Sujata Koirala Daughter’s Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Wedding Mocks Nepali Law

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige
Nepal Army Chief Pyar Jung Thapa (extreme right, with Nepali cap) along with Mrs. Thapa congratulate behula behuli as the mother of the behuli Sujata Koirala (Jost), left, looks on. Nearly two months ago, General Thapa hit the headlines for organizing the illegal and lavish wedding party for his daughter. Pic by Bikash Karki

Take Action Against Sujata

Sujata Koirala is the representative figure of neo-elite who enjoyed the freedom and state power misusing the power of her dad, the Prime Minister of Nepal, Girija Prasad Koirala. She is one of the most controversial figures in Nepali politics who is allegedly behind her father’s involvement in notorious Dhamija scandal involving the national carrier (Royal) Nepal Airline. Many people think that she is also responsible for promoting corruption and nepotism in the government while her father was in power for several years in democratic period in the 90s.

1. That is government should take action against Sujata Koirala (Jost) for she violated the local law by organizing the lavish ceremony.

2. Tax office should ask Sujata Koirala to provide details of the ceremony expenditure and she should tell Nepali public (as she is the daughter of the prime minister) the source of every paisa spent on the ceremony.

3. This government should stop the High Level Probe Commission from interrogating former royal ministers and officials because we are seeing people like Army Chief Pyar Jung Thapa happily shaking hands with those in the government. Those officials did the same as what Pyar Jung Thapa did: follow the orders of the king and supress the peoples’ movement. Since the government is too afraid to take any action against Thapa, the drama of investigating the atrocities of Jana Andolan 2 should be stopped. We need a break. -UWB

By Bikash Sangraula
The Kathmandu Post (For the record)

KATHMANDU, July 6 – The capital city Thursday saw one of the biggest wedding parties since the series of wedding parties for Chief of Army Staff General Pyar Jung Thapa’s daughter two months ago. The bride was Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s granddaughter Melanie Koirala Jost, and the groom was Rubel Chowdhury, a Bangladesh national. The venue: Hotel Everest.

A hotel staffer told the Post that some 3,500 guests were invited to the reception. Among them were Nepal’s who’s who, including deputy prime ministers, ministers, parliamentarians, leaders of political parties, heads of diplomatic missions, security chiefs and officers, administrators, civil society leaders, publishers and editors. Journalists and party workers were also invited.

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige

Sujata Koirala (Jost) with Behula and Behuli

However, Maoist leaders were not present, and neither was the prime minister, who is battling pneumonia at the ICU of Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center. Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala was also present.

A Nepali Congress leader who was one of the invitees equated the party in terms of lavishness with that of the army chief’s daughter, and said this is a matter of public concern. He also complained that he had to wait for about half an hour in the traffic jam while on his way to the reception.

A traffic police officer, who was scrambling in the hotel parking lot to manage the ever increasing number of vehicles, said some 1,500 vehicles arrived at the venue since 2 pm With the hotel parking lot running out of space, vehicles had to be diverted to the parking lot at Birendra International Convention Center.

Sujata Koirala daughter marraige

Behula and Behuli

The prime minister’s daughter Sujata Koirala had booked the hotel’s pool-side cafe for 2 pm to 6 pm and the Grand Ball Room for invitees from 6 pm onwards. The bride’s family also booked several rooms at the hotel for the groom’s family.

Traffic moved at snail’s pace in the Baneswore and Maitighar areas right from the afternoon till late evening, thanks to the massive attendance at the wedding party. In fact, traffic came to a total standstill in these areas for hours in the evening and several dozen traffic personnel had to sweat it out and scream to clear the jam.

The country’s Social Behavior Reform Act 1976 bars marriage parties from having more than 51 invitees. The recent series of wedding parties of the army chief’s daughter was strongly criticized for lavishness.

