PLA Integration Will Turn Maoist a Regular Party

As we are heading towards republic before CA polls, the integration of PLA should be expedited to turn the Maoist into a ‘regular’ political party.

All developments are indicating that we are heading towards the declaration of republic before Constitution Assembly elections slated for November 22. In a meeting of top leaders of eight political parties yesterday, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala who is also the president of Nepali Congress party is said to have told the Maoist Chairman Prachanda to wait until September 24. Nepali Congress has called for the Mahasamiti meeting on 23 that is expected to formally adopt the republic policy. [PM Koirala] said he will be able to take crucial political decision after the Mahasamiti meeting,” said Maoist leader Dev Gurung who took part in the meeting, according to the Kathmandu Post. Gurung also said that Maoist will wait for the NC Mahasamiti meeting. Nepali Congress Democratic has also called for their Mahasamiti meeting on September 25-26 to opt the republic policy. With those two decisions, all parties in the EPA will have republic agenda which will create favorable environment for the alliance to declare Nepal a republic in the parliament.

If declaration of republic will bring the Maoist into electoral process, I think that should be done because the most important thing at the moment is the election. Election will not only end the first phase of transition but also formally approve all the democratic achievements the nation has seen so far.

People might question, what if the Maoists come up with other demands even after the declaration of republic? I think the declaration will exert huge pressure on them to go for the election. They will not have any agenda to go with. But the most effective way of containing Maoist arrogance and turning them into a ‘regular’ political party is to expedite the merger of their Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) into Nepal Army and/or other security agencies. This must be done without any delay which coincidently is one the 22-point demands of the Maoists. The integration will effectively end the Maoist control over the guerilla. Guerillas will be split into several barracks or under various commands of Nepal Army and/or Armed Police Force and/or Nepal Police and/or any other security agencies that might be created during the process. After the guerillas formally join the state security agencies and start getting salary and benefits that will be far better than what they are getting now, no one will dare to go for any Maoist-sponsored revolt. Also, they will not be able to get daily sermons of Maoism and Prachanda Path that they are getting now. If the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) is taking ages in that process, the government must push them.

PLA combatants inside the cantonments should immediately be provided with the professional trainings so that they could be ‘acclimatized’ for their future roles in the non-partisan, political neutral security agencies.

Of course, it will be hard if not impossible to remove the feeling of Maoist ideals from some PLA guerillas but the integration will significantly reduce the Maoist arrogance on the help of which they are creating all these mayhems. They will be a just another party even though they will still have a small and unarmed but strong and committed and organized force in the form of core YCL. But that force will not be able to intimidate the society as it is doing today in the absence of any cantonments filled with guerillas.

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66 thoughts on “PLA Integration Will Turn Maoist a Regular Party

  1. The question is : Will the politically motiviated PLA can be professional ARMY? What if they start to lick boot of Politician? What if Maobadi Start to demand the Top position of all the security agency? How can we be so sure “PLA Integration Will Turn Maoist a Regular Party”?

  2. Its like asking mistress and wife to share the same bed- good on thoughts but far, far from reality. I guess being loktrantrci means doing the impossible but not having time to do the mundane things like getting petrol, water, electricity and hyper price of basic needs (food, groceries etc.,) under control.

    I must give them credit for their vision and perception of things that is important to them- who cares about us anyways.

  3. so mr wagle, maoist combatants are harmful to u than the currupt congress? always congress have stood on the evil side, recent news on chief justice candiate kedar giri.

    bear in mind, write a note in ur note book, maoist will never ever lose election if there is PR …….. and plus republican state. u missed one thing, the PR is more important than republican state for the election.

    there is no party which can compete with maoist in nepal at present if there is free and fair election. lets be realistic. maoist got over 30,000 compatants, hundreds of thousands of whole timer(wt) cardres and similar numbers of supporters. ……. plus they can mobilise thier party workers more effectively than others, their leaders can give quicker directions than others and their demands are peoples demand. they will not put another demand after fulfilled those demands but if they comromise on those demands its their suicide. other party specially congress manipulated them too much and congress is enjoying from the hard work of maoists, maoists are fooled. sounds they woke up after long sleep.

    why PR is important for maoist?

    here are some facts……..
    UML been really volnurable party . u know madav nepal who put application to be royal prime minister wen king asked from general public.
    now india gave heavy pressure to UML to have a collusion with congress in election to boycott maoist.

    how does it work?
    if we go into election without PR , congress and UML will negotiate to boost their seats with less votes coz they know they dont have public support to defeat maoists…. and other hand, maoists with 40 percentages of total voters ends up with few seats, here is trick.

    lets take an example to clearify my saying,,,,,,
    okhaldhunga, the hilly region on the east, got two constituency seats with 20,000 voters in each (assume), congress is better in number 1 and UML better in 2. they might nogotiate and tell their supporters to vote for other party for good.

    lets take number 1, out of 20,000 voters, maoist got 8000 , congress got 6000 and UML got 5000 and 1000 for others

    who win? maoist coz they got highest number of votes.

    lets have some qualitative aspects included.

    if congress and UML negotiate and said UML will help in number 1 to congress. and told their supporters to do so. out of 5000 UML voters, if 3000 listened to UML, congress comes up with 9000, situation will be different.

    this gonna happen in other districts as well, so? dont forget congress has negotiated to have collusion with upendrea yadav in terai. lets send their dirty goal to hell…….

    lets go for PR……. fair and better for stable future ahead.

