Powell Meets Prachanda (America and Nepal Maoists Patch Up?)

The following is the press release issued by the American embassy in Kathmandu today:

U.S. Ambassador Powell Meets with CPN-M Chairman Pushpa Dahal

U.S. Ambassador Nancy Powell met yesterday with CPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal to discuss the outcome of the April 10 elections, CPN-M plans for the Constituent Assembly, and the future of U.S.-Nepal relations. This was their first meeting. The meeting occurred in advance of Powell’s return to the United States for consultations on U.S.-Nepal relations.

Powell provided an overview of current U.S. government assistance to Nepal designed to help create a more prosperous, democratic, and stable Nepal. She sought assurances that the new government would respect current donor agreements and ensure the safety of those implementing them.

She encouraged Dahal to ensure that all Maoist organizations illustrate their commitment to the political process through their words and actions.


38 responses to “Powell Meets Prachanda (America and Nepal Maoists Patch Up?)”

  1. whatever Avatar

    Time waits for no Man

  2. hemant Avatar

    what does this comment mean ????????????????///////


  3. sujan Avatar

    Both are testing each other, before the real fight beigns. The fight should begin once Maoists start governing the country

  4. Kaale Avatar

    Let me ask couple questions:

    1) Is Nancy going to ask Bush to remove terrorist tag off of Maoist? I hardly think so. Prachanda was telling international community that it has not given up violence completely. And as long as there is PLA in the camps, America is not likely to do so.

    2) Will America cut off all its help to Nepal after Maoist take main portfolio in new government? (I am not sure whether Maoist will be able to be in the government.) – It seems to me that America will tighten its funding but will not do anything significant diplomatically or financially. It is not like that of Hamas government in Palestine where Americans have major caveat against them. America wanted Palestine to recognize Israel that means Hamas need to recognize Israel, where Hamas is a movement against Israel. There is no such contradiction in Nepal’s case. Maoist have followed most of the guide lines set by American Policy makers in Washington. Well, America would like Maoist to be completely out of power but that is not going to happen at current situation. Parties like NC and UML have frail leadership and corrupt image among common Nepali people. Any opinion thought? reasoning out there?

  5. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    he insulted us, india to come into power. now he is about to be in the power and has started to wag tail like all other bahuns ………………one thing he should not forget is his master ussr is destroyed by us, and he is no body infront of ussr.

    …………………..he once said nepal needs janga bahadur,,, i think he will kill poor like in china, n korea, w bangal (india) …..poor start running before he gets you

  6. xyz Avatar

    Could this be another Chamatkar that Prachanda is boasting?

  7. Baby Pradhan Avatar
    Baby Pradhan

    The fact that the US Embassy release significantly avoids addressing Prachanda as Prachanda . Instaed it uses his real name Pushpa Kamaal Dahal. Prachnada prefers to be addressed as Prachanda as he believes PK Dahal smacks of Brahminism. But the US reluctance to call Prachanda could be because of their belief that it smacks of the guerella Prachanda. Whatever………

  8. Neil Horning Avatar

    Nancy Powell seems at least competent compared to her predecessors. She may be trying to keep the Maoists from forming a government, but at least she isn’t in the paper every other day making some ridiculous provocative statement. Moriarty probably helped the Maoists more than he hurt them.

  9. y Avatar

    all depends on whose perspective you see things from.

  10. Bahun Avatar

    “Bahun baad Jindabaad.”

  11. Masayo Avatar

    Hey Niel,
    That makes as much sense as anything else I’ve heard…….yup!

  12. ..hammer.. Avatar

    true colours of Nepali politics is starting to show.
    Prachanda didn’t have time to address the Labourers in MAY _DAY.. those people couldnot meet him in their greatest day, they had come to Khulla Manch for his presence remembering his words before election.. what had Prachanda told them before and during election?..
    Now, he is busy meeting with Powell.. what a shame.. every leader is a cunning actor… our leaders are slaves either of India or US..
    Though any communist party of Nepal can’t imagine of making NORTH Korea.. but giving presence and justice to undermined is required.
    Recently , Baburam’s Indian slavery remarks and Prachanda’s absence in May-day doesn’t indicate any immidiate compensation for people who voted for chance…writing..

  13. visa Avatar

    many friends in Usa What a pity when Hillary wins can we keep Nancy?

