Corrupt Faces of Nepal Come Together To Save Monarchy

Some of the most corrupt faces of the 90s, who also happen to the central members of Nepali Congress, are trying to save monarchy

[Update: President G P Koirala of Nepali Congress today clearly stated in a high level meeting of the party that the Mahasamiti (general committee) meeting that will begin from tomorrow will adopt the policy of democratic republic.]

Gobinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka and Sujata Koirala! Who are they? What are they all known for? The unanimous answer is: These are some of the most corrupt faces that Nepal saw during the democratic rule in the 90s. They plundered the nation reminding us some of the most notorious scandals in the autocratic Panchayat era. Their crimes are equivalent to those perpetrated by a former Prince who smuggled out idols from Nepal and the royals who amassed millions from Nepal and sent in foreign banks. It’s a shame that these people are still around just like the former prince in question.

Now these very corrupt and rotten people are raising their heads in their last ditch effort to save another corrupt, rotten and entirely obsolete institution called monarchy in Nepal. It’s surprising that these people are in Nepali Congress, not in Rastriya Prajantra Party Nepal of Rajeshwor Devkota.

These people and their other partners in crime came together yesterday to create pressure on the party leadership not to go for parliament commitment proposal for republic as suggested by some of the parties in the Eight Party Alliance. According to the Kathmandu Post and Kantipur a dozen NC “leaders” met at the party’s central office yesterday to discuss the implication of the parliament’s proposal if it is passed under Maoists’ pressure. The leaders arrived at a conclusion that the commitment proposal will be abiding as an act and would be in violation of the constitution because of the clear provision of the constitution that fate of the monarchy would be decided by the first meeting of the Constituent assembly. “We also cannot trust the Maoists as they are trying to make us follow their path through all possible tactics,” a leader told the Post. General secretary KB Gurung, Bal Bahadur Rai, Gobinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka, Gopal Pahadi, Dil Bahadur Gharti, Meena Pandey, Sujata Koirala, Shyam Lal Shrestha, Man Bahadur Bishwakarma, Binaya Dhoj Chand and Sunil Bhandari were present at the meeting.

These corrupt people who openly flayed the laws and regulations in the past to amass money are now citing the possible violation of interim constitution if the parliament passes a commitment proposal to go for republic. The constitution says that the first meeting of the CA will decide about the king. That doesn’t mean the parliament can’t declare Nepal republic now and the first meeting of CA endorse that. The point is that the elections must be held at any cost and the country should not go sati for monarchy at the cost of elections.





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  1. ripvanwinkle Avatar

    are you tring to say that the rest of the leaders and big wigs who are against the monarcy are not corrupt?????????????? i understand that mr. wagle really wants nepal to be declared republic. and seem to be willing to achieve his goal by any means. what we need is a refrendum for a republic. not to be declared any thing not even bloody secular state without the agreement of the ppl. the current govt has not been elected by the ppl. so any decision they take do not represent the nepali ppl. and another thing its not clear which party is whose side. maybe they gain votes by getting in the republic band wagon and later when the time is right they will change face like they save done before. even CA is a load of crap. we need a refrendum so we know what the ppl want. not some funny election that does not decide anything just who will be in the power seat.
    after the CA new constitution will be written by who?????? girija and his henchmen. great thing we can expect from the constitutional assembly election. (if it ever happens).
    i say again MR. wagle cover the burning issues or the issues that are burnign the country. i understand you hate the royal and thus maybe you firmly believe that the unrest in terai is of royal doing but it is still a major issues and merits a coverage and investigation a fondo. or you are just too scared that youll get lynched.
    i dont want to know which looser is suppoting which looser.

  2. blatantly_maoist Avatar

    By writing this article, Mr. Dinesh Wagle has almost “officially” claimed to be a Maoist at heart, no less.