  4. Introvert,
    Interesting analysis. Unfortunately, mistaken premise. Proportional representation will definitely benefit smaller parties and also the maoists and even the RPP. But 40% of popular votes – you must be dreaming. Yes they will end up with more seats, from their 10% popular vote base but not what you’re thinking buddy. Yes let’s go for PR, more votes for maoists so that they don’t hav to cry havoc if there are popular elections where they will receive a trouncing. We cannot afford maoists to wage war again.

  5. introvert:

    PR based on what ?? Ethnicity?? Region?? Gender??Or Parties?? Do we really know anything about Proportional Representation at all??

    And how Maoists would benifit in particular based on which assumptions??

    Some more elaboration please!!

  6. hope,

    here is some information in PR. as per ur question, further discussion required among the political parties and the experts to find out which system is suitable for nepal but no alternative of PR.

    as my view, i want to see close relationship between percentage of votes and the number of seats in assembly. and we have to listen to the genuine demands of ethenic groups too.

    i prefer,,,,,,,,,,,,,whole country as one constituency, and the law makers sud chosen by winning parties based on the votes they receive representing all ethenicity , region , gender etc.

    Proportional representation
    (sometimes referred to as full representation, or PR),

    is a category of electoral formula aiming at a close match between the percentage of votes that groups of candidates (grouped by a certain measure) obtain in elections and the percentage of seats they receive (usually in legislative assemblies). It is often contrasted to plurality voting systems, where disproportional seat distribution results from the division of voters into multiple electoral districts, especially “winner takes all” plurality (FPTP) districts.

  7. Am I too ignorant or what?? I fail to understand the PR still.Sorry, introvert, I feel you have no idea about that aswell. If PR is really that complex and difficult process as you have tried to ‘elaborate’, i bet even maoists would escape from it.

    People are jumping into demands even without knowing what they actually want!!

  8. I dont have much of an opinion on this because although republicanism is desirable and good for the country in the near future, I am not quite sure if its viable at the moment.

    1. becoz royalists can create enough trouble as a last ditch effort to the point of derailing CA.
    2. it woudnt adress marginalised interest, where PR would otherwise have, making the whole process a legitimacy issue atleast before the eyes of separatist groups/madhesis/janjatis who will keep fighting even after the polls
    3. premature declaration of monarchy could further divide the country (though personally I want it gone), again questioning the credibility of the govt post polls on the ground how they could take such a huge decision in a interim state.

    I’d prefer PR to be pushed instead of republicanism at the moment since it will face no major opposition and will usher in instant inclusiveness thus saving the country from disintegration and vindicating a decade of misery. If Maoists can be made to take PR instead of repub, we can still have a smooth polls with no obstruction from monarchy, separatists, ethnic groups, madhesis …

    But in the course of pursuing PR, monarchy goes to polls and if it survives (in ceremonial form), then what? Well – guess cant have the cake and eat it too.

    But for now, bigger danger is racial strife and separatism and PR is the best option to neutralize it.

  9. what ever system CA adopts, maoists will have no more than 10 seats, similar to what they have during 2048 BS election.

  10. Wagle & Introvert:

    This is one of most ridiculous idea I have read in your blog so far. You are proposing to throw the baby out with the bath water. One cannot have elections for election sake only. Election is done for principles. The principle being to conduct the CA elections in a free & fair manner. Then the CA elections will decide the future for Nepal.

    Once you integrate the PLA with the Nepali army, there goes your check & balances with the Maoists. The are two reasons why Maoists have not taken over (1) int’l pressure (2) army. There is only one institution in Nepal that Maoists have so far have not infiltrated, ie, the army. Maoists fangs reach all levels of society–they know how much land you have, how much money you make, how much money you have in the bank, who you are & wher you live etc…

    Right now, the only thing SPA have to protect their backs is the army just in case Maoists raise arms again. Why do you think GPK did not overhaul the army after April Janatantra? It was a check & balance against the Maoists.

    Integration of PLA with NA at this stage is suicidal. First of all, UN cannot even verify who is a PLA fighter as of yet. Second, PLA fighters loyalty lies with their master PK, not the Nepali people. Third, this could be the strategy to weaken the state machinary so that they can take over. Fourth, how can we have a free & fair elections with the PLA integrated NA? As already, there are security concerns–YCL, Maoist militia–whether there will be a free & fair election if there is one.