  14. Runil Wazlib Avatar
    Runil Wazlib

    We don’t have options… beggars can’t be choosers…

  15. jackie newar Avatar
    jackie newar

    If United States deletes the terrorist tag from the Nepalese Maoists that cannot be a big surprise. We should look at the United States position in south Asia. Pakistan has now the democratic government , the American puppet Musarraf is going to be powerless. India will never bow down to USA .Nepal in the past has always followed the principle of non alignment and taken a neutral stand in-between China and India rather than bending over to USA. Other south Asian countries too have never been strategic ally of USA

    This is a right time for United stares to identify another Mushraf in South Asia. Regarding the India Maoist relation Sitaram Yechuri the Indian leader has clearly stated that India will talk only to the elected government on the Indo Nepal treaty followed by the formation of new constitution perhaps giving a big blow to the Maoists

    USA is not going to loose any time because Prachanda can be the right US candidate. Prachanda can be anti Indian, Prachanda can be pro Tibet and ultimately Prachanda can be one another American Pawn in south asia. The American values towards democracy has never been trust worthy USA does not care if somebody is Islamic fundamentalist or an absolute dictator USA wants a strategic ally in south Asia USA wants to delimit the Indian and Chinese influence – nothing else, at the mean time Prachanda wants a whole sale backing from west clearing the way to become an absolute dictator USA knows that the extreme leftist slogans raised by Prachanda and company is no more than flattery and it can never diffuse out of the Himalayan boundaries

    If it is not true USA should understand that Maoists still have huge stock of concealed weapons. Maoists never have been loyal to the peace accord. They are still involved in violence and extreme abuse of human rights. They have YCL similar to Khmer rouge Girija Koirala wanted to gain power with the support of the Maoists but was himself cornered by Maoists. United states wants to culminate another dictator in south Asia but after some years it might be united states itself to take the lead in eliminating the dictator like in Iraq because this is the American culture

  16. jackie newar Avatar
    jackie newar

    HELLO UWB guys my coments are still awaiting moderation. You guys should not be scared to publish the bold, open and impartial comments.You have published the stupid comments like bahun bad jindabad where as you hold the thoughtful comments!
    You should be prompt in either publishing or saying no to the blog writer

  17. ..hammer.. Avatar

    jackie newar is very much to the point.

    About Maoist’ foreign relation, its same Pampha Bhusal who was rejected as ambassdor of France who has won, rejected because of foreign affair incapability, all are same in maoist. Internal community will never accept maoists unless they beg for mercy and repent on their past remarks on foreign donors and overall community.
    The goons of jungle are now shouting loud of creating constitution. They have only hands to clap for others work, they don’t have mind, vision, experience for writing the people’s mandate. The incapability and unwillingness of other party cadres to fight against YCL while voting repeatedly has pushed the country to greater trouble than earlier in history.
    How can Baburam score 46000+ votes that also in district like Gorkha, are people of Gorkha so aware?, Are there so many elligible voters(60000) in one area. Same on them. History will laugh at us.International community will sure speak on these kinds of matter.

  18. niroop Avatar

    US interest over Nepal comes from Nepal’s location on the world’s atlas ie between powerful China and India. These two countries never bow upon US. So, something US needs is to watch upon the activities of these countries.

    Nepal is merely a small country and of only interest to US because of this factor. Like always, it’s been a tradition by the opposition to say blame the current government for being US bent. It’s a powerful nation and a small country like ours’ can never challenge it, when there’s no point in doing that.

    It’s a good start that Prachanda has met Powell because it can help pacify enmity among the two entities, and because the enmity is gonna help none of us. But, like CPNM used to say before, please try to minimize the foreign intervention into our politics because it’s our intrinsic matter.

    And one more thing, we should understand that by meeting Prachada, US has bowed onto the Nepaliz people mandate.

    Whether “Maoists coming as victorious” was really the people’s madate, is open to discussion though!!

  19. asis Avatar

    lol… niroop u remind me of Anil Kapoor from Tashan. U’ve got a beautiful brokrn engligh.

  20. ex Nepali Avatar
    ex Nepali

    end of the day its the politicians who are winning..

    and we still expecting miracles … poor nepalese.. get to your senses..

