Narayan Wagle comes up with Mayur Times!

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Mayur Times novel by narayan wagle Cover Image
Mayur Times is the name of , soon to be launched novel by Narayan Wagle

Palpasa Café writer comes up with his second novel- Mayur Times. Will be released on 10 April (28 Chaitra) in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal.

Narayan Wagle is the author of Mayur Times
Narayan Wagle

Journalist Narayan Wagle is all set to launch his eagerly awaited second book Mayur Times. Written in the backdrop of Nepal’s current conflict, Mayur Times revolves around Nepal’s transitional crisis, according nepa~laya, the publisher who also brought out Palpasa Café. Main protagonists of the novel- Parag and Lisara are both journalists and Mayur Times in the book is a fictional newspaper. It was not immediately clear if both of them work at the same newspaper.

“I know 5 years is a long time, but I wanted to be fully satisfied before coming out with the second book,” shared Narayan. “Nepal’s turmoil has made my second book more engaging.”

Narayan’s first book Palpasa Café was released in 2005 and is still considered as a best seller in Nepal. The book told the story of Nepali conflict through a painter and his US-returnee documentary filmmaker girlfriend- Drishya and Palpasa. Because of its elegant and simple language and modern outlook, the story captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of youngsters and book-lovers alike. For the urban Nepali youth who went to English-medium schools, Palpasa Café became the first Nepali language book that they read. Narayan’s Facebook Wall is filled with such readers and fans who thank him for writing the book and ask him when the next will arrive. Many were disheartened to learn the tragic demise of Palpasa. Many of those readers want Narayan to revive Palpasa’s character in the next book. Seems like that is not going to happen but it is certain that the book will be received warmly by the market. As the news about the book broke earlier today (and Narayan posted the link on his Wall) his ‘friends’ instantly reacted with happiness and eagerness to grab a copy as soon as the book hits the stores. “All the best for ‘Mayur Times’……. Eagerly waiting !!!” wrote one on the Wall. And a leftist politician wrote: “Thanks a lot! Keep write more. All the best!!” Another comment: “Wow gr8.Eager 2 read it..” Some expected the book to be as good (or better) as the first one: “Palpasa Cafe jastai hos, interesting.”

“As the demand for Wagle’s second book is so high and since advance orders are pouring in, we are printing 10,000 copies in the first print run to fulfill the demand,” shared publisher, Kiran of nepa~laya. “This is the first time we are feeling such pressure from the market. It is amazing.”

Nepa-laya’s Kiran Krishna Shrestha hoped that Mayur Times “will be another turning point in Nepal’s publication history.”

The book will be distributed by Education Book House. Owner of EBH, Anjan Shrestha has particularly flown into Nepal from US, where he resides, to prepare for the launch. “I normally coincide my visit to Nepal with the Book Fair, but this time I would not have come if it was not for Narayan Wagle’s book,” discloses Anjan. “Narayan ji is the best selling author in Nepal and I felt responsibility bound to be here for planning the release,” he added.

Publication nepa~laya and distributor Education Book House is making all possible arrangements to make the book available across the country on the release day itself. The paper back and hard bound edition will be priced at Rs.300 and Rs. 500 respectively.


Palpasa Café goes internatinal

The English version of Palpasa Café will soon to be published from Delhi while the Korean version will come out from Seoul. The best selling Nepali book of modern times had also won the most prestigious literary awards in the year of its publication which includes, the Madan Purashkar and Akhyan Puraskar.

The English translation of Palpasa Café was published and released by nepa~laya in 2008. Since then, it has also remained among the most sold translated literature in Nepal. Nepa-laya said the English edition of the book has now been sublicensed for the Indian subcontinent excluding Nepal to Delhi based Random House. It is also being translated and published in Korean language by Seoul based, The Forest of Literature, according to a press release issued by nepa-laya. The Forest of Literature also holds rights of Palpasa Café for the North-east Asian market. Publication nepa~laya will continue publishing the Nepali and English editions for Nepal.

“We have been trying to promote Palpasa Café Internationally since a long time. We are extremely glad to share this news that we have formally entered into contract with Random House India for the Indian subcontinent excluding Nepal, and The Forest of Literature for North-east Asia,” shares Kiran Krishna Shrestha of nepa~laya.

“I am glad to see my book receiving international attention,” said Narayan. “Nepali literature has always lacked proper promotion. I am hopeful these kinds of institutional initiatives will be a stepping stone for other Nepali writers and publishers to get the deserved exposure.”

Talking about how he got to know about Palpasa Café, Seoul based Editor of The Forest of Literature, Kim Hyun-Jee said: “Shiva Ryu who is a poet and a translator, and knows Nepal well recommended Palpasa Café to me. He said that he was extremely impressed by this book. I believe his sense, because he is an outstanding writer.” Emphasizing his confidence on the book he adds, “I am confident in the success of the book in the Korean market because Palpasa Café is a novel of an unacquainted culture to the Korean people.”

