PLA Integration Will Turn Maoist a Regular Party

As we are heading towards republic before CA polls, the integration of PLA should be expedited to turn the Maoist into a ‘regular’ political party.

All developments are indicating that we are heading towards the declaration of republic before Constitution Assembly elections slated for November 22. In a meeting of top leaders of eight political parties yesterday, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala who is also the president of Nepali Congress party is said to have told the Maoist Chairman Prachanda to wait until September 24. Nepali Congress has called for the Mahasamiti meeting on 23 that is expected to formally adopt the republic policy. [PM Koirala] said he will be able to take crucial political decision after the Mahasamiti meeting,” said Maoist leader Dev Gurung who took part in the meeting, according to the Kathmandu Post. Gurung also said that Maoist will wait for the NC Mahasamiti meeting. Nepali Congress Democratic has also called for their Mahasamiti meeting on September 25-26 to opt the republic policy. With those two decisions, all parties in the EPA will have republic agenda which will create favorable environment for the alliance to declare Nepal a republic in the parliament.

If declaration of republic will bring the Maoist into electoral process, I think that should be done because the most important thing at the moment is the election. Election will not only end the first phase of transition but also formally approve all the democratic achievements the nation has seen so far.

People might question, what if the Maoists come up with other demands even after the declaration of republic? I think the declaration will exert huge pressure on them to go for the election. They will not have any agenda to go with. But the most effective way of containing Maoist arrogance and turning them into a ‘regular’ political party is to expedite the merger of their Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) into Nepal Army and/or other security agencies. This must be done without any delay which coincidently is one the 22-point demands of the Maoists. The integration will effectively end the Maoist control over the guerilla. Guerillas will be split into several barracks or under various commands of Nepal Army and/or Armed Police Force and/or Nepal Police and/or any other security agencies that might be created during the process. After the guerillas formally join the state security agencies and start getting salary and benefits that will be far better than what they are getting now, no one will dare to go for any Maoist-sponsored revolt. Also, they will not be able to get daily sermons of Maoism and Prachanda Path that they are getting now. If the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) is taking ages in that process, the government must push them.

PLA combatants inside the cantonments should immediately be provided with the professional trainings so that they could be ‘acclimatized’ for their future roles in the non-partisan, political neutral security agencies.

Of course, it will be hard if not impossible to remove the feeling of Maoist ideals from some PLA guerillas but the integration will significantly reduce the Maoist arrogance on the help of which they are creating all these mayhems. They will be a just another party even though they will still have a small and unarmed but strong and committed and organized force in the form of core YCL. But that force will not be able to intimidate the society as it is doing today in the absence of any cantonments filled with guerillas.





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  1. scoop Avatar


    Ofcourse you are’nt going to give me a reason, because you’re just talking through your behind.

    Remember, this has been done before, tried and tested with the Congress army back in the 50’s – a separatre battalion and it worked. I said integration yes but not immediately. You stop you’re blabbering with – I can’t give you a reason but…. BS. Read before you write as well you baffoon.
    You bloody a/r/s/E hole.

  2. scoop Avatar

    And Wagle,

    Save us the bull again with your consistency. Noone has the time to go through all your half baked articles and noone needs to. It’s torture to say the least.

  3. Wagle Avatar

    Then stop crying like a baby and talking about the word consistency of which you seem to have no freaking idea of. Honestly, I really don’t have time to reply to a crap like you.

    And to others who are just blindly running after the idea of no integration at any cost, I am not replying because all of your questions are answered in my previous posts. Just take some time to read before screaming out to.

  4. sagarmatha Avatar


    Stop talking nonsense….we have seen how bahun dominated spa leaders are ruling now ? If spa cannot control the incident like Kapilvastu and Rautahat then how they can control the nation and integrated PLA and NA? Bahunist propoganda like royalist behind all bad incidents are exposed to the people….Now Giria Prasad Koiral(NC) and Matrika Yadav (MJF) are joining the hand in coming CA election….This clearly potrays that NC is indirectly behind the incident of Rautaha killings…Similarly Moin Khan was the NC related person..Moin Khan’s groups terrorised the Kapilvastu by killing innocent people means NC should be directly blamed for this incident also….that is why mass victims went against Mr. Shit – Aula and not allowed to enter there areas…

    Forget about NA and PLA integration….If that is the case then what about the integration about Madhesi militia tomorrow who is demanding seperate nation….do you have any answer ? The bahunist concept of ruling Nepal and their democracy is already flopped…which is not going to work at all….12% bahunist ideology cannot rule the whole 88% of others……the plan to block the Koirala in Indrajatra by newar communities is just going to be the begining of boycotting the bahunist ideology and their rule….Wagleji your biasness doesnot work always when it comes to people….