  21. Pawan K. lamichhane Avatar
    Pawan K. lamichhane

    i hope , Mr. Dahal is clever enough to understand the importance of American and europien support to nepal and handle the situation well .

  22. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    prachanda is just another opportunist bahun who will do anything for power. like lying, playing game, wagging tail.
    us have always been supporting dogs like royals, dictators and it has been quite a time since us has been in nepal. they may have known opportunist bahuns, and those bahuns would sell nepal for their benifit. in the case of prachanda, he not only wag tail, but i think he would kill nepalese to realise american wishes.
    and backward cast are killing, kidnapping, kicking others to bring rise to an opportunist bahun hitlar.
    dumb keeps becoming dumb and opportunists keep getting new ideas use dumbs.
    can anyone guess, what would be next formula for opportunist to come into power………..they have already wagged tail infront of shahs, india, talked about prajatantra, loktantra, now backward cast……..what next….
    could that be like in nepal they say 70% are from upper cast and 30% are from dalit. so in voting 70% is going to win. so could some come forward in the name of uppercast and kill lower cast and get support.

    if maoist are talking about backward cast then why are there so many bahuns in power inside maoist major post.

    it is not that we do not need us support.

  23. tenzinmeto Avatar

    Do not talk like hanuman.
    We are ever so lucky to have a decent character leading. Which is more than I can say of most opportunists. he chooses carefully associates that are not into power, like nice old intellectuals.
    Tomorrow is mother day or is it today. Lets pray for all mother beings who never have time to computer.

  24. Harke Avatar

    One more thing to remember is that “Nepal is a “tarul” between 2 “big rocks”. As famously said by King PN Shah.

    Things in Nepal will not work out without the co-operation of any of our two neighboring countries. The key to the development of Nepal does not lie in the US, it lies in what policies we take regarding India and China.

    The always happening political trouble in Nepal is because of over-cooperation and over-reliance with India. Too much interference by Indians. Sad to say, Nepal does not exist in the economic map, if the current scenario doesn’t change then it will be wiped off the political map.

    The only way Nepal and we Nepalese can progress is by expanding trade with China. Acting as a transit between India and China. Bring the Lasha train to Nepal, built a few more passes and highways and also bring the Lasha oil pipeline to Nepal.

  25. Rajendra Pokharel Avatar
    Rajendra Pokharel

    US should not rush to remove the terrorist tag. Maoists should be judged solely on their activities, not the elctoral outcome. If Maoists can demonstrate they are worthy of being removed from terrorist list, they should , and will be removed from such list. Right now, the burden to prove otherwise is on the Maoists alone!

  26. Peter Tobin Avatar

    An overwhelming majortiy of Nepales voted for communists of various parties. It show that the humblest Sherpa, trudging up the Khumbu carrying his 50 Kilos plus and the long downtrodden Dalit wading barefoot through the rubbish his is sorting on the back of a lorry in backstreet Kathmandu have more political nous and sophistication than their sybaritic, amnesiac, hypnotised.homologues in the Western electorate who vote in droves for right wins buffoons: Blair, Bush, Sarkozy, Berlusconi and now Johnson,
    It is clear case of acuity over vacuity”!
    Up the rebels
    Socialsim or barbarism!

  27. Vashir Avatar

    prachanda and powell kissed and made up? hahaha

  28. ShutUp Avatar

    Will the US really clear the Maoists from the list of Terrorist? They haven’t still cleared out Novel prize winner Nelson Mandela yet – even after 30 years. It’s embarrassing for the whole world.

    Maoists will have to wait longer I suppose.

  29. Manas Avatar

    It will ,definetly, be an immature for US government to lift Maoist from its terrorist list. Prachanda and his cronies are still propagating their communist totalitarian propoganda. Nepalease politics is still unstable. We are still living in fear and intimidation. Maoist victory is not mandate to rule. It is hope for democratic future means writing a constitution. They are not focusing on this vital job. Rather leaders are planning how they are going to rule the country. Maoist own election, it is emotional expresson of Nepali people. This is expression against- Massecar of Royal family, Curruption of previous government. Also, it is a also a verdict to appeasement Maoist to bring peace in their life. Maoist can not be trusted in such small period of time. They are telling they are change but still singing their red songs under the breath. In his current statement Prachanda said that his party’s recent election victory is a sign of the global resurgence of communism. Also, he has not renounce violence completely rather still like to use it if it is necessary, against its won citizen. He even compare compare him self with Valdim Lenin and try to validate his communist ideology. His Party member Mahara other day openly claimed that he is going to mobilized 2o million Nepali citizens (force labor) under YCL leadership in so called infrastructure development. Other leader Badal declare they are not going to disband notorious YCL in any case. He YCL role can not be discounted and gurranted to continue. Country which stands to destroy this evil ideology must not rush to forgive a group that is responsible for 13000 death, thousands of misplaced, torture, intimidation and extortion.

