Maoist 'Revolutionary' is the Prime Minister of Nepal

In what will go on the pages of the history books as one of the most important days of Nepal, Maoist revolutionary (and leader of an outfit that was branded terrorist until two years ago) Pushpa Kamal Dahal (aka Prachanda) has been elected the Prime Minister of Nepal by a majority of votes in theContinue reading “Maoist 'Revolutionary' is the Prime Minister of Nepal”

A Small Revolt Within The Biggest Party of Nepal

Maoists burn down Chairman Pranchanda’s effigy in Rautahat: CPN-Maoist activists of Rautahat district today burnt down the effigy of party Chairman Prachanda and demanded for his resignation in protests of the inclusion of no nominees from the district by the party leadership in the closed list for proportional representation system. This is the first incidentContinue reading “A Small Revolt Within The Biggest Party of Nepal”

Powell Meets Prachanda (America and Nepal Maoists Patch Up?)

The following is the press release issued by the American embassy in Kathmandu today: U.S. Ambassador Powell Meets with CPN-M Chairman Pushpa Dahal U.S. Ambassador Nancy Powell met yesterday with CPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal to discuss the outcome of the April 10 elections, CPN-M plans for the Constituent Assembly, and the future of U.S.-NepalContinue reading “Powell Meets Prachanda (America and Nepal Maoists Patch Up?)”

Chameleon Chairman: Comrade Changes the Color!

CHANGE that we can believe in? HOPE that’s true! As it’s becoming almost certain that Maoist will lead the next government Chairman Prachanda- who said he will actually be heading it- has been very quickly changing the radical tone almost sounding like a, God forbid, a bourgeois leader! Until ten days ago Nepali Army, forContinue reading “Chameleon Chairman: Comrade Changes the Color!”

Nepal Update: Today's Political Developments

For the record: Maoists ask UML to reconsider pull-out from govt: A day after the CPN-UML, humiliated in the April 10 polls, pulled out of the government citing that the mandate was against them staying in the government, CPN Maoist chairman Prachanda met the UML’s Madhav Kumar Nepal, who resigned from the General Secretary afterContinue reading “Nepal Update: Today's Political Developments”

Prachanda Public: Maoist Girls, Cameras and Other Scenes

A photo blog: First public meeting of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) that was addressed by their Chairman Prachanda. By Dinesh Wagle Maoist affiliated girls on the back stage put on make up and do their hairs before going on the state to perform dance. The show clearly belonged to Prachanda because it was organized speciallyContinue reading “Prachanda Public: Maoist Girls, Cameras and Other Scenes”

Prachanda: Our Revolution Won

Prachanda talks to Alessandro Gilioli of Italian newspaper L’espresso. Republished here with the permission of Gilioli. Here is the original interview. President Prachanda, let’s start with the current situation. The war is finally over, you entered Kathmandu and now the Maoist police are managing most things in the city, from the traffic through to streetContinue reading “Prachanda: Our Revolution Won”