    1. Wagle writes …”proposal for republic as suggested by some of the parties in the Eight Party Alliance”…
    – Readers here and all over the world are acutely aware that it is ONLY the maoist party and not “some of the parties” as Wagle mentions, that are crying for the republican setup ‘before’ the CA polls.

    2. Wagle, as a report affiliated with Kantipur, needs to be a little careful using gradeshool style journalism calling people names. Just because Wagle calls something “a shame” without providing even a hint of Journalistic justifications or fact checking reeks of Wagle’s unprofessionalism or rather “Maoism”

    3. I think Wagle is a depressed and sick individual that is still riding the Free US visit on a possibly mis-calculated or mis-informed decision by the State Department on who this individual truly is. Time shows a person’s real character and this individual, through his Blatanly Pro-Maoist blogs and articles has clearly proven over and over again that he is truly a Maoist at heart.

    -Concerned citizen of the world of journalism

  3. admin Avatar

    We all know the history of these people. The leaders of their respective party also know their history. Then why are they still in the party? Why did their party not take any action against them? why are they doing politics in the country though what they had done in the past

    well there is a lot of questions unanswered.

  4. Neil Horning Avatar

    Don’t forget proportional representation. If it isn’t agreed on the elections will result in nothing more than a civil war with the Medesh.

  5. kaitey Avatar

    the only danger is that once something is given….the demands may go on increasing……

  6. sangesh Avatar

    You give them an inch and they will take a yard. be very careful with them…

  7. unveil Avatar

    you seem to have devised a new formula Wagle?
    “If you go against republic you are corrupt”

    Congress has been a party whose history revolves around constituent monarch, just because some goons ask them to opt republic they can’t go for it. They have their own doctrine respect them.

  8. Dehru Avatar

    None of the royalists who have replied here, deny that the Royalist element in Congress is essentially corrupt. It stands to reason if you go onto politics you either want to make society better, i.e improve life, make more freedom and equality, and progress, or you are a suck up to the rich and powerful merchant i.e a royalist. Nobody who looks at Nepal can deny that when the king led the war upped and terrible crisis erupted. He is a massive threat to Nepal, and an enemy of democracy we need a republic to save Nepal from this monster. The act must be done at the most immediate timeframe.

  9. introvert Avatar

    mr wagle, u got it now.

    everything opening one by one and everyone will know wots going on but

    i afraid by that time, will be too late to know by general public……. and again to start another JANAUDDA.
    we cant afford another war. enuf we had. enuf sacrifice to end the feudalism. we want to see our achievement established now not after election. revolution will not be within constitution. history is evidence. we want to be people of nepal not the slave of outdated, riduculous monarchy.

    wot i believe,,,,,,,,,,,, if there is republic state and PR, maoists will not care whether they win or lose election. once the country is stable and peace with justice, its their goal. some might argue with this saying who just bash bash bash,,,,,,,,, and say maoists are terrorist bla bla bla. i want to make clear here who just bash bash and anti maoist , i simply ignore them. come with some logical and ground reality. logical arguments are welcome!

  10. insight Avatar

    Of course royalists are jumpy on the issue of Republic, the very names scares them.

    What can be more democratic than a Republic state? After all USA is a Republic and so is India? When you support Republic, why do you suddenly become anti American and Anti-Indian and at the same time called a maoist? I dont understand the rationality of the doubt.

    If you don’t trust yourself as a citizen (do you consider yourself a citizen or a subject? ask yourself – the answer is there!) then you will be so scared to be free. One writer wrote a book titled ‘Fear of Freedom’. You don’t have to depend on whatever archy (Monarchy included), if you consider yourself a free citizen with conscience and with a freewill. Then the best way would be to choose the system which gives the most freedom in politics, economy, social issues, etc etc and equal participation is granted in all spheres of the nation.

    So best choice would be, of course, Republic. Afterall Republic is much older a political system than Monarchy, any layman reader of history knows that. So what are we arguing about?

    Should we waste our time arguing or should we find a system that is the most scientific and mostly accepted norm worldwide? or do we still want to live in the false dignity of the institution that is more a burden than a utility?
    Only you can answer the question!

