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New American in Nepal: Scott H. DeLisi

scott h delisi

Scott H. DeLisi has become the latest Internet celebrity. A Google search of the term “Scott H. DeLisi” displays 12,400 results as of 17/11 21:30 Nepal Standard Time. Now, remove “Nepal” from that result, (“Scott H DeLisi” -Nepal), the number drops to 5,950. [And 5,910 for “Scott H. DeLisi” +Nepal as of 23:25 NST, soon after this entry was posted online.] It is because his name has been associated with Nepal since this morning as the news started making rounds on the web that President Barack Obama intends to nominate Mr. DeLisi as American ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal [That’s the official name our country, Nepal, if you didn’t know that!].  A press release issued by the White House Press Secretary’s office today said: “Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key administration posts:

·         Julie Brill, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

·         Edith Ramirez, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

·         Scott H. DeLisi, Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Department of State

·         Beatrice W. Welters, Ambassador to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Department of State

·         Earl F. Gohl, Jr., Federal Co-Chair, Appalachian Regional Commission

That announcement has been widely reported by the Nepali and Indian media on their web outlets (Print versions, mostly in Nepal and on Front pages, will come tomorrow). Two foreigners become celebrity, instantly, in Nepal the moment their names are announced as the ambassadors to Nepal by their respective countries: America and India. They are treated somewhat differently (and sometime as the two sides of a coin by some) in Nepal. American is perceived as, let’s put it this way, “the ceremonial head of state with limited executive power” where as the Indian “executive head of state with unlimited executive power”. Both of these perceptions are ONLY partly true. But true nevertheless. Both of the ambassadors’ words, body languages and intentions (expressed or otherwise) are closely watched, scrutinized and analyzed in the vibrant Nepali media and chaotic political circus. As Nepali polity is further polarized primarily because of selfish leaders who are engaged in endless fighting (that is exploited or sometime created by our friendly neighbor), it can be said that Nepal will only be more dependent on foreign “advices” and be subjected to outside interventions in the days to come. Sad but true. Continue reading New American in Nepal: Scott H. DeLisi

Powell Meets Prachanda (America and Nepal Maoists Patch Up?)

The following is the press release issued by the American embassy in Kathmandu today:

U.S. Ambassador Powell Meets with CPN-M Chairman Pushpa Dahal

U.S. Ambassador Nancy Powell met yesterday with CPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal to discuss the outcome of the April 10 elections, CPN-M plans for the Constituent Assembly, and the future of U.S.-Nepal relations. This was their first meeting. The meeting occurred in advance of Powell’s return to the United States for consultations on U.S.-Nepal relations.

Powell provided an overview of current U.S. government assistance to Nepal designed to help create a more prosperous, democratic, and stable Nepal. She sought assurances that the new government would respect current donor agreements and ensure the safety of those implementing them.

She encouraged Dahal to ensure that all Maoist organizations illustrate their commitment to the political process through their words and actions.