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Three years after it was first published in Nepali and created history in the Nepali literary world by selling more than 5 thousand copies in the first few months, Narayan Wagle’s debut novel Palpasa Cafe came in English this past week (15 January). The book was translated by Bikash Sangraula. Since its release the book has been part of many merits including the highly prestigious literary award in Nepal– the Madan Puraskar. The book has also been credited to making young Nepali readers interested in Nepali literature. According to publication nepa~laya, the publishers, sales of Palpasa Café in Nepali has crossed 16,000 (out of printed 20,000) and has been amongst the most talked about book in contemporary Nepali literature of recent times. “I am glad my work will now reach a broader mass. I thank all those who made this book happen first in Nepali and then now in English.” says Narayan Wagle, the author of the book. The book comes in a freshly adapted cover, which still carries the original Palpasa Café image within. Palpasa Café in English is published by publication nepa~laya who are also the publishers of the original book.

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15 responses to “Palpasa Cafe in English”

  1. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar
    Pusp Prasad Luintel

    Narayan Wagle is a great nepali litarary wtiter.Some-too few readers known this.

  2. Basanta Avatar

    Though I liked Palpasa Cafe, I don’t think it was that ‘great’. It was very much contemporary for sure. But its literary quality was average.

  3. Surath Avatar

    I think the book was much hyped. Had the book been written by a person other than editor of Kantipur , it wouldn’t have got so much acclaim I think.

  4. ?????? Avatar

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  5. Samyam Wagle Avatar

    Narayan Wagle is the trend-setting writer. What he got from PALPASA CAFÉ were all deserving. I simply couldn’t put book down and read continuously. The plots, presentation, style are simply great. Looking ones country in civil war from the eye of an artist, who are creative in themselves. He could have chose others but why artist/painter?? Because story runs well with them through their hidden and creative arts depicting many things from the brush dipped in colors rubbed in canvas!
    Now good news that foreigners will also be able to read this! This book also deserves to be nominated for Booker or Pulitzer prize. Hope Narayan Wagle finds time to gift whole Nepalese by his second novel and we can enjoy some time with that majestic creation then.

  6. Reader Avatar

    Just curious how the translation is. There are four editor, must be good but they raised the price. The price doesnt encourage to read college goer reader. The price should be same or less.

  7. namseng Avatar

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  8. BRaj ghimire Avatar
    BRaj ghimire

    itis a hit book which one shouldnot miss to read.

  9. Factor S Avatar
    Factor S

    Its Is the GREEEEEEtttttt. thanks to Mr. Narayan

  10. Renu Bagaria Avatar
    Renu Bagaria

    Being witness to the troubled times of our country, Palpasa Cafe was not difficult to relate to. The book ( due to average translation) failed to stir that touching emotion depicted throughout the book.

    Neverthrless I am happy that it is translated or else I wouldn’t be posting my comment at all.

    Mr. Wagle when are we getting to read your next work.

  11. Hemant Sharma Avatar
    Hemant Sharma

    Well, nice to know that one more novel by Nepali has been available for international reader. however, the original itself is a mediocre book – in all respects, its plot, and literary merit. Madan Prize is a farce, in this case. I guess the blokes at Madan Prize Guthi wanted to ‘chamcha giri’ kantipur Publication. The hype was created by kantipur, and surely, even if he had written a Yudhir Thapa style novel, it would have sold as it did.

    Those who are praising this book, please give me the pages where you find a quality. Perhaps, this is the first and the only book you guys have read. Or you happen to be Kantipur publication staff, or Wagle extended family members! Don’t mind, but Palpasa Cafe is not a quality piece, and the writer, while as a creator I respect, has a blemish of abusing his publication for entirely different product.

  12. subin hachhethu Avatar
    subin hachhethu

    well well well…….there are 4 kinds of books…..
    a) those u cant finish it coz its too bad.
    b) those u finish takin long time coz u dont like reading it and u just want to finish it coz u got nothing else to do.
    c) those which are very exciting and cant help finish it in few hours…….u r sticked to it…..n u finish it as soon as possible.
    d) those u fear that they’ll finish……u dont want them to be finished……u want to read them a lot of times coz u r so into it tat u miss them every day

    for me PALPASA CAFE is the book of ‘d’ type……
    i cant bear it to be finished so i read and re-read at the same time…..i just loved it

    but eventhough i found some loopholes in it………there r some pages tat u want to turn sooner…..except for it…i really loved it……..i wish i cud meet narayan wagle and get his signature in my copy of palpasa cafe.

  13. anup thapa Avatar
    anup thapa

    well palpasa cafe was my second Nepalese novel i went through after Basai, which was compulsory in plus two in major Nepali.
    No doubt it was a novel of our time portraying the urban and rural scenario of Nepal during the period of 10 years conflict. The plotting of the story is sequenced though at some point it is imaginary. well i just kept my course books aside just to complete this novel though i had a board exam 1 week later.
    Hats off to Wagle dai.

  14. Prakash Shrestha  ( Avatar
    Prakash Shrestha (

    I want to read this book (Palpasa Cafe) but i don’t know how and where we can found it. pls help me

  15. Dinesh kandel Avatar
    Dinesh kandel

    It is the depiction of the real ground of nepal ,especially of village area during the civil war in nepal.It is headed towards the progress of Nepal.The writer has showed the violance as the interruption for the development.

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