A Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Nepali Wedding

In Nepal, Marriage Is A Public Affair Where You Show Off Your Power and Property. Yes, Even If That Is Illegal. Because Who Can Touch An Army General Who Is Considered Above The Law?

The marriage of a general's daughter
General’s Juwai: On the marriage day: pic taken on Sunday, May 14. Pic by Todd Krainin
generals daughter..the behuli
General’s Daughter, the Behuli. Pic by Bikas Rauniar

They say marriage is a private affair. But, not so in Nepal. Look at our own General Pyar Jung Thapa, the Chief of the Army Staff (who has just been recommended by a probe commission to be suspended from duty along with other chiefs of the security agencies for repressing last month’s historical Peoples’ Movement). But he has made us proud. We the people, among the world’s poorest, are awed by reading about the marriage of his daughter. We are so proud today that we have forgotten our poverty. How can we be poor when our chief of army staff can have such a grand and expensive marriage ceremonies in the city? We are now all wishing that we could be the chief of the army staff so that we can also have same kind of marriage ceremony for our daughters. We wish we were General Thapa so that we can have same amount of money. By the way, how much is the OFFICIAL salary of the Chief of the Army Staff in Nepal? Not more than Rs. 30 thousands. But how can he spend so generously and proudly? We wish we could know answer and apply the same formula to earn the money. And we are sure that such a formula would make every Nepalis rich and would win Noble prize for economics.

Marriage of a General's Daughter
An Artist’s Impression: The Lavish Marriage Ceremony of Our General’s Daughter.

Let’s not talk about how the county is debating on the issue of bringing Royal Nepal Army under the control of Parliament because it’s the season of marriage and general is throwing lavish party. (yes, not only one but five parties) on the occasion of his youngest daughter Pragyashree Thapa’s nuptial. Let’s not disturb him. Lets not talk about reforms in the RNA. Let’s talk about the marriage. This will definitely diminish much-talked about Indian weddings such as billionaire Laxmi Mittal’s daughter’s wedding few years ago.

General Pyaj Jung Thapa
We Also Salute You General: You Have Shown Us A Great Example. We Wish We Were Rich Just Like You.

Coincidentally, the groom, Pratap Singh Rao, member of India’s former royal family, is coming by Jet Air. According to a report by Kedar Ojha in today’s Kantipur Daily, two five star hotels Soaltee and Hyatt are booked for the Indian guests. Thapa’s official quarters called Shashi Bhawan in posh area of Lalitpur is decorated to mark the occasion. Apart from the Who’s Who of Nepal, the King and Queen will give blessings to the bride and the groom.

General Thapa with his wife
Proud Parents: General Pyar Jung Thapa with his wife.

Yes, let’s also forget that in Nepal, there is a Social Conduct Law that restricts these kinds of extravaganzas in marriage and other family functions. But, as English novelist Charles Dickens said: Law is an ass. He could not be more apt in Nepal than anywhere else on earth. Because we firmly believe that thula and dhani le je garda pani hunchha, kanun ta nikukha haru ka lagi matra ho (Rich and powerful can do anything even if that is against the law because law is only for those poor folks who don’t have any connections.)

Congratulations General! No, we are not thinking about the law. Because, as Dickens said, that is an ass.






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  1. rocky2&3 Avatar

    Rocky!Rocky!Rocky!Go Rocky Go!Go!Go!
    By the way are a KANCHHI or a BAHADUR?

  2. Sansar Avatar

    Stray dogs barks, barks and barks.

    Nepali have knack for talking about others, especially if there is chance to degrade, humiliate, and pull leg. Wait no more, we are all going to be “equal but some more equal.”

    Start doing all three things as mentioned above and soon RNA, Police, Legislative, Judiciary & administrative will become defunct-and you will be running Bin laden similar Jihad.

    Be responsible for what you are.

  3. Bill Avatar

    hey folks, do you know where the hell this clown, Tulshi Giri is hiding thesedays? He should be arrested and tried in the court asap.

  4. Kirat Avatar

    Hey UWB, again why are you letting this impostor who posted #105 using my name get away with it? Or is UWB behind it? Can’t match me for logic and so are using underhand tactics? Great way to go guys!

