Maoists Abduct, Maoists Extort and Maoists Loot: RNA

Army Press Release
Digitized avatar of a copy of today’s press release issued by the Royal Nepal Army. (translation below)

According to reports emerging out from different parts of the country, Maoist comrades have gone to the looting and extortion spree. That is happening after the rebels have announced three-month long ceasefire. Press release issued by the Royal Nepal Army daily lists the details of the Maoist crimes. Why is this happening? Is the party having difficulties feeding its militants? “If so,” we heard Ram Chandra Poudel, a senior Nepali Congress leader saying yesterday, “The government is ready to provide the amount required to feed their army.” Poudel’s intention was that government is ready to anything to stop Maoists from harassing general people. Very good. At a time when people are utterly hopeful about the peace prospects in the country, Maoists should stick to their words and promises. No problem if they want to stay in defensive position, but they should keep quiet and stop harassing people.

Also the parliamenterians raised issues about Maoists activities in the Parliament yesterday. Here is what the Kathmandu Post reported today under the title Maoists on extortion spree:

Leaders of the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) on Wednesday accused the Maoists of intensifying extortions and urged them to stop it immediately.

Speaking at today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, Nepali Congress lawmaker Devendra Raj Kandel said the Maoists, in a letter to him, asked him to “donate” Rs 100,000 recently. He said the letter was dated 27 February 2006, three months after the Maoists and the political parties signed their understanding. Kandel said the rebels have been issuing threats to his men living in Maheshpur village, Nawalparasi for not paying the sum.

“Even if others give them money, I won’t give them a single paisa,” Kandel told the Post. “I have instructed my people (in Maheshpur) accordingly.”

Kandel survived a shooting by rebels in August 2003. The rebels also bombed his homes in Nawalparasi.

Stressing that the Maoists are still continuing with their extortions, Kandel told the House, “On one hand, they say they are going to hold a dialogue, and on the other they are exacting donations.”

“The SPA should take this seriously.”

Likewise, speaking at a function in the capital, SPA leaders accused the rebels of continuing with extortions and terrorizing civilians. Urging the Maoist leadership to immediately stop such activity and facilitate the peace process, they also said the government was ready to support the Maoist army if the latter agreed to put an end to such doings.

“Maoists have been extorting money on the excuse of feeding their 20,000-man army,” said CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal. Asking the Maoists to stop all atrocities against people, Nepal added that he was ready to take responsibility for feeding the Maoist army.

Speaking at a function organized by All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) in the capital, Nepal welcomed the Maoists decision to return land and property that were unlawfully seized in the past. “The Maoists should immediately stop collecting donations,” he added.

Nepali Congress General Secretary Ram Chandra Poudel asked the Maoists to stop terrorizing and troubling innocent people. Adding that Maoists should stop extorting money, Poudel assured, “The government is ready to provide the amount required to feed their army.”

By the way, here is a quick translation of the Royal Nepal Army press release (that we have posted above) issued today evening:

After Maoists Adbuct: On May 7 Maoists abducted five general people named Santoshi Malla, Shanti Malla, Nanda Laxmi Malla, Ujeli Malla and Kedar Nepal from Gamgadhi Bazaar of Mugu district and have taken them to an undisclosed place.

Maoists Extort: On May 10 Maoists forcefully demanded Rs. 50 thousands to Rs. 1 hundred thousands from the local merchants of Amargadhi area of Dadheldhura district.

On May 8 Maoists forcefully demanded Rs. 10 thousands from a local merchant of Battar, Nuwakot district.

On May 8 Maoists forcefully collected food items from general people of Bhikbasti, Belauri, Nairang and Dekhatbholi Villages of Kanchanpur district.

Maoists Loot: On May 9, Maoists looted one motorcycle, 192 bicycles, 50 axes, 6 saws, 9 carts, 1 mobile set from the Sagarnath Forest Development Project in Bhaktipur VDC of Sarlahi district. They also looted clothes of the staffs of that office.

And Maoists are continuing the abduction policy. Here is another report from TKP under the title Rebels abduct 5 APF men:

[B]reaching the ceasefire, Maoists abducted five policemen of Armed Police Force (APF) from Bhumahi Chowk of Ramnagar VDC in Nawalparasi, Tuesday.