    Integration of PLA with NA should only be done after the CA elections & after UN verification. To have the merger as pre-requisite to the CA elections is black mail. There should be no pre-conditions.

    PR theoretically is a good idea like communism, but, in practice it opens even a greater pandoras box in a multi-ethnic/jat nation like Nepal. No one will every satisfied with the outcome. It will leade to further disintegration & even ethnic cleansing.

    We need to stick one person, one vote rule. Fair, square & simple. Popular vote is best test. Majority wins. Instead, it should be the political parties to nominate its candidates from various ethnic backgrounds.

    The Lower House can be popularly elected, whereas, the Upper House can be a mixer of ethnic & regionally balanced one. Similar to the US House of Rpresentatives & Senate. Both have to be popularly elected.

    Our political leaders need to to be thinking in these terms rather than the complicated PR system. The universal–One person, one vote. There needs to be a free and fair election. SPA is jeapordizing the national interests just trying to appease the Maoists.

    Besides, the EPA (SPAM whatever you want to call it) is reaching way beyond its mandate. The Interim Parliament and Constitution’s job is to pave way for a free and fair election in Nov 22. SPAM is acting like they were elected. They were not. They do NOT represent the people. They are mere facilitators. The Interim Parliament was nominated and bargained in the power sharing process. What is being forgotten in this whole equation is that sovereignty lies with the people, not the political parties.

    The only medium of ensure that the parties truely represent the people is through elections. Lets make sure they do.

  11. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    Ahhh thank god for blog prahari/ycl. freedom of speech…oops cover your mouth. Ammaiyee!!


  13. PLA are a bunch of drug seeking, illiterate, undisciplined and uncivilized terrorists and thugs who cann be inegrated into anything. Someone who wrote the lecture above can submit it part of their pHd thesis for sociology in Maoist Universty of Nepal where Pushpe is the Chancellor. Hogwash above is like as they say in Nepali “Paani ma padheko.” (Farting in the water)

  14. I agree with this post. The PLA is nothing more than ordinary Nepalis looking for a job. Let the integration begin and let the one standing institution also be indoctrinated by the Maoists. That will seal the fate of the nation, the parties and everyone concerned.

  15. PLA must not be integrated to the Army as they are two different phenomenon, one is just a communist party outfit where as another bears name of the country. It’s like polluting river from sewage!!

    PLA men should be encouraged for overseas job , they should be lured to the lucrative works in Gulf and some other labour consuming countries. It has two benifits; one, they would get high salary(higher than PLA camps at least) second, they would be away from politics which makes them more responsible for their own life rather than some idiotic principles. I believe for most of the PLA men this proposal would be acceptable as they are suffocationg inside the camp and trying very hard just to maintain their daily life. Govt. must take an initiative and make some serious proposal to the concern nations and to every PLA men themselves . This would eradicate the future threat of any armed conflict at least from these brainwashed guerillas!!

  16. To say that the whole of the Nepal Army will go to the Maoist fold just because of the inclusion of a few thousand Maoist PLA members is not only an outright insult of the institution of Army but also equivalent to undermining the professional ability of the national organization. I am not saying all 30 thousand (or the number verified by the UN) PLA members should be included in Nepal Army or Police organizations. The integration process should strictly be based on merit. (Now don’t come with childish statement like there are none in the Maoist cantonment that qualify for any of the posts in the Army or Police organizations.)

    I have trust on the institution of Army (and I like to see many serious improvements in the organization to improve its professional skills and efficiency.) I also have faith in our police organizations. They are the established systems. No person is bigger than the systems. When the Maoist PLA members join that system, I am sure they will immerse themselves with the systems of Army or Police. They will be dispersed through out the nationwide military and police network. I am not talking about opening a Maoist gan/bahini in the Army or Police. I am also sure that as they get into the system, because of the attractive salary, other benefits and good future (pension), no one will dare to go against the rules and regulations of the organizations putting their job at risk. There are laws that regulate the Army that have the provision on how to deal with those soldiers who act against military rules and norms.

    I don’t think majority of the PLA members joined the Maoist party because they really believe in Maoism and Prachanda Path. Instead, they joined the party out of desperation. What do you do when you are unemployed and don’t see any prospects of getting job anytime soon? Join the gun totting gang. It’s as simple as that. With the integration, they will get the job and will forget the Maoism that they have been forcefully taught so far within a year. If the Army officers can’t make new recruits loyal to the institution of the Army, become politically unbiased, then that’s their problem. We should get rid of such incompetent officers.

    I see someone above terming the integration as Maoist “infiltration” which I find yet another way of insulting of the army. The person seems to have no idea how organizations like army function or the importance of system. Do you know a guy called Kumar Fudong? The general (retired) who was nominated MP by the Maoist? Of course, you can’t entirely takeout ideology of any kind from a man’s mind and that applies with soldiers and generals as well. What you have to do, especially in the cases of military and police, is to make that mind as professional as possible. Kumar Fudong was in the army at the height of the Maoist movement but he didn’t go away with a gulma, did he? I am sure he performed his duties professionally and after the retirement every citizen of this country has the right to join politics and serve the nation on a different role. And that applies with soldiers to generals to government secretary.