    This is the time to decide, with our without Constitution Assembly! And I think we have decided that with the Janaandolan Part II already. There is only the need to formalize it with CA. But if CA does not happen, there can be dozens of ways we can formalize it! Can’t we? If we think we can, we can! If we dout our ability as a Nepali Citizen, then the very existence of our country is at stake, Can’t we see how obvious the problem is?

    Long live NEPAL!

  11. me Avatar

    To Mr Insight

    Do you know. China is a republic, North Korea is also a republic. How about pakistan? It’s a republic since its birth. There are many other examples.

    We dont need monarchy. I agree it’s a monster. We need a republic. But not just a republic. We need a democratic republic.

    I have no problems if the so called allpowerful parliament declares a republic. If it can bring a new constitution, hold polls, declare an interim PM an interim head of state, it can also declare republic. But as the issue of monarchy is more critical. it would be better if it’s endorsed by the people.

    And it’s only around sixty days left for polls. Even the NC has decided to go for republic. Even if it does not go for it, its cadres will go for it. So there is no point in fearing that the peopel will retain monarchy. Referendum would have been better. But even CA can easily throw it out.

    Republic will come, six months later or two years later unless our politicians kept on going like this. If people strated crying for monarchy, then it will be difficult. Everybody knows, even NC and UML partied when King sacked Deuba. So common people can anytime seek king to be in action if this anarchy, violence continues. But still my heart says republic will come.

    But I am not hopeful with the future of Nepal. many people are hoping it will be good with new people in power, new leadership, youths. Fuck, I dont believe in any revolutionary, republican or monarchist. I dont believe in Prachandas, baburams or Lekhnath Nupanes. I dont believe in Makunes, bamdevs, Thakur Gaires or Ramkumari Jhakris. I dont believe in Naraharis, gagans or pradip poudels. Actually Gagans and Ramkumaris are the most illusionary part of Nepal’s current politics. How can one who says “he can do anything for his success” will do anything good for people and country? They can sell even their moms if somebody gives them a better price. Forget about other people and the country. Media is so superficial that it keeps on promoting these hypocrite corrupts based on their face value earned through the use (abuse?) of words.

  12. GM Avatar

    I am for getting rid of Monarchy. However, we need to follow laws and constitution of the country. We made the constitution saying that the fate of monarchy will be decided by the first meeting of constitution. Maoists signed it.

    Now, you cannot oppose it in the 11th hour. We need to tell Maoists that they need to stick to the agreements they signed. TIme and tme again, Maoists break promises and agreements, and we do everything to appease them to stop them from picking up arms again. This is their tactic.

    We cannot guarantee that this is the last time they will do this. They may do the same thing even after CA election if they do not get what they want. They may ask for the seat of PM or President without enough seats in the parliament.

  13. bridohi Avatar

    Yes you are right about the corrupt leaders in the NC for the monarchy as you allege, but, then there are also some very corrupt leaders who are also for a republic. There are two sides of a coin. Lets not even start there. Your argument is lopsided.

    However, you are forgetting the bigger picture. The big picture is the rule of law & democratic process. The current Eight Party coalition government, the Interim Parliament & the Interim Constitution’s job is to ensure a free & fair CA election in Nov.

    It will be the people, not the parties, leaders etc who will decide the fate of the monarchy. Everything else is irrelevent.

    But, the million dollar question is whether they will be an election?

  14. kalu Avatar

    Recent tantalizing reports have it that the Royal Palace in Nepal has spent almost five hundred million of Nepali Rupees to halt the Nepali Congress from taking decisions towards a republican setup.

    The “Nepali Congress Maha Samiti” meet that begins today is likely to clarify its position on monarchy.

    The Chhalphal National Vernacular Weekly dated September 23, 07 reports that the “Money is being spent through Ms. Sujata Koirala- the daughter of Prime Minster Girija Prasad Koirala and Mr. K.B.Gurung- a NC senior leader”.

