Sujata Koirala Daughter’s Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Wedding Mocks Nepali Law

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige
Nepal Army Chief Pyar Jung Thapa (extreme right, with Nepali cap) along with Mrs. Thapa congratulate behula behuli as the mother of the behuli Sujata Koirala (Jost), left, looks on. Nearly two months ago, General Thapa hit the headlines for organizing the illegal and lavish wedding party for his daughter. Pic by Bikash Karki

Take Action Against Sujata

Sujata Koirala is the representative figure of neo-elite who enjoyed the freedom and state power misusing the power of her dad, the Prime Minister of Nepal, Girija Prasad Koirala. She is one of the most controversial figures in Nepali politics who is allegedly behind her father’s involvement in notorious Dhamija scandal involving the national carrier (Royal) Nepal Airline. Many people think that she is also responsible for promoting corruption and nepotism in the government while her father was in power for several years in democratic period in the 90s.

1. That is government should take action against Sujata Koirala (Jost) for she violated the local law by organizing the lavish ceremony.

2. Tax office should ask Sujata Koirala to provide details of the ceremony expenditure and she should tell Nepali public (as she is the daughter of the prime minister) the source of every paisa spent on the ceremony.

3. This government should stop the High Level Probe Commission from interrogating former royal ministers and officials because we are seeing people like Army Chief Pyar Jung Thapa happily shaking hands with those in the government. Those officials did the same as what Pyar Jung Thapa did: follow the orders of the king and supress the peoples’ movement. Since the government is too afraid to take any action against Thapa, the drama of investigating the atrocities of Jana Andolan 2 should be stopped. We need a break. -UWB

By Bikash Sangraula
The Kathmandu Post (For the record)

KATHMANDU, July 6 – The capital city Thursday saw one of the biggest wedding parties since the series of wedding parties for Chief of Army Staff General Pyar Jung Thapa’s daughter two months ago. The bride was Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s granddaughter Melanie Koirala Jost, and the groom was Rubel Chowdhury, a Bangladesh national. The venue: Hotel Everest.

A hotel staffer told the Post that some 3,500 guests were invited to the reception. Among them were Nepal’s who’s who, including deputy prime ministers, ministers, parliamentarians, leaders of political parties, heads of diplomatic missions, security chiefs and officers, administrators, civil society leaders, publishers and editors. Journalists and party workers were also invited.

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige

Sujata Koirala (Jost) with Behula and Behuli

However, Maoist leaders were not present, and neither was the prime minister, who is battling pneumonia at the ICU of Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center. Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala was also present.

A Nepali Congress leader who was one of the invitees equated the party in terms of lavishness with that of the army chief’s daughter, and said this is a matter of public concern. He also complained that he had to wait for about half an hour in the traffic jam while on his way to the reception.

A traffic police officer, who was scrambling in the hotel parking lot to manage the ever increasing number of vehicles, said some 1,500 vehicles arrived at the venue since 2 pm With the hotel parking lot running out of space, vehicles had to be diverted to the parking lot at Birendra International Convention Center.

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige

Behula and Behuli

The prime minister’s daughter Sujata Koirala had booked the hotel’s pool-side cafe for 2 pm to 6 pm and the Grand Ball Room for invitees from 6 pm onwards. The bride’s family also booked several rooms at the hotel for the groom’s family.

Traffic moved at snail’s pace in the Baneswore and Maitighar areas right from the afternoon till late evening, thanks to the massive attendance at the wedding party. In fact, traffic came to a total standstill in these areas for hours in the evening and several dozen traffic personnel had to sweat it out and scream to clear the jam.

The country’s Social Behavior Reform Act 1976 bars marriage parties from having more than 51 invitees. The recent series of wedding parties of the army chief’s daughter was strongly criticized for lavishness.

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190 responses to “Sujata Koirala Daughter’s Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Wedding Mocks Nepali Law”

  1. kishor Avatar

    Don’t talk about the laws. They are too old and impractical. An individual has freedom to spend all her property by whatever way she pleases to. I think the main concern is not how big the party is, rather we are all concerned with the source of money. Even if the hotel owner had done it free of cost, I think that is some form of corruption.

    We have many reasons to believe that Sujata played a key role in looting the then RNAC. She has always been involved in high level corruptions. But it is too sad that we can’t do anything to her. Is there any way that we can investigate her property, tax paid, and the source of her property??