    If you really want to go for head count, you will certainly find many Kangressi, Emalee or Maoists in the Army (no doubt about the royalists as well). But once they are in the system of Army, professionalism will/should be their first priority. I want a politically neutral Army but with unconditional and unquestionable commitment to democratic system. And that commitment must come from the head of the army. So far, General Katulwal has expressed that commitment but there are so many things to be done to make people believe in him.

    I do believe, as pointed out in the article above, once the relationship between the PLA guerillas inside the cantonment and Maoist leadership is severed, the Maoist will significantly loose its strength. By this, I am not saying PLA guerillas are bad or anything like that. What do we do to illegitimate child? Bury in a ditch? No, that would be crime. The society must accept the reality and accept him/her as the new member.

    And to those who talk about pushing the Maoist to the corner, breaking the peace process and sending Army behind them, I say then you join the army first. It’s very easy to talk about war by staying outside the organization (or at the top of the organization). I have heard horrific war-stories of pain and difficulties from my friends, relatives and interviewees in the Army/police. If you can sort out the problem by compromising a few things, why go for such a disastrous approach? People have to sacrifice (personally or otherwise) once in their lifetime and we must be ready to do that. Many people have already done that by leaving their home and land behind for so many years. So I would like to condemn those arrogant views like ‘oh, no PLA are outcast, they shouldn’t be integrated into Army at any cost.’

  17. Recent history in African countries like Sudan is an example where beacuse of political expediency and consequent integration of rebels into national army has blown up on their face. Now talk about employment- is an army a productive place for enterprising people- creation of job means investment on proper sectors not the idea of lumping ot burdening where we presume will be avaliable. And also talk about merits- a very vague notion with many interpretations.

    So unless we want a nation that has no army as Maoist proposes- we should not integrate pLA into army as convinient option that will erase unemployment, feed the hungry and bring peace. Just for a thoought- all the hoopla about unholy alliance of SPA and Maoist brought “historic” stability and peace so will integration of PLA. It does not work from economic nor political aspect. There is just no quick remedy for the situation Wagle and his cahoots have created. Thats the reality- be it for republicans, Maoist or Royalist

  18. Who is going to be the powerful head of the army then…..?

    This Girija and Shit-aula will only resign after ethnic killings of more than 200,000 people in their rule….

  19. Then next round might be Goit and Jwala Sing’s arms groups integration with NA and PLA….after that Limbuwan and khumbuwan arms groups…how many integration can be continued in this way…..this is totally nonsense…engaging them to other sectors can be possible….otherwise the New Nepal Army will become totally politically motivated army and which can be danger specially in the election…..

  20. Wagle,

    It sounds good when you stand by PLA side,30000 ,is it?? And have you ever thought what NA cadre would think about the “integration”, does he possess some right of expression as well?? When you are calculating the benifit of 30000 guerillas( that is very exaggerated you know that), wouldn’t it be fair to flip the coin and see the problem from 100000 personnel of NA’s point of veiw?? How an individual would accept once a foe as collegue, how would you be absolutely certain about your subordinate who is indoctrinated and once termed you as enemy number one.??How would you trust your comrade when both were firing at each other just two years back?? How could you be absolutely sure that those loyal to Prachanda would not listen to him again should some conflict arise in due course?? How would you make sure each and every soldier in current army won’t have any animosity should PLA fighter included in their barrack and vise versa?? And if some unfortunate incidents does happen and one particular party feels discriminated , have you ever imagined the consequences Mr Wagle? It’s easy to just speak in favor of sth but you need to be rational in your views as well!!

    If there are other options to fecilitate their integration in the society it must be tried first. Just opt for integration to the Army because they are communist army as well is not only improper but also stupid.

  21. What a analysis by DW?

    He thinks as if Nepal Army is his own (Congressi) recruitment agency.

    Nepal Army, a conventional army, has its own norms while recruiting.

    We still remember what you did to police organization before and now people are suffering because of poor organizational effort in Nepal Police.

  22. ARE WE DOGS?

    Are we dogs? Certainly not!

    But why we are behaving like a dog? We must answer these questions today.

    He comes and “lectures” on what they have “Loktantra” to be exactly followed by us. His minister says that it is an “internal” matter of our country.

    But how it could be when he has just met with our leaders in Kathmandu and presumably “advised” different things to “different” political leaders suiting to his country’s interests.

    Moshai Pranab Mukehrjee, Indian minister, says the Maoists quitting the government was an internal matter of Nepal.

