A Day After: Maoist No Confidence Against Prime Minister?

A day after the Maoist’s withdrawal from the government, there was no improvement in solving the crisis

It was not surprising that the Maoist central secretariat meeting held today in the residence of chairman Prachanda approved the party’s decision to quit the government. But some reports say the meeting also talked about tabling a no confidence motion in the parliament against Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. Before that, they will have to ask for the special session of the parliament. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who was appointed the spokesman by the same meeting, said that they are demanding the special session to voice their concerns there. The same Maoist meeting also decided to strengthen the Eight Party Alliance. Maoists are full of contradictions these days.

Meanwhile, the Eight Party Alliance meeting held in Prime Minister’s official residence today couldn’t produce a joint statement. Nepali Congress and CPN UML requested the Maoists to reconsider their decision to quit the government. This request was not only futile but useless give the fact that politics is not the game of emotion. But the impacts of the bad politics are always on the personal level. Hopes are shattered, people become frustrated.

Many people are speculating about the coming days. Many believe the future of CA is under cloud. Some say the Maoists will eventually join the electoral process and use the polls as the continuation of their movement so that they could garner more support and votes from people. Some say the parliament will declare republic which will bring the Maoist into the electoral process. The worst case scenario would be Maoists abandoning the peace process altogether, something that Maoists reject outright. If they indeed leave the cantonments, this government will have to use force (Nepali Army) against them. And the happiest man would be Gyanendra Shah, the suspended king. That would signal the beginning of the end of democratic achievements that the country has seen so far.





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  1. Patriot Avatar

    Dont be too happy Wagle – its your dear Nepali Congress who is the biggest roadblock to a new Nepal. Republicanism and PR are both good for the country, I know you agree, but NC stands in the way.

    In this case I support Maoists quitting the govt. bcoz if they went to polls we would be back to where we were – king still around, no marginal representation, only cosmetic changes here and there. Is it worth the decade of misery?

  2. guyfromktm Avatar

    It is an understatement to say that “the maoists are full of contradictions these days”.

    They have consistently been full of contradictions starting from the time they signed the 12 point pact which this blog had termed as “historic”. This blog also considers the temporary laying down of arms by the terrorists as “peace process” and that Maoists walking out of the government is a step towards derailment of that process. Absence of war is not peace and the process was never on.

    People are not intomidated during a peace process, people don’t have to vacate their properties during a peace process and any individual who is not associated with any mob or groups carrying arms shouldn’t live each day in fear during a peace process. So, this misplaced notion that we were going through peace process needs to be laid to rest. Maoists earlier notion that the King is extremely unpopular in Nepal (he might well be) and that sidelining him will mean that the rest of the country will welcome them with open arms and they can continue to fool the gullible lot with populist statements like “revolutionary land reforms” turned out to be WRONG.

    Now that the group that was against going into the pact with the corrupt lot is asking questions about where the 12 point pact ahd led them and why Nepal isn’t yet declared a republic, the ailing leadership of teacher turned terrorist (TTT) Pushpa Kamal and ceremonial Baburam had no answer and had to succumb to the pressure within the party to leave the government- a government that the deserters are now calling a bunker, autocracy, prison and called leaving a government “a victory”. It was the same Maoists who said that it is only through sadak, sadan and sarkar that they could turn this nation into a republic. And now the same “sarkar” was not really the forum for them to convert this nation into a republic. Shame on the flip floppers.

    They tried fooling the masses but in the long run, they have only fooled themselves (while wasting our valuable time) and are now paying the price. The rest of the SPAM is worried that their constitutional legitimacy may be questioned in the frustrated terrorists also leave the parliament so now, they are hell bent on “requesting” the maoists to return. Well, all of them could well blame the palace for what has transpired if there was even an iota of doubt in their mind but at least in this case it is only the SPAM that is to be blamed.

  3. matribhumi Avatar

    Nepal came into existence after the Shah dynasty conquered smaller states in the region. Now that the Shah dynasty is gone is it not expected that Nepal, the nation too will fall apart. Why are we trying to prevent what is inevitable ?
    No King No Nepal, it is as simple as that.

