Yet Another Commission To Probe Andolan Atrocities

Will the culprits, who oppressed the pro-democracy movement, face charge?

Finally the government of victorious alliance of seven political parties have decide to form a powerful committee to probe the atrocities and human rights violations committed by the royal regime during the last month’s historic Jana Andolan (Peoples’ Movement). This evening’s cabinet meeting decided about this. Members of Parliament were demanding the formation of such committee and they were seconded by the renowned members of the civil society. It is a good step indeed. [Just today the National Human Rights Commission has directed the government to take action against the SSP (Armed Police Force) Madhav Thapa for using excessive force against the pro-democracy demonstrators. That is another good step. Thapa, a police officer who made the reputation of an expert on controlling riots, should be held accountable for all those deaths in Gongabu area.]

Krishna Jung Rayamajhi
Krishna Jung Rayamajhi

The latest committee will be headed by the former Supreme Curt justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi. But there is no reason to get excited. Formation of a probe committee is one things, taking actions against those culprits pointed out by the committee is another thing. Our past record on implementing the findings and suggestions of such commission is not encouraging. We have seen the colossal failure of the democratically elected governments in the 90s in taking action against those folks who were found guilty by the Mallik Commission for repressing the popular democracy movement of 1990. Mallik Commission report disappeared and no one even bothered to go through that, at least while in the power.

So what can we expect from the government on Rayamajhi Commission?

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36 thoughts on “Yet Another Commission To Probe Andolan Atrocities

  1. this time,
    if old bones(current SPA) leaders can’t punish the culprits of Janaandolan-2 and royal sucking regime…..
    the, next , they need to be punished by people. We can’t tolerate any more mistakes from them.
    Next, Youth of 21st century will lead the nation.

  2. Each and every ministers of the King should be booked…also the useless comissions to aid the autocratic regime should be annuled and all its players be booked…It should not be like the previous Mallik report…people need action…
    I guess the King will play foul to obstruct the process…everyone should be aware…he might be hatching another plot with his secret agents…
    I think Paras should also be booked during the investigation…

  3. all the folks at national human rights comission and all the injured / violated should come forward now immediately to give detail as of how they were persecuted by the security regime in the past .

    here is a chance to MR RAYAMAJHI and his comittee people to book all the responsible henchman of gyanendra and some oppurtunist MANDALE…..AND show their / this government’s commitment to ” total democrary “.

    i request Mr Rayamajhi not to forget MARTYRS of this janandolan. ( SALUTE TO YOU MARTYRS )


  4. Where is the commission on probing murders committed by Maoists murderers?

    Why they are seeking justice for some and not for the others?

    Why are the weak in the society are denied justice againt the Maoists?

  5. All the punishments must be termed to be with people’s consent… rule of constitution should be bypassed temporarily…every single criminal should be punished as per people’s consent…
    They must be so much punished that no other can rise like such in future of Nepal.
    If rule,constitution puts the halt…bring those criminals to RatnaPark and release them…we people who led Aandolan will do with them.
    People of probe committee be brave and name each of brave..

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  7. What a funny process? Don’t people know that Gyanendra is the number 1 oppressor of the Jana Andolong? What is the commission going to do to him? Arrest him and put in jail???

    Can’t laugh more at the cowardice approach.

    “Makai khane bhalu, chot paune bhyaguto”

  8. No one can be spared of atrocities, neither Royalist nor Maoists. Leaders of both sides know this and so, they try to make the landing as soft as possible.First, let people deal the royalists murderers. Later, Maoist has to face their share.

  9. susie, that’s the point. If we are to prosecute KG, than should Girija, Debua (under whom the worst state atrocities were committed), Prachanda and Baburam be spared? All these people must be judged according to one standard. We hate the king because of his autocratic nature, we hate the SPA because of their selfishness and pettiness, should we not hate the Maoists for their non-tolerant and violent ways?

  10. Let us talk about Krishna Jung Rayamajhi. I came to know from my friend that his record in SC as Justice was not upto the mark. He was always supporting certain gang irrespective of the merit of the case.If you go by the details of the cases, in which he delivered the decisions, he was giving justice to the agressers than the victims. Should we believe that this man gives justice ? I urge the people to bring out the cases if they know which were flawed by his judgements.

  11. hammer..

    you’re really funny, without knowing it though. your post #5 is hilarious. no point discussing stuff.. your posts don’t even let me think straight, they’re so funny.