    The ceremony was misorganized, at least for the general public who suffered a huge traffic jam. Such actions affecting the life of public should be discouraged. She can have whatsoever big party she wants with her “legal” money but she has no right to disrupt the traffic movement. Can u guess how much loss we incur if the main road is jammed just for a single hour??

  2. sony Avatar

    ok. sujata the next koirala designated PM of Nepal and head of Nepali congress!!

    just get this women out of nepali politics and send to prison for lauda commissions. after gp koirala, all koiralas should be made to quit public positions

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I did not declare a general hate for ALL Koiralas. Please be so kind as to show me where I said that I hate all Koiralas. In fact if you bothered to read my posts you would see that I, in fact, believe that Girija is the most viable leader in Nepal today. That being said I still hate the Koirals in the NC who have monopolized the power within the Koirala clan, misruled the country etc., etc.
    Also it is no secert that I far from admire Sujata Koirala. In fact I think she is just pure evil…

    To Kirat:
    Thanks for the article. I liked the style of the writing but the content (what the author was saying) is somewhat vague and ambigious. Yes we all know that we need new and fresh leadership. The author says all the right stuff but he/she gives no concrete suggestions. Suppose Girija does kick the bucket tomorrow. Who is going to take over? Give me some names. Leaders cannot be made overnight. The only real possibility of a leader with some vision I have seen is Gagan Thapa. But you really think he has the credibility and the political savy in Nepal’s current circumstances to lead the country? I agree that we need to be thinking about the future but I think its a bleak case. For a start our education system is a piece of crap. Only 46 percent passed the SLC exams – which is not even high school. We have the lowest of the low and criminals that join civil service… we need to start off my changing such attitudes. But its a moemntous task. I wish this author would say something about how to develop leadership etc. instead of telling us what we know.

  4. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    mp sharma:
    for the few words of your post you seem to be a koirala/congressi chumcha. Well buddy don’t get cocky – only reason people are supporting girija and the NC is because we are desperate!
    But hey I would love to hear your point of view. Oh and the its an illegal wedding because the funds used to finance the wedding came illegally? Get it?

  5. guest_001 Avatar

    About the article, i’m impressed that UWB brought it up front. Like someone pointed out the striking difference from the previous article itself is the point of this article.
    And seriously, what a pathetic social behavior reform act have we got…”ban marriage parties from having more than 51 invitees”. That’s BS!
    First go chnage that number and then we will see all Sujata’s otherwise my grandfather might be in trouble with that number! offence

    bhudai pundit:
    talk about attitude. is our attitute limited to ranting comments here in UWB blogsite? If that’s what it is then we really need to change our ATTITUDE. Ram ra gita le dukkha pauney shyam le internet ma comment chhadney. What a wasted privilege. If you think we need to change attitude, how do you think you have changed your attitude after you realised this? I have noticed you make wiser comments here and it’s good to see but is that where our changed attitute stops? at UWB? Shouldn’t we be a little concrete here, too?

    To UWB n community:
    Every now and then i see the concluded problem of daily issues pointing to our ‘Attitude’ or other social factors? So, where did we get this all wrong? How are you all making a change?
    Wagle likes to post articles as hobby and we like to sip our coffee and write comments to see who’s smarter or politically correct. what a wasted privilege. I’d rather hear ppl comment about their contributions in different ways. UWB, do we not have ppl contributing to our society? MY POINT IS: to bring a change we need some positive motivations here instead of trying to tap the rebel within us. UWB, we need some positive articles!

  6. santosh Avatar

    the positive side of this story is that this is not a caste based marriage. at least koirala family seems to be open to other cultures..

  7. guest_001 Avatar

    haa…did we just miss that?seriously. what’s the deal with that? marrying a bangladeshi? somewhat positive unlesss there’s sth behind all this? which isn’t far too unlikely.

  8. yahoo Avatar

    Hello guest_001
    after reading your first comment, i thought you are a resonable man. then i read your next comment. “what’s the deal with that? marrying a bangladeshi?” then i concluded, may be rationality is a fickle thing.

    we can be judgemental and incriminating all we want as long as koirala’s political life is concerned since it has directly/indirectly affected everyone of us but who are we to dictate what family should koirala wed theirs’ daughters? Who they should fall in love.

    yes! indeed we should practice some restrains on our bloating ATTITUDES, including yours!


