I should salute Maoist revolionary for their sincere sacrifice to eliminate the autocratic system from Nepali soil.

    Great job indeed!!

    Sandesh Devkota

  25. Bhojraj ji,

    You have done a wonderful job by giving vivid scenario of war from the remote village of Sindhupalchok. You should show outside world how autocratic rgime is misusing our tax money by killing innocent villagers. This kind of publicity will help to boost the moral of Maoist revolutionaries and the people who are fighting against autocratic rules that we are having since two and half century back.

  26. Quotes of the day:
    Thok goil sale harulai, bado demonstration garne bhyaka, pani napachyaka haru

    Swiss bank le mero kalyan garos

  27. After all this has happened the “SMILE” of Agni Pradad is panic to nepali citizens.


    Dear Bhojraj jee,

    We are expecting similar reports of up coming “APRIL REVOLUTION”. The media coverage of the people’s war is not sufficient as the old regime has virtually controlled the media business and so called human right activities.However they are trying their best as they do not have alternatives.

  29. American:’Share your wealth with them, before they start sharing their poverty with you.’

    nepal is poorest country on the face of the earth, i dont know what wealth you want us to share with maoists. and what ever few we have had, are destroying by maoists.

    well if you are kind enough you can share your as well as your countries’s wealth with maoists.

  30. Hey K.G.
    we need a creative thinker like you here.

    but what’s my role as a hangman?

  31. All right, I know I’m going to come across as a heartless warmongering baby /goat killer here, but that’s only because I’m a heartless warmongering baby killer. Well, not really, but you can pretend if you wish.

    Yes, this war is translating into civilian casualties. We knew going in that this would be the case. Mothers would die. Fathers would die. Children would die. Goats would die. And, hopefully, Prachanda would die in a spray of crimson and moustache. And, yes, the Maoist leadership, lacking a military capable of winning a physical war , is doing their best to win the propaganda war. That means we’re going to be treated to pictures of dead civilians every day, compliments of Kantipur and any other media outlet that Maoists leaks photos to.

    Of course, the anti-king protestors lap this stuff up like its candy, using it as background noise while staging their whatever grand theatrical show that gets them on highlight. They hold up these pictures as proof that the RNA, and its bombing raids, are tearing through the Nepali citizenry with reckless abandon, and they yell and scream that any attack is a farce. Riiiiggght . As soon as KG decides to fire up his fighters and conduct carpet bombing assaults on Rukum/Rolpa, then come and talk to me. When he starts deploying bombs on the roadside of the busy highways, give me a call. When soldiers start kidnapping children to join the army, perhaps I’ll raise an eyebrow. Then, and only then, will I re-consider my anti-Maoist stance.

    As someone recently pointed out, war kills civilians, but Maoists kill civilians on a daily basis anyway. The irony in the anti-King stance here is that they can’t, or won’t, see that point. Apparently, if the RNA accidentally kills civilians, it’s a tragedy and a crime of the highest order, but if Prachanda and his cronies kill for the fun of it, well, that’s not our problem.

    We’re up against an enemy that wears RNA uniforms to attack our troops and visit misery, torture on civilians so they can blame the Army. An enemy that puts military targets in the middle of heavily populated areas knowing full well they’re going to get bombed. An enemy that runs command and control operations from schools. An enemy that snaps pictures of dead civilians that they don’t actually give a rat’s ass about, but they know it makes good PR.

    I admit that the loss of civilians is unfortunate, but I’m certainly not going to dwell on it or lose sleep over it. We’re at war. And a goat doesn’t mean a thing

  32. guest_001, transparent?? you are a damn idiot!

    you are a fool, be proud of your culture. if you wanna be white go make your sister a whore or max out your credit cards.

  33. Ladies and Gentalmen:
    Deva_Putra recently came out if a cave that he was born and bought up in for the last 15 years. Please ignore his comments since he has no clue about anything and he is just charged up on hormones with the years of isolation.

  34. bhudai pundit,
    what the kid is doing is
    a cheap shot to attract attention or insanity
    i would not give a shit about it

  35. Great work Bhojraj ji. You help us explore the reality.

    And guys, lets not bother the ones who want another Hitler. Let those “Holocaust Revisionists” mutter some mad words….

  36. thumbs up for the pics. RESPECT!! such touching photographs… it saddens one’s heart to see fellow nepalis killing each other. both sides.

  37. no name,

    You do the bootlicking job best. Actually you should have a name of your own ‘RNA-propaganda-mouthpiece’. Your rhetoric is so banal and stupid that some day your mama will cry on it, and repent on giving birth to a dimwit child whose IQ score is 50. No one buys your argument, not anymore. Whatever you have written is farce. You are a fake man ! Or is it a copy of RNA press release? You could be one of those top brass Rana/shaha/Thapa general. I do not blame ordinary RNA men in uniform. They just follow their command. It pisses me off when people like you vomit your DUI-KAUDI idea and hope that the history would forget what you and your people had done or have been doing to Nepalese for centuries.

  38. Expect Maoists to retaliate soon. Another town will be torched, another ten or fifteen soldiers of armymen ambushed and shot dead, another bunch of rifles and money stolen….

    And the royalist monkeys still don’t have a clue.
    You idiots, declare a cease-fire immediately and do something for the country for a change.

  39. I’m so pissed off with these royalist monkeys and their idiot supporters. Good God, but how is it that these animals still exist in modern-day society?

    Take this animal noname. His monkey heroes are butchering women and children and he wants more; the fool talks about ‘war’, ‘war’, little realizing that the Nepali Army is hardly the world’s most effective fighting force. I mean, the performance of the RNA would be considered comedic if it were not for the seriousness of the situation. Those pot-bellied Rana and Thapa commanders haven’t earned a single star and yet they command a whole army. Its a sure recipe for disaster, when you’ve got such an anachronistic bunch at the top–really, as far as the science of warfare goes, they are monkeys, totally clueless. You expect such a dubious bunch to give you victory?

    I mean, anyone can climb on board a helicopter and drop bombs. How difficult is that? Press a button, house destroyed, people killed; I could do that too. You think anyone’s going to be in awe of that? Like I said, all that’s going to happen is that the Maoists will be further pissed off and attack one or more towns and leave them in ruins. Noname, if you’re idiot enough to believe that they can’t do something like that, you’ll be proved wrong. I guarantee you, they’ll attack again, and leave one more town smoldering. You want that?

  40. And Deva Putra,

    Are you joking around, or are you serious? If you’re joking, as I think you are, please leave, find a less serious site. People get pretty worked up here, sooner or later you’ll find yourself bombarded with such insults that you’ll want to run home to your mama.

    Please, for your own good, take your jokes somewhere else. They’re not much appreciated here.

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