    UWB: Kirat ji, we have deleted the fake comment misusing your name. We also respect your right to blame us.

  5. Prajwall (aka blogger) Avatar
    Prajwall (aka blogger)

    look at you kirat, you are so full of it.
    “cant match me for logic…” who is this kirat guy anyway? kirat sounds like kirati…rai, limu ppl. dumbass people who have lato rish. these ppl join the army, frontline. dumbasses.

  6. Kirat Avatar

    Thanks UWB! I also apologize for thinking it was you guys! Sorry. You should ban racist people like the one did post # 106 (Prajwall aka blogger).

  7. Patriot Avatar

    Prajwall –

    Your regressive views about other ethnicities (Kiratis in this case) are shameful. People like you reflect the sad affairs of our country. It also reflects your family and your breeding. It is because of people like you that theres no concept of social fabric in the country.

    UWB – I request you to ban this guy from this blog. He is downright racist and his comments are creating a foul atmosphere. I am a Limbu and I have taken this very offensively. I request all readers of this blog to boycott this anti-social element.

  8. barsha Avatar

    man everyone is after kirat. feel sorry for you man. But i have been reading the many threads you have participated in, and feel….forget it. dont wanna start an argument.

  9. possumgurl Avatar

    man what the hell is that no.83? Those thingss hould be striclty prohibited to even entering our sites. This actually hosws how much we Nepalis have to catch up on manner and style. Come to think of it, this wedding was done at the wrong time. the ciuntry;’s in the middle of a crisis and PJT gets his sweet daughter married. What the…? WHAM!!!!

    I guuess nepal just focused on keepin a tight relationship with india…that’s all…..but bad timing yaar…very bad timing!!!!!!

  10. rrf Avatar

    Whats the latest news on the big fat wedding? is the general suspended releived of his duties yet?

    what news of the bride n groom

  11. shanti Avatar

    rrf..DONT WASTE OUR TIME with this NON ISSUE…

    we have to think of the 70 Crores that were spent for the agitation..

    watch out for corruption ….

    and disarm and bring before the law PRACHANDA the killer of 13000…

  12. Hahaha Avatar

    What an amazingly intelectual debate regarding the crux of the problem in Nepal. Yes, our country is in the mess it is today because of this marriage.

    Few points I wanted to make.

    1) How the [icd] is the wedding illegal (unless you mean it wasn’t court marriage and was a wedding done according to our customs and traditions). I thought we all just fought for democracy (a capitalist version of democracy) hence people are allowed to spend their money on however they feel is fit.

    2) Someone was praising the British Army, they have sucessfully removed IRA’s threat in britain. It took them less than a year to do this.

    Guerilla warfare is hard to overcome especially in a country like ours where it takes three hours to travel a distance that could be traveled in less than one if the road was flat or if there was a road in the first place.

    Do people still think the army is fighting against a group of little kids carrying stolen police weapons? There is a mass amount of arms being supplied by northen indian states (i don’t mean the indian government for I have no proof to say that) and unlike lets say the end to the shining path in Peru our intelligence can’t hunt down the leaders of the terroists (I refuse not to say terrorists because me changing the name won’t bring back more than 13,00 people from their graves and its graves because most of them didn’t even get to have a proper cremation ceremony) because they live in foreign soil.

    3) Talking about corruption, the leaders of SPA making these accusations, they need to first look at their amassed wealth and unlike the generals in the army who are not all Thakuris (not even PJT is one but then again this caste isn’t even a caste)who have ancestral property as an alibi to fall back on these politicians don’t even have that yet they have so much more that is openly flaunted.

    Regards to no. 83 and its subsequent translation I am against censorship. but the translation is very poor, and the content of the post is more fit for when you guys publish an article on [icd] (or something of similar importance, cuz if you are going to post an article like this then that might as well be the next article) No where does it say indian it says ‘dhoti’ which is a derogatory term/racist because I would be really upset if Indians started referring to me as kancha or bahadur instead of the term Nepali.

