Sujata Koirala Daughter’s Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Wedding Mocks Nepali Law

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige
Nepal Army Chief Pyar Jung Thapa (extreme right, with Nepali cap) along with Mrs. Thapa congratulate behula behuli as the mother of the behuli Sujata Koirala (Jost), left, looks on. Nearly two months ago, General Thapa hit the headlines for organizing the illegal and lavish wedding party for his daughter. Pic by Bikash Karki

Take Action Against Sujata

Sujata Koirala is the representative figure of neo-elite who enjoyed the freedom and state power misusing the power of her dad, the Prime Minister of Nepal, Girija Prasad Koirala. She is one of the most controversial figures in Nepali politics who is allegedly behind her father’s involvement in notorious Dhamija scandal involving the national carrier (Royal) Nepal Airline. Many people think that she is also responsible for promoting corruption and nepotism in the government while her father was in power for several years in democratic period in the 90s.

1. That is government should take action against Sujata Koirala (Jost) for she violated the local law by organizing the lavish ceremony.

2. Tax office should ask Sujata Koirala to provide details of the ceremony expenditure and she should tell Nepali public (as she is the daughter of the prime minister) the source of every paisa spent on the ceremony.

3. This government should stop the High Level Probe Commission from interrogating former royal ministers and officials because we are seeing people like Army Chief Pyar Jung Thapa happily shaking hands with those in the government. Those officials did the same as what Pyar Jung Thapa did: follow the orders of the king and supress the peoples’ movement. Since the government is too afraid to take any action against Thapa, the drama of investigating the atrocities of Jana Andolan 2 should be stopped. We need a break. -UWB

By Bikash Sangraula
The Kathmandu Post (For the record)

KATHMANDU, July 6 – The capital city Thursday saw one of the biggest wedding parties since the series of wedding parties for Chief of Army Staff General Pyar Jung Thapa’s daughter two months ago. The bride was Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s granddaughter Melanie Koirala Jost, and the groom was Rubel Chowdhury, a Bangladesh national. The venue: Hotel Everest.

A hotel staffer told the Post that some 3,500 guests were invited to the reception. Among them were Nepal’s who’s who, including deputy prime ministers, ministers, parliamentarians, leaders of political parties, heads of diplomatic missions, security chiefs and officers, administrators, civil society leaders, publishers and editors. Journalists and party workers were also invited.

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige

Sujata Koirala (Jost) with Behula and Behuli

However, Maoist leaders were not present, and neither was the prime minister, who is battling pneumonia at the ICU of Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center. Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala was also present.

A Nepali Congress leader who was one of the invitees equated the party in terms of lavishness with that of the army chief’s daughter, and said this is a matter of public concern. He also complained that he had to wait for about half an hour in the traffic jam while on his way to the reception.

A traffic police officer, who was scrambling in the hotel parking lot to manage the ever increasing number of vehicles, said some 1,500 vehicles arrived at the venue since 2 pm With the hotel parking lot running out of space, vehicles had to be diverted to the parking lot at Birendra International Convention Center.

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige

Behula and Behuli

The prime minister’s daughter Sujata Koirala had booked the hotel’s pool-side cafe for 2 pm to 6 pm and the Grand Ball Room for invitees from 6 pm onwards. The bride’s family also booked several rooms at the hotel for the groom’s family.

Traffic moved at snail’s pace in the Baneswore and Maitighar areas right from the afternoon till late evening, thanks to the massive attendance at the wedding party. In fact, traffic came to a total standstill in these areas for hours in the evening and several dozen traffic personnel had to sweat it out and scream to clear the jam.

The country’s Social Behavior Reform Act 1976 bars marriage parties from having more than 51 invitees. The recent series of wedding parties of the army chief’s daughter was strongly criticized for lavishness.

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190 responses to “Sujata Koirala Daughter’s Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Wedding Mocks Nepali Law”

  1. idiot Avatar

    So we can assume that the Koirala pair is definitely your King and Queen in waiting. Did’nt take a genius to figure that one out. How much does it cost for your loyalty?

  2. manan Avatar


    You deserve that name very much. No, its not enough. Call yourself maha-idiot from now on.

    Ok, let me make myself clear. No, you can not assume that the Koiralas are my favorite royals.

    I just spent time criticizing them, heck, I just said that we Nepalis should be wary about making them royals. That seems to be happening in the Nepali Congress.

    Go and read what I wrote again. And again. A dimwit like you wouldn’t understand straight away.

    And to hell with Prithvi Narayan Shah. He ‘unified’ the country. So what? Did he eliminate poverty? Did he make people more educated? Did he encourage Nepali architechture like the Mallas did? Nope.

