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After Nepal, Who will head CPN-UML?

The resignation of Madhav Kumar Nepal, who led the party for the past 15 years, has triggered a big question — who will take over the reins of CPN-UML?

By Ghanashyam Ojha

MK Nepal resigned on moral grounds after UML, the second largest political party before the April 10 election, came a poor third in the constituent assembly polls under his leadership. The party Standing Committee appointed Amrit Kumar Bohara as acting general secretary. In the meantime, the hunt for next leader has intensified. Continue reading After Nepal, Who will head CPN-UML?

House Special Session: How Much To Expect?

The special session of the parliament has begun in Kathmandu but few believe that it will be able to solve the current political impasse

maoist rally in kathmandu, nepal

A Maoist cadre shouts slogans in a rally in Kathmandu today while his leader in the parliament tables proposals that, if passed, will direct the government to table another proposal to declare Nepal a republic. Pics by Prakash Mathema /AFP

As per the demand of the Maoist, the special session of the parliament has begun today but few expect that the house will be able to solve the current deadlock because the seven parties are deeply divided over the key issues including that includes declaring Nepal republic on the current session of the parliament. Since the CPN UML also favors both of the demands of the Maoists (the second demand being the usage of proportional voting system in CA elections), there is a possibility that the house could pass the proposals by a simple majority. That means the house will be giving direction to the government, led by Nepali Congress that is against both demands, to table a proposal of declaring Nepal a republic in the parliament.

In such situation, many believe, the government which also includes the UML, will be in a moral dilemma. However many expect that seven parties (that also includes the Maoist) will be able to avoid any such dilemma and conflict among themselves and come up with a solution first outside the parliament which will then possibly be endorsed by the house. The debates on the three Maoist proposals will begin Sunday. Continue reading House Special Session: How Much To Expect?