Mayur Times

Mayur Times novel by narayan wagle Cover Image

Mayur Times is the name of , soon to be launched novel by Narayan Wagle

8 thoughts on “Mayur Times

  1. I think the book should not be titled as Palpasa’s Cafe writer. I think every book lover knows who Narayan Wagle is. Hope that Mayur Times will be much more better than Palpasa Cafe. Wagle Ji if Palpasa had no demissed in Palpasa Cafe then Palpasa Cafe would hardly be recognized. Hope your new novel comes up with more striking scenes and attaches the reader to the book.


    Lastly, hope to see MAYUR TIMES in the form of audio and e-books as well.

  2. palpasa cafe ko lekhak bhanera mayur times ko cover page ma highlight bhayeko dekhda nikai dukha lagyo….it seems that mayur times does not has its own identification!!!!!

  3. book ta ekdadm ramro chha but cover pagema palpasa cafeko lekhak bhanera mayur times ko identification nai chhaina jasto lagyo. malai ta book bikaunalai garerko policy jasto lagyo

  4. I think those who have once read Palpasa Cafe definitely have known to Narayan Wagle. Why is it not written” Narayan Wagle ko Mayur Times” Is there any hidden mystery behind the title?

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