    Only last Thursday Ms. Koirala and Mr. Gurung had received the money from Sagar Timilsina- a secretary stationed at the royal palace, says Chhalphal weekly further.

    The bargaining was going on since long in between Koirala-Gurung and Mr. Pashupati Bhakta Maharjan-a high ranking official at the royal palace.

  15. sagarmatha Avatar

    What kind of republic democracy we are talking about ? Like of Madhesi andolan, like of Kapilvastu incidents, like of Rautahat incident, like of maoist kind of rule. The present incidents shows that these leaders of spa govt. is toally failed to provide minimum security to the people. Which can be considered as more crime than the corruption. The mentioned people are just corrupted but the present govt. is not only corrupted but unable to save the life of the peoples in many areas and bringing the country in chaos.

    Which one do you prefer Mr. Wagle ?

    A. corrupt
    B. corrupt and boosting to make killing ground in Nepal

  16. scoop Avatar

    No Chiranjibi Wagle in the list Wagle? That’s why you’re so gung ho about posting this article huh?

  17. scoop Avatar

    Everytime you mention a Wagle you get into moderation. Pathetic.

  18. DOA Avatar

    Guess all this happened due to King 15 months rule- the moaist uprising, social disorder and political enlightment that was hand me down from the south. Its almost like monkey with a coconut. Last 15 years of misrule is not significant in analysing the debacle we are in now so it seems- I guess if corruption was the yardstick in measuring political relevancy- we all know where Girja will stand and for that matter Bhattarai whose daughter studies in luxury of British Universities. Even if you look at it- Bhauns have looted the most but like wool over our eyes, benefit of doubt is given and they dictate us to accept what is not a reality. By lumping a blame on one they have diverted us to accept that by only being Republic we will find the ever elusive nirvana- BUT we all know that is not so and most likely the start of hundred kings on fiefdom of bhauns where only the connected get security, lucrative businesses and justice- the hall mark of neopotism.

    To make it short- unless we erase the notion that this did not happen just ysterday but started to take shape after 15 years of misrule- we are bound to repeat and suffer with no end in sight. Like I said- there just no quick fix to this mayhem all done in political expediency which has not tail or the head.

  19. scoop Avatar

    On the above, probably these chaps are being paid off by the palace to say no to a republic, they are as corrupt as many of the republiucans in Congress incliding Girija. Some get bought by the palace some by republicans. However, it does not mean the common people are for a republic. I think this is a divided issue this is why the republicans want to decide it with a simple majority, if they were so confident that the nation was all republic they would have said a 2/3 majority is required for such decisions. Ofcourse that is not the case. So republicans have to think whether this is the correct time for such a decision when half the country is not for it.
    Without political majoprity, the SPAm are hijacking the nation and deciding whatever they want. New parties representing minorities et al are just blooming, without them reaching maturity, this exercise is futile and undemocratic to say the least. But yes these buggers are corrupt as they get just like most of the Congress. See my comment before this one in moderation (ofcourse).

  20. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    It is like pot calling kettle black. Everybody in Nepalese politics is corrupt, Name one who is not corrupt, even journalist like wagle is corrupt, our buerocrats are corrupt not to mention judges, officials of all the hue & cry. Infact our whole society is corrupt. Corruption can only be eliminited if we can somehow strictly make system which works in principal of rule of law then only we can hope to make corruption free society therefore Mr.Wagle it is useless to call somebody corrupt without proof. If we do not need to product proof then we can say everybody in Nepal is corrupt.

    And your love for republicanism is also going to do no good as this is the agenda of few people who want to be rastrapati period.