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190 responses to “Sujata Koirala Daughter’s Big Fat ‘Illegal’ Wedding Mocks Nepali Law”

  1. Patriot Avatar

    Times they r a changin buddy. stare into reality coz theres really no way u can go aroun pushin others this time. Believe me … the balls still in ur court (sly bsatrads tht u n ur race are) .. and its upto u guys if u want this country united. ur “learn to live like a minority” rhetorics wont work buddy, tell tht to immigrants, not original inhabitants of this land.

  2. Patriot Avatar

    And as for ck2,

    I already said it was futile talkin to u. ur arguments are hollow, thts y u make such a loud noise for nots. Am not gonna explain again, so go bck to school, kiddo!!

  3. Patriot Avatar

    Nepal ko Choro … you [icd] have the audacity of talking about “genocide”. When we Kirats ruled this country for centuries, we laid the foundations for growth and development in all spheres and welcomed rags migrants like you frm some famine struck mid-east region – look into history. And all you [icd] did was play dirty politics. Guess .. u guys have it in ur genes [icd]!!

    Before you [icd] migrants came here, this was our land alright .. u sonofabitch Shah’s poodle. I guess you’r descendant of one of PN’s [icd], thts y u continue hailin him and the likes of GP, Baburam, Prachanda.

    I have travelled a lot .. and i knw the likes of u .. u knw wht ur type does when u’r in say India .. and locals tell u u dnt look like Neps .. u guys say “Oh .. we’re Brahmins/Chettris/Ranas” and all [icd] .. in an apparent bid to distance urself frm the general Neps who work there as guards, cooks and who are more mongoloids by feature. And when u’re in say Europe/UK .. u knw wht u sly [icd] do ?? u proudly claim tht u’r a Gurkha … coz we Mongoloids earned all the respects there … [icd]. And now tht we’r wakin up .. u guys r [icd] … all u and ur race have contributed to this country is anarchy, corruption, oppression etc etc. We’ve contributed more than u in terms of foreign exchange remittance .. get tht straight [icd]. Dnt u try [icd] aroun with us this time buddy .. coz if theres a jatiya war .. [icd]

    UWB: We really don’t have much time to replace your foul words with ICD, we will delete the whole comment if you continue using foul words.

  4. Nepal ko Choro Avatar
    Nepal ko Choro


    It hurts when the shit falls on u. You thought you can rant abuses cause u were some damn janjati and u were abused for centuries. If u can’t take abuse, why abuse? As u saying it’s u r land before others came, sorry it wasn’t u rs. It belonged to Ahir dynasty. That makes u one of those ginkcuk immigrants who grabbed the land. If u really thought u r ancestors were really that great, how come they lost and became janjati? Thats because u r ancestors were as stupid asses as u are right now.

    Go ahead, start your janjati war with 2.4% of Nepalese population. What are u going to fight with? Bows, arrows, axe and sword? Better still, go and kiss Maoists’ butt. They are looking for some monkeys like u.

    Its not your population that contributes in terms of remittances only…there are other also. All the foreign going Nepalese are not only janjati and kirat. I do not think you can adding magar, gurung, bahun, chettri, damai, tharu as kirats, are u?

    As for being a Gurkha, did kirat king ruled place called Gurkha? Never heard of it. May be u can write new history book. Best of luck for u r janjati war…

  5. diehard Avatar

    The level of animosity is quite alarming. Mother Nepal must be weeping, now. The barrage of insults, attack on her sovereignty under all and any pretext, and ensuing fight among Nepalese- brothers against brothers (others benefit)must be killing her softly.

    This is not the time to seek revenge for history nor is it time to accuse and counter accuse each other on flimsy basis of past discriminations . It is time to be one- Nepal for Nepali.

    Why has these issues being bought into fore? I see a clear and distinct parallel with what happened in Sikkim in early seventies. Smell the coffee before it is too late, all Nepali.

    We should continue to maintain but as one (Nepali) our rich cultural & ethnic diversity- a hallmark of Nepal. Lets save this nation before its too late.