  4. matribhumi Avatar

    Why Maoists cannot rule “Nepal” even if they get power violently:

    1. They use violence and intimidation and Nepali people know this so there will always be underground resistance.
    2. They will never gain the trust of the Army and vice versa
    3. They will never be able to pacify the Terai people and quell the rebellions there. No everlasting peace.
    4. The terrorist soldiers in the cantonements will be free and lack of education and financial hardship will lead them into crime which for them is not new.
    5. Economically, they will be using government funding for feeding their people and YCL cadres.
    6. Businesses will have to pay substantial amount of money to Maoists to continue to function and operate, economic slow down is imminent.

    Forget the intelelctuals returing to Nepal to uplift the country if the Maoists ever come to power. With the education system where it is in Nepal it will be another 100 years before we get some good literacy in the country. Students are scapegoats being utilized by the Maoists and political parties, there is hardly any education in them.

  5. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Well said Matribhumi.

    To draw attention: more than 20 people are butchered in Kapilwastu, just for being from Pahade origin (in revenge of Maoists). No body cares. With impunity like that what is the point of dicussing election, republicanism or any other non critical issues. For those who lost their lives in the hands of the murderers for then these issues have no significance.

    We want to SAVE OUR LIVRES first, especially people of Pahade origin in Terai. Is anybody paying attention?

  6. matribhumi Avatar

    Deny this Neil and other Maoist lovers in this site:

    Within days of Maoist Chairman Prachanda’s emphatic call for the inclusion of his party’s youth wing, the Young Communist League (YCL), in the security plan for the upcoming Constituent Assembly elections, the YCL have shocked the nation, once again, by thrashing the Chief District Officer of Dolakha.

    In what was an out-and-out act of hooliganism, hundreds of YCL cadres on Sunday attacked and vandalized the Dolakha District Administration Office, forced CDO Uddhav Bahadur Thapa to come out of his office and thrashed him in the presence of dozens of policemen. The same night, in the far-eastern district of Panchthar, dozens of Maoist cadres vandalized the District Development Committee Office and attacked the residence of Local Development Officer Bhakti Prasad Uprety with the intention to kill him. Uprety was lucky. He was not at his home when the assailants came looking for him.

    What happened in Dolakha was largely a recurrence of what the Maoists did in Kanchanpur and Bardiya only a couple of months back. In similar fashion, they had beaten up the CDO of Kanchanpur on May 15 and the acting CDO of Bardiya a few days later. And even after joining the peace process, the interim parliament and government, the Maoists have time and again carried out such brazen attacks. Before the beginning of the peace process, they were using guns in a bid to topple the state; and now lathis, khukuris and swords. The means may have changed but the intention has not. The Dolakha episode is the latest evidence of this.
    Though they are part of the interim parliament and government, these recent events make it clear that they still harbour their long-cherished dream of a stateless situation. And the Young Criminal League seems to have only one aim: do anything, everything, to create a situation of statelessness and total disorder and fish in the troubled waters to push ahead with the hidden agenda.

    The Maoist leadership has now no time to lose to realize that the number of those who had either hopefully or reluctantly decided to give the Maoists the benefit of the doubt after they joined the peace process, thinking that the “former rebels” needed some time before they could act and behave within the parameters of a functioning democracy, is fading fast. For the Dolakha and Panchthar incidents are not the first ones where the Maoists have tried to defy, disregard and make defunct the state machinery with aplomb. They have been continuously trying to erode the state authority while enjoying total impunity so far.

  7. matribhumi Avatar

    Are Maoists suitable to govern ?

    Maoists attacked police post at Rajahar of Nawalparasi on December 29, burned the police post after forcing the policemen out only few hours after prime minister Koirala claimed to have reached agreement with Maoist leader Prachanda on restoration of displaced police posts across the country. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Maoist spokesperson, denied the prime minister’s claim.

    A poor rhino was found dead in the Chitwan National Park on January 2.

    This is the 12th rhino killed by poachers in five months since August 2006. A team of forest workers who had gone to the site were forced by Maoists to return.

    All the rhinos trans-located to Bardiya from Chitwan are all gone. What a shame! What a waste! All those years of conservation efforts going up in smoke.

    They have issued death threats to Bal Bahadur Reule, chief of Tipokhari Community forest and Rameshwor Adhikari, headmaster of secondary school in Sallyan district.

    They have warned concerned authorities not to restore police posts in Sankhuwasabha.