    I still belive constitutional monarchy is best for nepal but now carrying this idea has become dangerous in Nepal ( where is so called freedom). In democracy everybody is supposed to express their opinion in free and fair manner and people is supposed to choose whom they belive but now in current Nepal so called republicanist are trying to threaten the and forcing the people to tow their line with use of journalist like Wagle, YCL goons and again more corrupt leaders.

    at this current rate future of Nepal is fragmentation on ethnic and religious line and long and bloody civil war, this is the scary future but this is what our so called illegal Leaders, Nagrik samaj ka haguwa, corrupt journalist, vested interest are choosing for people of Nepal. Nepalese people you can dream on about future of Nepal, we are heading for perlious journey where 10 year war is nothing but trailer. Thanks to Maoist, India, USA and mahamurkha Gyane.

  21. Insight Avatar

    Dear Mahila Sahu, I am glad that your opninions are only a moderate version of the real ‘Mahila Sahu’. But the issues is since the constitution monarchy could not deliver, hence we are searching for the other system, and I agree with ‘me’ about democratic republic, of course the ‘Republic’ already means democratic, since the time of plato, but to be precise, let us say ‘democratic republic’.

    And if those people who likes the king, for them the king can be any gods, and goddeses in Nepal, that you can pray at the picture in your private ‘puja kothas’ at you home, or if someone likes to make a temple, so far so good. But it is pity to imagine a King as head of the State, or even worse as a ruling king (in whatever xxx monarchism: xxx= constitutional, authoraritarian, benevolent blah blha blah.) after so much trouble and Janaandolan Part II.

    We should think of moving ahead with whatever we have with us, and thinking about the future of Nepal, instead of looking backwards and being nostalgic about our past.

    Of course, we should be worried about the future political system of Nepal, and I think we should take great risk for that. It is the matter of life and death for Nepal as a nation. As we know how much our sovereignity is as stake right now. Wake up Nepali people, get up from your bed and that cosy and lazy idea and arguments which is a waste of time!

    The country demands your best and quick decision. We Nepalese people are in a great dilemma, if we dont choose Democratic Republic, it is a mess; If we choose Democratic republic, still there is a mess. If both options, has mess, then why not choose for the system (Federal Democratic Republic) which at least grants you freedom to comeback again, rise from the ashes, like a Phoenix. I chose to remain like a Phoenix, what about you?

    The very existence of Nepal as a integrated nation is at stake. So guys, this the time to take RISK!

    Better ‘DO and Die’, than die as a voiceless victim of the situation/ conspiracies (foreign, local you name it…)

    Long live Democratic Federal Republic Nepal!

  22. Kirat Avatar

    All you Maoist sympathizers-if the proletariat is with you guys why do you fear the CA elections so much? Afraid of the rule of the proletariat? Can’t you understand the interim parliament has not been elected by the people and it’s only mandate is to hold the CA elections? This interim parliament declaring Nepal a republic has as much legitimacy as KG shouting hoarse that he is the protector of democracy.

  23. noname Avatar

    Dumbhead dodo eight party killers and their supporters talking about democracy. Thousands killed in last 1 year and the rascals still talking about their democracy. Each of you should be seriously pinned down.

  24. Baje Avatar

    There is one important name missing in the list of “corrput” politicians who are “trying to save the monarchy.” It’s a rather important one given the connection to this blog so let me just go ahead and type it.. CHIRANJIBI WAGLE.

    UWB: There is now doubt that Chiranjibi Wagle is one of the most corrupt faces that Nepal saw in the 90s (and unfortunately we are still seeing him as central leader of Nepali Congress Democratic. And Baje, you don’t have to cite ‘connection to this blog’ because Wagle who runs this blog only happens to share the surname and has no naata whatsoever with Chiranjibi. Dinesh Wagle is from Ramechhap where as Chiranjibi is from Gorkha. But then if you think America’s George W Bush and Nepal’s Dhan ko Vush are related and connected to each other, we have no comment on that.

  25. what if Avatar
    what if


    well said MR Noname. Bloody thousands killed in last 1 year and the rascals still talking about democracy.