The plainclothes policemen were deployed in the area with weapons ahead of the visit of APF AIG Raviraj Thapa who was coming via Bhairahawa from Pokhara to attend a police convocation ceremony at APF’s training school at Bardaghat, reported our correspondent.
Sub-inspector Bam Bahadur Kunwar, head constable Krishna Prasad Rijal and constables–Dharmaraj Jaishi, Bharat Thapa

Magar and Nawaraj Shrestha are among those abducted.

However, Maoists’ “district government chief” Chinak Kurmi, said locals had handed over the policemen to them after seizing them due to their “suspicious activities”.

On Tuesday night itself, the rebels had tried to hand over the policemen to human rights activists.

However, they were unsuccessful as the five refused to go without their weapons. One SMG, four pistols and 124 rounds of bullets were lost, said the police.

Claiming that they did not seize the weapons, Maoist leader Kurmi said that they could have been taken by locals. He had also assured there would be a search and the weapons would be returned if they were found.

However, SI Kunwar had insisted fearing they could be court-martialled if they left without their weapons.

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47 thoughts on “Maoists Abduct, Maoists Extort and Maoists Loot: RNA

  1. now that some mao leaders are free , they want all their comrades released…next they will want …x …..then y….then …z……..then z-1…z-2……do they really want peace?…or r they after neo-designs?

  2. For a successful communist revolution to work, the political commissars are always in charge of the military wing. However, in the Nepali Maoists, it seems that the political wing is not in control of the military wing.

    What do you expect?

  3. Yeah well I guess the Maoists got to feed and this is the only way they know how. Look at the SPA, what a sorry bunch of losers. Instead of staying united they are squabbling again. Perhaps the govt. could provide some sort of logistical support i.e. food and clothes to the Maoist cadres so that they have no excuse for extortion and looting? I know it sound weird but how else do the Maoists cadres sustain themselves right now?

  4. You see this situation is looking very grim.
    The Maoists cadres have been spoiled because they think they can get whatever they want… they have turned really ‘jungali’.
    The government must take a firm stance!

  5. Punditji, that’s a slight change in your normal stance on the Maoists. I thought you thought that they were reasonable people.

  6. No Kirat I don’t think they are reasonable people per se. I sympathize with their cause but I completly oppose their means and their actions. In fact I am very appalled by their methedology.
    That being said I think we as Nepalis need to think long and hard why this movement started. I believe that the Maoist movement represents a very deep rooted structual problem in Nepal. I don’t dismiss their movement as a trivial movement by a bunch of thugs…
    However, if the Maoist don’t discipline themslves, stop with these criminal activities then I think we are headed for more confrontation.

  7. Well if Prachanda & co don’t get a hold of their cadres soon they will end up looking like jokers. They were playing with fire.

  8. Why are we even discussing these things ? What were you expecting in the first place ? This was pretty much expected, wasn’t it ? SPA fighting for the kurchis, Mao communists using this time to reorganize in cities and Raja G couldn’t believing his luck. In my opinion most likely the SPA coaltition is going to suffer a big time, NC is going to be blamed, people will once again get sick of the dogwar and once again they have to decide between Gyane and Prachandey. And believe you me both goons are waiting for this moment to come.

    Pashupatinath bless nepal :/

  9. wait and see some day forward maoist wont be be given a batch of “TERRORISTS” rather they are called “??????????? ????”.

  10. KG went to offer Panchabali to DAKSHINKAALI on last Friday to get more power to opprees the people OR he went there to offer thanks to Dakshinkaali for saving the Monarchy.

    Whatever it might be, let us all go to Dakshinkaali this Saturday to pray for not to give any power to KG. I hope Dakshinkaali will listen to the people rather than to the autocrat King. I am sure that She will side with the people.