    All the Shahs did, starting with Prithvi Narayan, was to make our part of the world more remote and backward. That’s hardly an achievement.

  3. maha idiot Avatar
    maha idiot

    I took your advise. And let me add it does not even take a maha idiot like me to figure out whose butt you kiss. You criticise the Koiralas, well even butt lickers like you do not have the basis to praise them. On what basis would you even attempt to praise them? You will just follow the rest of us. However, it is the level of criticism that is the key and also would you give your real name and criticise your masters? I bet not, you would not want them to know would you?

  4. diehard Avatar

    Manan, you are one hell of a guy. may be you should blame Gandhi because only thing he did was gain independence for India, nothing more or George Washington for the Watergate.

    You comment is like a son blaming his dad for not being rich enough to buy him a car. Learn to stand on your own feet, be your own man(woman) rather than disparage father of this nation- Prithivi Narayan Shah. Shame on you for the cheap shot.

  5. Kirat Avatar

    Yeah we really need to change. We can’t even seem to agree that the Koirala’s are bunch of crooks. We should learn to set our prejudices aside and learn to call a spade a spade.

  6. manan Avatar

    Don’t even think of comparing someone like Gandhi with someone like Prithvi Narayan Shah.

    ( Does anyone remember how Mr. Shah dealt with the Kirtipuri natives? Prithvi Narayan Shah was a savage, a barbarian.

    And please, please, he did not create ‘Nepal’. No, he just took over Kathmandu from the previous kings and spent most of his time there, leaving the rest of the country to his minions.

    Lets face it, he just got lucky, and got to rule a bit of land. Then he called that bit of land a ‘country’, and since no one else was interested in that ‘country’, they let him be.

    But he did nothing for that country. Yes, some may say, he should get credit for ‘creating’ Nepal, but that means nothing. Gandhi, Ataturk, etc, were people of vision. They had an idea of what their countries were going to be. What did Prithvi Narayan Shah have? Nothing. He was just another tinpot dictator who somehow managed to be ‘king’.

    Let us not give this man any more respect than he deserves. It is time to consign him to history.

  7. sl Avatar


    You talk as if Prithvi Narayan Shah was a product of today. How can you say he is nothing, when he is the founding father of our nation. Two and a half centuries ago, I doubt you would find leaders who used sound argument and peaceful rallies to convince people to unite anywhere in the world, as everyone would be “barbarians” as aptly put by you. How do you think every King in every nook and cranny of this entire region functioned those days to protect their territory? At least Prithivi Narayan Shah went further and decided to unite a nation so we can have one and call it Nepal today. By your token then all the Emperors of China and the Roman emperors etc are nothing but barbarians who got lucky.

  8. diehard Avatar

    Father of this nation is way beyond pale compared to Gandhi- I think your ilk. What did Gandhi do other than divide India. You talk of savagery while living in 21st century- learn to see things is right perspective. Do you know how Indian army still wipes out Villages after Villages in Kashmir, and you talk about vision of the Gandhi and Turkish dictator ( Musaref’s idol) but fail to give credit to Father of this nation and his vision of and for this country. From what I have seen in your comments, your agenda is quite different and I suspect your origin as well.

    I assume that to be a Nepali is an affront to you because of our culture, history, religion and pride of our forefathers. Catch a train to the Southside, if you are already not there.

  9. fanta Avatar

    This “manan’ seems to me either half-crack to me….

  10. fanta Avatar


    What logic and impression you are trying to give us???

  11. manan Avatar

    Look, guys, get a grip. Its apparent many of you here still have an idol-worship mentality. I don’t. I believe everyone should be held accountable for what he did, be it Girija Koirala during the 1990s of Prithvi Narayan Shah 250 years ago.

    Okay, you’re right about Prithvi Narayan Shah being a product of his times. I’ll excuse his atrocities because of the times he lived in.

    Okay, but besides that, what else did he do? I mean, you supporters, give me something definite. Don’t just keep repeating ‘Father of the Nation’ ad infinitum.

    No, being called a Nepali is not an affront to me. I take pride in the architecture and arts of Patan and Bhaktapur, for instance. Prithvi Narayan Shah and his successors never encouraged artists. If there was one thing Nepal could take pride in, it was in her elaborately crafted temples. No one is going to remember the scheming Shahs a hundred years from now, but the temples will remain.

  12. Kirat Avatar

    manan, I guess you touched a real raw nerve there. By the way the statue of PN Shah infront of Singha Durbar still remains covered. You can be sure that this board is not very representative of what the rest of us Nepalis feel.