Rudrani Sarkar, Publisher of Random House India said: “We were interested in the book first because of its history, that it was a prominent Nepali novel in recent years. Secondly, because Narayan Wagle’s simple and very strong storytelling skill evokes contemporary war-struckNepal so well.”

Both the Korean and Indian publishers will be publishing the book in 2010.

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23 responses to “Narayan Wagle comes up with Mayur Times!”

  1. Aakar Avatar

    Eagerly waiting to read this. Hope it will set another record.
    Best of Luck Mayur Times.


  2. Bijay Thapa Avatar
    Bijay Thapa

    I had enjoyed Palpasa Cafe very much. Fell in love with Palpasa. The book for me was an eye to my own society and rural Nepal. I’ll be the first to grab a copy of the book when it comes to the store. Thank you Narayan Wagle for writing this. Best of luck.

  3. ishbytes Avatar

    palpasa cafe was one of the book, which i have enjoyed the most. it is one of the best novel in nepali literature,it reflected the present time nepal with the taste of love,passion,art etc etc.
    congratulations Naran dai.

  4. keshu2045 Avatar

    Can’t wait chaitra 28 for MAYUR TIMES.

  5. ish's Avatar

    waiting for chaitra 28.

  6. ish Avatar

    i am getting problem with this page.

  7. Laxmi Avatar

    too excited for this….thumbs up,waglejiie!!!

  8. Joatare Dhaiba Avatar

    I have just started to read it. Novel is interesting as before. Thumbs up Narayan’s writing technique. I appreciate he has chosen this sensitive subject.
    He has given justice to journalists of out of valley.

    Best of luck for Novel !!

  9. ishwor aryal Avatar

    I was curiously waiting another fiction of narayan wagle, after i found the ‘palpasa cafe’ very interesting novel in the nepal. i think he is a very good writer of nepal and i admire him alot for this beautiful contribution for Nepal.

  10. Bed Prasad Shrestha Avatar
    Bed Prasad Shrestha

    Book is in my hand. Now I’am there at Parag’s kidnapping. Begaining is not like Palpasa Cafe. but when it moves, I think the story will take reader far away. Whatever i’am still waiting next life of Palpasa . It was better not to kill her .I hope , Parag is not killed even physically in this Novel.

  11. suman koyee Avatar
    suman koyee

    i had read palpasa was realy intrersting to read.i hope ‘mayur times’ makes the history.

  12. Anup Avatar

    I am goign through the novel, unlike palpasa cafe, it’s quite boaring at begining but i felt intrestig when Parag joins Mayur Times. I hope it won’t end leaving a tragic impact to reader.

  13. Anup Avatar

    But the sory potrait’s the real picture of the Nepalese journalist and their hard times.

  14. pradip bhattarai Avatar
    pradip bhattarai

    how can i get the mayur times online??give some idea…cant wait long

  15. Nabin shrestha Avatar
    Nabin shrestha

    The first novel that i have read is palpasa kafae. The most beautiful part of this novel is the flow of story along with the subject matter. I hope the next novel mayur times will give new test to them who are lover of nepali literature. Thanks narayan dai…

  16. Shrijana Ghaju Avatar
    Shrijana Ghaju

    Yours first novel “PALPASA CAFE” I really like it and I became fan of you.I get full satisfy by reading your novel.Hope “MAYUR TIMES”will be more and more best as palpasa cafe.Thanks Narayan dai for such a beautiful novel…………………..

  17. rajendra adhikari Avatar
    rajendra adhikari

    i want to read “mayur times”……….but the problem is m in out of my country n its impossible to find it here………what to do…………………hope it will also b my best novel like”palpasa cafe”…..

  18. Mohanprasad Gautam Avatar
    Mohanprasad Gautam

    i have already read the novel but i didn’t get my imagination & expection.

  19. bishow mani subedi Avatar
    bishow mani subedi

    sir I like this novel.

  20. Ananda Shrestha Avatar
    Ananda Shrestha

    I read Palpasa Cafe… It is awesome! Very much Interesting and hope Mayur times as well…

    If i have describe you then you are what you write… You do not write because we want to. You write because you have to. So, Keep writing. Keep doing it and doing it. Even in the moments when its so hurtful to think about writing.

    We luvs your writing… 🙂

  21. benit Avatar

    not so appealing like palpasa cafe,sir u are alrady a class ,you show that in cafe,but this book doesnot meet those standards of typical wagle.u should take time but bring more appealing like that of cafe.

  22. Santosh Paudel Avatar
    Santosh Paudel

    I have no word to admire your contribution in Palpasa Cafe……So, I hope you are going to give another greater surprise through this book…gud luck…

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