Parliament Will be Supreme: King in Nepal Will be Under Tax and Law

House of Representative will pass a ground breaking proposal that will make people feel for the first time about true democracy. But we will have a long way to go even after that proposal is passed.

When we talk about bringing complete democracy in Nepal, we are talking about drastically curtailing the rights and power of the king. A poweful king is the biggest threat to democracy an d source of instability in this country. We all know, by experience that an active and powerful king is the biggest threat and obstacle to the smooth functioning of democracy. So the king’s autocratic ambitions and wishes to play the power game should be contained. How to do that? The answer that tops the list is:

1. Bring army under the control of parliament.
2. Destroy the link between the king and the army. No army uniform to the king. Scrap the Army Secretariat situated inside the royal palace.
3. Decrease the budget to the royal palace. Make the palace expenditure transparent and accountable to the parliament.

Now the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) has started working on this by first making the House of Representative (HoR) supreme and powerful. According to a report by Gopal Khanal in Kantipur daily, the alliance has drafted a proposal ‘Declaration of the House of Representative- 2063‘ which has been discussed by the top leaders already. The proposal will be tabled in the HoR on Monday and the house will pass the proposal on the same day.

Here are key points that are included in the 10-point proposal:

1. His Majesty the King will not be part of the Parliament. [Now HoR, Upper House and the King are considered as the Parliament.]

2. Royal Nepal Army will be renamed Nepal Army

3. His Majesty’s income and personal properly will be brought under the tax scanner like general citizen of Nepal.

4. Rights to formulate, amend and scrap the law for Royal Succession will be with the parliament.

5. His Majesty’s expenditure and benefits will be set by the parliament.

6. His Majesty’s unlawful actions can be questions at the court.

7. His Majesty’s Government will be renamed as the Government of Nepal.

8. The provision of King as the Supreme Commander of the Army will be scrapped.

9. The Chief of the Army Staff will be the one recommended by the Prime Minister and approved by the State Management Committee of the HoR.

10. There will be no separate service of employees for the Royal Palace. Civil servants based on the Prime Minister’s proposal and approved by the HoR State Management Committee will go to the palace and work.

11. The proposal talks about empowering the role of Prime Minister and the Speaker of the HoR. There is a new provision for the commencement of the parliament session and ending it. Prime Minister will call for the opening of the new session where as the Speaker will end it. Also two thirds of the members of HoR can call for the new session.

12. The election of the Constituent Assembly will be organized on the date set by the HoR.

The proposal also states that all the provisions in the constitution of 1990 and other laws will be discarded if they found to be conflicted with it.

13. All officials holding public posts should take oath designed by the HoR and if anyone refusing to take so will be fired immediately.

14. An all party government including parties in and outside HoR could be formed if the nation needs to form and such a government should get the vote of confidence from two third majority of the HoR.

15. HoR will hold the right to make all necessary laws that are needed for the election of Constituent Assembly.

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44 thoughts on “Parliament Will be Supreme: King in Nepal Will be Under Tax and Law

  1. Quite happy with the above. I hope this really happens soon. The King must be put in his place as a ‘ceremonial’ one. And RNA needs drastic reform the most important being the severing of the ties between the RNA and the Palace. Very positive step I say!

  2. Yeah, I guess this is the way forward. Now that our parliament will be the power center of the country, I hope no MP gets caught in the traffic jam when an important decision is being made there.

  3. Mistake:
    11. I think only 20 % of the member or 25% of the member can call the parliament meeting. It is not necessary to have 2/3 as you said.

    Sign for hope to common Nepali to be proper Nepali.

    I am still sceptical about all this. Is it really happening or it is the make up story of Kantipur similar to that of Maoist’s talk team headed by Mahara.

  4. I want to add one thing to what Kirat said. If majority of people vote for republic, we will respect that too.

  5. Pracanda cam-nalagne-red, and Gija Bau came out for rescuing the King. Surprising it was but Prachada was always labeled as Pro-Royal. No confusion now.

  6. If we can do all these things, it will be superb.

    But one condition is always there:

    Our leaders should be honest to the people and the country. We do not want corruption again. If anybody tries to snatch the money of the people and the country, he will be lynched publicly. I think this should be also one of the points there.

  7. At last these so called leaders are hearing people’s
    aspiration. Good job. Keep it up.

  8. All the proposal sound superb. But I also think we should limit prime minister’s power.

    – Prime Minister should not be able to dissolve the house on his whim.

    – RNA chief, police chief, and other important positions should be approved by the HOR. HOR should be able to grill them.