  13. diehard Avatar

    For that matter Manan what else have you done beside being a sore pussy. If building temple and castle is the high mark of Kings and ruler then go praise Saddam and his ilks. As you seem to worship Gandhi, give me reason to praise him other than his contribution in gaining Independence. I have read books that asserts that Gandhi was cause of backwardness and improvisement of India, does that mean Indians should disown him completely. Going by your logic that would be the right thing to do.

    Father of this nation gave us a name- NEPALI and sense of pride in being a Nepali and its own distinct heritage.That is enough for me and the rest, I guess this may be not enough for you who have hidden agenda and sulk at the very idea of Nepaliness and being a Nepali. Engrossed with foreign leaders,ideas, and vision- like it or not but slave mentality for sure.

    Get a grip yourself and do not go off the rail and ruffle feathers of people like us notwithstanding the condition of Nepal, we still have pride in being a Nepali

  14. manan Avatar


    No, a King can do more than build temples. A King, could, for instance, make sure his subjects were educated, try to reduce poverty, encourage inter-country trade, and encourage artists and other visionaries. A King could do all that, and many Kings in the past have done some or even all of those.

    So what did your beloved Prithvi Narayan Shah do? Face it, he was just a scheming politician who got lucky.

    As for Gandhi, yes, he had many flaws. He was against industralization. He had the silly notion that every Indian should spend his time spinning cloth. Yet, he was a twentieth century giant. At the very least, he hastened the departure of the British from India. That was no mean feat. And although I don’t happen to believe that he was solely responsible for Indian independence, he was certainly the greatest force in that direction.

    And so, if this man, who even his enemies admit was a giant, can be crticized, and should be criticized, then why shouldn’t a gnat like Prithvi Narayan Shah?

    Nepali heritage and culture have not derived from Prithvin Narayan Shah. Have a look around Kathmandu, Patan, wherever. Give me one example of something that Prithvi Narayan Shah or his successors have done that will last fifty years from now.

  15. diehard Avatar

    Manan, either you have selective memory or devoid of history of Nepal or on a train called vindictive. You have the benefit of hindsight to question what should have been done or what was right thing to do. You myopic comment such as to look around kathmandu for culture and heritage belies the fact that you are city centric. How can you suggest to overlook other different communities and people that make Nepal complete. Is there a ulterior motive on your assertion or is it simply utter but intentional ignornace of makeup of Nepal.

    Father of this nation entrusted this country to us, it is us to build upon it rather than question his action of creating a nation of proud people with strong heritage and culture. For you, it might not be enough. You would have preferred to have US rather India as a nation of your birth, may be it is but do not make the mistake of questioning our allegiance to this nation which “The Great Prithivi Narayan Shah” founded. End of discussions.

  16. fanta Avatar


    Atleast Shah did not destroyed the Architect and even the statues of Malla kings. They saved it and reconstruct it even for 237 years. Regarding the new monuments, Ranas have also built many durbars where our government offices are utilising it. Why do not you praise Rana regime also then. Regarding autocracy, if you know the history then you will find same kind of autocracies were occuring in all countries, even Mallas were fighting each other in Kathmandu valley and outside as well. They are being safeguarded by low caste in each city of the valley. No human right organizations were there during time around the world. Also, regarding autocracy, even 24 innocent people were killed in Kathmandu itself during Koiral regime. In addition more numbers of maost were suffered from Sierra to kill and other missions. At the same time Girija was upset due to non used of army against maoist when they were encircled. The only one thing is killing is bad and should be criticised but killing in one regime is good and another regime is bad give no senes at all.

  17. manan Avatar

    I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings, but if we need to move forward, we need to question our past. Every modern country has to do that.

    They do that here in the U.S too. I certainly do. We must all wonder whether our respective ‘Founding Fathers’ were really the great men they are made out to be. Its the common notion that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest U.S president, but lots of people question that. Did he really have sympathy for the blacks? Did he have to drag the country into a civil war that killed half a million people? Etc. George Washington — you know, he was sort of like Prithvi Narayan Shah because he ‘founded’ his country. But lots of people believe that he would have been a loyal servant of the British Empire if his own personal possessions had not been threatened.

    So I’ll cut you guys some slack. Maybe P.N Shah was really the ‘Father of the Nation’ in the way Washington was. I guess its fair to say that without him there might have been no Nepal. Okay. Agreed. But that doesn’t excuse him from his other failures. Its a fact that P.N Shah didn’t want Nepal to interact with the outside world. He wanted an insular country where his writ was enough. Was that a mark of a statesman? No, certainly not. That was the mark of someone who was scared. He didn’t want people to know too many things and therefore question his authority.