    But the upheaval that has come in Nepal with the Maoists quitting the government has come just well within twenty four hours of his return to the former colony of East India Company, today’s Independent and sovereign Bharat. He is Shiv Shanker Menon.

  23. Wagle, Do not give bullshit. PLA is ideologically driven army and whatever you say about Nepal Army they have shown maximum restrain given the type of war they fought. Nepal Army was asked to fight with their one hand tied, yes, we understand it is easy to sit in airconditioned office than to go and fight in field where your family members are constantly stressed and theartened by Maoist goons. War is dirty and Civil war is particularly more so but somebody must do it. I have also lot of army friend who was frustrated that they were not allowed to job properely as at that time also high command as well as ruling class people were confused bunch and they did not have proper strategy to fight with internal terrorists. War should be avoided but when push comes to shove it should be total, this will shorten the war albeit with much pain. Look into history of internal insurgent fight in Malaysia and even thailand and how they won defeated the war. Sri Lanka is also doing same.

    This situation of nor rebel winning the war neither state loosing is causing this much tension in Nepal. Wagle babu this idea of PLA and National army integration is bullshit and there are lot of instances where this has been tried and failed measurably, they can be teached skill and employed elsewhere but not integrated in army. This is the only institution surviving between total totalitarian madness of Maoist and bullshit of illegimate SPA. Dont destroy this institution like your Kogressi and UML destroyed the police.

  24. Wagle,
    I agree, but please save us the bullcrap about ot being an outright insult to the army blah blah you were happily flaying them a few months back. You’re really a weasel when it comes to such matters. Please be consistent. You’re too bloddy wishy washy to suite your end.

  25. Although the integration has to be done years later, but for now I had mentioned that they must be a new separate battalion or better police force.
    Wagle you preach too much. And again try some consistency.

  26. By the way how much taxes did you pay this past fiscal year? I hope a fare bit like myself, as you seem to be very generous with dishing out jobs to the PLA at the taxpayers expense.

  27. There are two things here
    1. What for CA elections?
    If a republic is declared first what for CA elections.
    Gyanendra restored illegitimate parliament took all the decions that were thought of as to have been done through people’s verdit, except his own kickout.
    So i do not see the need to go for such an expensive CA poll(100Rs per vote). In the last elections after 1990 price per vote were less than 2-10 rs.
    2. PLA ARMY Integration?
    Personally, i feel it must happen. Nepalese must unit at each and every front. Howver, the most improtant is, will india allow this to happen? Never!
    India basically wants no armed Nepalese men guarding our frontiers. They will say we will guard your borders. They want us divied all the time every where. Indian men meeing Grija Will say how can a politcally motivated outfit unit wiht the National army. Nepal Army will say the same thing. The US too will say the same. So i do not see this takign shape at all.

  28. Army is certainly not “a productive place for enterprising people” but if integrating a few thousand Maoist guerillas into the organization brings peace, we have to do it. And it’s not about army only. There are other security agencies and there are other options as well. But to say that no is can be integrated into the Army is a childish statement that doesn’t deserve my reply.

    And have you ever thought what NA cadre would think about the “integration”, does he possess some right of expression as well??

    Soldiers can offer military opinions related to their operation to the civilian leadership and civilian leadership decides on the issue. Then soldiers execute them. That’s the job of the soldier/military in democracy.

    By the way, I am not debating here with soldiers or military personnel on this site here. If you are from the military, fine you read this and shut up. It’s not your job to discuss such matter as you are supposed to be fully and unconditionally committed to the democratic principles in which Defense Ministry takes the decision about integration.

    “How would you trust your comrade when both were firing at each other just two years back??”

    >> How could you fire each other when a day before Maoist attacked Dang you were shaking hands and exchanging food with the same Maoist while Nepal Police were fighting against them? The same way you can be friends with them.

    “How could you be absolutely sure that those loyal to Prachanda would not listen to him again should some conflict arise in due course??”

    >> Don’t pose silly questions without first reading what I wrote. Read my earlir post ad you will find the answer.

    “How would you make sure each and every soldier in current army won’t have any animosity should PLA fighter included in their barrack and vise versa??”

    >>What animosity you are talking about? Just today a solider in Tokha killed his fellow. See this: So you don’t have to be a former PLA to create animosity. These are the things that have to be controlled through military mechanism.

    “And if some unfortunate incidents does happen and one particular party feels discriminated , have you ever imagined the consequences Mr Wagle?”

    >>> Don’t talk about ifs and buts. If some unfortunate incidents happen, the superior should be held responsible and court marshaled for his/her inefficiency to let such things happen.

    “Nepal Army, a conventional army, has its own norms while recruiting.”

    >>> But are not talking about conventional stuff here my pal. This is not an ordinary situation. And you should know a national army doesn’t fight with the people of its own country in normal situation. The government doesn’t sign peace agreement with a group in normal situation. Army barracks are not attacked in a normal situation.

    “War is dirty and Civil war is particularly more so but somebody must do it.”

