Maoists Abduct, Maoists Extort and Maoists Loot: Nepal Army

Maoists abduct, Maoist extort,Maoists loot

While the country is readying itself for the first round of peace talks with the Maoists, the rebels are continuing the activities, some say, they are best known for: extortion, intimidation and abductions. They are collecting money from not only big businesses of the country but also from general people and small businesses around Nepal. And these kinds of activities are happening daily in many districts. Here we present a press released issued today by the Directorate of Public Relations of Nepal Army that details the rebel activities that are clearly against the spirit of cease fire. Below is the translated version of the release:

Maoists Blast off bomb:1. Maoists blasted off a bomb in the house of Jogendra Sahani today (May 22) in Basantapatti VDC of Rautahat district. Sahani is the former VCD Chairman and activist of Nepali Congress. His wife got injured in the blast. Maoists abducted two sons of Sahani and took them to unknown location.

Maoists abduct general people:

2. Maoists abducted five youths from Campus Road area of Dhangadi municipality (Kailali district) in May 21 and took to unknown location.

3. Maoists abducted Manoj Yadav, a resident of Dharmapur area (Saptari district) and took him to unknown place.

Maoists beat businessmen:

4. Maoists mercilessly beat a local businessman of Bhairavnath VDC, Bajhang district in May 20.

Maoists Extort Money:

5. Maoists have extorted money from local businessmen in different places of Bhajang district in May 20.

6. On the same day, Maoists extorted money from local merchants of Phattepur bazaar (Saptari district) and each shop of Chautara (Sindhupalchowk district) and its surrounding areas.

7. On the same day, Maoists forcefully demanded money from teachers, students, civil servents, intellectuals and local residents of Kolti Bazaar area of Bajura district.

8. Maoists widely extorted money from Bazaar area of Silgadhi (Doti district) in May 19.

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115 thoughts on “Maoists Abduct, Maoists Extort and Maoists Loot: Nepal Army

  1. Forget about just extortion. How about them asking business people to house and feed 1000 or more of their cadres for a few months. I know someone who was told to house and feed 1500 cadres. Otherwise?

  2. Like a lot of previous posters have stated before-the govt. should take the initiative to feed the Maoist cadres-but I suspect that the extortion drive is also for the money the Maoists need for the elections to the CA.

  3. FYI- It is learnt that leaders of Maoist are buying houses in Gangabo and Samakushi. I will go with tribalhead any day- time now is to act rather than quote, preach, and justify a comment which is better left unsaid.

  4. yeah Sansar-you say it is time to act, nobody disagrees with that. But this is a blogsite, what sort of action are you looking for here? What are you and TribalHead saying we should stop posting now? Sorry but you guys are the preachy idiots here.

  5. sansar why don’t you elaborate more on the subject more so that KIRAT could get more insight on the subject,it seems he is clueless.

  6. Yesterday a few MBs came to my work place for donation. It was surprising that they were happy with less than a Gaida donation from us. I am wonedring whether they have changed or making a list of potential donors? I hope they are changing for good.

  7. Kirat, you seem to thrive on superficial topics and agendas. Do I need to spell it out for you what ACTION mean. Haven’t you seen action speaks louder than words in Nepal? Just do not tell me you are unaware, may be you are. I can go on babbling on and on but the truth is, unless we act ( define it anyway you like it) we are in the process to lose our culture, tradition, and way of life that makes us Nepali, not a robotic as in case of Communism. One thing is “reign of terror” is tried & tested method of Maoist so in order to fight it we need to do the same, not throw flowers. Are with me now.

    I will except a barrage from you and your like but I for one will not hesitate to speak the truth, the only truth. Listen, and I can handle the truth.

  8. Kirat,

    Just as you had preached the meaning of ‘fatalism’ and what some anthropologist had said earlier, taking action (in this case) means making some positive contribution instead of lecturing and idealizing what ought to be and going into semantics of a particular word. Of course, taking action is far-fetched and distinctly possible for your city-bred sensibilities. You should do what your are best at – keep on yapping about some vague agenda and pass wise comments.

  9. sansar and tribalhead,
    kirat and you guys are involved in the same activity here on this website: writing. so who’s doing the preaching or whatever? you guys are just dragging a senseless argument on and on just for the sake of arguing.

  10. Mu,

    Define senseless argument for me, please. I am sure about what I comment on and quite rightly put forth my piece. Nothing wrong in that, is there? I do not believe in argument for argument sake and I also do not believe in heard mentality. E’nuff said.

  11. Ops! Its HERD Mentality, I mean to say. Speaks of Herd as in animal- the ones we have see recently.

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