    And he helped to set up the whole regressive system that would not be broken until recently. And that’s where the comparison with George Washington ends. Both of them ‘founded’ their respective countries, but Washington was willing to share power with other people, at least other people of his own race. He refused, for instance, to run for third term.

    I don’t think Washington would have been considered such a ‘great man’ if he’d decided on becoming the new King ( many wanted him to be ) and cut off the ears of people who rebelled against him, even if he had ‘founded’ the country.

    And he was born in 1732, only 9 years after P.N Shah, so we’re even talking of the same time.

  18. tt Avatar


    You forget that Prithvi Narayan Shah died in his early thirties. Imagine having the vision to unite this country at such a young age. How many thrity year old statesmen do you know of who has achieved so much in so short a time frame?
    You talk of regressive systems, but you forget let alone the short life of Prithvi Narayan Shah that even (as you having hinted)Washington’s nation the U.S. did not have women voting till the 20th century and let us not even speak of the slavery of the Blacks and their rights not being realised till the 1960’s. Washington set up his system for the whites, not for the coloured people and the natives. Infact he was part of the white conquering aliens,setting up a system that only benefitted white men. The Civil war was nothing but a battle betweeen the white setllers and the their white counterparts in Europe – the same place where all of the founding fathers originated from.
    The Civil war has a complicated history, the print is written by the victors, but the whole affair was a messy one with traitors,two timers and switching of sides more than once going on. All to lord over territory, a territory that we now know has so much resources and natural wealth which has made America the country we know today.

  19. fanta Avatar


    I think we are coming to the closer now. One thing you should remember, King Prithivi Narayan Shah spend almost whole mature life in uniting the small fraction of nations. We should agree about his mistakes but after all he sacrificed all his life to built the Nepal where we are talking about full democracy.Even god Rama and Krishna did mistakes but overall their sacrifice we still respect it. The different between Prithivi Narayan Shah and Washington is that he was a king. During that time neither Indian and Chinese kings’ were even thought about today’s democracy. That culture was not there but even he atleast realised that “if people becomes rich then only king would be strong”. Many things what he had said still works in our drastic change context.

  20. Patriot Avatar

    I agree with Manan’s point of views.

    PN Shah did not really have the vision for a progressive nation state. He created Nepal so through which he could live his own ambitions. He was obsessed with legend that made him promote such a feudalistic system that would serve him and his cult. He isolated the country and marginalised all other ethnicities. And the same system hailed him father of the nation.

    We say it is because of him that we have a home called Nepal. Common guys, wake up. Had Nepal never existed, we would have existed in some other princely nation, by some other name and by some other identity anyway. I know many of you might want to bust me for this but think about it. What has the statehood of Nepal done for us apart from serving the feudalistic class and marginalised the majority of us into darkness and oblivion.

    PN Shah was just an ambitious king obsessed with greatness. His system only fed him and his race. Who knows we might have been better off had Nepal never been created. I can say this because all we got from Nepal was a history of anarchy, feudalism, opression and poverty.

  21. Patriot Avatar

    PN Shah’s system is so deeply entrenched that we are only waking up to it only now – in the 21st century. The social fabric is in tatters and for people like us who understand Nepal’s history, its difficult to feel a part of the country’s mainstream. Only the priviledged class/castes feel proud of the Nepalese identity because it has served them.

    For the rest majority of us – we feel cheated in the most unfair manner.

  22. Patriot Avatar

    And this time around if you dont give us a fair deal, I promise Nepal will never be the same again.

    I am a patriot and I am voicing the marginalised majority.

  23. ck2 Avatar


    Blaming a King who lived two hundred and more years ago for our failures today. Typical losers and blame someone else for our own weknesses mentality. King Prithvi cannot be blamed for our short comings. All the Kings etc. in his day were looking for the chance to out do each other. But blaming Kings of ancient timnes for the failures of our leaders and our own failures in modern times is pathetic.

  24. fanta Avatar


    What is your saying about 14 years? Why these 21 points agreements still not working? Why the leaders again agreed for 12 points agreements? Why after that even the last one 8 points agreement still not working? We are finding difficulty with congress in this nation. They are still feudal and not able to overcome even after this good lessons of maoist insurgency. One definite cast is dominating in our democratic norms since 50 years of our history which is the main barrier for our continuty for democracy in Nepal. We think leftist can work better in this country than puppet Indians who are totally against the building of our nation and history.

  25. Patriot Avatar


    Your understanding of social evolution and causes and effects of history is just as poor as your dim witted brain. We are backward because of peole like you who fail to understand the root causes. Until we dont understand the roots of our problems, dont ever expect we can ever come out of this mess.