    “All the punishments must be termed to be with people’s consent… rule of constitution should be bypassed temporarily…every single criminal should be punished as per people’s consent”

    This is amazing. remember the french revolution? do you want a few guillotines dotting ratna park? or why don’t we hang the royalist criminals from football posts in the half-time of a game and then shoot them till you can see through holes in their body.. not one or two.. tonnes of them… i’m sure that will please your aesthetic sense.. to get complete justice, get maoists to shoot them.. after all, they have borne most of the brunt of “royalist brutality”. maybe we can sell tickets as well.. for people to watch the killings.. nice evening out perhaps?

  12. Prakash jee,
    First – this is Nepali revolution not French.

    Second – We are not like KG and his brutal followers who believe that they can supress their opposition by killing them. We will let them live, not in their durbars but in the places they are worth (some high security prisons) and we will let them access to all the newspapers, television channels, internet and of course news from FM. I think that would be like a thousand death for them. Whatever, one thing is sure, they will have to serve a long time in prision for what they have done.

  13. kishor, on your second point-if by we you mean Maoists you are nothing but a bald faced liar. Maoists have the worst record, much worse than KG, when it comes to killing the opposition.

  14. prakash
    I think more than me ,u make the senses even more funny.My interpretations were that the criminal must be penalised so as to relieve the pain of victims of Janaandolan,…..we got much pain in here, myself injured seriously in leg(though not broken).
    Kirat,u have compared King and Maoists little unwisely, by head count maoists are really ahead but for motive of killing ,King surpasses most of the tyrants of the world..think once..who he killed and for what…

  15. Kirat,
    You are still viewing everything through your master’s goggles. You might have been listening to radio nepal, reading gorkhapatra and watching nepal television for a long time. Wake up dude.

    The killings of unarmed people, by the maoists and the RNA should be investigated and the culprits MUST face trial. NOBODY is getting an amnesty.

    All of them who committed crime against the people will get what they deserve. I believe in the power of people, not guns.

  16. hammer,

    it is not that i believe that the criminals should not be punished.. but the things you suggested were ridiculous.. what you were talking about was nothing but mob frenzy.. how will the people try them? i mean, u need to have some semblance of order..


    thanks.. read stuff properly before commenting.. what u say is exactly my point.. we dont want the nepalese revolution to become like the french one.. all that happened there after the revolution was horrendous..

    on a side note, there is something called satire, which i think you completely missed from my post..

  17. kishor, I am my own master so what if I wear my goggles? I think you need to wake up and smell the cofee dude. You mean to say the Maoists have not killed their opponents in the villages? If you count the numbers of innocents killed by both sides in the conflict you will be surprised to see who the main culprits are. Not that I have any sympathies for the RNA-they are as bad. Guys like you who act as if the Maoists are saints make me sick! You said ‘we’ as if you were a Maoist too!

  18. Kirat:
    Forget him… this blog is really running out of crap to write.
    Anyway why don’t you tell us how life in Kathmandu is in this post Janaolan II…

  19. I think they will prosecute one by one. Dr. Giri is living just opposite side of PM Residence in Baluwatar paying 60,000 RS from the govt. budget.

    So Girja Babu and Giri are negotiating to reduce his rent or what ? What a rediculous Revolution and its Govt.? Why this Rayamajhi can not issue order for his and others arrest ?

  20. All this witch hunting is not good at all. It is outrageous that people who were asked by the King under article 127, (the supreme court did not say otherwise) to do his bidding be made victims. The King can answer to why he did it etc. etc., why make other’s scapegoats?
    Further, it is deplorable, that while these so called parliamentarians who were corrupt to the core and misused power for over a decade calls for the blood of these people. The PM (Girija)even refused to accept a Supreme Court decision on Tanakpur, and we call them our leaders? Bunch of law breaking criminals – not even accepting a Supreme court verdict, even the King accepted it and dissolved the RCCC. Who the hell do they think they are?
    They do not have the guts or the balls to go after maoists – at the least the ones who the maoist leaders themselves have said made a mistake and apologised for (eg. the Chitwan bus bombers).
    What a bunch of hypocritical bastards!

  21. And the people who support such tit for tat witch hunts are the lowest common denominator.
    Adios UWB! You can shove it up your hypocritical asses. Given time all truth will be revealed. UWB, you have been revealed as nothing but a pathetic mothpiece for your masters. Even dogs sometimes disobey their masters, you’re scum!

  22. Scoop,
    Leave your house and ask for one CHINDI at Narayanhity and sleep there, you bastard royalist.

  23. Fellows, have some mercy to KG yar… Only 15 people were martyred and KG gave up everything to the people! Even in 2046, more than 55 were killed. Hence I think KG is not that bad. Imagine Maoists in his place and think, how many lives would have been sufficint for them to give up the power if they had SATTA? Not less than a few hundred thousand or even million! Think coolly guys!

