Maoists Abduct, Maoists Extort and Maoists Loot: Nepal Army

While the country is readying itself for the first round of peace talks with the Maoists, the rebels are continuing the activities, some say, they are best known for: extortion, intimidation and abductions. They are collecting money from not only big businesses of the country but also from general people and small businesses around Nepal.Continue reading “Maoists Abduct, Maoists Extort and Maoists Loot: Nepal Army”

Meet the Rebels: Maoist Guerilla of Nepal

A personal encounter with Nepal’s Maoist rebels is a ‘show’ of force in more ways than one. By Kevin Sites Pics and captions by Dinesh Wagle Even if you don’t have a gun, act like you have one! That’s what this guerilla girl was doing in a parade organized on the play ground of aContinue reading “Meet the Rebels: Maoist Guerilla of Nepal”

Uncle Sam on Nepal: Latest Report Card

By Richard A. Boucher US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nepal Sarkar! Within an hour of Parliament passing a historical resolution that renamed His Majesty’s Government to Nepal Government, the Land Reform Office of the Ministry of Land Reform and Management quickly erased the signboard and replaced the HMG withContinue reading “Uncle Sam on Nepal: Latest Report Card”

The Maoist Road Map To Peace

Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) has disclosed its roadmap to peace which gives us hope. The Road Map was decided by the central working committee of the Maoist party and was made available to media today by in a statement issued by Maoist Chairman Prachanda. 1. Declaration of a ceasefire 2. Finalisation of code of conductContinue reading “The Maoist Road Map To Peace”

Parliament Will be Supreme: King in Nepal Will be Under Tax and Law

House of Representative will pass a ground breaking proposal that will make people feel for the first time about true democracy. But we will have a long way to go even after that proposal is passed. When we talk about bringing complete democracy in Nepal, we are talking about drastically curtailing the rights and powerContinue reading “Parliament Will be Supreme: King in Nepal Will be Under Tax and Law”

Will These Repressive Ministers Be Punished?

While arresting the three ministers of the autocratic royal regime, the government also suspends the chiefs of three (not the army though) security bodies. Finally three ministers Kamal Thapa, Ramesh Nath Pandey and Shris Shumshere Rana have been arrested. The Kathmandu District Administration Office issued the arrest warrant against them following a directive from theContinue reading “Will These Repressive Ministers Be Punished?”

A Big Fat 'Illegal' Nepali Wedding

In Nepal, Marriage Is A Public Affair Where You Show Off Your Power and Property. Yes, Even If That Is Illegal. Because Who Can Touch An Army General Who Is Considered Above The Law? General’s Juwai: On the marriage day: pic taken on Sunday, May 14. Pic by Todd Krainin General’s Daughter, the Behuli. PicContinue reading “A Big Fat 'Illegal' Nepali Wedding”