  26. Kirat Avatar

    I am glad that the majority of Nepali’s understand what state sponsored discrimination is. The impact of a hundred years of the promotion of a culture that gives an unfair advantage to certain groups while putting up obstacles on the progress of others. I am glad we understand that unless these age old problems that Nepali society suffers from is addressed properly there will be no peace in the land. Injustice will not be tolerated forever by those who suffer from it. If it continues it is natural that they will rise to fight it. This throughout history has been an unshakeable truth. I hope some of the Nepalis on this board who still seem to be in some sort of denial realise this fact of human life and nature. You seem intelligence enough why do you have to cloud your judgement with age old prejudices? The truth will set you free.

  27. Bideshi Avatar

    Reject ‘charkari’ and ‘aphno manche’, tribal and caste divisions and replace them with ‘hami Nepali’. We have to put aside our differences and defeat the Maoists.

  28. Kirat Avatar

    Bideshi, empty words won’t do. Promises of justice and equality must be kept.

  29. raj Avatar

    Funny Things!

    People live this country, take American citizenship and start to sermon. Better they would have been preachers, preachers to their fellow Americans. They could help berter for that nation rather than this.

    Thank you.

  30. Bideshi Avatar

    Raj, are you speaking to me or Kirat? Have you arranged some citizenship for me that I am not aware of?

  31. ck2 Avatar


    We are backward people because pathetic fools like you still resort to blaming ancient Kings, third party nations, everyone else but oneself for the utter failure of your own corrupt and bloody incompetent leaders of today.

  32. haha Avatar


    You’re right on the button. Imagine blaming Prithvi Shah for the crores of corruption money going into dirty pockets today. Imagine blaming Prithvi for the maoist atrocities and the Army abuses. Next we will be blaming the Chinese for making gun powder and the British for colonising the world and saying our lkeaders are such pathetic people and our country is in a pathetic state because King fuc!@#$ George was a mad King.

  33. diehard Avatar

    I am sick of cry babies like kirat and people like Manan who take a high road while living in US- does a sermon like TV preacher , acts and assume contrary to what they preach.

    I do not agree with Andolan because it was done without a purpose for a Nepali- its was a mob, instigated and prodded by the Maoist, who created a mayhem in order to bring down the establishment, good or bad. In Nepal, given a chance people speak and take sides on the basis of trend of the day or with the one that is seen “winning.” In hearts of hearts, people are not amused with the things happening in Nepal, I being one.

    People speak of Democracy, is there any? Does citizens feel that their voice is being heard or problem solved. Rather the whole process is being dictated in a closed room in Godavari Resort or Nagarkot resort- san public participation. It is as if Mafia has taken over- shady deals under a guise of talks that has huge ramifications but we are not party to it. Who are you going to hold accountable when the hammer falls? SPA? Maoist? or again the King for his inaction?

    Lets not pretend otherwise- we are where we are because of our zealotry and habit of doing without thinking and when thinking starts, its too late. Kirat speaks about injustice done so the compensation- in what form, I ask? Quota for his caste or special class to be enshrined in our constitution just so that perceived unjust is corrected. It just shows our character that in order to climb up socially and economically rather than working way up- just ask for the hand-out. This is pervasive but time to correct it is now.

  34. Kirat Avatar

    diehard, because of the idiot you are, you assume that I live abroad. sorry i live right here in Kathmandu. I made a conscious decision to live here in the land of my ancestors even though I was not born here. Besides some of the bloggers who have setttled abroad like Manan and Bhudai Pundit make infinitely more intelligent comments than you. I hate sterotyping people because my community is always stereotyped-but all you are is a sorry royalist loser. It is so evident in all your pitiful postings. Since 1999 when the Maoists really made their presence felt in such a major way the chances for long term peace and stability has never been as good as now. The question of truly confining the king to a mere figurehead is finally being addressed. The issue of necessary social reform which will allow half of the Nepali people into the national mainstream is being discussed with an urgency never felt before. The whole foundations of the rotten State that made Nepal one of the poorest countries in the world is being shaken with the promise of a new modern Nepal. It is tragic that it took a violent Maoist movement for the majority of Nepalis to realise the need for change and reform. Though many dangers lurk and the road is long and difficult an opportunity now exists for a new Nepal to emerge from the ruins of the previous failed state. So try to be positive even though it is necessary to be alert and critical. Stop wishing for the old times when the king was god and a few families like yours benefitted from his munificence at the expense of the whole nation. The tide has turned and your pathetic struggles are in vain-try to do something constructive instead.