  9. fanta Avatar

    Marrying to anyone is not the big issue.

    But it is quite surprising that come Sujata who have nothting in hand in the eye of government (even house)had made guts to invest around Rs. 2-3 crore in wedding ceremony. It clearly potrays that she might have trillions in hand.

    Cheers for her earnings withinins short span of time without post….

    she should be given award for one of the successful enterpreneur of the world.

  10. fanta Avatar

    Marrying to anyone is not the big issue in this changing society.

    But, it is quite surprising that come Sujata who have nothting in hand in the eye of government (even house)had made guts to invest around Rs. 3-4 crores in wedding ceremony. It clearly potrays that she might have trillions in hand.

    Cheers for her earnings withinin short span of time without post….

    she should be given award for one of the successful enterpreneur of the world for earning so much money without doing business. This should be put in the genius record.


  11. fanta Avatar

    And PR Jung might be telling to bride and groom ” your marrigae ceremony has beat the record of mine daughter’s”…

  12. Daal Bhudey Avatar
    Daal Bhudey


    Thanks for the info.
    Yes, Bal Krishna Neupane could be a possible point to march on.

    Guys lets invite some body to share our grievances against this vulgar marriage.

  13. raj Avatar

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  14. pl Avatar

    First, I see UWB followed my advise (a little later than the instant reaction to the CNC’s wedding, but nevertheless), on this report.

    The CNC’s daughters wedding had about 800 guests that is all. It was not lavish compared to these standards. The sense of lavishness was just because it was mainly held in the CNC quarters which is an old Rana mansion. Sujata’s daughters wedding had over 3500 guests, and the police were given the responsibility of providing 1000 bottles of Johnny Walker.

    As per your reference to the 1976 act of allowing only 51 guests, is’nt that too ridiculous to quote, we are in a democracy and you are quoting a pre democratic, Panchayat in it’s prime autocratic act. I don’t think media should pick and choose the ridiculous laws to suite it’s end. I say if the host honestly earned the money she cpould invite the entire nation, but of course that is itself a question mark. There is still a law that prohibits masturbation, have’nt you ever mastaurbated Wagle?
    I think the ill gotten gains of Sujata should be investigated, but please don’t post your ridiculous reporting and reference to ridiculous laws. You could start by asking how she has a penthouse apartment on the 23rd Street in New York City, cost is over USD 5 million minimum!

    On the topic of illegal money, please also investigate your Kantipur bosses – I hear he is in a spree of property buying in India. We’re talking crores. Also the deposit of 60 crores in various banks which miraculously appeared during the Janandolan!!!

    Do you have the guts?

  15. lama Avatar

    All this biasness should end here. The Raymajhi fiasco is a joke. I say correct, first bring the the murderers of the thousands killed and with torture and execution style to justice then talk about the 21 killed in the janandolan. Hypocrits all!
    Prachanda should be tried in all courts including his creation the peoples court.

    For people who are illogical, try to follow the loogic:

    No maoists and their murdering ways, then there would be no Feb. 1 and therefore no janandolan 2.

    I say this govt. should rise to the challenge and book them all in the memory of the 13 thousand + 21.

  16. sl Avatar


    You bloody lier. You had stated several months back that Girija is pure evil. I think your a typical hypocritical baje.

    And yes, we can survive without Girija, he has created more evil than good. It’s like rewarding a mass murderer for saving a chicken.

    I think NC should now choose a young generation leader, and GP should quit his PM post. The only fear regarding GP is the one of him not letting go of the PM’ship and thereby creating uncertainty. Once the leadership issue is done with we can move on and thrive.

    This GP fixation is nothing but the insecurities and the lack of vision of the old guard. Time to give it up you old fogies.

  17. diehard Avatar

    Not in defence of Madam Sujata but if Prachanda can ride on government flag adorned SUV and charter a chopper at the expense of Tax payer- why so righteousness? I say.

  18. abc Avatar

    wagle would have surely praised this marriage had he been invited in this party…

  19. BetterNepal Avatar

    Prachandra didn’t ride gove flaged SUV and a charter chopper for anyones entertnainment. It had to be done for a safety.

    But Sujata’s daughter marriage is a slap on a face of all Nepali. They have billions of corrupted money where else they will spend it?