  11. Pundit jee!
    Go to Beneras, Learn Sanskrit and Chant Veda.
    Stop chanting Maoist solgans.

    Nepali Republic:
    “For the Brahmins, to the Brahmins and by the Brahmins”

  12. I see no grounds to trust MBs. Time is running out. Instead of leading NEPAL to permanent PEACE & prosperity SPA is busy to manage themselves and freeing murderers in the name of MBs with out doing required home works. MBs are gaining more strength day by day using their well known tools of extortion, abduction, liquidation, collecting arms & ammunition, etc. We are worried with SPA. They are TALKING only and see no ACTIONS. When SPA is going to manage RNA to build a professional National Army?

  13. You morons..Do you not know that these Maoists who are causing all these issues are nobody but Kings goons.

  14. that’s what happens in democracy : disagreements!! why have people so much expectations that everything should go nice and smoooth and voila we have Prachanda kneeling down on his knees before us asking for forgiveness. Either you are with the system that appoints, disappoints, no questions asked, or you are with democracy.

  15. Yeah it’s the same sort of disagreements that makes this country so backward and poor-very petty ones based on selfish greed more than anything else.

  16. Bhudai,

    You are “apalled” by Maoists’ methods, but you “sympathize” with their cause! Let me ask you a simple question- What is the Maoists’ ’cause’? What they want, actually: a communist republic? redistribution of private property? A ban on Hindi movies? A ban on vehicles with Indian number plates within Nepalese territory? Release of all their comrades? -all of these were included in their 40-point demands which they submitted to Sherbahadur Deuba in 1996, before their ‘revolution’ started.

    Look, many people in Nepal, especially youths, have a hobby of ‘sympathizing’ with the Maoists’ ’cause’. This has become a way of showing that you are chic, smart, and educated. However, I call this sheer ignorance. Let me tell you why:

    A ’cause’ can never be separed from the method somebody adopts to fulfil/avoid it. A sexually aroused person commits rape, and in this context, you cannot say that her/his cause was genuine but the method was mean. This kind of interpretation is neither correct nor useful.

    Let’s come back to the Maoists. Do you think the Maoists started their ‘revolution’ because they were touched by the pathetic conditions of the poor people of Nepal? If yes, you are wrong, dear. I request you to study the history of the origin of the Maoist war.

    The Maoists received a significant support from the poor, marginalized, and deprived sections of Nepalese society. This is true. However, it will be a false interpretation to say that the Maoists started this war to liberate these people.

  17. The bone of contention regarding both Maoists and the RNA is that: can Maoists leadership and SPA control their respectively? The Maoists leadership may have difficulty controlling their own cadres. After all, the local leadership will not be willing to give up their control on a drop of a hat.

    The SPA has even more difficult task because the RNA is the largest organized-force in Nepal. The parliament may announce probes into excesses by the Army. But will the Army take all that lying down? Because these are the people who have suffered and faced music at the battle ground in the conflict. The SPA is really walking a dangerous path.

    Ultimately, the situation may reverse with the Maoists cadre and the Army gunning for the Maoists leadership and the SPA leadership.

  18. There has been no better time than now to take control of the RNA. The SPA better stop their infighting and for once concentrate on what is most important for the country.

  19. KG is not only involved in dirty political tactics but also involved in criminal actitvitis. MAHA who were spearheading the drive for treatment of injured, were threatened for life. Who did it ? King’s mandales. So King has also trained some murderers through his son to kill the society leaders. He must be tried in court for criminal activities.

  20. Coke:
    your insults suck! Just thought I would let you know. And I am not chanting Moaist slogans – but again there is no point explaining that to someone who can’t read and has the brains of a 3 year old.

  21. Before we get to the part of trying the king or something like that, first lets get our priorities straight.

    Two important things that must be done simultaneously is to bring the Maoists into the mainstream (this also means an arms surrender)and the bringing the RNA under the control of the parliament (this means passing important legislature and also initiating a reform of the RNA with an aim of turning it into a professional army with it’s allegiance only to the people of Nepal via their elected representatives.

    Two very tough challenges but nothing good and worthwhile comes easy.

  22. Bhudai,

    I had posted a comment on your ‘synpathy’ to the Maoist ’cause’. However, the UWB censored it and unfortunately you cannot read that.

    UWB: Sanjeev you must be talking about comment no. 16 right? We haven’t deleted a single word in that post.