  35. Kirat Avatar

    diehard, one more thing. Try and understand what the word ’empathy’ means, OK? When you look at the state of the Kamaiyas and realise how they have been historically mistreated, abused and marginalised how can you oppose any proposal for the state to make special allowances for them? Either you have never tried to understand what hundreds of years of oppression can do to a people or it’s just that you are a first class idiot along the lines of the Nazis or White Supremists like the Ku Klan Klux. The British never gave the people whom they colonised a proper chance to compete with them and dismissed them as intellectually inferior. However when the playing field was leveled the Indians, Singapore and Hong Kong Chinese proved that they were as smart if not smarter than them. All that is required in Nepal is a leveling of the playing field-this means that the marginalised communities in Nepal must be given special attention by the State to balance the hundreds of years of disadvantage they were subjected to. Once the playing field is levelled there will be no need for any special attention to any community. This will probably take a generation or two-but it will be worth it in the end because injustices must be addressed otherwise there will be no justice.

  36. Patriot Avatar

    ck2, haha, diehard …

    you are a bunch of stupid morons who refuse to accept the phenomenol changes happening right before your eyes. be warned … this will sweep you right off your feet and swallow you if you dont change your protectionist attitude.

    the world is being flatter and flatter (due to leaps in technology and global politics) and it is dissolving class, strata and identities like never before. today, protectinist europe and america is getting sleepless nights due to competition from china and india. if you too do not wake up you will be obselete and trashed in the dustbin of Nepal regressive history.

  37. Patriot Avatar

    ck2 and haha,

    your failure to understand the roots of our nation’s problems is so incredibly appalling that you sound like a pair of stupid parrots complementing each other ad-verbatim. i am not blaming PN Shah for the billions that go in corruption by our politicians nor the maoist uprising because of him, but i surely blame him for creating a foundation for a regressive society that led to all this. sure, he may not have forseen the scope of regression his system would have led to as we see it today, but if we do not understand and accept that it was this system that made Nepal backward and left our social fabric in tatters, we will never be able to solve our national problem.

    wake up and smell the coffee gentlemen!!

  38. Patriot Avatar

    Nepal is not just your home and those of the priveledged class. Times have changed and if you do not change your attitude with it, you will soon find a civil war of biblical proportions in Nepal much more bigger than the Maoist uprising. Only this time, the war will be fueled by separatist demands – each jati and community demanding its own sovereign state. Imagine a broken Nepal – in 10 different parts.

    I myself will be on the forefront of this war demanding my own jatiya state. I would rather live in a small, resource crunch state but with dignity and self respect than with sore protectionists like you who will never give us a fair chance in life.

    Having said this, I quite see the possiblity of this happening. I vividly recall a friend of mine who once said recently … “Believe you me, should anything happen to GP Koirala now, there is a strong possibility that this country will be engulfed in a jatiya civil war that will upstage even the Maoists”. His assertion made a lot of sense since things are different now and people have begun to understand their jatiya history and the oppression they had been made to face over the centuries.

    So coke2 and haha, be careful what you say and wake up to genuinely embrace change if you want a unified Nepal. I want a unified Nepal but if regressive elements like you want to come in the way then be prepared to be crushed. Because one way or the other you will be crushed.

  39. ck2 Avatar


    You are the biggest moron. You talk of Nepalese history as if we were the only country in the world, without putting it in context with world history and therefore the politics of the time. Again you are still pointing your finger at a King who lived for a very short time, more than two and a half centuries ago, where our entire region was influenced by the British colonisation together with the help of many princely states. Your sort of history which talks about the “regression” of King Prithvi like it happened the day before yesterday, is the history written by a weak state especially after 1990. The fact is that people like the maoists have come where there are today on the back of rhetoric of being the saviours for the repressed, but it is more a reflection of the weakness of the state after 1990 that allowed them to succeed.

    So although your worries are true, you can plant almost all of the blame on the weakness of the post 1990 government, and for god’s sake stop finding scape goats in long dead ancient Kings.

    You patriot are in denial. You should wake up and smell the stench of this war we have had for a decade. Better make it sooner than later.

  40. diehard Avatar

    To those who feel slighted by the history- write a poem and rue of things done bad BUT it is all in the past. Now the question of seeking compensation in any or form- good luck. As for special class which society does not have one- even in your maoist outfit there is a distinct groupings. Unless you live in a bubble where REALITY does not exist but “utopian” dreams are freely distributed in the name of percieved past discriminations, minority status for being a minority or just taught to seek things as rights under a disguise of idealogue. Reality bites, it sucks, its unfair but that’s life. Learn to live with it or go and smoke a joint or jump off the cliff.

