House Special Session: How Much To Expect?

The special session of the parliament has begun in Kathmandu but few believe that it will be able to solve the current political impasse

maoist rally in kathmandu, nepal

A Maoist cadre shouts slogans in a rally in Kathmandu today while his leader in the parliament tables proposals that, if passed, will direct the government to table another proposal to declare Nepal a republic. Pics by Prakash Mathema /AFP

As per the demand of the Maoist, the special session of the parliament has begun today but few expect that the house will be able to solve the current deadlock because the seven parties are deeply divided over the key issues including that includes declaring Nepal republic on the current session of the parliament. Since the CPN UML also favors both of the demands of the Maoists (the second demand being the usage of proportional voting system in CA elections), there is a possibility that the house could pass the proposals by a simple majority. That means the house will be giving direction to the government, led by Nepali Congress that is against both demands, to table a proposal of declaring Nepal a republic in the parliament.

In such situation, many believe, the government which also includes the UML, will be in a moral dilemma. However many expect that seven parties (that also includes the Maoist) will be able to avoid any such dilemma and conflict among themselves and come up with a solution first outside the parliament which will then possibly be endorsed by the house. The debates on the three Maoist proposals will begin Sunday.

mahara in the parliament

The Maoists also organized protest rallies aiming at intimidating the parliament (or showing their strength). But there was a slight change. They had originally planned to surround Singa Durbar complex that houses the parliament, government ministries including the Prime Minister’s office. But that didn’t happen. They just organized rallies where participants mainly shouted anti-monarchy slogans. The only positive thing about today was the Maoists believe in the institution of parliament, if that could be interpreted that way!

(Read more about today’s parliament session here and about the Maoist rally here)


34 responses to “House Special Session: How Much To Expect?”

  1. hope Avatar

    I’ve just got the feeling that days of SPAs are numbered, so, the special session of the’ special’ parliment is especially important for SPA(Special A**holes).SPAs are so special that they have even overtaken the word ‘special’ from SPECIAL OLYMPICS.

    These voices and debates might be the best they can do as they have proved again how incompetent they are when it comes to actual practice, the implimentation. It was a huge blow on ordinery public who naively thought CA would be held and country will see some way forward. The public confidence is all time low and no matter whatever drama they perform in the puppet parliment won’t make any difference. Whatever they decide or fail to decide won’t affect the political crisis as everybody thinks they have just lost the credibility of the governance hence it’s illegitimate and immoral too to continue when you clearly couldnot deliver what is your main obligation. How shameless GPK can become when he could not deliver the only obligation which he had so proudly declared would be fulfilled at any cost. He really made history by being a leader who got the most number of opportunities to become legend and who thwarted all of them himself, not a bad record to have when you are GPK!!

    I really think nomatter whatever they discuss or declare in ‘special’ parliament people will just ignore them as everything has some limit and when water comes to your nose , just don’t wait until you will be drowned. Nobody can rescue us if we don’t want to, people must show some anguish , some hatred , some determination to let these ‘Special’ Parliamentarians know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

    As a matter of fact, after every Special Olympics, there will be Normal Olympics soon!! We need Normal Parliament and Parliamentarians too!! We need to get rid of these ‘SPECIAL’ people and put them where they belong!!

  2. Chhetri Avatar

    The country is in transitional way. The fate of monarchy now getting shape on the political developments in maximun within three to five days.

  3. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck

    This has been a game of check with the stalemate or rather a confontration of frog, snake and scorpion and their dellema. Lets see who gives the checkmate first.

  4. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    What a waste of time. Just look the SPA will keep Nepal in this state of limbo forever. The Maoists have shown that they are not capable (nor do they have any intentions) of existing within a democratic framework. Nonetheless the SPA is all we have. We need to get behind them and deal with the Maoists. The Maoists need to be delt with very severly otherwise Nepal will turn into a chaotic, lawless jungle much like Afghanistan. I say arrest the Maoists and throw their leadership in jail. Then turn those cantonments into prisions. Without their leadership the Maoists will crumble – they have no real support in much of rural Nepal anyway.
    They might have maybe a few thousand hardcore cadres. The rest are all just young men/women who don’t even know what they are doing.