    >>> Don’t talk like a Taliban warlord in Afghanistan. In our case, right now, we are in the peace process. And to remind you, peace process is not piece of a cake that you happily pick up from the plate and throw that into your wide open hungry mouth. Its about give and take. Don’t even talk about Nepal Army winning the war against Maoist militarily, even if Americans come with the Black Hawks and Abrahams, they won’t be able to win. The only and preferable way is to do that by talking, by bargaining. Anyway, there is no point in talking about which way is useful since we are already in the process.

    “they can be teached skill and employed elsewhere but not integrated in army.”

    >>> I agree they can be given vocational trainings etc but, as I said earlier, it’s not about ‘outcasting’ the PLA guerillas. I can bet there are many in the Army who are more incompetent than some of those in the PLA.

    “Dont destroy this institution like your Kogressi and UML destroyed the police.”

    >>>Who told you Kangressi and UML destroyed the Police? Your master and god Birendra destroyed them. They were basically his servants in Panchayat era. If they are given enough budge, today’s police in Nepal are far better than they were in Panchayat regime. I talked to many policemen in Jumla and Mugu during my recent trip in the region and all of them said that they were ill equipped compared to Army. They said the Unified Command was the biggest failure because many commanding soldiers didn’t have any idea about fighting with the Maoists. On the contrary, Policemen already had enough experience with fighting Maoists. Policemen were marginalized and there was gross discrimination in the way they worked in the command. Anyway, I don’t want to go into Police Vs Army game here as I need both of those institutions and I want them in better conditions. But again, remember what I said about Birendra, your anna data.

    “but please save us the bullcrap about ot being an outright insult to the army blah blah you were happily flaying them a few months back.”

    >>> Go to archives and try if you can find the post where I have expressed against Army as an institution. You don’t have to remind about consistency. I know exactly what I stand for and against. Yes, I can’t go bind and support some of the corrupt generals in the Army and the “sahib” and “garisyos”/ “khaisyos” way of functioning the organization. As I said earlier, the organization needs serious improvements in the way it functions. I am assuming that you at least understand the differences between criticizing those who run the organization for the way they run and writing off the institution itself.

    And yes, talking about institutions, I am dead against the Monarchy as an institution.

  29. Hey Coke,

    Oh boy, why are you here if you don’t have idea yet about what CA elections are for. Do you think Gyanendra deserves that much amount of money spent to be removed from Narayanhitti? No. He can be and I stress he must be removed from one declaration of Parliament. It would be a disgrace to hold election just for the shake of removing Gyanendra. We are talking about state restructuring and formulating a new and comprehensive and inclusive constituting bro. That’s what is CA for, not wasting time on whether the nation needs a useless brat like Gyanendra or not. The verdict was clear in April 2006. Nepal doesn’t want feudal family eating and farting with national treasure. The only problem is these freaking leaders are taking time to remove him which is against the peoples’ wish.

  30. PLA is a problem of the Maoist Wagle, not of the Nation, we as Nepali were terrorized by them, we will never trust them in providing security to us.
    Are you so stupid to realize that army personnel will never like to work with those whom they have killed and whose families have been killed by them. Were it not Maoists who went to the villages looking for Army families and torturing them after the peace agreement.
    Wagle shut your rear end and come back to reality. My taxes are not going to employ the goons that you and the Maoists have created.
    If you want employment then get educated..ask the Maoists to respect schools and children, this is how you get employment not with GUNS. What grade are you in anyway Wagle?

  31. Fractured State or Restructured State
    Buta sir!
    Are you talkigin about the already “Fractured State” courtesy India or just restructuring that State when there will be no “Nepal State” at all?
    Or, Perhaps a Lendup’s State!
    If so then i salute you.
    I appreciate your fond for CA polls that will bring majority Lendup style parliamentarians (that would be there definitely) and only one consensus needed for Sikkim State or a Bhutan State similar to a Secular State that we have already.
    Badi Chudi Khou Nepal

  32. Wagle ji:

    You are falling into the Maoist trap. Maoists systematically have destroyed all institutions in Nepal. They control the economy through their radical trade unions. They control the political life through the streets & the country side with the help of YCL & militia. They control the youth through their pro-Maoist student unions. Now they want to control the election process.

    The government will have to mobilize the army to ensure free & fair elections or ask for foreign intervention. Which one would you prefer?

    It is in the Maoist tactical interests to have the PLA integrated to NA prior to the election so that they can influence the election process. UN is not even done with their task yet. There needs to be re-education of the PLA fighters & rehablitation. They needed to be taught about civics, freedom, democracy, rights & duties of a citizen to function in a civil society. The Maoist brain washing needs to be cleansed before joining the national army. They may also be needed to taught vocational skills.