  41. ck2 Avatar


    You are the biggest moron. You talk of Nepalese history as if we were the only country in the world, without putting it in context with world history and therefore the politics of the time. Again you are still pointing your finger at a King who lived for a very short time, more than two and a half centuries ago, where our entire region was influenced by the British colonisation together with the help of many princely states. Your sort of history which talks about the “regression” of King Prithvi like it happened the day before yesterday, is the history written by a weak state especially after 1990. The fact is that people like the maoists have come where there are today on the back of rhetoric of being the saviours for the repressed, but it is more a reflection of the weakness of the state after 1990 that allowed them to succeed.

    So although your worries are true, you can plant almost all of the blame on the weakness of the post 1990 government, and for god’s sake stop finding scape goats in long dead ancient Kings.

    You patriot are in denial. You should wake up and smell the stench of this war we have had for a decade. Better make it sooner than later.

  42. ck2 Avatar

    Patriot, one more thing,

    You write:

    “Believe you me, should anything happen to GP Koirala now, there is a strong possibility that this country will be engulfed in a jatiya civil war that will upstage even the Maoists”

    You do not surprise me at all to make a statement like this. GP is probably the prime factor for the situation of the country right now, and we also know for sure that his end is nearing. Do you think he is going to go on forever? So instead of placing your hopes on this corrupt, destabalising despot pretending to be a democrat, we should be planning to make way for a new generation of leaders. There are quite a few but these old despotic dinosaurs with one foot in the grave still are too stubborn to do the right thing and step aside for the future leadership and thereby the future of this nation. And it is people like you who harp about regression and threaten about ethnic wars, but still support this old school of regressive failures who are an obstacle to more liberty, more justice and the hope of a New and better Nepal.
    Please do not sell us ideas that the hopes of this entire nation is dependent on one failed old crook of a man. You show very little confidence in your people, especially the younger generation and you talk of regression. I suggest you tell your saviour GP, that to avoid the inevitable temporary confusion (and maybe even unrest due to people who think like you)when he kicks the bucket, that he should step aside now. This will be the biggest faviour he will have done for the nation. He has done us much injustice and buggers like you still see right through buggers like GP and find a man who lived two and a half centuries ago to pick on.

  43. Kirat Avatar

    diehard, only an idiot like you is capable of thinking that Nepal is a perfect society where there is no marginalisation and discrimination of certain ethnic communities. Only an idiot like you can think that people are seeking ‘compensation’when they are seeking justice-a leveling of the playing field- so that Nepal becomes a more egalitarian society.

    Your insistence on the status quo of the pre janandolan days shows what sort of person you really are.

  44. Kirat Avatar

    diehard-I guess you are not capable of ’empathy’. It needs a certain amount of wisdom and wisdom unlike knowledge cannot be imparted.

  45. Patriot Avatar

    ck2 …

    It is incredible that you continue to fail to understand and acknowledge my argument. I feel its futile to offer you a rational explanation to a thick-head stupid moron like you. But for the sake of other readers, I’ll write one final time.

    When I say GP is holding this thing together for now, I dont mean to hail him and proclaim that he is the saviour. He is the main villian of the country. What I mean is that there is no other guy other than him at present to hold this thing together. He is somehow maintaining the equilibrium between Maoist, King and SPA for now. What I mean is should he pass out anytime, imagine the vacuum that’ll be there and the fallout thereafter. SPA will go beserk and fight with each other. Maoists will call all the shots and KG will make some desperate moves since his saviour GP will no longer be around. All this confusion and lack of trust between various stakeholders could also potentially lead to a full fledged jatiya war … Got it?? So stop pretending that there is no problem in our Nepalese society and start accepting that we have been marginalised and start thinking about how to bring us to the mainstream.

    About PN – why arent you getting my point here ck2?? Obviously you are right that there has been contributions from many quarters toward the present situation of our country. And I am not trying to solely blame a King long dead. What I am trying to do is trace the “root” of our problem here. And the root is PN and his Shah dynasty. I dont need to explain to you how the Shahs in collaboration with Ranas, Bahuns, Chettris etc have made this country a hell hole today.

    So wake up and try to see the root of our problem. Because people like you still hail PN as the father of the nation and worship him. This is an indirect way of ignoring the plight of marginalised majority. And as long as you and your race show your old feudalistic attitude by hailing the dynasty that oppressed us for centuries, do not expect that we will continue taking shit from shit-heads like you.

  46. Patriot Avatar

    Just take a look at yourself in the mirror … and you will know that it is you who are in denial. In denial that there is no problem in our country and that everything is fine. In denail that times havent changed. In denail that the country needs a complete social restructuring.