  20. m p sharma Avatar
    m p sharma

    so pundit its not wedding that the people are after, its just money. i was just trying to clear myself what the hell the title was all about.

  21. manan Avatar

    Sujata Koirala’s son in law is one of the richest people in Bangladesh. He’s the son of a big businessman. So even if they spent a couple of crores ( which I very much doubt ), it might very well have come from Chaudhary’s pocket.

  22. guest_001 Avatar


    i could almost say u got me there with the ‘Attitude’ issue. may b i do have some. but in any case, my comment was based on how we know koirala family. It’s not my attitude but it’s their history that made me suspicious and throw an opinion, if that’s least that’s how i feel. Because UWB didn’t point out anything about the nationality issues, i would like to think it’s a positive move. i take my comment back and rephrase it here:

    It is totally personal decision to marry anyone and i don’t have anything to do with it period!
    But we all know koirala family and the rest is…for u to ponder…

    I understand ppl like to be nosy someitmes but u know u would be asking yrself some questions when yr neighbor marries someone from lets say…egypt.. wouldn’t you? don’t get me wrong here. while nationality issues are sensitive i feel it was somewhat important for UWB to point that out..for eg. how they got to meet…u know it just makes u think. i can’t believe UWB just ‘missed’ it.

    And again, talk about being positive, if you feel that this move is a positive one then UWB should have warmly made a comment on that instead of only focusing on the negative aspects. would the story be encouraging to ppl who have had problems with intercaste (or cross nationality) marriage? That’s what i’m talking about …this place has got to be a little positive if there is such a thing around us today.
    that’s why i originally threw an edgy comment.

  23. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I could go ahead and start an insult war but I am too tired for that crap. I am not a big fan of Girija by any means. As a prime minister he was a terrible failure. However, I still think for the time being he is the best choice.

  24. Bideshi Avatar

    Koirala and ths SPD are no choice at all. They are powerless. The only two powers in Nepal are the Maoists and the Nepal Army. Chose one.

  25. fanta Avatar


    The same formula you are using like PR Jung. Another point, what do you think people don’t know how much money Sujata has and what businesses she is doing by using another’s name. How much money she has in foreign bank. Do you believe the house she is staying is not belong to her. One thing don’t forget, Indian and Bangladeshi don’t spend the money for daughter-in-law’s parents. What a laughing joke you are telling us. Do you have share wtih Sujata….? don’t be shy….

  26. cocaine Avatar

    You guys are sick of making bad impression of the leaders. This is their private stuff. They can do everything if they have money and if they want. Why should we care about that?
    Its may be true they have earn alot elegally. But how can you connect it with her daugher and son in law? Whats their mistake on it? If you really think sujata have misuse governments fund they go report her. Call her into ………..aayog. after all you(wagles) are jornalist. You can do everything.

  27. manan Avatar


    The difference between you and me is that I know what I’m talking about and you sound like an idiot.

    And I’m not in anyone’s pay. Maybe you get it from Gyane and his pals and that’s why you defend him, but not me. I’m just saying something I know.

    And I didn’t say anything about Pyar Jung’s marriange either. Hey, I don’t like expensive marriages, but if you have the money, its your right to spend it any way you want to.

  28. Deva Avatar

    To change all this we have to change ourselves. If a society worships money and wealth, and if someone becomes wealthy, he is respected in our Nepalese society. Let us first blame ourselves and see where it leads us.

  29. Bill Avatar


    Well said! Money shouldn’t be worshiped!

  30. Bill Avatar

    Hey Yahoo, my friend!
    You seem to have a mental issue with you – and If I were you, I would go and consult a psychaistrist. You are kind of actinc like you are living on the edge. Get some help! And I am saying this because I care!

  31. buddha Avatar

    wanna bet maoists will either mix with spa or be wiped out and the kind aint going anywhere and all the people who thought they liberal social reformist by watching to many american channels will go missing and everything will be back to normal. ahhhhh and slow growth will continue, i think we need a repeat of peru.

