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  • Narayan Wagle comes up with Mayur Times!

    Palpasa Café writer comes up with his second novel- Mayur Times. Will be released on 10 April (28 Chaitra) in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. Journalist Narayan Wagle is all set to launch his eagerly awaited second book Mayur Times. Written in the backdrop of Nepal’s current conflict, Mayur Times revolves around Nepal’s transitional crisis, according nepa~laya, […]

  • Changing Life Of A Nepali Village: Story from Nar

    By Dinesh Wagle in Nar (Manang) Wagle Street Journal (Saturday Blog) [Dinesh Wagle has started posting his Nar Phu Diary in Wagle Street Journal] Encountering the people featured in a 25-year-old book that details the life and time of two of the remotest villages of Nepal All pics by Wagle. More pics will be added […]