  47. Nepal Ko Choro Avatar
    Nepal Ko Choro


    Why are you talking about ‘Nepal’ when you are against unification or King Prithivi? When you are not provide due credit to him, you definitely do not accept ‘Nepal’ as in present state, then why the kucf are you here? This is not your land. It is historical fact that present ‘Nepal’ is outcome of his efforts whether he was plain lucky or not; whether you accept or not. Just think why not other kings, whether magar or newar or chettri or kirat, who were present at that time and did not even try to unify?

    Where were they – enjoying some tribal dance somewhere or on drinking binge? You thank your lucky stars that he allowed your ancestors to live and did not commit genocide (which was normal practice in many parts of the world) to wipe off your race from the face of earth. If you were not willing to take any shit from the dynasty, start revolution or kiss Maoists’ butt. Sadly, majority top leadership of Maoist (Prachanda, Baburam, Dina Nath) hail from bahun or chettri community, not from oppressed ‘janjati’. And bahuns are pretty smart in making monkeys out of janjatis,especially someone lke you – all bullshit and no substance. If you are in minority, learn to live like one. What do you expect – kiss your janjati ‘[icd]’ because you have grouse that you were discriminated for centuries?

  48. diehard Avatar


    I have said this before but you are kinda chap who is good at throwing cheap rhetoric and comments that are free floating. Your vision of Nepal is convoluted- the gripe you have of is but of one section of society but you want to make that the focus by blaming history and talking as if without correcting that- it is a no go for Nepal. As in class, some excel some do not but will the cause of who do not excel be the reason for whole change of school system?

    You talk about empathy- did you find this word recently, coz you seem to be repeating every chance you get. Empathy I have but I see none in you.

    You talk about mind set- you are a one track mind just like MB- my way or no way. If this is the way then, others can also become adamant to find recourse under the pretext of just or unjust. The point is to look things in broader perspective rather than in one track, one community, or one party – inclusive

  49. ck2 Avatar


    Please re read my comment # 142 where I have asserted with no uncertain terms that your old fogey Girija should then appoint his successor now, today, pronto, when he is still breathing to avoid all the confusion. Did you get it ?!?! And No, I don’t believe that he is the end all and be all of Nepalese politics (character flaws included) with respect to stability, especially as I suggested that he appoint a younger generation successor now! No one is contesting the marginalisation of certain groups, we are talking about blaming the wrong people at the wrong time.
    As for your still pathetic and childish claims to keep on pointing (now half a finger due to the pummeling from me) at Prithvi Narayan Shah all I can say is you can take a moron to the water but you can’t make it drink!
    I again must pummel it into you that the roots of our serious problems today are much closer in time and history, especially the history of weak, and pathetic governance by the parties in the last 15 or so years. They had the chance of a lifetime and they managed to mess it up. You have to stop following the party lines by clinging to their coat tails and pointing fingers in every possible direction, especially in the pathetic direction of a man who lived two and a half centuries ago.
    And please let’s see some confidence towards the young generation leaders, and please try and convince your GP to hand over now, otherwise it will be exactly people like you who will be in the not too distant future pointing your fingers at a certain G.P. Koirala.

  50. Patriot Avatar

    Nepal ko Choro … you [icd] have the audacity of talking about “genocide”. When we Kirats ruled this country for centuries, we laid the foundations for growth and development in all spheres and welcomed rags migrants like you frm some famine struck mid-east region – look into history. And all you [icd] did was play dirty politics. Guess .. u guys have it in ur genes mthoer fckuer!!

    Before you [icd] migrants came here, this was our land alright .. u sonofabitch Shah’s poodle. I guess you’r descendant of one of PN’s illegitimate bsatrad, thts y u continue hailin him and the likes of GP, Baburam, Prachanda.

    I have travelled a lot .. and i knw the likes of u .. u knw wht ur type does when u’r in say India .. and locals tell u u dnt look like Neps .. u guys say “Oh .. we’re Brahmins/Chettris/Ranas” and all tht shit .. in an apparent bid to distance urself frm the general Neps who work there as guards, cooks and who are more mongoloids by feature. And when u’re in say Europe/UK .. u knw wht u sly bsatrads do ?? u proudly claim tht u’r a Gurkha … coz we Mongoloids earned all the respects there … you cheap, third-class, sly hypocrite. And now tht we’r wakin up .. u guys r shittin in ur pants … all u and ur race have contributed to this country is anarchy, corruption, oppression etc etc. We’ve contributed more than u in terms of foreign exchange remittance .. get tht straight shithead. Dnt u try fcukin aroun with us this time buddy .. coz if theres a jatiya war .. m gonna first chop off ur head, ur dcik & ur balls into a million pieces and slyly feed it to all ur hypocrite race there.

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