  9. yeah, PM can be dictator; we have to see from that angle also.

    Other point I would like to make is that Fourth Estate should also caution itself and not write whatever they like on the events and on the person without knowing the truth or without detailed information. That is, one should not indulge in character assasination.One should be banned wrting on the subject which goes against the State. They should be severely punished.

  10. 1. Declare February 18th Election Day in Nepal.

    2. All 75 members of the National Assembly, 205 members of the House of Representative and the Prime Minister must be elected by the general public.

    3. New Prime Minister could be anybody except the Prime Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers pre or post 1990.

    4. Term limits for the members of the National Assembly and for the Prime Minister
    must be one term of six years. Term limits for the members of the House must be three terms of two years.

    5. Elected Prime Minister will choose the Ministers and Assistant Ministers.

    6. Prime Minister, Ministers and Assistant Ministers should not be the members of National Assembly or the House.

    7. Parliament should not be dissolved for any reason.

    8. There should not be any nominated members in the parliament.

  11. Do you know how much does it cost to maintain King and his left and rights? Thousands of army’s salary, bhattas to King and anybody related to his blood and so on. Nepal’s economy will move one step ahead just by removing King. Won’t it? Even after he ordered military, and put the country under curfew to oppress popular movement, made martyrs of that many protestors, injured hundreds of people, yet the people are happy to setup a system where King is given a postion from where he can rebounce. This King and his son are not worth even for ceremonial position. If any you find them worthy, then you deserve to be oppressed.

    Maximum I can allow to King is to become a Nepali citizen. I would rather persecute and confiscate all the properties they have amassed in centuries. That would be just decision for those who have exploited people and country in such a drastic scale. When did they pay single paisa on tax? How much did they just couple of months back blow away on his grandeour tour. He had made toilet that cost two lakhs even when he visited eastern reason for few days. Forget about lavish African tour. This is a height of geneorisity. Give me a break, who were happy with above proposal.

  12. Yes, Gyane[ndra] is the highest paid king/head in the world: paid way more than the US president and others.

    The US president pays tax like everybody else, can be impeached, has a maximum of two terms.

    One more thing, I agree with GM and others on the point that the Prime Minister should not be able to dissovle the parliament as if it were his/her father’s property.

    There must be a new power balance equation once the military comes under the parliament to make sure that the PM does not turn into a dictator again.

  13. Seems like the dawn of change (for better) has come which the Americans and Europeans had a few hundred years ago.

    This can happen only if the people on the street are more aware of their right and are vigilant of the activities of their leaders in power.

    Long live democracy!

  14. Looks like a good plan something that will establish a forward looking Nepal. As some of your have suggested, we need to also limit the power of Prime Minister, who could ruin Nepal again – like Girija did in the past even with limited power declaring twice mid-term polls. The best idea is have state council representing all political parties and civil society in major issues like national elections,and strengthen the power of parliament. We should be able to call partliament sessions bit just 51% demands not 2/3 members.

    One think we should immidiately change the national antheme
    Jail Nepal

  15. In the second phase, following three ambassadors must be recalled eventhough they are career diplomats. The reasons:

    1. New York: He has been supporting the King’s rule till the last minutes before his departure to New York and after. Actually he was sent to prepare for the visit of the King to UN. He was working very hard for aborted visit.I heard that he has some relatives in NC so he has been saved.

    2. Cairo: When this guy was chief at the protocol,he and his wife were working and promoting the autocracy of the King.He is always proud to be called Mandale. His wife was chairperson of some organization which was specially formed for the CHAKARI of the Queen.

    3. Berlin: This man has a dubious character. He worked for suprressing the 2046 Jana Andolan in New Delhi Embassy. Because he has a very special relations with the Palace he got the Ambassdorship to Germany, which is a major donor country of Nepal, just before Feb. 05 takeover by the King..

  16. I fully agree with LIMBU because some leaders are trying to protect some people they know and take action on others.They should not be selective. Otherwise there would be big problem. Ambassador in New York was good Assistant to Pandey who is in jail now. Look at the Chief Secretary, it took so long to suspend him. He should have been removed same day after the oath taking ceremony of PM. Why so late ? Because, PM knows him personally and it was him who pomoted him upto Joint Secretary.He was a great source of income for NC.

  17. Wonderful site. Here is what I want to say:

    1. Yes, scrap Raj Parishad as well. That is totally useless. It’s already ignored as PM and ministers didn’t take oath to the Parishad.