  24. Give Tulsi Giri five years in Nakkhu jail, he will die there praying Jesus.

  25. beside the king’s 14 month direct rule, what this commission will do to maoists’ 14 years atrocities, which i believe surpassed 30 years of Panchayat atrocities and 14 years of SPA leaders’ corruption combined. if this commission fail to look after these issues then it will be just a retribution to lost warrior or will prove that it just to satisfy the blood thirsty mob on the street.

  26. If the Maoists decide to come to the negotiations and accept peaceful integration, there would be no question to take action against them. That is their reward for coming to peaceful politics.I think it is an international practice.

    There can be other courses of action internally and internationally if they do not come to the mainstream by surrendering arms for their trial.

  27. layman are you ready to apply your “international practice” to the king and t giri.

  28. Pawan,
    We can not touch the king because he has certain immunity because he is the present Head of State.Yes, if they cannot touch even one of the VC Giri who was so rediculous and outragious in his speeches, behaviour and actions that if we cannot punish him we will be called PAANI MARUWA OR PAANI ANDRE. Actually, according to my limited info, it was the King who was giving small orders like stopping Girirja going to bhairahawa or jailing Narahari achary or gagan thapa or Devendra Raaj etc. All others like, GIRI, Satchit, Sarad Chandra and Bharat keshar, Srish Shamsher, kamal thapa etc were like Chorus in a Qwawali song. have you by the seen the singing og Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his Hamdard. It is exactly like this.So at least, we must be able to punish all the major chorus singers. Otherwise, blood of the Martyres will be wasted.

  29. I am surprised that none of the bloggers was addressing the questions posed below. Perhaps it is too hard to comtemplate real-world truth as opposed to hypothetical rantings..

    Then again, having aware of Nepali psyche .. I should not be so surprised ..

    Where is the commission on probing murders committed by Maoists murderers?

    Why they are seeking justice for some and not for the others?

    Why are the weak in the society are denied justice againt the Maoists?

  30. Sarki ko Chhoro,
    We can see my post no. 27 for the answer. Yes people had to suffer a lot, but for stopping further future sufferings, we must give them amnesty, IF THEY SURRENDER ARMS COMPLETELY.

  31. Find the details of the capture of President Gonzalo in the outskirts of Lima, Peru. See the similarity of tactics and strategies utilised by Sendero Luminoso and our Maoitsts. It is unfortunate that because of all the vested interest of all the parties involved in Nepal like King (for political gain), political parties(for political gain), RNA (for commission from weapons purchase), we could not solve this problem earlier like in Peru. We can also blame India for giving shelter to the Maoists. Any way compare the situation before the capture of Gonzalo. He was captured after 13 years of the start of terror.The following is the history (but in Nepal there is still a danger of communist takeover of power if we do not handle it properly.):

    “In 1992, during the first administration of President Alberto Fujimori, the Peruvian National Directorate Against Terrorism (DINCOTE) began casing several residences in Lima because agents suspected that terrorists were using them as safehouses. One of those residences, in the middle-class neighborhood of Surco, had been operating as a ballet studio. The DINCOTE operatives routinely searched the garbage taken out from the house. The house was supposedly inhabited by only one person, the dance teacher Maritza Garrido Lecca, but it was soon noticed that the household produced more garbage than one person could account for. Furthermore, agents found discarded tubes of cream for the treatment of psoriasis, an ailment that Guzmán was known to have. On 12 September, 1992, an elite unit of the DINCOTE raided the Surco residence. On the second floor of the house, they found and arrested Guzmán and eight others, including Laura Zambrano and Elena Iparraguirre, Guzman’s female companion. (This episode inspired Nicholas Shakespeare’s novel The Dancer Upstairs).

    At the time of capture, the police seized Guzmán’s computer, in which they found a very detailed register of his armed forces and the weapons each regiment, militia and support base had in each region of the country. Guzmán had recorded that, in 1990, the Shining Path had 23,430 members armed with approximately 235 revolvers, 500 rifles and 300 other items of military hardware such as grenades. The government tried to portray Guzmán as a crazed psychopath and common criminal, publicizing photos of him in striped prison garb, and promised that “Sendero Luminoso’s” rank and file who turned themselves in would get lenient treatment.”

  32. Layman,

    I see you have friends in UWB. You can use foul language and your comment remains. I get deleted. What a bunch of losers.

    My comment said “Even Mohan Bikram Singh (Masal) has issued a statement in the same lines as I did”- Is he a royalist too you half wit?


    You really are the lowest common denominator.

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