  32. yahoo Avatar

    Mero binamra avibaadan

    Mero pyaro bandhu Bill, kasto dill dukhaune kuro gareko. Mero manasik abastha thikai cha, kunai dactar lai de-khau-nu jaruri chai-na. Ani yatro thulo ris ko pokko kin, kadha ma bisai hineko, afai-lai vari. Ris lai hurr-rai dinus. Yasari nai risa-yara basnu vayo vha-ne, tapai ko dimag ko naso phutala, ani malai haina tapai lai chai manasik aspatal ma lai-janu parla.

    lau ta sathi tapai ko pyaro mitra– yahoo cha cha hui….

    chill brother, do not take my things at heart those are just banters, i come around here to kill my time not for any serious discussion or analysis and i personally take lightly things i deliver or receive from the other commenter, so hold no grudge.

    i will certainly heed your advice ‘not to live on the edge’ whatever that means, since world is flat there is a danger of falling of the edge.

  33. fanta Avatar

    you seems like more idiot and slave to me to defend the overexpensive marriage. how come blaming over expensive marriage related to supporting are mentally sick with gyane…and everywhere you see gyane only maybe in your dream also….you try to save your point by putting the name of gyane….my friend gyane is gone case now…your sick mind only sees gyane everywhere…I better suggest you to see prachanda everywhere… kind of people downsize the numbers of yours and boosting to increase the prachanda path my friend…just answer me one question how sujata got money to spend 2-3 crores only in marriage ceremony??? We neeed source of income…of all.. even gyane tomorrow???

  34. diehard Avatar

    Dilemma of Nepali is this- we let people rob us blind but do not hesitate to stoop to touch their feet. We cry of corruption but are party to it, we cry of democracy but do not hesitate to disparage one another ( protecting others rights is a sole criteria of a democrat), we cry for transparency but given a chance willing to deal under the table. We are against maoist but feel comfortable to chaperone them in helicopters, we cry of Indian influence in all aspect but feel easy talking in Indian and using its currency, We speak of our history but only see the negatives, we speak of the future but all in ad hoc basis. So the dilemma is confounding but yet continuous

  35. idiot Avatar

    When the same theory was applied to the very very rich fellow from India who might have spent the money from his own pocket (re:Pyar Jung’s daughter’s wedding), people like you did not give it the time of day. Since now it is the time of your saviour Koirala’s turn to face the heat, then this Bengali is a rich guy and spent from his pocket. What a joke. Are you trying to say Sujata does not have the money for her daughter’s wedding? Are you trying to say she is innocent and is not a crook? Or are you just on their extensive pay roll?

  36. idiot Avatar

    Also manan,

    Since you mentioned this Chaudhary is one of the rchest in Bangladesh. Maybe we should look into how he and his family made his money. Maybe a crook’s daughter just married another crook’s son. Birds of a feather…
    Next he will be robbing our country as well.

  37. Bill Avatar

    Yahoo bro, no problem – just trying to kid!
    Life is too short to take anything seriously.
    Live and let live free and happy. Take care!

  38. sony Avatar

    too many narrow minded people here. they kick their wives at home, abuse alcohol, do all macho things and come to blog to talk about women’s rights.

    marrying a bangladeshi is far more open minded than those folks who separate people on the basis of castes and follow traditional racist way supporting same caste marriage while condoning anything which is not in line with the traditional viewpoint

  39. Bill Avatar

    I don’t give a billion blistering thunder stars as to who weds with whom – it really doesn’t matter as long as they have chosen their mates willing and free. Come on guys, we are into 21st century and we got to live as like that. Who gives a sh**t who weds whom as long as they like eachother!

  40. manan Avatar

    You people….

    I didn’t say anything against Pyar Jung’s spending money. Don’t lump me with those ‘other guys’. They might have said it. I didn’t. If Pyar Jung’s son in law had tons of money, its his right to spend it any way he wants to.

    The same goes with Mr. Chaudhary.

    Having said that, let me say that I don’t condone the lavish marriages, either of Pyar Jung’s daugther or Sujata Koirala’s daughter. They have the right to spend their money, as long as it was not extracted from us, in any way they choose to. However, having a right does not mean its proper to do it. People are dying.

    Now that I’ve criticized Mrs. Koirala, will you royalist stooges do the same? Will you criticize Pyar Jung? Will you criticize Mr. Shah’s shopping sprees? His African holidays? The way he used an RNAC jet as if it was his own plaything? What about all those useless palace expenditures? Those four thousand soldiers who don’t have a thing to do there?