  6. ck2 Avatar


    Suffice it to say that you are one hell of a racist. The Kirats ruled over portions of what we call Nepal today and so too India. And your response filled with censored foul and filthy words is:
    “Before you [icd] migrants came here, this was our land alright .. u sonofabitch Shah’s poodle. I guess you’r descendant of one of PN’s [icd], thts y u continue hailin him and the likes of GP, Baburam, Prachanda.”

    Fine then, since you have this immense hatred for the migrants as you call them then should we carve out the original Kirat kingdom of many centuries ago,and also request India to return the portions which belonged to your ancestors? Or maybe let us go further and ask the people that maybe they want to be a part of India instead, since the Nepal we know today according to you is filled with “[isd] migrants”? Or another choice is to track down direct ancestors of the many Kingdoms of the ancient ages to come and resume their throne and take their states that existed before your hated PN Shah came along and found Nepal?

    Also a note to UWB: What happened to censoring of any form of racism and filth coming onto this site?

  7. jaihind Avatar

    We are seeing a case of the tyranny of the minority. Wake up Nepalis and assert the will of the majority.

  8. Patriot Avatar

    Bring it on you bunch of gorillas … I am not gonna waste my breath trying to make my point here .. whts in the minds and hearts of people you call “janjatis” is something u cannot fathom. ur all cocooned into your own protectionist comfort zone and unwilling to accept reality.

    We’ve woken up this time like never before and if we dont get a fair share this time, only time will tell wht will happen. So go ahead and call ur cheap shots by calling us names and tht we’ve been fckd around for so long .. coz it alright … coz its a fact tht we got fckd around for so long .. ur reference to that is not goin to intimidate us at all.

    Bottomline – if we dont get a fair share this time, Nepal will never be the same again believe me. And ur contention that janjati is only 2.4% is ridiculous.

  9. Patriot Avatar

    And remember this fundamental law of nature … the earth cannot keep on the pressure on a boiling volcano forever. The longer it does, the more pressure the volcano builds up and when it finally bursts, it sweeps everything around it. Thats exactly how Maoists suddenly burst and swept everything in just 10 yrs. Sure, they rode on the back of janjatis .. and in the process they’ve made us aware. And if ur Bahun leaders Prachanda, Baburam also fails us, then there’ll be many boiling volcanoes everywhere .. (not jus Kiratis).

  10. Patriot Avatar

    So wake up guys … instead of just talking abt bigger things like peace in the country, compromise with Maoists, handling the King, the army etc etc, I suppose u gather the guts to stare into stark reality, the roots of all problems. And that is … inequality in the society, oppression and marginalization of many sections of population. Accept that this is the roots of all problems our country is facing today and be fair to us. Dont jus conveniently ignore it. Coz if yu dont, there will never be peace in the country.

    I dont want a broken Nepal myself, but I cant help being restless thikin we’ve been treated unfairly. Only the marginalised understand how serious this is. So do not underestimate us, do not underestimate any of us.

    We’re all in the same boat. You slow us down, you slow down the whole boat.

  11. Kirat Avatar

    Quite a heated exchange…hope something good comes out of it. It is very important to realise the reasons for the rise of the Maoists. If people think the Maoists have become powerful merely because of the weapons they hold or just because of the popularity of Maoists philosophy, then tragically the lesson have not been learned. All that the marginalised communities are asking for is a leveling of the playing ground-to equate this with seeking vengenance, compensation or favoritism is to live in denial.

    By the way most of the govt. statistics on the demography of Nepal are very inaccurate as it is highly politicised. Also besides the dominant communities of Shah, Rana, Bahun and Chettri almost all the other communities are discriminated against-some more than others. So if it is taken to the extreme of ‘us’ vs ‘them’ we have actually been experiencing a tyranny of the minority over the majority. However true democracy is not about the tyranny of anyone-in a true democracy everyone should be provided equal opportunity. Sadly such a state does not exist in Nepal even today, far from it. This will always make the country unstable, stability will only be achieved when justice and equality is truely available to all. Why does wanting justice and equality to all make some of the bloggers here on the site so angry?