    2. Control the expenditure of the king. Even how much vitamin the king should take (if he should) must be decided by the parliament. King has no authority to decide what he is going to eat. Enjoying the privileges of being king means he should be deprived of some other things just like the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court can’t vote in the election but can’t be ousted for lifetime. Otherwise, if he wants to eat what he feels like eating, abandon the royal palace and the crown. You are welcome to the world of law abiding, tax paying general citizen of Nepal.

    3. Limit Shree 5 to only three persons in the royal family- King, queen and the Crown Prince.

    And yes, I must say that all these provisions should be valid till the election of constituent assembly. The election will decide the fate of monarchy and the peoples’ verdict must be accepted to everyone. If they want to scrap the monarchy, than that should happen. And I vote for the scrapping monarchy from Nepal.

  18. Put Gyane[ndra] on ballot against, say, the boy in the jungle Near Nepalganj (Ram Bahadur Bomjan).
    I am sure Nepalis will vote for that boy. I will too.

    Should Nepalis vote for a ceremonial monarch, why not to have some options for somebody without any blood in hand!

    Hey bloggers, any of you interested to run for the post if King? You got my vote.

  19. You guys are quick to totally condemn the government. Now, how do you deal with the Maoists?

  20. It is good and right to say no to corruption in the future, but we need to recover the looted treasure from the former corrupt officials.

  21. Hi bideshi,
    time to return to swadesh and run for the post of president!
    Gyane deserves your title, not you.

  22. Radical proposals for radical changes but who will implement those…same heretics as Girija and Makune…Emotions may run high and lots of people put forward suggestions to suit their perspective for political change to provide ‘feel’ of ‘true democracy’…However, for vibrant democracy, there must be discipline as well which no one has shown…All the bloggers continually provide suggestions for controlling the King and curtailing his powers…But who will control the political parties and their leaders once they are elected or are in power? Once you are in power, you can manipulate elections just like Bamdev did during local elections earlier. What is the mechanism to control that? Should not political parties have transparent books of accounts showing their income or expenses? Should government officials be party-workers as we have seen? What are the mechanisms to address these issues?

    The changes most of us are thinking are only cosmetic changes in terms of political power …the real issue lies in changing the way we are governed in day-to-day life…And, of course, everyone will say that it will be taken care of once political equation changes…Well that was the promise made in 2046 also, but we all know what happened…

  23. I know Sweet Weed, what you are exactly saying. Frustrations, frustratons, frustrations! I am with you.

    If I ever hit my head on the wall, that was when Giriaja called for the midterm poll in 1993/? in spite of the beautyful majority in the house. Had they ruled honestly and implemnted the five year developmental plans sincerely, Nepalese could have had a light bulb in every jhupadi (hut) throughout the country already. Our economic growth could have been comparable to that of our neighbors today.Extreme feudal like Gyanendra and extreme leftists like Maoists could not have born.

    Thanks to the technology that we are atleast able to express our voice today which was not possible back then in 1990 or 1993. Thanks to those Martyrs of April movement because of whom we are able to write (at least) that Gyane is the killer of his brother. See online wikipedia.

    Thanks to the people’s level of political consciousness that rose to this level in such a way that it is now not so easy for these political wolves to cheat the people again. Hope the medias and blogs like this help resonte our true voice for peace and democracy.

    People are very vigilant today. Gyane knows, Girija knows, Makune knows.

    It is because of the fear of people when they fight over the bone (cabinet) and threat the other parties this way: “we do not participate in the cabinet, we stay out of the cabinet and HELP the government.” See the word HELP instead of oppose! Only because that the people are waiting for them at the gate of Singh Durbar!

    I think we need a wider band of civil society (with no direct political involvement) to preserve our democracy.

  24. Seed weed,
    Most important thing is the attitude of the politicians. In India, when Lal Bahadur Shastri died of heart attack in Tashkent during the talks with Pakistan in 1966, he had no money in his personal Bank Account.the State had to spend money for other personal affairs also.In those times, the politicians in power always, say 24 hours, used to think about welfare of the people and the country. They did not care about their own comfort and safety.Now it is just opposite. The new Ministers in Nepal have not declared their property yet.

    Finance Minister Dr. Mahat must issue a White Paper on the status of the Nepalese Economy. Nepalese people want to know what exactly is the situation.May be he is busy thinking to provide another lot of Pajero on zero customs to the parliament members.

  25. Pls dont write NONSENSE like “Control the expenditure of the king. Even how much vitamin the king should take (if he should) must be decided by the parliament. King has no authority to decide what he is going to eat.”


    PRACHANDA has been propagating that KG killed KB and family..ALL BULLSHIT…

    Some of us seem to have believe all his crap..that is why we write the nonsense I pointed..