  23. Is it still being moderated or did UWB delete it altogeather?

  24. The question now arise what agreement SPA and Maoist done? Congress is playing suicidal game. It shows that the day will come people prefer peace not loktantra and some autocrat will win the game….people might satisfy with that for some time…



  25. What SPA are doing is wrong. They are doing whatever Maoists are asking. So at one point, SPA will reach at the point of no return. At that Maoists, at gun point, can takeover the power. So they should be careful. For example, they brought the RNA under the parliament and RNA refused to obey the orders, what they will do ? Then there is a creation of Maoists II.

  26. what a goony world…..mao goons, spa goons, G goons…..with goons ruling the world…the time of kali (not kaali) has come….

  27. Usually I don’t read the news in Kantipur Daily but I first read the Pathak Manch. There are intereting news today in Kantipur. One is the news of wedding of the daughter of C in C Thapa. How a C In C of Higher Middle class (till before he became Chief) family can spend that much of money for a wedding ?

    In the Pathak Manch, one reader has proposed a Museum of Autocracy . Is not that intersting ? I think the photos and other details of this marriage should be in that museum.

  28. I think all our leaders are invited in that famous wedding, they are going JANTI. What an artificial world , Our “revolutionary Govt” is a mute spectator or MUKA DARSHAK. It can not do anything except enjoying recipes. Let us cry in a loud voice ” LOKTANTRA JINDABAD” and BHRASTACHAARI MURDABAD.

    This is the benefit of LOKTANTRA. You can cry but there would be no action. We experienced this for the last 12 years.

  29. Bhudai,

    It seems UWB has deleted it. Let me rewrite it again avoiding some ‘filterable’ words.

    [UWB note: Sanjeev you must be talking about comment no. 16 right? We haven’t deleted a single word in that post.]

    You have said in your previous post that you ‘sympathize’ with the Maoists’ ’cause’ but you don’t like their ‘method’. I see a great problem here.

    Firstly, what is the Maoists’ ’cause’? -Very few of the Nepalese people know the answer of this question. In their 40-point demand which they submitted to Deuba in 1996, they have demanded: banning of Hindi movies in Nepal; release of Maoist cadres; declaration of Nepal as a secular state; ban on vehicles with Indian number plates; republicanism, etc. I have read this charter of demand many times, but still cannot tell you what they are actually after. If you study the political circumstances of that time, you will probably reach to the conclusion that it was a ‘rebellion started without a cause’.

    Secondly, I do NOT think that the Maoist leaders sowed the seed of armed rebellion with a hope to bring changes in the lives of poor and deprived people. It was the result of 1) a sheer frustration of the Maoist leaders with the working of the then Parliament of which they were also the members; 2) internal division within the communist party and a consequent competition to show who is more radical; c) lack of attention of the past government about the police atrocities especially in the rural areas of Western Nepal.

    Thirdly, there is a tendency among some city youths to remark that Maoists’ ’cause’ is good but their ‘methods’ are different. This remark is not only misleading but also silly. When you are dealing with an event like an armed conflict, you cannot separate a cause from the methods which are used to attain it. You have to look at the totality. Causes can sometimes be fabricated and/or falsely interpreted to justify the method, and the Maoists have done exactly this.

  30. whether peolple go in a janti or some big guy pees in the street is not important…..what is important is….how can we work together for peace……and stop goony environment…..

  31. PS: I am not saying that there is no relationship between poverty and the Maoist war. I am only trying to say that this relationship was established later when the conflict moved forward. Poor, marginalized, and deprived people saw their savior in the Maoists. And the so called intellectuals and city elites have now been shouting that Maoist war is the result of poverty in Nepal. This is wrong. There is so much poverty in other parts of the world (Uganda, Burkina Faso, Combodia, Bengladesh,are some examples) but why don’t they have the Maoist rebellion. So, please do not establish an event with a pre-existing cause. This is funny.