    And don’t talk about ‘crooks’. Hey idiot, do you have any idea what a reputation your dear Mr. Shah has? If you want to make baseless accusations, I’ve got a ton to throw around.

    The LA Olympics, 1984, and what the Nepali team were forced to carry with them, do you want to go there? No. If there’s even an element of truth in that, then your Mr. Shah is the worst of the worst, absolute scum. A man who would tarnish the reputation of his own country so that he could make a buck….oh yes, and those statues that kept vanishing from Nepal’s temples. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, friend.

  41. Bill Avatar

    Manan, well said, bravo!!! I agree with you 10o%.

  42. Bill Avatar

    Right on, Manan…. you said it brilliantly! And I agree with you 100%.

  43. idiot Avatar


    This stream is about the wedding of the daughter of a top class crook. Pyar Jung was dragged into it because he is pictured and mentioned in the blog. Pyar Jung is definitely a crook as well. Both of them should be hung out to dry.
    As for Gyanendra and his escapades, I think we have discussed this till the cow’s come home throughout all of last year and this year as well. Let us have this opportunity to concentrate on Sujata for a change.

  44. fanta Avatar


    Don’t get upset about critisizing the Suzata. King already got the punishment for that and Pyar Jung for the sake of security of SPA itself is not getting any punishment. If the GPK has that much secure feeliing about the 12 points agreeement and the maoist, he might have already dissolved the RNA and bring PLA (people’s army) in the main stream. King has done the mistake that is why GPK and Suzata doing the same is not give any sense at all. Giving example of the bad doesnot save one’s bad doings at all.

  45. acrokiller Avatar

    That dumb law is outdated. Which bhoj in KTM has less than 51 guests? UWB is turning into a tabloid. Scandalising every bit of scrap it can find. A little more constructive debate would be welcome. Move on ppl!

  46. manan Avatar

    I have blamed Sujata Koirala. Even if she spent the money out of her own pocket, it wasn’t a nice thing to spend lots of money on mere ceremony while the country is doing so badly.

    And I certainly think the Nepali Congress Party is one of the most corrupt, nepotism-driven institutions. Elevating the likes of Sujata Koirala to positions of political eminence is an embarassment. And as long as her father is still around, sick or not, I think we can expect her to have clout.

    When the old man goes, then I think we’ll begin to see the first phase of change in the Nepali Congress. Without Girija-babu around, her support will dwindle.

    Until then, we’ll have to tolerate her antics.

  47. sl Avatar


    You write: “When the old man goes, then I think we’ll begin to see the first phase of change in the Nepali Congress. Without Girija-babu around, her support will dwindle.
    Until then, we’ll have to tolerate her antics.”

    I must say you are correct. Imagine we did not even tolerate the antics of the King and we have to tolerate hers. This goes to show how powerful and corrupt GP and her daughter are. One could argue more powerful than the King, because the Koiralas have everybody in their pockets. Their loyalty is not derived from the same grain as the King’s (which includes a mixed bag of history, dynastic contribution to the nation, royalist sense of divinity,figure of unity, money, power among many other practical and impractical notitons) , but GP Koirala and daughter derives this loyalty from one big dirty bag of corrupt money and abuse of power only. This shows the degraded mentality of our society.

  48. manan Avatar

    Well, Girija was initially influential because he was B.P’s brother.

    In a way, Nepalis are still very monarchial in mindset. We got rid of the Shahs, so now we’ve got to find another family to make, officially or unofficially, royal.

    When Brutus and Cassius killed Julius Caesar because they felt he’d grown too powerful, the mob responded by saying ( of Brutus)–‘let him be Caesar’.

    Its like that. We’re looking for saviors. Sorry, Nepalis, but the future of the country is in your hands.

    If we don’t realize that soon enough, we’ll surely have another dictator take over.

  49. Bhuttrokha Avatar

    Ke garnu yaar, haami Nepali ra hamra neeta ko kahile maati sapraneho bhanna nasakine bho. Yedi Maoist le pani satta payama jarurai mooj mattrai garne chaan ra unka followers kebal das mattrai hunechan.

  50. sl Avatar


    Many dislike King Gyanendra, but to write the following:
    “We got rid of the Shahs, so now we’ve got to find another family to make, officially or unofficially, royal.”

    is utter disrespect for the people led by the likes of Prithvi Narayan Shah who are the founding fathers of this nation.

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