    They padlocked Biratnagar sub-metropolis office on December 29.

    They abducted over twenty-five students and teachers from Jankalyan Secondary School in Lamjung district on December 29 for participation in their function at Bhoteodar.

    They have issued warning to all government and non-government organization in Bajura districts to take their permission prior undertaking development activities in villages.

  8. matribhumi Avatar

    Why Maoist Don’t Want a CA Election ? Read and you will know.

    The Maoist chairman in his interview with the New Delhi based CNN- NIB news channel told that he hoped to become the president of “Republic Nepal” in two years time with full executive powers( only for one five year term). But given the powers, already wielded and having seen the demise of King Gyanendra, it is hard to see that he feels the need for more. But his desire to become the first president of Nepal knows no bounds.
    As Nepal’s present political situation is in a very crucial phase upon the announcement of elections date for Constituent Assembly. Meanwhile, critics say, lacking a clear strategy, Maoists success in the election and Prachanda’s chances of being the first president of Nepal looks slim. There are two reasons, other than political logic, why the West and India is hesitating over accepting the Maoists transformation.
    Even the Maoists now realize that Nepalese people don’t have decisive power. “I have to admit honestly and frankly that Nepali people no more have the decisive power. The decisive power is in New Delhi and Washington,” said CPN-Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara was quoted as saying by the leading National daily Kantipur on its May 13 issue.

    There are two reasons. One is that authorities in America will probably not accept the Maoists political ascend in Nepal, until and unless they stop their Young Communist League (YCL) atrocities to begin with. For instance, American Ambassador to Nepal James F. Moriarty earlier alleged the Maoists of failing to adopt a multiparty democracy political approach.

    The other is India. India won’t be comfortable with Maoists in Nepal and it has already showed its frustration by telling the two major parties of Nepal to unite. Week’s earlier Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh reportedly advised the visiting delegation of Unified Marxist Leninist (UML) to forge stronger cooperation with Nepali Congress (NC).

  9. matribhumi Avatar

    Below is a sample of what Maoist government will mean to Nepali people:

    On 4 September 2007, the CPN-Maoist decided to resume its “kangaroo courts” across the country. The Maoists had shut down their socalled “Peoples’ Courts” following signing a pact with the Seven Party Alliance which end the 10-year-old insurgency and facilitated them to join the government. Dr Baburam Bhattarai justified the reactivation of the Peoples’ Courts by stating, “As the common people have failed to receive justice from the current state mechanism and action has not been taken against the corrupt and criminals”.

    (WOW what a reason given for such judicial system, Babu whom are you trying to fool your illiterate YCL terrorists?)

    On 7 September 2007, the Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Peasants Association (Revolutionary) reportedly decided to resume the process of confiscating the land of the “landlords” and distribute to the landless people.

    On 3 June 2007, the YCL activists abducted Sitaram Prasai, the former chairman of Nepal Cottage and Small Industry Development Bank and later handed him over to the police on corruption charges. On 9 June 2007, Prachanda stated that the YCL activists would continue to take actions against the “corrupt” people. The YCL has reportedly prepared a list of “corrupt persons” and threatened to take action against them from 18 September 2007 coinciding the proposed nationwide movement of the Maoists.

    (now isn’t this like what Maoists are going to do now after not being in the government ? Whats the difference anyway, they will do what they have been doing all this time)

    On 10 September 2007, the YCL activists allegedly tied up and beat a local businessman identified as Bhola Sah of Triyuga municipality-2 in Udayapur district on the charges of selling marijuana.

    On 8 September 2007, alleged YCL cadres abducted folk singer Ram Prasad Khanal from Bhairahawa of Rupandehi district. The Maoists have accused him of supporting the royal regime. The NHRC has appealed for his release.

    On 1 September 2007, the Maoist cadres reportedly assaulted a former Unified Marxist Leninist (UML) Member of Parliament, Dev Shankar Poudel and painted his face black during a UML programme at Sanghutar bazaar in Ramechhap district. Earlier on 31 July 2007, Maoists had beaten up Chitra Bahadur Karki, the district committee member of UML, when he was going to district headquarters Manthali.

    No action can be taken by the law enforcement agencies or the civil administration even if the Maoists commit crimes and disturb the law and order. Any action against the Maoists invites reprisals and there is no protection against such reprisals.