  26. sagarmatha Avatar

    spa govt. is suppressing the news of kapilvastu incidents like this blog…ethnic parties should come out with the norms of democracy and unity to wipe out this failed govt.

  27. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Thank you Mr.insight for taking me as milder version of real Mahila sahu but which I am not . I belived he made a mistake first by taking over as chairman ( demoting himself) but morely I am angry that once he has takent the mantle he did not finish the job properly. He had a window of opportunity to wipe out SPA & M ruthlessly which he did not and he along with all the Nepalese paying the prices by allowing us to be ruled by stupid, gutless SPA&M. Who is hell bent upon destrying the country. As saying goes ” Morning shows the Day” we are heading for hell, be it be your beloved Federal democratic republic or you can name any bullshit name but Nepal as nation is dying. We can not simply sustain federal state and as leaders has opened pandora box of ethnic hatred. Which we saw a trailer in Chandruata and waiting to see full horror movie now. Jai Naya Nepal

  28. no name please Avatar

    Who says only corrupt peoples support cerremonial Monarchy?

    Wagle you are buffunary talker nothing else ! As I last time wrote that some of reporter are propogandist for Maoist nothing else. Lost their conscience in chasm. I m here to condemn corrupt leaders but my heart is clean as my soil.

    I heartly condemn Wagle’s this types of comment.

    Bhudai, Scoop we need more balanced comment

  29. Patriot Avatar

    UWB: Pls avoid all caps.

    Look around all of you intellectual gurus……….where do we stand as a nation????? Divided like the pre prithivi narayan shah era……… have disrespected history tradition and culture of nepal…..the name our kings fought for along with our fore fathers and sacrificed so much blood sweat and tears……….and look what you terrorist loving and gullable followers of the lying, betraying political thugs…….havent you had enough????????….
    If the king was so power hungry???? If he was a dictator, a tyrant…
    who killed his whole family to get power…………why did he stepped down avoiding further blood shed when his sovereignty was under attack……??????? He had the armed forces of nepal under him …didnt he??????? So why did he give up so easily….something he got with such great sacrifice????????………and do you still believe that cra*p?????
    Anyone who supports the king becomes curropt or a mandaley……
    why???????………….didnt the political leaders term the maoist as terrorists not too long ago????????……and wasnt it a desperate move to regain power that these political leaders formed an alliance with the same group they were fighting against as terrorists…………… in my book they became terrorists for our nation as soon as they joined the maoists…who have thousands of innocent nepalese blood in their hands…..and the only reason they want the king out and have nepal a republic is bu ousting the king……………..the only group who will no doubt bring prachanda to justice for all those killings …other wise these murdering maoists will be free for ever in a communist brought republic……every one is afool to think that once these maoist come to power they will bring a democratic republic………look at their gathereings…..and look at the posters of the faces behind of the world dictators???????????…………still confused????// thats why i call all you maoist and political followers fools…………nepal will be another north korea and even worse…..and thanks to you all……but yes the king has his supporters …..the original gorkhali…
    be-aware and dont push the wrong buttons because this silent group will be deadly ……………. We all are true patriots for nepal and her kingdom…..we will restore all that has been changed by you criminals……nepal will flourish again… and happy……
    and kiss good bye to your allie…..india ,your buddy in crime, partner in ruining nepal…….jai desh jai naresh

  30. noname Avatar


  31. Bhayankar Avatar

    I can understand that some corrupt faces might have joined hands to save monarchy, but this should be put in contrast to all corrupt faces and blood thirsty terrorists coming together to end monarchy. I am sure that all corrupt faces + ruthless murderers are more than a match for some corrupt faces.
    As long as all the corruption and terrorism is on the anti-monarchy side no one can snatch final victory from them, so the supporters of anti-monarchy need not panic. The dark forces are with you. You have the power. Long live corruption ! Long live terrorism ! Long live Prachandapath ! Long live ‘Peoples’ war !

    Binas kale biparit buddhi

  32. manan Avatar

    I don’t think ‘corruption’ is the number one issue right now when the country appears to be falling apart.

