The Maoist Road Map To Peace

Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) has disclosed its roadmap to peace which gives us hope. The Road Map was decided by the central working committee of the Maoist party and was made available to media today by in a statement issued by Maoist Chairman Prachanda.

1. Declaration of a ceasefire

2. Finalisation of code of conduct

3. Formation of talks team

4. Release of political prisoners

5. Starting talks

6. Dissolution of the old parliament, constitution and government

7. Formation of an interim guideline and government by holding a political conference with representation from the political parties, civil society and renowned personalities of different sectors

8. Setting of electoral constituencies by ensuring the representation from people of all classes, castes, sectors and genders

9. Holding constituent assembly elections under reliable international upervision

10. Restructuring of the whole state structures including the People’s Liberation Army and the Royal Nepalese Army as per the popular mandate expressed through the (constituent assembly) elections.

Reble Talk Team: Maoists have formed a three-member talks team headed by central committee member and spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara. Other members are Dev Gurung and Dina Nath Sharma. This will function as a preparation committee for the main summit which will be led by Prachanda.

Here is more from eKantipur:

The [Prachanda] statement said that a “Summit dialogue” needed to be held to take important decisions during talks with the SPA government and that Prachanda would himself lead the Maoist negotiation team during such summit dialogue.

The rebels have also formed a 13-member “central” speakers’ team to address the peaceful mass meets across the country. The Maoist leaders included in the team are as follows: Matrika Prasad Yadav, Hitman Shakya, Gopal Kiranti, Chandra Khanal, Agni Prasad Sapkota, Devendra Paudel, Netra Bikram Chand, Pampha Bhusal, Janardan Sharma, Narayan Prasad Sharma, Lekh Raj Bhatta, Ram Karmi and Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma.

The statement further says that Prachanda tabled a written proposal at the party’s central committee meeting regarding the new political situation in the country and the party’s new plans in the changed political situation.

Prachanda’s proposal has cautioned that the reinstatement of the House of Representatives had failed to represent the “popular aspirations” and rather provided space for the “feudal palace and foreign reactionaries to hatch conspiracies”, according to the statement.

Cautioning against the “danger” of the seven parties going against the spirit and feeling of the recent popular movement, the Maoist supremo, in his proposal, has made a special request to the SPA government to move forward as per the 12-point understanding reached with the rebels last year, the statement says.

Identifying a secular state, ethnic and regional self-governance, a federal state system with Nepali uniqueness, special rights to Dalits and women, revolutionary land reforms, independent economic policy, scientific and people-oriented education system, and guarantee of employment within the country as the key issues, the proposal says these “fundamental problems of the people” should be addressed appropriately in the constituent assembly elections.

The proposal has stressed on the need to initiate immediate action against what it calls the leaders of the feudal autocracy “including the army, police officials and the bureaucracy” to ensure unconditional, free and fair constituent assembly elections.






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  1. Gauhle Avatar

    Root cause of Poverty itself is-Capitalism.Idea of capitalism itself creates Rich & Poor,there by creating poverty. And my frens its wellknown that poverty is main cause behind major problem faced by humanity today- Terrorism.
    So, to eradicate poverty & its fruit terorism; we must abondan governing system Capitalism.And step to the system where theres least chance of creating poverty-Socialism!

  2. Gauhle Avatar

    Anybody who dares him/her self in favour of Peoples Right will have no problem at all with Socialism.
    Frens, we are already in 21st Century & we have crossed so many years in finding system which can address problem of its every citizen with equality,with no discrimations.And its definitely seen in Socialism.
    Then why not to chose Socialism and make this world a much better place to live.Y not?

  3. Gauhle Avatar

    Why should we get afraid of System which is ruled by people for sake of people?
    In our Subconcious State of Mind,there maybe feeling of getting Rich.To have higher influence upon other,to make others do what we wanted them to for us-hmm..this can be done by earnin money !! Isnt it frens?
    No doubt.It surely can be.But do u know by ur 1 luxury living,how many others have to live life like begger?

  4. Gauhle Avatar

    Do u want ur brother & sisters live a life of begger for the sake of u getting rich?? Im sure u dont want this if u have a little of humanity also.
    And, we can see this state in almost every country of world. Everywhere people are forced to sufer physicaly,mentally and in every other prospects just to have food for themselves?? Oh my goodness !! What a misery..
    Mercy people! Mercy for humanity!

  5. Gauhle Avatar

    Mr.Thakuri, u r Damn Right in each word u said,though there always remain exceptions.
    Cause of Corruption isnt always merely a desire of wanting more money.Sometimes & in 3rd World countries like ours,necessities of family & children also leads to corruption,unwilling it maybe.

    To eradicate coruption isnt a cakewalk or a day work.It needs a Strongly determined leadership & people obliged to it.

  6. Pramod Avatar

    Damn right.

  7. zouloofaxea Avatar

    Wow. This site is great. I have no words to said more than thanx.

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