    I don’t wanna repeat the other terms used but they were definetly not translated into english. None the less once the Maoists come there will be no more freedom of speech and censorship will be the norm and this won’t be an issue.

    Nice photographs though, how much did you guys have to pay the family to get these personal photos. Usually that’s how the press gets photographs in democratic countries that respect people’s privacy.

  13. Kimi Avatar

    Seems like who ever chose the title “big fat illegal wedding” is jealous. May I remind you that CNC thapa’s daughter’s wedding was not the first instance of a lavish wedding. For someone who keeps track of legal and illegal matters, I’m surprised you’ve not reported wedding or functions of other well off families.

    So what if it was a lavish wedding – that was his daughter’s wedding, he could afford it and time and his position permitted it!

    Also your false claim that Thapa family bore all expense is nothing but a propaganda, that hoaxes that you use to incite the mass especially in a time like now. Anyone who knows the family well knows very well that’s not the case.

    And stop talking about united we blog for a democratic Nepal – democracy is not about writing nonesense in an attempt to tarnish other’s image. You should have researched well and assessed how far you’re from the fact. YOu lack complete ethics to run something on democracy cause perhaps you don’t know what it is (mind you democracy is not freedom alone – there are responsibility that comes with it). Common, the picture you’ve labled to be the bride’s – that is not even the bride. Look at the inaccuracy of information you present. So do one thing, who ever you are, stop running this blog and stop poisoning nepali’s mind. And definately stop saying anything about democracy – cause you need to educate yourself first.



    We are not jealous but were just pointing out the fact that Nepali law prohibits marriage participated by more than specified numbers of people Please see the kanun if you have any doubts over that. [Even if we were jealous, don’t you think we have the right to be so?] Yea, there are many people who go against that provision of the law spending huge amount of money for many people. But Kimi, not all of them earn salary from Nepali taxpayer’s money. General Thapa is liable to Nepali public because he holds the topmost post of Nepal Army, the national institution. So he is naturally under the scanner of the press and the public.

    You say, “Also your false claim that Thapa family bore all expense is nothing but a propaganda, that hoaxes that you use to incite the mass especially in a time like now. Anyone who knows the family well knows very well that’s not the case.”

    Kimi, if you know the details of the marriage please post that here. Nepali people need to know the exact details of that marriage because, as we mentioned earlier, General Thapa is not just an ordinary man. He is the Chief of their Army.

    We will try to correct the mistake that you have pointed out after verifying it.

    Oh…please don’t give us the lecture of democracy. Because next chapter in your democracy will be “Democracy in Rana regime in Nepal” in which the first sentence will be “Look UWB, all those Rana prime ministers were democratically selected.”

  14. Priya Avatar

    Managed the photo’s but didn’t get the names right huh? Should I assume then that the photos were not obtained legally – [icd] haru!


    Priya or Supriya or Riya or Aaya,

    Since you haven’t provided your full identity (not even a correct email address), we think we have that liberty to address you by our chosen name. Please don’t loose your temper while commenting. You can say whatever you like in good words. We know you were not raised in such an environment where you have to defend other’s right to say something but you can learn it dear. We have got democracy, even if that is partial one because many folks including those who raised you are still around the town not in jail, where people have right to say anything they want to say provided they say so in polite manner.

    Oh..yea, about the mistake that you are claiming… we are not mistake proof, Priya. You can point that out and we are happy to correct. By the way, if you want to talk about the legality, please come forward throwing that veil of anonymity.

  15. Kirat Avatar

    Who cares how lavish the wedding was. The Gen. Thapa needs to be court martialled for incompetence. What fool of a Chief of the Army he is! Beaten by a rag tag bunch of rebels.

  16. renegade Avatar

    oh man whoever this person is……he/she is very very bitter……u go about criticizing the wedding….but it shows that u ain’t pissed abt the lavishness of the wedding… u just pissed abt the RNA…and class that u wish u were……i had a lot to say to u but u ain’t worth it

  17. rrf Avatar

    hey shanti what do u mean nonissue? this whole post is about the wedding? whats the harm if i wish to know about the bride n groom?

    im a royalist i like to read about royalty world over in my blog royalrichfamous@blogspot.com

  18. owouloiq Avatar

    Sometimes your site is inaccessible. There can be a problem with hosting?

