A Day After Nepal Monarchy Abolished, International Recognition

Congratulations to Nepali people for abolishing monarchy and establishing republic! Here are the press statements we received from the UN via its mission in Nepal, the US embassy and the British Embassy welcoming the historic decision of the CA yesterday to abolish the monarchy in Nepal and congratulating the people of Nepal.

30 May 2008. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. CONTACTS: In Kathmandu: Darren Nance, +977 1 444 5055/1446, In Atlanta: Deborah Hakes, +1 404 420 5124

The Carter Center congratulates the people of Nepal, the government, and the political
parties on the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly on May 28, 2008. This is a
testament to the commitment and dedication of the Nepali people and their political
leadership to sustainable peace and multi-party democracy.

The newly elected Constituent Assembly has taken the historic step of voting to
transform Nepal into a federal, democratic republic. This inaugurates a new phase in
Nepali history, and one in which The Carter Center expects that all of Nepal’s people,
particularly historically marginalized groups, will be able to freely exercise their due
rights in an environment respectful of the rule of law and focused on the achievement
of peace, progress, and prosperity for all.

The Constituent Assembly has been tasked with drafting a permanent constitution that
addresses the aspirations of Nepal’s diverse people. As the most inclusive elected body in
Nepal’s history, it is well positioned for this critical job. The Carter Center encourages all
members of the assembly to take seriously their shared responsibility to work effectively
and transparently, to engage in broad consultation with all sectors of society at every
stage of the drafting process, to reflect accurately the will of their constituents, and to
remain personally accountable to the people of Nepal.

The Carter Center has worked in Nepal since 2003 and established an election
observation presence in January 2007. The Center’s long-term observers visited all of
Nepal’s 75 districts multiple times. A delegation of more than 60 observers from 21
nations arrived shortly before election day, led by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

European Union Heads of Mission in Kathmandu on the first session of the Constituent Assembly
(press release from the French embassy, local presidency of the EU, 30th of May, 2008)

The European Union Heads of Missions in Kathmandu welcome and congratulate the people of Nepal on the successful conduct of the first session of the Constituent Assembly and the declaration of a Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

European Union Heads of Missions in Kathmandu look forward to the members of the Constituent Assembly working together to draft Nepal’s new Constitution. The Constituent Assembly will face the challenge of creating a new constitution that secures peace, democracy, respect for human rights and development. The EU stands ready to support the Constituent Assembly in this work.

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the First Meeting of Nepal’s Constituent Assembly

The Secretary-General congratulates the Nepalese people on the historic first meeting of the Constituent Assembly. The people of Nepal have clearly spoken for peace and change through the 10 April Assembly election. The Secretary-General encourages all parties to continue working in a cooperative manner and to form a new government as soon as possible.

New York,
28 May 2008

U.S.A. Congratulates the People of Nepal (May 29, 2008)

The United States of America congratulates the people of Nepal on the Constituent Assembly’s first step in defining a new, democratic Nepal with the declaration of a republic on May 28. This is another exciting milestone in Nepal’s democratic development. We encourage the representatives of the CA to continue their work to fulfill the peoples’ desire for peace, democracy and development in Nepal.

The British voice
Nepal: First session of Constituent Assembly (29/05/2008)

Lord Malloch Brown commented on the occasion of the first session of the Nepalese Constituent Assembly on Thursday 29 May. He said,

“The UK warmly congratulates the people of Nepal on the successful conduct of the first session of the Constituent Assembly. This is another step towards the democratic and stable future that the people of Nepal justly deserve.

I look forward to the Constituent Assembly beginning its work of drafting a constitution that reflects the needs of the people and that will guide Nepal in the years to come. I urge all parties to respect the mandate given to them following elections in April and to continue working in the spirit of their previous agreements during this important period of forming a new government and establishing the Constituent Assembly.”


7 responses to “A Day After Nepal Monarchy Abolished, International Recognition”

  1. Hans Avatar

    Honorable poeple of Nepal, my subjects,

    I am elated that Nepal has become a Federal Republic. In remebrance I have butchered a couple of my pipul. Let’s join our two currencies and tie the pan-african-himalayan knot.

    Robert Mugabe

  2. AussieRoyalist Avatar

    I can hardly join in the rejoicing of ex-president Carter or the EU’ representatives. I fear for Nepal as an independent nation. The politicians failed to build a democratic society after 1991. Why should the Nepalis trust them now? The Maoists killed randomly and threatened the royalists during the election campaign. That is hardly a good start for a successful democratic society. Long live the KING!!!

  3. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Ofcourse, carter center will congratulate ! The most failure president of USA has already declared the election fair and free before they have investigate all the polling center. I do not know why but this Failed president wanted to make name for himself in poor country like Nepal. Carter center was blind to beating, killing and attacking of other partys member and supporter by Terrorist Maoist. Nepal does not have any strategic interst for US it has oursourced policy regarding South Asia to India and blindly following what Indians are feeding them. even china congratulated but internally it has regretted not supporting the King as it has seen foreign sponsered Free Tibet movement getting free hand and strong in Nepal. Most of the Nepalis except YCL goons, Terrorist Maoist supporter are and some lovi papi polticians to gain are happy rest of the Nepalis does not give a shit as there was almost no celeberation on street except by these ever green chamchas who will celeberate anything and everything when free Daal Bhat is giving. These same people will dance in street when Nepal is gobbled by Indians. So it is meaningless as world does not give shit about Nepal.

  4. Poorva Avatar

    congrats to nepal.I hope some other countries also fight for their rights like nepal

  5. WTF Avatar

    why the fk are u all into this??its over now…think somthin new…dats why we lack behind thinkin abt past too much and not looking at the future…wots der gotta do goin after fkin gyanendra…everythin will come open- only matter of time…
    i’ll tell u all that we nepali are fkin selfish and have problems with small issue…making small problem big and bigger problem juss a talk

  6. Commie Avatar

    Welcome Communist Nepal!

  7. Pol Pot from hell Avatar
    Pol Pot from hell

    Hi Prachandey

    I have been watching the events in Nepal. I think you will become the next Asian Pol Pot but you coward has failed to earn that name

    I was waiting in this prestigious hell that you will one day come and join me but now I think you will not do it. You definitely come to the hell but surely you will get lower status than mine
    What you have done
    I thought after the declaration of republic you will capture the Naraynhity palace and rub your ass against the royal throne.But you stupid was rather found peeping out of the old desolate Gurkha palace You are no more than khate
    After the election I thought you will capture the Kathmandu city and other capitals with the help of yr YCL in the Khmer rouge style, but you told that YCL will be partially disarmed
    After the elction I thought you will be the president and take control of the King army but U coward left that to Girija
    So parachande do no commit any more mistakes take out the concealed weapons use YCL, capture foot path, capture old desolate buildings capture everything you can and ultimately capture the parliamnt eliminate the opposers of the revolution follow my path your position in the hell will b right on my side

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