    You are merely talking about foot soldiers… You think the Maobadis will just agree to that? They will want vertical integration. Give them a finger, they will want the whole hand… What about the Maoist chain of command heirrachy? Don’t you think their platoon leaders, brigade commanders, division heads & military chiefs will want to be a part of the new national army? What are we going to do with Ram Bahadur Thapa as a General or Ananta as a Brigradier General etc. Where will their loyalty lie? To the people or an ideologically driven party?

    If the PLA is integrated to NA just because we want to have an election, we will be setting a very bad precedent. Until now, Nepal has not witnessed military coups like most developing nations, but, we will. An integrated army that produces a coup will probably benefit the Maobadis.

    We cannot hand over our sovreignty to another totalitarian dictator, PK for the sake of having an election if that election is going to be flawed. We just got our sovereignty back from a fuedal monarch in the April Janandolan. Lets not trade one bad apple for another.

    I understand your need to wanting to have a CA election. Given the current political condition, we probably will not have one anyway. However, we cannot jeaporadize our national interests just to appease a selfishly motivated Maobadi party.

    Appeasement is not the answer. We do not need another Chamberlin. History tells us what the Nazis did in World War II. Remember the goal posts keep on getting moved. Maobadis need to stick to the Peace Agreement. They saw the horizon (losing the CA elections), they did not like it so they are changing the game. SPA needs to be firm. Nepali people need to be vigilant.

    Wagle your justification for integration sounds utterly idealistic & very naive. Maoist performance since April has yet to exhibit any grade of good governance or working on behalf of the people. They are only working for themselves.

  33. wagle,
    according to you “institution is always bigger than an individual” isn’t it. well pla is just a puppet of the mother party, cpn-Maoists as we all know. even when they had 5 ministers and 83 mps their attitude didn’t change. they are in a position where they are considered to be the second largest political party alongside with UML. state legislation i.e. parliament is supposed to be the all powerful institution of our country, but Maoists even after being one of the major parties there didn’t even think about changing. they not only took weapons in there, but also insulted other fellow mps. in the mean time, noone took any action on them. so tell me wagle, what makes you think that as soon as these hooligans,(pla) wears the national uniform, they will act like the real Nepalese army who now is world renowned for their professionalism?
    wagle i bet all of us bloggers have 10 fingers but we think before we type, unlike you.

    guys time to keep a track on wagle’s bank account. wouldnt be surprised if he himself is getting 3000 from the government plus bonus from the central command.

  34. Great points Mr. Wagle.

    Now answer me this.. who sent the army to fight the Maoists in the first place?

    Do you remember Girija tendering his resignation on the grounds that the army didn’t follow his orders to go into combat?

    Are you surpirsed that policemen you spoke with expressed animosity towards the army? Do you know what groups make up the present police force and their political leanings?

    Do you know how much money Achyut Krishna Kharel spent arming the police with .22 rifles? Do you know who the Prime Minister and Home Ministers were at the time the police were ill-quipped to fight the Maoits?

    Integration as a solution to Maoist demands is not an overnight event. It is a process that must take its due course in order for smooth, sensible transition time. Like democracy Wagle, this integration should also be a process not an event.

  35. Just as I am dead against Bhaunist and their tendencies to see only from their perspective which is righteous with quick fix solutions which always doubles back with flotsam and jetsom.

  36. Very intelligent wagle, wish things could be that easy.

    Your vengence towards NA shows where you stand buddy, and in favor of PLA……… WOW!!

    “What animosity you are talking about? Just today a solider in Tokha killed his fellow. See this: So you don’t have to be a former PLA to create animosity. These are the things that have to be controlled through military mechanism. ”

    Genius, you are comparing an isolated incident with the colossal problem in making and yet you find my question silly, what else can be more sillier than this.

    We are talking about intermingling thousands of indoctrinated,illiterate guerillas who are loyal to certain political principal and leadership with the institution established to protect the nation. Yes, NA seems bit inclined towards monarchy but they never killed people for their own political purpose, they never terrorize people if you are not enemy combatant, they never extort money from civillian population for their political agenda. Where as PLA was born to fight political ‘war’, born to destroy what was people’s property , they were raised and brainwashed to certain political ideology. The marriage you are

    “Don’t talk about ifs and buts. If some unfortunate incidents happen, the superior should be held responsible and court marshaled for his/her inefficiency to let such things happen. ”

    Oh, yes, it was these kind of shortsighted vision and irresponsible behaviour country is in this mess, you wanna court marshall a superior while hundreds would have sacrificed for his blunder.We thought if sth go wrong we will hold political parties and it’s leadership accountable, didn’t we?? They are still in the same position while 14000 people gave their lives for them.

    And integration, yes , maoists were integrated to mainstream politics, weren’t they?? What happend, can you see it or not??Despite all the crimes and terorism people tried to accept them as political force , look what they have done, just walk away form the process, what is your guarantee if thier military wing will not follow their ‘political wing’?? Have you ever thought PLA could be as unreliable as their mother party, has anybody made any contingencies for that??