  12. Patriot Avatar

    Kirat ..

    This is exactly the point I am trying to make. I request all the readers not to think we are ganging up but to truly realise the root of the problem and actively discuss it in this blog.

    I have been actively following this blog since its inception, and all we have done is talk about the problems rotting our country. But we have time and again failed to adequately address the root of our country’s problems. Many times there have been attempts to bring it in a healthy way, but it has been silenced by something else. I regret that I had to use really abusive words but you all need to understand that I had to make my point some way or the other. The nice way didn’t work, henceforth this – and I think it has worked better, atleast in the sense that I thrust my point.

    One last line – we all live together in this land. The world has changed beyond our imaginations and our country’s citizens’ interests lie in creating a free and fair Nepal.

  13. Patriot Avatar

    So before you all accuse me of being a sore minority who have been time and again kicked around throughout history, try to put urselves in my shoes and let me know how you feel!!

  14. ck2 Avatar

    Unfortunately hatred of the majority is not going to achieve these aspirations. In a nation where women are not even given equal opportunities and rights the arguments here sound too much like a war for power for men. I again stress as I have in other posts under different topics that, unless we strengthen and reform our institutions especially the judiciary and we do not first and foremost have laws that make both genders equal in the eyes of the law everything else is simply politics. Politics that benefits one power party over the other and thereby provides power to that party or political thought. The sooner we get out of this line of thinking and the sooner we realise that the way to move forward is through the lines I have suggested, the faster equality under the law will be achieved. Prejudices will always remain as it has done throughout history, but prejudices are subjective, let the the institutions reflect objectiveness toward the majority, minority and definitely both genders. If this can be achieved calling each other names will be viewed as nothing more than immaturity.

  15. scoop Avatar

    Kirat you’re correct about the government statistics being inaccurate. I think the majority will now be the so called madhesis from the Terai especially after the new citizenship allowance for the 4 million or so of them living there.

  16. Kirat Avatar

    ck2,strengthening the institutions of a democractic state is one thing and ushering in an equal society where there is no discrimination towards any community is another, there might be correlations but they are quite different issues. Can’t you make that simple disctinction?

    Also why is it that cretins like you think we are espousing the hatred of the majority when we call for equality? Are you really that twisted?

  17. ck2 Avatar


    The fact that you would call me a cretin without me adressing anything to you, or expecting a response from you is enough of a sign to suggest the hate or at least stern dislike breeding inside.
    Further, I have adressed my previous arguments to patriot, please read his comments and tell me if you do not see remarks loaded with hatred for certain groups (especially the majority).
    And for your information my friend strengthening the institutions in a democracy and the issue of discrimination towards any group are very much closely corelated (interchangebly so) and adressing one will lead to the betterment of the other, it is a question of which first. After all buddy, Democracy does mean SOCIAL EQUALITY, so what better way to achieve it other than by strengthening the institutions of a democratic state? What I have been suggesting is that the first step is to strengthen democratic institutions, then the problems of discrimination especially in the eyes of the law will be addressed, under one law and one nation. If you on the other hand try and tackle and force the issue of discrimination through ethnic divides political or ortherwise without strengthening democratic institutions first, then I am afraid we will end up in more social turmoil.
    Kirat, really you sound like a person who has to have the last word right or wrong, even when issues are not adressed to you. When people are approaching the subject without taking sides, you still see red. It is hard to convince the other side when you only find fault in any other way but your way of thinking, but at the same time you must consider that your thinking is probably also very biased whether you realise it or not as it concerns your ethnic group directly.