    We need to stop bending over for Mr. Dahal & Co. Now before all you passivists out there start peeing in your pants understand one thing: war is sometimes a necessary evil! It stopped facisism, Nazism, slavery, communism! Heck even Lord Krishna urged Arjuna to fight. So let’s stop this endless policy of appeasement and live up to our reputations as Bir Gorkalis and save our country.

    PS. if someone has another solution please lets hear it.

  5. sankalpa Avatar

    i do agree that the way forward is democracy, there must be free and fair government in the country , no other form is acceptable, but you cannot go around saying put maoists behind bars or be shot. Don’t be stupid, whether you like it or not maoists are the integral part of the peace process and they are i think willing to find a solution too. They did give up arms struggle didn’t they, you cannot a expect a party that went through twelve years of civil war and a major revolution not to get any power in the country, it’s all about inclusion not exclusion. One thing is clear no more monarchy, so we have to work to share power between the people’s choices. Time is important but there should not be any deadlines, we should talk and talk and talk till we come up with a workable solution and that will definetly work, i am hopeful that young people will save nepal.

  6. Avatar

    There is no doubt that the SPA are hell bent on wasting valuable time and taking Nepal into a downward spiral.

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Don’t be stupid, whether you like it or not maoists are the integral part of the peace process”

    Uhhhh where have I been all this time. The Maoists are part of the peace process? WTF? Let me tell you how I see it: despite being welcomed into the mainstream political arena the Maoist party continued to violate the peace agreement at every corner. They encouraged a rouge vigilante group called the YCL, caused numerous disruptions and threatened freedom of speech, did nothing to curtail extortions, heck even their MPs were carrying guns into parlament and boasting about it. They were part of the peace process?

    “They did give up arms struggle didn’t they”

    What choice did they have? Even Prachanda admitted that they couldn’t continue this armed struggle. Don’t talk like the Maoists did us all a favor.

    “you cannot a expect a party that went through twelve years of civil war and a major revolution not to get any power in the country, it’s all about inclusion not exclusion”

    Oh yes of course. Oh the poor Maoists… how they sacrificed for the people. All the systematic killings, the destruction of infrastuture, intimidation etc. were all for the people and now we should be grateful and give them time to heal and in the mean while we should all twiddle our thumbs and look to see what Mr. Dahal has in store for us.

  8. sagarmatha Avatar

    This special session might be for these seven syndicate rulers but not for Nepali people.

  9. sagarmatha Avatar

    Even the core congressi people are not giving votes to Girija. They don’t want to follow the “Prachanda Path”.

  10. DOA Avatar

    This fuss and muse of 8 syndicate is nothing as they know noose around their neck is tightening from all fronts- even from their very own. The jerk of Mehta has gall to say things but no major party even show sign of offence, Saran hobnobs with Pranchande drowning Scotch (Oh! power to the people, ain’t that a bitch) and Dashain walks in without a festive- no one cares. God almight Shiva where are you and your third eye.

  11. admin Avatar

    Every single person should be give a change, be it the last one. Likewise, let’s see what this parliamentary session hold for us.

    surprises, development in Nepal


    the same old story.

    Let’s wait and watch.

  12. sagarmatha Avatar

    Bad news for Girija goon….

    RPP is becoming more stronger than them. More than 60% those voted to NC in previous election are now prefering RPP as their first choice.

  13. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    RPP will be stronger again. When NC and UNL had majority in the parliament Thapa and Chand were able to led the government many times after 1990. As much as the people love democracy they hate Girija. Girija gave the bad name to 1990 revolution in Nepal.

  14. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    right said pandit.
    its also true that there is only SPA who seem to be dedicated to multi party democracy although they are no less then the royals or maoist.

    but for me the biggest problem of nepal is not the politicians neither the maosit nor the royal but the people of nepal itself. especially the so called literate and professionals. if people were not so self obsorbed, egoist and racist the SPAM whould never come to power again and again. murdering would get you only to prison not to parliament, but the ppl of nepal are more comfortable to be in the receiving end, nepalese are more interested in who can offer more, more about what the country has done for them not what they could do for the country.
    for this attitude we got every road is dead end and the situation is so frustrating. and unless we the ppl decide to sacrifice and look for new roads the nation will reamain as it is. maybe the faces will change but the country the same.
    im so sick and tired of all the king the wannabe president the girija and all who think that supporting one of these will bring salvation.
    will people of nepal never say enough is enough and start a REAL JANAANDOLAN, maybe never. 😦

  15. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck

    Great news guys, the Bharat Man has sent a doot to tell our leader to beheave and they wont be accepting republic declaration without people mandate. Im sure SPA except maoist under stand not to sing before fat lady.