    On 29 August 2007, Young Communist League activists attacked the police team at Choharwa area in Siraha district, looted their arms and vandalised a police van in protest against the arrest of seven Maoist cadres including former chief of the Maoist ‘district people’s government’, Bishnu Bidhyadhar by the Armed Police Force. The APF personnel had reportedly seized three pistols and a homemade gun from the arrested Maoists.

    Earlier on 2 August 2007, Maoist cadres thrashed policemen including a Sub-Inspector at a police post in remote Piplang village of Humla district for arresting a Maoist cadre identified as Nanda in connection with the murder of Nepali Congress- Democratic leader Netra Bahadur Shahi. The Maoists released the policemen only after they signed a document stating that the arrested Maoist cadre would be released.

    On 1 August 2007, the Maoists called a strike in Dolakha, Sindupalchok, and Kavre districts following the Dolakha district administration’s decision to initiate action against the Maoist cadres involved in the thrashing of Dolkha Chief District Officer Uddhav Bahadur Thapa and vandalizing of the district administration office on 29 July 2007. The Maoists demanded immediate release and withdrawal of public offence cases filed against their cadres arrested for thrashing CDO Thapa.

    Of course so many people in this blog think that Maoists are NON VIOLENT and WANT PEACE…I AM SURE THEY DO, DON”T THEY NEIL HORNING?

  10. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    On 20 September, YCL members Neil horning and Introvert kicked matribhumi out of this blog. They accused matribhumi as gyanendra’s poppet, indian broker and anti-revolutionist.

  11. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    sojho kura: they will, matribhumi

  12. Neil Horning Avatar

    Update from my last blog:

    I talked to two friends from the U.N. last night. One, from UNMIN, said that the head of the PLA made an announcement that he “could not control” one of his devision commanders in Chitwan. According to him, this was code for, “our division is going to walk out of the cantonment next week.” You heard it here first.

    The other friend I talked to mentioned he saw me at the Maoist rally. He saw the same speeches I did, and said it was the “same old, same old.” He told me that the Maoists if little to no support, and that the rally consisted entirely of uniformed YCL, un-uniformed YCL bussed in from the rest of the district, Maoist unions, and school children pulled out of class. I highly respect this person and he is quite credible for reasons that I can’t state, so while I don’t wholeheartedly believe what he is saying I certainly can’t reject it outright.

  13. Neil Horning Avatar

    “if little” above should read “have little.”

  14. sagarmatha Avatar

    What is the legal background of this spa+(M-M) is being question mark of today ? If they are established with the support of 3 million people in the Janaandolan-2, then what about uprising of 100 million people of madhesi against the spaM rules and their killings ? What about uprising of Limbuwan, Khumbuwan and Tamangselu against the spaM ? What about their promises to held CA election on time ? What about their promises to bring peace and true democtacy? The background of the interim constitution is in trouble now due to malfunction of their promises. The political game of spa (M-M) is like hide and seek and cheating one another. When the maoist become stronger, the spa tries to hide out from CA election with making many excuses. Similarly when spa feels stronger, the maoist brings many justifications against the CA election. It seems that this will linger on for many years. The great enemy of the maoist i.e. MJF is now good friend of congress. Who is using whom to restrain each other are the mysteries of today. It shows that their tussle will not going to stop soon in their political game.

  15. sagarmatha Avatar

    Even regarding the Kapilvastu case, it has been known that the killed Khan was belong to congress. His gang had attacked and killed the innocent pahadias in the name of maobadi. Ten thousand pahadia people are now homeless and ran away to another places to save their lives. Look, how dirty politics are going on. One logic point of maoist of today is; it is impossible to held the CA election in this situation. But the maoist should also understand that it will be impossible to held any election if they don’t come to the true peace process.

  16. DOA Avatar

    Going Republic means total disintegration of Nepal- there is no doubt on this even with much hyped up dividend of CA. Maoist for all their democratic or should I say communistic credential will not last IF they do not have full control the state and now comes the SPA- they are forever in la..la land to agree or have a plan or even tendency to overlook petty politics for the best interest of the nation beside their self interest for which they can kiss up even a stinking and hairy ass from the south.

