A Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Nepali Wedding

In Nepal, Marriage Is A Public Affair Where You Show Off Your Power and Property. Yes, Even If That Is Illegal. Because Who Can Touch An Army General Who Is Considered Above The Law? General’s Juwai: On the marriage day: pic taken on Sunday, May 14. Pic by Todd Krainin General’s Daughter, the Behuli. PicContinue reading “A Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Nepali Wedding”

Maoists Abduct, Maoists Extort and Maoists Loot: RNA

Digitized avatar of a copy of today’s press release issued by the Royal Nepal Army. (translation below) According to reports emerging out from different parts of the country, Maoist comrades have gone to the looting and extortion spree. That is happening after the rebels have announced three-month long ceasefire. Press release issued by the RoyalContinue reading “Maoists Abduct, Maoists Extort and Maoists Loot: RNA”

Conversation Between a Maoist Guerilla and a Soldier

The ceasefire effect: Maoists, troops trade words, not bullets By Shahiman Rai in the Kathmandu Post (Here is the original article) BHOJPUR (Eastern Nepal)- Even two weeks ago, they might have been shooting at each other. And now one is taken aback to see the Maoist rebels and government troops freely chatting with each otherContinue reading “Conversation Between a Maoist Guerilla and a Soldier”

Royalists in Nepal: Down, But Not Out

Updates on the stories of Dr. Tulsi Giri, Kamal Thapa, Shirish Shumsher Rana and Satchit Shumsher Rana By Bikash Sangraula in the Kathmandu Post (Here is the original article) They were busy inaugurating functions, issuing orders, formulating ordinances, attending press meets, denouncing the seven opposition parties and pushing King Gyanendra to continue with his “autocratic”Continue reading “Royalists in Nepal: Down, But Not Out”

Nepal Seeks 1.2 Billion Dollars For Reconstruction

By Surojit Gupta UWB Note: Following is the Reuters report based on the interview of Rameshore Prasad Khanal, Joint Secretary, Finance Ministry. Here is the original article in Reuters website. HYDERABAD, India, May 6 (Reuters) – Nepal is seeking $1.2 billion for reconstruction and rehabilitation and has appealed to the international community for help, aContinue reading “Nepal Seeks 1.2 Billion Dollars For Reconstruction”

Yet Another Commission To Probe Andolan Atrocities

Will the culprits, who oppressed the pro-democracy movement, face charge? Finally the government of victorious alliance of seven political parties have decide to form a powerful committee to probe the atrocities and human rights violations committed by the royal regime during the last month’s historic Jana Andolan (Peoples’ Movement). This evening’s cabinet meeting decided aboutContinue reading “Yet Another Commission To Probe Andolan Atrocities”

The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come

Maoists organized a mass meeting on Wednesday to warn the government on issues including Constituent Assembly in a school in Mahendranagar (Kanchanpur). Maoist guerillas present cultural program in combat uniform. Pic by Chitrang Thapa It’s an open secret in Kathmandu that the recently ‘concluded’ historical Jana Andolan was in fact triggered by the Maoists. TheseContinue reading “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come”