    Who ever said here that best part is finally maoist believe in parliament must be delusion. Well for Wagley they didnt believe in press freedom, until you guys promoters thought it would hamper their lucrative business. A innocent journalist whereabout is unknown with maoist acknowledging that they have abducted him. Probably he dead for telling truth and yet you languish saying they finally believe in parliament. Welcome to the politics of intimidation rather than voice populi.

    With the way we are heading, i would rather side with the devil (king) i know that devil i dont. I think he was much predictable.

  16. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck

    Pundit keep on giving your agruement. Have 100% support.

  17. a gal from BBA Avatar
    a gal from BBA

    hey ppl
    Don’t u think that we the nepali ppl need a dictator, not like gyane or hitler, in order to check the corrupt minded ppl.I believe that unless we individual do not change the change of a country is more or less impossible.its not only political revolution that is necessary for our country but also the social revolution, to teach the lesson of humanity. To stop ppl who are enjoying the speed money, to check the ppl who are having fake power over the resources, to stop ppl from peeing and wasting in the street,to punish ppl who are engaged in child kidnapping etc.,etc.. we ppl really need a dictator don’t we.Sano tino galile manne hami nepali jaat hoinau hami sudhrinu chha and i think the corrupted leaders who themselves need to be corrected
    can’t be given for the power to lead us.So as we are like”Lato k bhut bato se nahi mante”. we need a dictatorship in this country in order to bind us in the territory of humanity.A dictator cannot only be to kill or violate he can also be to force ppl to have freedom within the boundary got it.

  18. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    dear gal frm bbs
    what do you think you have been having in nepal all these time.
    dont be a misguided student pls.
    what we need is democracy.
    power to the people.
    because in the end when the faith of the country is decided by one person and his decision is not challenged, favourism will be the name of the game. the right will be the persons likes and wrongs his dislike. if you are thinking about a dictator with ideology then we are speaking mass graves here. as its a trend that when a dictator of ideology takes control the frist thing they do is eliminate the literate people tilted in other direction.

    you cant cancel wrong with another wrong.
    as an frindly advice i can only say stop getting intimidated there are a lot like you and me who have had enough of everything and everyone. agreeing on dictator will be like laughing on the face of all those who had died.

  19. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    mr. wagle,
    i saw you make a huge outcry about attacks on kantipur but there is not even a whisper about the journalist kidnapped by maoist in terai. why because he is a madhesi or you think he is an agent of the king????????you seem to be really keeping you distance from the incidents in terai. i really am starting to question your credibility, and its not the first time i do so.

  20. Chamatkaribaba Avatar

    Hi, Dinesh, Plz update ur blog regularly man. Please make this blog more inclusive and not only politics. I guess, Dashain is on our door steps. Plz, write something abt Nepal, Nepali Society how they are enjoying this year. I am not getting anything except Politics in all Nepalese Blog and it is so frustrating.

    Plz, Be something different for some days,

    I wish all the readers Subhakamana of Great Dashain.

    Visist My Blog as well.

  21. scope Avatar

    “Bad news for Girija goon….

    RPP is becoming more stronger than them. More than 60% those voted to NC in previous election are now prefering RPP as their first choice. ”

    Ha… Ha… Haaaaaaaaa! Dashain Joke maryo sathi le!!!!!!

  22. vahsek Avatar

    dont expect much!
    but be ready for bloodshed!

  23. hope Avatar


    Still not enough democracy ?? Hmmm, Which democracy you are talking about a Cuban like or North Korean one??

    What we need is to get rid of all these ‘Special’ politicians and leaders with new breed who can at least fulfill their promises,who at least feel embarrassed not to deliver the things which has been proudly claimed to be done at any cost.At least who feels like when somebody does the crime ,s/he deserves some punishment . At least when everybody thinks you are incompetent ,you have guts to resign. At least whose hands are not filled with blood.

    Hmmm, am I being too idealistic??….. I think I am!! Nepal needs to be totally overhauled and need a complete makeover. If we need a dictator for that, he should be welcomed!!

