Three Reasons Why India Sees a China Hand in Nepal’s New Map

On 16 May 2020, Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Naravane blamed that Nepal raised the “issue at the behest of [China]”. Speaking at a webinar in New Delhi, Naravane said: “There is reason to believe that they [Nepal] might have raised this issue at the behest of someone else [China] and that is very muchContinue reading “Three Reasons Why India Sees a China Hand in Nepal’s New Map”

A Brief History of Lipulek Deals: India and China Agree, Nepal Protests

The Indian projection of Nepal as a recipient of unflinching support from and an ardent ally of China is not just incorrect but also exposes India’s fear of China. This article shows Nepal has made it clear, whenever it could, to the Chinese that it does not agree with the Sino-Indian deals on Lipulek. AContinue reading “A Brief History of Lipulek Deals: India and China Agree, Nepal Protests”

No Need for Panic, India

One word can’t describe India’s unnecessary concern about Nepali prime minister’s Beijing visit. That’s the combination of hypocrisy, double standard, childishness and hegemony. When their Sonia and Rahul Gandhi can visit China and meet Chinese leaders, why can’t the Nepali prime minister do so? Nepali Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s first foreign trip to ChinaContinue reading “No Need for Panic, India”

Paradigm Shift in Nepali Nationalism

Through out Nepal’s history, past regimes have tried to advocate for nationalism to balance diplomacy between China and India. By Krishna Giri Thanks to the CA members who have managed to appoint a Prime Minister after exhausting four months, 1/6th of the total time allocated to write the new constitution for new Nepal. They haveContinue reading “Paradigm Shift in Nepali Nationalism”

Dogs and a Piece of Bone

This is a typical third world story, the story of poverty and frustration and greed and anger and feud. For poor and deprived, every opportunity however small that may be, comes as an equivalent to the piece of bone for hungry stray dogs. Those people fight like those dogs. I am talking about the currentContinue reading “Dogs and a Piece of Bone”

Undiplomatic Diplomats: Primitive Foreign Ambassadors in Nepal

Traditionally, ambassadors bridge cultural and economic gaps, strengthen ties with the country they represent and shun making any kind of political comments in public. The basic job of ambassadors is to get their government’s message across. All diplomats should respect the integrity and sovereignty of the country where they are posted. They must possess theContinue reading “Undiplomatic Diplomats: Primitive Foreign Ambassadors in Nepal”

A Day After Nepal Monarchy Abolished, International Recognition

Congratulations to Nepali people for abolishing monarchy and establishing republic! Here are the press statements we received from the UN via its mission in Nepal, the US embassy and the British Embassy welcoming the historic decision of the CA yesterday to abolish the monarchy in Nepal and congratulating the people of Nepal. CARTER CENTER CONGRATULATESContinue reading “A Day After Nepal Monarchy Abolished, International Recognition”