  5. DOA Avatar

    Wagle- just look in the mirror and see how self righteous you are. You put down others as childish and crappy whereas you come off as egoist bhaunist.

  6. scoop Avatar


    Really show some maturity for a blog host. I think my comments have shaken you up. And coming from the biggest whiner it takes some to call others cry babies. You’re somply pathetic. You’re a really pathetic amd unprofessional blog host to say the very least, Really.

  7. scoop Avatar

    Really show some maturity for a blog host. I think my comments have shaken you up. And coming from the biggest whiner it takes some to call others cry babies. You’re simply pathetic. You’re a really pathetic and unprofessional blog host to say the very least, Really.

    The comment above is in moderation. Everytime anyone mentions the blog host’s name it is in moderation. Pathetic.

  8. RD Avatar

    …Then stop crying like a baby and talking about the word consistency of which you seem to have no freaking idea of. Honestly, I really don’t have time to reply to a crap like you…

    When blog hosts start flaming their visitors, it is time to stop visiting the blog. If any of you have any dignity left, stop posting on this site. It will die a slow death.

    UWB: Yes RD, you got the point. Please never visit this site again. Bye.

  9. Baje Avatar

    Don’t get frustrated Mr. Wagle. Take a deep breath and relax. You don’t have to answer to anyone if you feel like you’ve addressed their questions already. You also don’t have to answer to anyone if you are unable to muster a reasonable argument. After all, you are a scribe, not a politician.

    But based on all your previous postings and this one, I am near confident you agree with my paragraph from above –

    “Integration as a solution to Maoist demands is not an overnight event. It is a process that must take its due course in order for smooth, sensible transition time. Like democracy Wagle, this integration should also be a process not an event. ”

    So let’s move on to the next topic.

  10. Patriot Avatar

    I havent gone thru the pains to read everthing Wagle has written, but I think I agree with the essence of the topic.

    PLA integration is indeed one of the important steps to get Maoists into the mainstream.

  11. scoop Avatar

    UWB host,

    you just prove again and again that you are conceited (see your response to RD). Pathetic is now looking like a good word for you.

    And Baje,

    Thanks you for saying what I was trying to so very eloquesntly. But these half baked buggers don;’t understand this and look at things like a football match.

    I tell you I egotistical and conceited are also complements to these buggers.

  12. scoop Avatar

    By the way I read your BS about the machine moderating comments – true, but you choose tyhe basic inputs correct?

  13. scoop Avatar


  14. KingCobra Avatar

    Pol pot Puspa Kamal Dahal:

    You said sometimes you will go right and sometimes you will go left in your strategy, but I say you will be forced to go where I dictate you to go, that is, I will not allow you to go neither left nor right, BUT STRAIGHT. If your maoist thugs including you do not obey what i ask you to do, then your cadres including you will face the same fate that Girendra yadav and his brother Raj Kishore met in Mahottari the other day. Forget about maoism; even communism has become obsolete today.

  15. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I haven’t read what Wagle has written but I am guess that like 99% of his writing it probably makes no sense.
    The PLA merging into the NA? Give me a freaking break!

  16. deepak Avatar

    I think .. all congress and UML are eating Wagle .. i felt soory for Wagle ..
    Wagle Ji .. no need to reply those people who wants to eat for themself .. these are the people who are responsible for the current situation ..

    I am not supporting maoists .. but felt very sorry for a guy like Wagle .. who tried to post his view .. I blame all who cant think a single positive think about this post .. you all want to prove Wagle wrong and want to win ..

    all guys .. u win . and see what is the condtiton of nepal … Wagle ji .. there are people like me …

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