    The very same logic postulated by the past regime. To be a democratic means learning to forge a path with consensus, having all appratus of the goverment independent and working, individual empowerment on the basis of merit not party empowerment. The problem is there is no basic fundamentals in place to implement democratic norms. All that is happening is in the ame of democracy- just the opposite is happening. The emergence of FACIST government is rising and its being fueled by group of 8 syndicate that hell bent on killing the very thing that supposedly champion. What an Irony, indeed.

  17. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Maoist will only raise the goal bar even if they are granted their wish of republic and samanupatic election process as they are not interested to go to poll now as they know they will loose measurably. I totally disagree that parliament should declare country republic first because this parliament itself is illegal. This parliament does not represent Nepali people it represent just 8 party which inturn is not represent all the population of Nepal. Rather they represent vocal and opportunist garbages. Even if 5% Nepali people came to street ( I doubt that) as many were forced to come to rally by maoist by force what about view of 95% of Nepali.

    If we want to hold the country united only cermonial King ( without power) as symbolic state ( it may not need by G and Paras) and fully democratically elected parliament with full decentralization of power ( but not federal state) should work in Nepal. It is the intention of the leaders not what they have promised or written in paper matters most for the development and peace otherwise we have seen and heard enough of rhetoric and their histronics to belive them. If we go for republic and federal state well that is the end of Nepal as state. Jai Naya Nepal

  18. sagarmatha Avatar


    What has really people got in “New Nepal” is a joke of today.

    There are informations that many pahadia people are now made up their mind to exile from terai to safeguard their life, where anything can be happened at any time. The example is Kapilvastu incident.

  19. scoop Avatar

    Slowly (baby step at a time) getting the picture. Of course you had to hear it from your “own” peoples mouths to believe it (somewhat if not wholly). Cant trust the natives. You’ll get there.

  20. Yatri Avatar

    Neil Dude,

    Looks like you were living in Berkeley but were not able to make it to Cal. So, you opted to go to Frisco State where they accepted your SAT score of 1050.

    You figured you’d practically be a nobody in the liberal hotbed of San Francisco and your pinko politics was a little too much even for the liberals of the Bay Area. So, you decided to head to Nepal and hobnob with the Maoists and make your mark. They got an American lackey to play the part of a buffoon sycophant.

    Maoists are no better than the so called “feudals” they want to replace. Actually, they are worse. They were doing whatever they felt like and Girija and the ilk were just kowtowing and going along with whatever Maharaja Prachanda was professing.

    BTW, Michelle Malkin in your list of favorite blogs; how come?

  21. bridohi Avatar

    Hey Neil:

    How come the 180 degrees turn around all of a sudden? Is it even you writing or someone else posing as you?

    Wow…your erstwhile Maoist revolutionaries never intended to abide by the Peace Agreement. The peace process was just a means to an end of Maoist totalitarian state. In the past, Maoists have always used Peace talks/ceasefire as a means to bolster their ranks, regroup, & resupply. This is in their strategic thinking. When the heat from the government, army, int’l community was too much to handle, Maoists used the peace talks to buy time. They used the ceasefire to move freely all over the country. One just has to look at how Maoist movement spread from 4 districts bordering Rukum to all over the country. There is a direct corelation between the ceasefires and the growth of Maoist movement all over Nepal.

    Their ill-fated strategic thinking now pushes them towards street agitation. They do not want CA elections. No way.

    They are banking on provoking the army. This is their strategy. They will walk out of Cantonments (as you have also quoted). The UN has no means to stop them. So the government will have to ask the army to control the PLA. Will the army control the PLA after being humiliated like hell by SPA-M? That is the million dollar question.

    If the army cannot control the PLA/YCL/Maoists? Who do you think the UN will ask for help–South Asian neighbours. This will give India a free hand to intervene in Nepal.

    If the Maoists were serious about their intention in uplifting the Nepali masses from their misery, they would put aside their petty self-interest in the name of the people.

  22. manan Avatar

    What’s going on in Kapilvastu? Okay, so this local goon, Mohit Khan, was killed. Apparently he’d been killing his competition.

    Bihari-style politics. And the Maoists seem to be completely out of the picture there.

    And they’re trying to throw their weight around in Kathmandu!
    With every passing day, the comrades’ lack of power is becoming more evident.

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