  18. Patriot Avatar

    ck2 … I dont understand one thing .. while you go around raving and ranting that our country needs a more democratic judiciary, gender equality, reforms and blah blah .. which is of course true .. but why is it so difficult for you to atleast accept in this public forum tht there is tremendous inequality in our society and that it is indeed the roots of all our problems. your inability to openly accept this and talk about it more openly is a sign that u dnt want to help solve it. And when when we voice strongly abt it, u say we r bein communual and racists etc etc. u r jus tryin to stride a fine line on this subject buddy, which means u r sittin there pretty tight thinkin (perhaps wishin) it will jus quiet down.

    Common man’ give us this much atleast wil ya’?? coz i really dnt see a choice for u as ur political balancing act wont work this time aroun buddy.

  19. ck2 Avatar


    I have very much agreed when I said “No one is contesting the marginalisation of certain groups, we are talking about blaming the wrong people at the wrong time” (comment 149).
    And also have written extensively about a group who have been marginalised the most – women.
    What you fail to understand regarding my point of view is that I am not questioning injustice present in the system till today, but I am questioning the method of resolving these very issues. I am sorry to say Patriot, but with your racial outbursts it is very difficult to take you to heart, and like I have mentioned to Kirat, maybe it is time to look at things objectively, which I can understand may be difficult for you (as seen from your outbursts), as you have inevitably brought along your own prejudices, biases and emotional baggage to the table. I do not hold that against you in a personal manner, but I must insist it is not the way to bring the majority to understand something which I am sure many may be ignorant about or may conveniently ignore.
    What I discuss is not politics, it is the methods to change the ugly side of human nature by way of strengthening institutions, because it seems just telling them is not enough.

  20. Shaman Avatar


    “By the way most of the govt. statistics on the demography of Nepal are very inaccurate as it is highly politicised.”

    I agree that demographic data may not be reliable on the basis of procedural errors and other technicalities; but I do not see how does distortions on the basis of politics crop up as I could read in your comment. While collecting data and preparing the Population Census, especially in 2001, various UN agencies such as the UNIFEM, the UNICEF and the UNDP were directly involved. I do not know if those agencies were also involved in partisan Nepalese politics to cook up data on the basis of ethnicity, caste and creed to perform majoritarian and minority gameplan in Nepal.

    That was something new for me…thanks for opening my eyes.

    PS: In the Population Census, 2001 population of Brahmins and Chettris have actually gone down as compared to the Population Census, 1991. There is remote possibility that these two sects have manipulated data to increase their strength; of course, why would they decrease their own population as the Census shows.

    There were about 26,000 people, either directly or indirectly, involved while preparing Population Census, 2001. There is also less possibility that all of them were Brahmins and Chettris; and all of them were racists as well.

    Verify before passing offhand comments.

  21. Shaman Avatar

    In terms of percentage, their share has declined;

    Sorry for the error

  22. Kirat Avatar

    Shaman, just you wait. As the consensus get more an more accurate the demography of the country will change a bit more. The numbers of some communities will decline while those of others will increase.

  23. Pete Avatar

    You all lead a messed up life. how dare any of you make any comments about what you know nothing about. ask me and i’ll tell you where i live in london and please come and see what happens as i know meanie koirala jost very well and will look forward to responces that i can correct. screw you all.

  24. Pete Avatar

    Does anyone know how i can contact Melanie Koirala Jost? I’m her friend in England and she was forced into this wedding. All her comunications have been cut. Can anyone help me?
    Please post reply on this sit if you can.
    Thank you.

  25. sandy Avatar

    How do u know melanie?
    She might be saying that to you. But she seems to be happy in the wedding.

  26. pl Avatar


    Get a life. This woman’s mother may be a crook of the first order, but “forcing” a half german half Nepali woman to marry a muslim and a Bangladeshi to boot – you must be out of your mind. Just accept that she kicked your a$$ goodbye. The Koiralas are greedy and he’s very rich – now do you get it? Maybe she cut off communications because you’re bothering the hell out of her and she wants nothing of it.