  19. Parul Avatar

    “A Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Nepali Wedding” is a very interesting. I never thought that it is actually possible, but now you changed my point of view.

  20. noname Avatar


    I went to your site royalrichfamous.blogspot.com . It’s awesome. I am a hardcore royalist too although I have got nothing royal in my blood. There’s this awesome thing about royalty. And don’t worry too much about this blog. This blog is blasphemy and propaganda with absolutely illogical articles as most of the commentators will tell you. It’s kind of a SPA/Maoist mouthpiece. Basically a mouthpiece of terrorists and criminals who have killed Nepalis. You should spend most of the time reading the comments of people. Specially the newer comments because the educated ones are coming back to pour comments everywhere and the terrorists are gone into hiding.

    I mean you can make out from this article itself. The writer says ‘illegal’ wedding. I mean…hello? Is he god to define a wedding as ‘illegal’? And then he says ‘big fat’. I guess he is a bit too jealous that he doesn’t have the money while others have. I mean for that I have seen and attended bigger fatter weddings around the world while people are dying of hunger. The Army Chief whose daughter got married is a fantastic person. Just the owner of this blog is not.

    Anyway, there is something about the ‘air’ of Royalty. Especially in the 21st century. It gives us a sense of pride. I am fortunate that Nepal has one of the most active forms of Monarchy in the 21st century. It gives our country a difference.
    Indians are kinda jealous of us because their politicians and Britishers made them get rid of their (active) Monarchies. As His Holiness Sri 1008 Sankaracharya says many a times, ‘the King of Nepal is the King of all the Hindus in the world.’

  21. pray Avatar

    hey guys……wats this all about..i dont know why people hate Shah’s and Rana’s…all the power is been seized and they arent even bothering us …leave them alone……let Mr Thapa’s daughter get married in lavish way..its her luck .Well, to bark for it is like getting jealous…why dont you get the power and try as well,you will be no less then him.coz anyone who gets power will use it.see like Prachanda…he wants Royal palace…
    everyone is same tomorrow if iget a chance to rule Nepal of course i will do something to my people……..ya but there may be people who r truewen they take oath but later they forgte that wen they see wat power does..
    so lets think a better solution then talking about…other..wish Mr THAPA ‘s daughter have a happy married life….

  22. Nepali Avatar


    i completly agree with COKE, We just point out our finger on people who others believe to be Corrupted. Ya they may be true but what about all the others within the same Society commiting larger crimes..

    rather than talking arouind the Bush, take maoist leaders as an example. thousands of our Innocent youngster lost their Future in the SO called ” Strrugle Against the Gov.” but where were the leaders when hunderds of nepalease died. i never heard of any leader being Killed during the Fight.


    IS THIS FAIR?????

  23. sudip Avatar

    Lets leave all those things. This things happend in the past and definately will happen int the future too. If somebody is having a fortuee they want to show the world isn’t it? Mukesh ambani wants to build home with helipad and some other wants same. Currently our country is wrangling with political problems lets sort it out first. Let us give priority for the works to be done.
    the fact is that we all are lazy to work. I am lazy you are lazy and in fact we can generalize that we all are lazy. lets do something for the country guys.
    for the comments write i will come here regularly now.

  24. johannes Avatar

    i found this blog accidently but itsquit interesting coz i met a nepalesian girl in newzeeland studying there and she talked with me about her marriage and that she separates seems not to easy n stuff …

  25. Bhumiraj Tamang Avatar

    what a shameful for the nepalese people because koirala family are all married with the foreigners due to the koiralas are not original nepalese citizen.girija was born in india and lived in india and worked for indian policeman until he start to political field,therefore,we don`t trust and believed this koiralas family.

  26. Saju khan Avatar
    Saju khan

    Every one is free for enjoy n everything except against law so there is nothing wrong in the de
    mo….. Country.

  27. Belen Avatar

    I гeallƴ like reaɗing through an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, thank you for permitting me to сomment!

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