House Special Session: How Much To Expect?

The special session of the parliament has begun in Kathmandu but few believe that it will be able to solve the current political impasse A Maoist cadre shouts slogans in a rally in Kathmandu today while his leader in the parliament tables proposals that, if passed, will direct the government to table another proposal toContinue reading “House Special Session: How Much To Expect?”

Ian Martin Q and A

Ian Martin, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal, talks to journalists in a press conference in Kathmandu today. Transcript by United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) Shirish Ballav Pradhan, Press Trust of India: Who do you blame for the postponement of the Constituent Assembly election? Do you think that the election would now beContinue reading “Ian Martin Q and A”

Gyanendra, Challenging the Peoples' Verdict, Visits Kumari Ghar

Prime Minister and acting head of state Girija Prasad Koirala quizzes the palace officials as to why Gyanendra, the suspended king, went to observe Kumari, the living Goddess, without government permission. As the country is increasingly unsure about the fate of elections that are scheduled for 22 November because of the Maoist behavior, suspended kingContinue reading “Gyanendra, Challenging the Peoples' Verdict, Visits Kumari Ghar”

Corrupt Faces of Nepal Come Together To Save Monarchy

Some of the most corrupt faces of the 90s, who also happen to the central members of Nepali Congress, are trying to save monarchy [Update: President G P Koirala of Nepali Congress today clearly stated in a high level meeting of the party that the Mahasamiti (general committee) meeting that will begin from tomorrow willContinue reading “Corrupt Faces of Nepal Come Together To Save Monarchy”

PLA Integration Will Turn Maoist a Regular Party

As we are heading towards republic before CA polls, the integration of PLA should be expedited to turn the Maoist into a ‘regular’ political party. All developments are indicating that we are heading towards the declaration of republic before Constitution Assembly elections slated for November 22. In a meeting of top leaders of eight politicalContinue reading “PLA Integration Will Turn Maoist a Regular Party”

A Day After: Maoist No Confidence Against Prime Minister?

A day after the Maoist’s withdrawal from the government, there was no improvement in solving the crisis It was not surprising that the Maoist central secretariat meeting held today in the residence of chairman Prachanda approved the party’s decision to quit the government. But some reports say the meeting also talked about tabling a noContinue reading “A Day After: Maoist No Confidence Against Prime Minister?”

The Kapilbastu Incident

By the Maoist or those who want to defame the former rebels and/or create communal tension in the area? It all seems like a purely criminal incident: Two unidentified persons came on a motorcycle in Birpur village at around 8:30 am and shot dead Mohit Khan, former chairman of the district vigilante group set upContinue reading “The Kapilbastu Incident”