    Sorry mate, I found your logics very illogical and looks very outsiders perspective.How can you ignore the potential conflicts in such a sensitive manner?? I just wish you to think of other options available while we all know the option in discussion would fail flat on it’s face like the one we have just witnessed!!

    How about sending them to gulf and other overseas jobs where they can have quite good life(compare to their current). And I bet more than 90% PLA would queue up for the proposal but will people like Prachanda and Barsa Man would ever let that happen? Wouldn’t it be good for a country to have only one army with no political aspirations?? Why people like you are hell bent to destroy an institution which is the only one remaining intact and unaffected by all the chaos??

  37. From somebody like Wagle, I was expecting an article on integration of NA with PLA and not the other way round. From Maoists’ point of view the army only serves the king, so it is a private army where as the peoples’ army serves the people, the nation. So, people like babu lando bhattarai, wagle Jr. and their white monkeys like Neil would not even fall short of calling PLA the legitimate army of Nepal. Interpretations aside, I don’t think that the integration is possible at this point. It will be extremely humiliating for the army.

  38. One point here. The Royal Nepal Army has only been for the “Nepali people” if and when “Nepali People” is being used as a Euphamism for the King. If you believe that they are now for the people after a Name change and one brief year, please describe the steps that have been taken to change their outlook.

  39. excuse me isnt all the maoist, party ko karmachari????????
    so how can a person with set political beliefe join the army and be loyal to the govt.
    of course mr. wagle the army has more soilders and what will 30000 do?????
    well think again the 30000 kept NA at bay for more than a decade. and if you let them willingly in the army maybe they wont end up controlling the army but i can gurantee that the army will suffer irreversible damages.
    but maybe we all missing the point in all this.
    its not the PLA intregrating into army but the other way around.
    maybe you are so scared that the army will change side and want to break the hiarchy or army with an excuse of PLA intregration.
    en fin the king will spoil everything if and only if the army sided with him.
    so lets go after the army. good tactic i really admire and the fact that you use PLA as diversion.
    so mr wagle if you really care about nepal then open ur eyes a little more wider. and cover more burning issues of the nation for eg. kapilvastu and the terai.

  40. “Nepal Army, a conventional army, has its own norms while recruiting.”

    >>> But are not talking about conventional stuff here my pal. This is not an ordinary situation. And you should know a national army doesn’t fight with the people of its own country in normal situation. The government doesn’t sign peace agreement with a group in normal situation. Army barracks are not attacked in a normal situation.

    What do you mean by this Mr. DW?

    Ask your own then government ( leaded by Sher Bbr Deuba) who deployed Army against Maoist and why they deployed NA?

    As you said, National army doesnot fight with the people of its own country. I agree with this statement. Then why you are asking to merge PLA with NA as PLA are the one who started fighting with the people of their own country. So PLA are not considered as National Army, so why to merge them with NA.

  41. MR. DW,

    your suggestion can be applied for quick fix, but in a long run, this will be disastrous.

    It is like breaking a tie-up between NA and palace and establishing new relation between proposed NA (NA + PLA) with extremists.

  42. Why my comment is in moderation for so long Wagle?? Even you cannot digest critical views of your statement, ha , grow up boy!!

    UWB: Your comment is approved, without a word changed. Wagle doesn’t get frightened by opposing views, rather he enjoys reading them and, yes, his comments are also moderated at times because that is done by software, not human.

  43. Neil Horning,

    In a last one year, NA has been confined with in thier barracks and shown highest level of loyality towards the government. This shows that they are they have changed themselves not only in outlook.

    But in the contrary, PLA are doing just against what they are told to do so. Leaving camps, possession of weapons on public, threatenings and extortions are common behaviour of PLA soldiers.

    So, what do you want to hear? merge PLA with NA so that your uncles pu.ka.da and ba.ra. bha can enjoy lavish life.

  44. Buta,
    You are 100% right. Additionally, removal of Gyanendra is not just Maoist’s demand but the demand of all the citizens of Nepal except for Deuba (The Grinch) and Sujata Koirala (The Biatch).

    So, regardless of CA or not, Gyaney needs to go.


    You should think before you blabber. Idiot. Separate battalion of Maoists army? Either you integrate them into the core NA or you don’t. I am not going to give you a reason but you do your homework and let us know why separate battalion of Maoists army will be dangerous to your sorry a r s e.

  45. DW and Political Companies..

    Leave NA alone from your dirty politics.

    You can put PLA in other security sectors but not with NA as national army.

  46. harke, No distractions please. Describe what steps have been taken with the RNA to change their outlook. Lack of discipline was never their problem. It was more the unwavering support for the king and the systematic use of torture.

    Funny story: The other day I talked to someone from UNMIN. He said when the Maoists walked out of the camps last time they counted exactly 200, and reported this figure to the media. The papers reported 3000. Nice to know there is an unbiased reliable media here.

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