  24. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    hope then root hoot and vote for gyane if you really want a dictator.
    do you seriously believe that you will get a dictator whose hands are clean????????
    the tendency of nepalese to compromise has led us to this point and you telling that we need to compromise and settle for dictator.
    as long as we dont change the attitude the situation that we got is not going to change.
    there is still HOPE for freedom if we do not compromise.
    but settling for a dictator will be another big mistake that will take nepal back in time.

  25. sagarmatha Avatar


    You just go in Baneswor for quick reference and asked those majority people who were the followers of Girija before. They don’t want to follow “Prachanda Path”of Girija. You will see the result if ever CA election occured. Girija and goon are trapped with Ethnic parties and RPP. They hardly get 15% vote.

  26. hope Avatar

    S 1:17,

    Can you read again?? Where did I mention compromise??

    Gyane is not dictator enough buddy, we need a leader who is extremely determined for his/her plan, who has vision and ability to let others see that. Who has sense of responsibilty , who can stick to his/her words.

    I wonder where you find I ever said settle for compromise, I am for isolating all existing leaders(read eliminating) be it Gyanendra,GPK, Prachanda,MKN….. We need fresh visioneries, gutsy and daring leadership and if only dictator can fulfill those needs ,so be it!! It’s lot better than what we had and have, at least we will be doing all things collectively and there is fair amount of chance that it may succeed. The present scenario leads to nowhere as you are fully aware of!!

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    S 1:17:
    Questioning Wagle’s credibility? HAHAHAHA what credibility?

  28. bhotangi Avatar

    As if Bhudai Pundit had some credibility, hu hu hu..

  29. sagarmatha Avatar

    spaM days are gone…now ethnic united parties are going to lead this nation very soon.

  30. a gal from BBA Avatar
    a gal from BBA

    Despite the relentless effort of ppl in all the political movements to bring out a transparent and pro-ppl government, neither of the time they are able to recognise the apt politician for our country.And the frustrations speak oh god we are the failed ppl of a totally failed country.and all my condemn goes to GIRIJA THE OLD BULLY. that is we ppl ourselves ain’t we who have been voted him for myriads of times, then why regret for the fate?he is so fund of chairs so i have ordered in the showroom for many chairs tagged with lots of power..zzzzz so that the currrent pass on him and he will die soon.
    am not misguided o.k am speaking the truth.and think sensibly i think full democracy(espc in nepal where ppl are morally very back ward and selfish and the worshipper of capitalist society) ,believe me full democracy will fuel the existing crime and nothing am reffering democracy in relative terms.
    hera bhai bahini ho jun sarkar ayepani ppl haru ko predicament jasta ko tastai ho, so now the time has come to handle the power of government to a dictator . i am saying an absolute dictatorship, but in the field where it ought to be such as in education,legislation,politics,business…
    Absolutism can’t be made pervasive everywhere like human rights, press freedom,personal rights(to some extent) must be considered … but in many field to make the corrupt system recover…
    Its a new dictatorship not that of Cambodian Khamer rouge, or Nazis…
    Its a liberal ,that of 21st century…

  31. Deva Avatar

    Watching Shyam Saran scolding our political heavy weights and the entire media was indeed illuminating on how much sovereignty and spine we as a nation really have. Retired Major General Ashok Mehta’s comments on dispatching the Indian Army into Nepal even without our government’s asking was yet another bombshell for our chuffed up baffons pretending to be the wise leaders of a disillusioned public.

    We asked for it and have now received it. There is still no light at the end of the tunnel – only the smell of rotten rats. If this be the “New Nepal”, it would be better to be part of India. At least we can all sleep in relative peace and security.


  32. sankalpa Avatar

    i love you man deva,
    lets sell all our land to india and come to usa, you are right man, maoist are corrupt, the parties are corrupt and the kingie sure hell is corrupt, so wat the heck, let’s just make some money while we can and get out,

  33. sankalpa Avatar

    i love you man deva,
    lets sell all our land to india and come to usa, you are right man, maoist are corrupt, the parties are corrupt and the kingie sure hell is corrupt, so wat the heck, let’s just make some money while we can and get out,

  34. sankalpa Avatar

    when i say i love you to somebody it doesnot mean that i actually love them, it’s just expression, this wagle is very baised, he is relentless , so , i love nepal. i could never see it be part of india.

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