  26. Not only the politicans but the parties including the maoists should make clear their finances and bank balances.
    Maoists are extorting money saying they need to feed their army, yet they are probably the richest party. All have to disclose their financial positions and their sources.

  27. I think bringing the royals under the tax bracket is good. Cutting their budget is good. However like many friends here have mentioned, political leaders and all parties including the maoist leaders and party have to show in public their finances and sources.
    Also, like other friends of democracy have mentioned – let us not forget the corruption of the last 15 years. They have to be investigated and the corrupt punished and just as the King is being punished so too must Prachanda.
    Otherwise I’m afraid we will be just another nation with a lot of makeup but no balls (figuritively speaking, I’m sure the ladies know what I mean).

  28. Thanks Jilla Bashi!

    Now I wonder where people like Shambhu Thapa, Kanak Mani Dixit, Krishna Pahadi have gone? They were in the forefront protesting, in the name of the civic society, during the previous regime. They were the self-proclaimed saviours and conscious-keepers. Now when the real challenge has come, it seems they are busy in collecting spoils of Jana Andolan – II.

  29. Well what do you expect from real crooks. They have calculated well.
    Shambhu Thapa is a number 1 corrupt lawyer with links to Mandeles.
    Kanak Dixit, is the biggest syal hypocrite and lives off the inheritance of Madan and Jagadamba Rana and curses the Ranas in public.
    I don’t know much about Pahadi, and I am probably better off not knowing.
    These are our civic leaders. But I have to hand it to them they probably knew all along that they would never really be in any danger from the royal regime. I wonder what their views are on the maoists and their arms and extortion. I doubt they will say much because unlike the royal regime the consequences will be deadly.

  30. I find it amazing that it has taken so long for you guys to get all heated up about the King’s personal expenses. I have Nepali friends with graduate degrees, professional people, who barely make the nepali eqivalent of US $2000 a year (if that). And then you see Paras driving around town in his US $40,000 harley motorcycle!! (and we’re not talking about the Jaguars, etc, the king has importend, which can be $100,000 or more). that behaviour is not only unjust but SICK. I would have thought you guys would be calling for this man’s head by now!! I’m surprised no one has tried to assasinate King G!! Prachanda may have killed many (yes, he did, and so did the security forces) but he hasn’t robbed the country blind!!

  31. Maoists and Security Forces killed many innocent people. Both forces are fighting against each other. Coincidentally both forces have not touched higher ranked people. It’s the game, the deadly game they are playing against the common Nepalese.
    Since SPA’s got into power they are sending Royalists to jail and releasing Maoists. When Maoists comes into power SPA’s will be in jail and Maoists will run wild.
    Right now SPA’s are also busy making rules to limit the power of the King but they have not discussed the limiting the power of the Prime Minister.

  32. Viewtech,
    Did you visit the online wikipedia?
    here is the link.

    Think twice: who was killed and who is alive in the royal massacre.

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  34. Fantastic Progress; Now the next steps are-
    : End the civil war with a permanent solution
    : Create a good governance ( NO CORRUPTION, Check on Pariliament’s power )

  35. It is a great victory of Nepali people. I hope Nepal has a bright prospect and prosperity in the region. Great News! Long Live Martyrs Nepali. The dream of martyrs will now be fulfilled. My salute for their sacrifices… Congratulation to all Nepali….

  36. this is infact historic.
    it is also a very good beginning for ” my nepal, my pride ”

    now time is all in us to make nepal, what we have always dreamt of.
    let us contribute in whatever ways we can to make our country a dream come true.

    lets start now.

  37. Congratulation to the people of Nepal at the dawn of a new democratic and secular Nepal!

    People rightly talk of an end to corruption. But I remind you respectfully of the worst corruption. In the words of the great leader of the French Revolution. Maximilien Robespierre:

    “A nation is truly corrupt, when, after having, by degrees lost its character and liberty, it
    slides from democracy into aristocracy or monarchy; this is the death of the political body by decrepitude.”

    Do not allow the nation to slide back into compromise with monarchy and the royalists.That will be the most serious and tragic corruption.

    Forge ahead to a Republic ! Root out the royalists who now pretend to be friends of the people. Remove the king and abandon the idea of monarchy, “constitutional: or otherwise.

    Your revolution is an inspiration to all democratic people woprld-over. Do not hesitate to assure its continuation until Nepal is placed securely on the road to a new future of popular sovereignty, social justice and economic development in the interests of all!

    Mark C. Rosenzweig
    New York City

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