Royalists in Nepal: Down, But Not Out

Updates on the stories of Dr. Tulsi Giri, Kamal Thapa, Shirish Shumsher Rana and Satchit Shumsher Rana

By Bikash Sangraula in the Kathmandu Post (Here is the original article)

They were busy inaugurating functions, issuing orders, formulating ordinances, attending press meets, denouncing the seven opposition parties and pushing King Gyanendra to continue with his “autocratic” rule until janaandalon II swept them away from the political scene. Today, most of the king’s loyal lieutenants are whiling away their time waiting for Godot.

For them, the recent political change is just another “step” by the king. They are certainly down but not out of the game yet.

Kamal Thapa, home minister in the royal government and the prime accused for atrocities committed against the peaceful protestors, said that the king made way for the parties’ roadmap after his own roadmap “for peace and democracy” failed, and the coming days would show whether the new roadmap works.

When asked why the king’s roadmap failed, Thapa said, “It is a matter for research. As an active implementer of that roadmap, I might have my own opinions, which I will make public later.”

But Thapa said that the “alternative roadmap should be given a chance”. When asked why the royalist government had to wait for the people’s movement and the death of 21 Nepalis to give the parties’ roadmap a chance, he said, “Till the last moment, we were absolutely sure that the king’s roadmap would work.”

Thapa also denied that the previous government unleashed terror on the peaceful demonstrators. He claimed that whatever was done was in accordance with the prevailing law and constitution. When asked whether he spent Rs 500,000 a day to crush the movement, he said, “That is not true. Let the new government furnish proof.”

Meanwhile, Satchit Shumsher Rana, member of the Rajparishad Standing Committee and one of the staunchest proponents of a military solution to the Maoist insurgency, said that he would be ready to comment on Nepali politics in one-and-a-half month’s time.

“They (seven parties) are in power now. They have joined hands with the Maoists. Let’s see whether they succeed,” said Rana, who is a former chief of the army staff. When asked how he sees the royal retreat and the probability of constituent assembly elections addressing the insurgency, Rana said, “I wish them all the best and hope that peace will prevail.”

Meanwhile, Shrish Shumsher Rana, who was minister of state for Information and spokesperson of the royal government, said that King Gyanendra has taken a “step” and it is up to the government to make that “step” a success.

He, however, refused to comment on the King’s “step”. “I won’t give an interview,” he said.

Meanwhile, vice-chairman in the now-scrapped Council of Ministers, Dr Tulsi Giri, refused to make any comment and stated that he was busy shifting residence.

“I will be ready for comments in a couple of days. Right now, I am moving out of government quarters. Let me settle down first,” he said.

Giri, however, noted that as a politician, he has an obligation to answer queries from the press, and he would respect that obligation later. “But, please don’t push me now,” he said, upon being prodded how he sees the royal retreat and the decision of the reinstated House of Representatives to go for constituent assembly elections.

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15 thoughts on “Royalists in Nepal: Down, But Not Out

  1. hey bikash

    what on earth are you up to these days?

    Seems like you had a nice coffee meeting with all the royalists. The next time give one punch to each of them from my behalf. its a good stuff that u guys are tracking all these sycophants and oppurtunists.

  2. all these and many others should not be left untended.
    we must charge them for crimes against humanity( ordering juniors to shoot at sight ) that led 21 and more people dead .

    hathyara lai aajiwan karabas ko sajaya hunuparcha.

  3. Does it really matter? Its politics and every dog has its day…the real enemy is lack of economic freedom and wide-spread poverty… Where are the plans to tackle these issues?

  4. SweetWeed:
    Yes it does matter … before you get to economic freedom you need political freedom. Without the foundations you can’t really build the rest of the house.

  5. Good on you UWB for shedding lights on what these Royal Dogs are thinking and doing at the moment. These dogs had enough to eat and for a while they will rest and watch. People and the government must be very careful not to let these dogs loose again. These dogs show (or have) no morality and they don’t deserve to live a free life. They should be watched all the time and keep record of their movements. They must face action for what they did to keep the people and the press supressed.
    I don’t understand why the government is wasting time and not doing anything to give justice to the people.

  6. Someone told me that Tulsi Giri was last seen swinging from a tree….

  7. They are just looking for opportunities to get back to power again. They will try to put obstacles in every progressive movements of the people. So before they get a chance to reorganize, punish them for the crimes they committed.

    By the way does anybody know about 800 CDMA mobile phones distributed by Nepal Telecom free of cost to the vigilantes during the jana andolan II??

  8. These royalists may planning for another conspiracy so they should be hanged in “Tudekhel”.

  9. It is two weeks now we re-got the loktantra or I don’t know what ? But we could not arrest a single mouse ? How we are going to work I don’t know.

  10. Bhudai Pundit – YES, economics does matter. Sweet Weed is on the button. Look at Singapore, do you really believe that it’s citizens have political freedom? The PAP promised the people prosperity (economic freedom) in return for restrictions on their political freedom. As they kept their side of the bargain and Singapore prospered, the people have been happy to have some of their political freedom restricted, and continue to re-elect PAP government.

    BRINGING MAOISTS and SPA Together has been PLANNED and EXECUTED in NEW DELHI by CORRUPT INDIAN POLITICIANS and Catholic Sonia supported by the Catholics in the WEST ….

    LET NOT MAOISTS Hijack the sacrifices of the people….


  13. “Ma mare pani mero desh bachi rahos”. The great words all washed away. [icd] what are you guys talking about? Non of you except the few (Shanti) knows where we are standing. You people do not shout different then politisized students from Shankerdev and ASCOL “Ma mare pani mero desh bachi rahos”. The great words all washed away.

    I petty, how narrow minded all of you’ve become. Just because it is Day, that Night never existed? Have you sold yourselves to the devil? Don’t you all see what does good does and what bad?

    I totally agree that punishment is indispensable. But why just the royal ministers? Why not the Maoist –Prachanda, Babu ram? Or Mr. Girija, or Mr. Nepal, or Dauba.? Or why not to those people responsible for 10 years of violence and murder and over 1600 deaths. Are these few royalist only people supposed to be blamed? We better start writing answers to these questions NOW!, for we will have to answer our future generations to a lot of their questions.

    May lord Pashupati Nath gives wisdom to distinguish right and wrong and if we fail to do so, may be give us strength to survive the civil war!- Inevitable

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