  32. I think many of the bloggers are correct. Prachanda and co. are just not in control of their militia. I’m afraid it has all gone out of hand. The maoist leadership is made out of brahmins, and I’m afraid their propoganda will now backfire at them. I don’t see how the majority of the cadres who are’nt from Prachandas ilk will want to follow him. The issues are no more about maoism, but about class wars,and in this category everyone will look to their own. The ethnic makeup of Nepal is very diverse, and unless a democratic government is set up and made strong, we may end up in civil war.
    The strength of each ethnic groups culture, and religious and social practices are very very real in Nepal. Maoism clearly states that nations have to be homegenous and “religion is the opium of the people”, yet it is this culture and religion that makes us what we are. If we try to eliminate it, all our ethnic groups will have lost their identity. It is this identity that everyone is talking about now and fighting for, when we talk of equality and supressed groups. They do not want an end to their “identity”, they want to thrive with their identity in place and have equal opportunity to do so.
    I’m afraid although Nepal maybe geographically tiny, we are culturally vast, and this will be the beginninbg of the end for Prachanda and gang, if they ignore it and refuse to step into a democratic setup.

  33. If the people do not support the security forces what will prevent an all out military victory by the Maoists? Demonstrators with signs?

  34. Dear Bideshi!

    Security forces should first try to act like the security forces of the people, then only this argument could be made.

  35. Hi All,

    Let us realize the historic ground reailities of our nation.

    THE RULER, especially royal dynasty has been in existance to protect the rights of 5-10% of people (Higher class people – Royal families, RNA, panche, & their networks including old leader in all parties). What they did for nation??

    Outcomes are: we are the poorest country in the world. Sisters are being sold as kanchhi & Brothers as Bahadur!


    Then who lead the others?? Who needs to be fighted for TRUE rights of 95% of people?

    So, it is a basic right of people to fight for their own rights.

    Before writing any comments, you need to get yourself clear on which side side you want to stand for?

    Without doubt, noone wants to play with bloodshed..but real peace is not possible if you are not in position to defend yourself forcefully when ruler is using guns to dismiss you!

  36. Taking side can be interesting, but it is not urgent at the moment. I am merely suggesting you to give yourself adeqate time for thinking before you take any stupid side.

  37. yeah Bideshi the security forces need a major revamp before the people will even trust them. It’s no use your constantly stating that we should support them when their allegiance is not with the people.

  38. For you up to date legal guys:Am I still allowed one .22 rifle and one shotgun or has that privilege been suspended?

  39. Looks like our comrades have learnt a lot from Afgan warlords, Sudanese warlords, Ethopia , Eritria and all other failed states.

    Welcome to Afganistan II.

  40. The replacement of Shahs/Ranas to Brahmins is not going to give equal rights and opportunities to the people.

    The proper and convincing strategies are requred to fight the poverty and equal opportunities.

    Saying is just saying not more than that.
    How many saying we have to trust?? if the leaders cannot fulfill the saying then they should be ready to give up chance to others (not anti-democratic). We are not guine-pig to make trial in 21st century. We have been made trial in 2007, in 2017, in 2046, in 2061 and new one 2063 (which is also not that much convincing). Even Janaandolan -2 is becoming question mark due to the vague agreement between maosit and SPA and its implementation. So, SPA and maosit should be very clear to the people what is going to happen ??? Do they respect the people conscent or just nominate their candidates in the CA and make constitution according to their wish??? People must have right to reject or accept that constitution or must have three four choices, then only it is considered that peoples aspiration has been fulfilled and responsibiliy goes to the people for choosing it.

  41. What Comrade Mr. M. Yadav has said:
    RNA has to join PLA? I like the JOKE. If it is not a joke then we are waiting to be liquidated.

  42. Don’t worry Prachanda is coming to talks himself with all powerful delegation of Maoists. He will come with all fire powers to the negotiating table. If the negotiation does not go well for them,then he will kill all the leaders of SPA then and there DANG DANG DANG or BHATA TATATA…….


  44. Well all three of Kamal Thapa, S. Rana and R. Pandey have been arrested. I hope it’s not a gimmick of the govt. but a move with more substance.Remember how when the king sort of took over the Govt. in Oct. 2002 how they arrested over a dozen corrupt govt. officials? As far as I know nothing came out of it and after a couple of months everyone was back to their corrupt ways.

    I wonder how the ancien regime is going to take all this in -also the judicial commissions recommendations to suspend all the security chiefs. Very interesting and dangerous times we live in right now.

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