    Priorities, please!

  33. Patriot Avatar

    So what is??????………if crimes go unpunished ……….if betryal of the public is left unaddressed………if hiding the fact and pointing fingers at one other will bring stabitity………if bribing goons and thugs to stirrup mass destruction on a peaceful demonstration …………if killing of children and innocent people and turning an eye away from it not a crime …………if lying to the people about uniting all political parties along with the maos and bringing peace to nepal and failing miserablly is not a crime…………and all these and more factors that our country is failing so that India can make us like Sikim or Bhutan…..doesnt fall under huge corruption THAN WHAT IS???????

  34. Rohit Avatar

    Its very simple. Once monarchy goes, the likes of Suji, Khume, Govinde, Chire will have to go. So its a matter of survival for them.

    Similary the so called nationalists and patriots whose only place to root for monarchy is this forum will have no opinion to express. So its a matter of survival for them too.

    Prachande and Baburame have already given up, so least said about them. They are virtually dead. Its a matter of real death sooner or later.

    The country will be a better place to live in. Welcome to the federal republic of democratic Nepal.

    Am I a Maoist? No. Am I a Congress? No. Am I a UML? No. Am I an Indian agent? No. I am a Nepali youth who hates the royalists, maoists, corrupts and Indian bullying fairly and squarely.

    ps Wagleji you have done a lot of upakar to the royalists here. Elsewhere they would wag their tail and run away.

  35. ss Avatar

    Long Live Our Great Hindu Kingdom of Nepal!!!

  36. sagarmatha Avatar

    The eight parties, specially maoist, are responsible for turning back our nation to Pre-Prithivi Narayan Shah era. They have said that unification of Prithivi Narayan Shah was wrong, so there is no way out except to support the uprising of different ethnic groups. My theory is; if we support them and bring them in power according to their share then only Nepal as nation will be there. Otherwise this nation will suffer with ethnic wars and divide into pieces and maybe tunred into Sikkim. So, giving 25% to madhesi, 16% to chhetri, 12% to bahun, 6% to tamang, 5% to newar, around 16% to limbuwan and khumbuwan and remaing to others according to their population can only be the solution.

  37. Patriot Avatar

    Except this, all above posts are not me.

    Get another name sucker.

  38. Patriot Avatar

    UWB – is it possile to avoid duplicate use of the same name?

  39. PATRIOT in capitals Avatar
    PATRIOT in capitals

    Jai HINDU Desh, Jai Nasresh

  40. Dayafter Avatar

    i just saw a fool acting King with line of motorcade, I just saw shit-oulwa entering one way road from no entry. I guess when apeing at the cost of a nation is height of stupidity. This nation shall die a slow death for the pranks and copycat of grandeur they can never achieve- talking about syndicate of 8.

    I have given up hope on my beloved land for the pretenders without a clue have found new vision to destroy all that we are or ever can be for their love for themselves all in our name.

  41. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “I am a Nepali youth who hates the royalists, maoists, corrupts and Indian bullying fairly and squarely.”

    So why don’t you go burn tires, vandalize property or whatever it is that you are used to doing?

  42. sagarmatha Avatar

    As being the ruler of this nation, Giri-ja and Shit-aula should take the responsibility of killings 42 in terai, 200 in Kapilvastu, 29 in Rautahat and others 200 by different groups.

  43. Rohit Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit aire gaire nathhu khaire, I am definitely doing better things than you. So don’t draw me into your spineless spin.

  44. B Avatar


    you make no sense at all and if you keep acting like the immature fool you seem now, you will be eaten alive.

    My advise to you would be: RUN ROHIT RUN! RUN ROHIT RUN!

  45. Rohit Avatar

    Who is this B for Bullshit?

  46. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    this is what happens when we do not punish corrupts

  47. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    first we should kill either Sujata (kaoirala?) or Girija and everything will be fine!

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