  27. Pete Avatar

    My comment is meant for anyone that may seriously be able to help me. I’ve no reason to explain myself to any old idiot that thinks they know something about the world. The world is not black and white and maybe not everyone in a family is the same. Have a heart.
    If anone can help me contact i implore you to leave some sort of reply. Thank you to anyone taking this seriously.

  28. HMMM Avatar


    You really have to get a life mate. Leave them to it, move on. So what if you know Melanie, she seems to be very happy. From what I can see in the picture she looks very happy. So it seems to me that you are the one on her case. If she took you as a friend, surely she would be keeping in touch with you. Brother move on to next one.. let go. You dont have a chance..hehehe.. you seem to me as a big looser.. you couldnt get Melanie, and I seriously doubt you can get any other woman…

  29. Tupi Kaila Avatar

    How can the future of Nepal be bright without first arresting most corrupt Sujata Koirala – from most controversial airlines scandle (she must have grabbed millions from that deal decades ago) . She is enjoying Nepali Janata’s tax money, while selling Lato Janatas Congress’s Dreams – but doing nothing other than corruptions from foreign aids.

    She should spare Jail for at least a decade!

    janata party

  30. Mero Desh Avatar
    Mero Desh

    Girija ra sujata lai katna paye Nepal ama le santi paunthin.

    Thats it nothing else can be done except showing then the way to hell as no one is going to probe or do any thing.

    Kill’em and donate all the money they have to bring Melamchi water to Kathmandu.

  31. Lila Rai Avatar
    Lila Rai

    Sujata Koirala a daughter of Girija Koirala..

    Sujat Koirala did “Red Sandal wood smugling” from Nepal to India.

    It is worth of Rs. 50,00,000,000.

    She need to give back that corruption and national crime money if she want to live in Nepal. She is not Nepali citizen by her rights. She is international criminal.

  32. Vashir Avatar

    What an ugly looking bride and her mother! With so much money, Sujata should have made her daughter look more gorgeous. Why do you have so many buses for, Sujata?

  33. sankalpa Avatar

    you said that right vashir, really ugly looking girl, i wonder why would such a rich bangladeshi musalte marry such a ugly looking girl???
    i smell corruption all the way.

  34. Rajendra K.C (Gottingen, Germany) Avatar

    Dear Friend

    Would you please to send me the name and address of the husband of Sujata Jost? I will search about him here in Germany?

  35. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    what we have done in the past that we now have to see her face

  36. Ramesh Avatar

    Nepal Bangladesh New frenship…….By sujata putri

    Nepal tibet frenship by………….Brikuti tara

    Nepal India……….by…………Sita, pradhansenapati putri.

    But real one is Manisha who married with a Nepali guy

  37. rajendra Avatar

    Hi guys,
    Nice to read the article but bored to read comments. Why are some guys arguing on ? If you are real patriot of Nepal, then work and give some product to Nepal. If we can establish some brands starting from scratch, then certainly our country will be prosperous.
    We the one using net are well educated can compete with any people of any part of world. But Our responsibility will be to teach some skills to poor Nepalese we did not get fate to study like us.
    Lets works on rather then arguing yours or mine.
    If the country lacks basic needs then dogs will also not live here. Then who owns this country?

  38. ANUP GHALE Avatar

    k garne thula bada lae j garaepani hunnae Nepalmaa,,,, yatro thulo scandal flash huda pani Nepal sarkar lae k heraera basiraheko hola? Yastaa maanish jahilae pani Nepal ko laagi haanikarak hunnae huda, belaimaa desh nikala garda kasaiko pani chitta dukhnae chhaina,,, Jay Nepal!!!

  39. deshbhakta Avatar

    Bahuns have destroyed and raped mother Nepal again and again . Wake up people .

  40. Dalila Kinsinger Avatar

    wow love? it!!!!!

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