  30. ShutUp Avatar

    Completely agree with the above comment.

    I am amazed that the atrocities and crimes are all being absolved this easily.

  31. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    ” Mahara other day openly claimed that he is going to mobilized 2o million Nepali citizens (force labor) under YCL leadership in so called infrastructure development”

    Rightly said;

  32. y Avatar

    The maoists have been voted in by the most votes. Some people say that it is not a mandate for them to rule etc. but i’m afraid the people who vote for them have to be more responsible and not expect them not to set the agenda as they wish – because they will – (rememeber that next time) – if you’re not a maoist don’t vote for them because they wil try their utmost to useher in maoism as they have promised – there is no double talk on their part – the confused pople who voted them in this time around had better remember that IF there is a next timne., Till then they have the seats and they will run their manadate as they please.

  33. Hashin Avatar

    The maoist also wanted to be the tail of America and India for which they were doing politics. After some years they hand over our country to Some Biggest country just like the prime minister of Sikkim did.

  34. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    I was amazed to read in The Himalayan Times news that Nelson Mandela (father of modern South Africa and the supreme leader of apartheid movement) is still holding the Terrorist tag of US, bringing utter embarrassment to the US foreign policy. What to expect more from US that it will remove Maoists terrorist tag soon?

    Still, US has no option than to engage with Maoists in Nepal and work with them (with or without removing tag) if they want to have some say in Nepalese politics. Otherwise both India and China are against US influence in Nepal.

    My guess is, US will work closely with Maoists because they don’t want to lose their clout in Nepal (a country which is very important geo-politically for the world). Its not a surprise that World Bank (a US dominated organization) has offered financial help to the new government (expecting that Maoists will sooner or later lead it).

    Afterall, US’s foreign policy is based on pragmatism rather than ideaology. It has been engaging with nations – authotarian, communist, army junta ruled, muslim nations, be whatever. US is more concerned about its fading political, economical, as well as military clout in the world, especially in Asia, due to rise of India, China and European Union.

  35. piece of sh!t Avatar
    piece of sh!t

    US always trying to spread a piece of sh!t over Nepal. They have always negative sense along with Nepal.
    Whey kiiled hundreds of thaousands of people around the world on the name of Bin Laden. So why should care them if Nepalese elected political part Maoist are on their Black list or terorist list?????
    They are far across and why impact of American sh!t over here in Nepal???? How about DV lottery awarded of Nepalese citizen?? Are they allowed to enter US not granted visa in Kathmandu yet??? They are appealing respect the human rights in front of the US Embassy in Kathmandu and protesting against US discrimination among the Poor nations around the world….let them AWARD my piece of sh!t…. cheers

    from Cat man do city

  36. Hashin Avatar

    The supremo of PLA is going to become the head of the state. Is it possible to lead a government by a Army leader? If this is held then there is no difference between Parvez Musaraf and Maoist leader Prachanda (Supremo). And after that the SUPREMO of WORLD (i.e America) will behave Maoist as terrorist or a Political Party or Armies?

  37. Red Dragon Avatar
    Red Dragon

    Small correction – Mandela was allied to Moscow not Mao and therefore almost harmless. He advocated non lethal resistance. The Maoist force in South Africa was the Pan Africanist Congress but the Americans destroyed that in 1980, replacing it with a puppet clique with the same name.

  38. ShreeManGhambhirNepali Avatar

    so far in my knowledge. Prachanda hated USA and US officials then … i heard from one of his many unneccesary that in his point of view americans and indians are “lootey rog lagya kukur” then why he went to USA to wag his tail now. Do you think that nepalese in new york,boston will remain calm…huh u wish!!!

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